This spring it is no surprise that florals are making a huge statement. Florals are the statement print for spring because the spring time is when the sunshine comes out and the beautiful flowers begin to bloom. So it is important that if you do not have any floral prints in your closet, that you at least incorporate a few pieces into your wardrobe. The best thing is that this season we have seen more styles coming in floral print. Whether it is a trendy floral trench coat or a simple floral printed cami, you will find something that goes with your personal style.

The Fashionista that I snapped a photo of for today’s post has got the right idea when it comes to the spring floral print trend. Her look is very simple and casual and is great for a day of running errands or spring a day at the library because it is so practical. You can find this type of free flowing cami at many different places and price ranges. Forever 21 and Nordstrom are two of many that offer cute floral camisoles in a variety of prints and colors. The jeans add a cool element to the outfit because they are cuffed at the bottom and are a great pair to wear if you might have to switch into heels for a night look. The sandals are simple but yet add a touch of glam because of the shimmery detailing they have.

Whether you are going to experiment with the floral print trend with something simple or go all out and rock some floral print leggings. The key is to keep a balance and have one component of your outfit be the star, and keep the rest of the outfit as simple as possible.


Summer is quickly approaching and that means that summer internships are also a huge and important topic right now. Applying for your dream summer internship is crucial in a college student’s life because it means you are not all about bumming around, but instead you want to make dreams happen. It is important to start applying, if you have not already done so, to an internship that will help you succeed in your future. Along with lining up a killer interview, whether it be in your hometown or across the country, you must dress the impress.

Dressing for an interview may be tricky for some people, especially if you have never held a job before or if you have never had a job where business professional attire is necessary. The Fashionista that I snapped a photo of for today’s post has got the right outfit for her internship interview. The skirt is perfect for these hot days because you do not have to feel trapped in slacks all day and you still manage to pull off a professional look with this classic skirt. The gray peplum top adds a touch of glam to the outfit because remember just because you have to dress professional to a job, does not mean you have to lose your personal style. The trick is to find a healthy balance between what is appropriate and what it still considered to be your style. She accessorizes a flower statement necklace, a pair of comfy flats and a black bag that will hold all of her important things.

Dressing well for an interview is crucial and I would recommend that you start looking for an outfit the second you find out about your interview. The last thing you want is to stay up all night the night before your job interview and not get enough sleep.

Staycation with Sally Hansen at University of Texas-Pan American

It seems that in the fall semester the holiday season is what is constantly keeping us motivated to continue to do well and strive in school. In the spring however, I have found it much more challenging to stay determined and focused in school. Maybe it is thanks to that weeklong teaser we get for spring break, we all secretly hope it will last longer. As the spring semester is coming to an end, so are our social lives. School projects, final exams and piles of homework are what await for us when we are not in class. But I think it is important for us to change our way of thinking and out perspective. I have found that if I think of my environment differently, then my mood changes rapidly as well. I like to think of my campus has a vacation and not think of it as school, I guess you could call it a “Staycation.” My campus is a place that I spend a lot of time at and especially because I am very involved on my campus, it seems that I practically live at the library and the organizations building.

Staying motivated during the week and eliminating as much of procrastination as possible is my secret weapon to having some time to myself and to enjoy my campus. The University of Texas – Pan American is a gorgeous campus in my opinion, there are lots of seating areas and benches for us to relax on. That is my favorite part especially because where I live at, it seems like it is summer about 90 percent of the year. I like to create my own paradise on campus by enjoying the sunlight, picking up a tea from the campus café and reading a book on a bench.

The key to enjoying your Staycation besides feeling good is looking good. Given the warm temperatures year round, having smooth legs when wearing cut-offs or a short skirt is a must. I rely on Sally Hansen Ouch-Relief pre-wax strips. They are so easy to use and the results are superb. Now I don’t have to worry about unwanted prickly legs while enjoying my carefree Staycation thanks to Sally Hansen.

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Making the best out of our environment is crucial in college because you have to be there anyway to get a good education, so why not make the absolute best out of it and soak up every second right? That is exactly what I try to do at my campus and think of it as my own little paradise on my free time. I highly encourage you all to step outside of the box and try doing the same, you might be surprised by what you discover that you did not already know about your campus.


Distressed jeans are one of my favorite trends because you can totally pull off the rugged look while still managing to look put together. There are also so many different levels of distressed jeans to choose from because you can either go for a moderate look and have just a few flaws or you can also go extreme distressed and have it much more intense, and of course you can meet in the middle as well. It just all depends on what kind of look you are going for with your outfit of the day.

The Fashionista that I snapped a photo of for today’s post is rocking the distressed jean look perfectly. I love how she mixes up the rugged look with a preppy feel by adding a peplum bright colored top and some neutral sandals with some detailing. The jewelry and bag also play a part in softening up this look and I think it adds a good balance because of the extreme amount of distressing in the jeans.

Another way you can keep a good balance between distressed jeans and the other component of your outfit if you don’t want to look to rugged is by wearing a moderate destroyed jean and then wearing an edgier top and shoes. It just depends on what look best suits your personal style. There are lots of different places you can find distressed jeans but I think American Eagle Outfitters or Abercrombie & Fitch are both really great places that have amazing quality jeans for a reasonable price.


The time for the semester to end and for finals to arrive is just around the corner. That means that by now, you are probably seeing college students wear sweatpants and T-shirts with TOMS shoes or Crocs. Having a lazy day in college is normal but it’s not good to make it a habit. Even though the stress is piling up and the study groups are being scheduled, it is important to always look your best because not only will you look good but you will also feel good!

The Fashionista that I snapped a photo of for today is rocking a casual and cute look for a day of classes or studying at the library. You can always count on a graphic top to make your outfit stand out, while managing to look casual. Not only do you have a plethora of graphic tops to choose from, they can literally be paired up with any solid bottom. This Fashionista is wearing her graphic top with a pair of light wash cuffed jeans and a pair of brown sandals that match her bag.

Like I previously mentioned, there are a ton of graphic tops that you can choose from and one that fits your personal style perfectly. You can go with a edgy rocker feel or go for a more hipster look. They are also a great choice if you do not have time to do a total transformation from day to night look. A graphic top, a pair of flowy shorts and some wedges and you are ready to go from class to a night out on town with your girlfriends!


The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and it is safe to say that spring has officially sprung. After being bundled up in layers for the past few months, you may find yourself at a fashion halt. Put those coats and sweaters away and bring back the skirts, shorts and sandals into your wardrobe. Another transition you have to remember to do is bring lots of color back into your closet because you do not want to be wearing black all year round. A great way to show off a spring ensemble is by incorporating denim. Denim can make any outfit look great because it is a great basic to pair other great pieces and colors with.

The Fashionista that I snapped a photo of for today’s post has got the right idea. She is wearing a denim button-down with a magenta skater skirt and a pair of nude sandal heels that have accents of brown and red. This outfit is a great spring day outfit because you look put together but it is so easy to throw on for those girls on the go. Denim button-downs come in many different styles and washes, it all depends on your own personal preference. You can pair denim with another lighter wash for an all denim look or you can pair your denim button-down with a colorful bottom to make the color pop.

Another great thing about denim button-downs is that they are very easy to get and you can find one in about any price range. I recommend purchasing a few different washes and styles at Forever 21 so that you can get a few, rather than just getting one.


Spring is such a fun and fashionable time of the year. It is full of florals, bright colors and cute shoes. It is also a great season to accessorize with lightweight accessories because while it is not as hot as summer, or as chilly as winter, it is important to stay warm from the breeze. Lightweight scarfs are a great way to show off your personal style and style protect yourself from that light spring breeze.

The Fashionista that I snapped a photo of for today’s outfit is doing just that. She is utilizing a fun printed scarf to keep warm but not looking like she is ready for a New York City blizzard either. She is wearing her aqua and light pink printed scarf with a well tailored blazer that complements the scarf very well. She is also wearing a classic pair of black pants and a basic white blouse. The other accessories are also very simple and minimal, like her black aviator inspired sunglasses and her white comfortable TOMS.

An outfit like this may seem complex to put together, but it is actually quite simple and can be extremely versatile. Versatility is a college student’s best friend because when you are running around from your internship, to work, to school and back to the library, you need something that can fit almost any occasion. A quick switch from TOMS to black flats or a pair of pumps and you can be ready for any occasion.

If you live in an area where it is hotter and you aren’t really experiencing the fresh spring breeze but still want to incorporate lightweight scarves, you can switch the pants for a fun skater skirt and a pair of sandals to show off that pedicure. Drop the blazer and you are ready for a great spring afternoon at school.


I am happy to be wishing everyone a happy spring! It is my favorite time of year because of the colors and the fun patterns that you can wear. Although we aren’t strangers to the cold weather, I do find it quite odd that it is still chilly in March. Fashionista/os are not going to let the cold weather stop them from using some fun and hot spring trends. One of my favorite spring trends is using the color white. It is light and free flowing, you cannot go wrong with using the color white.

The Fashionista that I snapped a photo of for today’s post is rocking the color white in an outfit fit for a chilly spring day. I love how she is incorporating the color white and is combining it with a classic color palette. You cannot go wrong with the classic color combo of white, black and gray. Her sweater keeps her warm while still giving out that spring feel, the black leggings are a basic must-have for any cold day because they keep you warm and go with anything. The gray legwarmers that peek out of the Tory Burch riding boots gives a cool element to the ensemble.

Another way you can still incorporate some spring trends into an outfit fit for a cold day is by using pastel or floral leggings with a solid colored sweater. That way you have more dimension on the bottom of the outfit and you keep the outfit balanced.


Spring is upon us and that means that it is time to put those chunky sweaters and riding boots away. Now it is time to to sport your most colorful tank tops and cute sandals to show off your fresh pedicure. After wearing dark colors for the last three months, it is important to not turn that into a pattern because colorful clothes are crucial for the spring. Whether you are going out and getting dolled up for the night, or throwing on a casual outfit for a day of errands, implementing color is a must.

The Fashionista that I snapped a photo of for today’s post is showing some color for the spring time. She is coordinating a fun and peaceful that is perfect for a sunny day — blue. Blue is such a great color to use for the spring time because it goes with almost all skin tones and gives you a peaceful vibe. When coordinating your outfit with one color, it is important to remember that you do not have to match the top and bottom with the exact shade of color. They can be similar but not identical because then your outfit will be missing dimension.

For example, this Fashionista is using a top that has various shades of blue and she chose one of those shades to match her sandals with. The color of the sandals is complementing the different shades on her patterned top. Another thing that can add some spunk to your ensemble are similar colored accessories. Accessories always make an outfit fun and different. Using a color shade for an outfit is fun to experiment with and it is a great reason to use certain pieces in your closet that you have not used in a while.


If there is one thing every Fashionista comes to realize at some point in life, is that history always repeats itself. That also applies to fashion trends and fads because a trend will always come back and be trendy again. A perfect example for this is the ’90s grunge look, it has made a major comeback and it is full of leather and flannels. The art of the ’90s fashion comeback is how effortless it looks but yet it is still very fashion forward. From the unkempt hair, no makeup or very heavy makeup, big button-ups, distressed tights and chunky Dr. Martens, it all screams ’90s fashion!

The Fashionista that I snapped a photo of for today’s post is reviving the ’90s fashion look. What makes her outfit a perfect example of the ’90s grunge look has got to be the Dr. Martens that she is rocking. The best thing about Dr. Martens is that they can be used in just about any weather and you are going to look chic. This Fashionista is wearing Dr. Martens with a pleated skirt and tights, which is a perfect way to wear them if it is sunny outside. The top is black and red and it complements the colors on the skirt, although the outfit is not too much of a matching outfit, it makes sense because the colors are coordinating.

If you are looking to use your Dr. Martens with pants instead of a skirt, I would recommend using skinny jeans so that you can tuck in the bottom into your boots. That way you can show off your Dr. Martens and they can be the star of the outfit. Dr. Martens are great because they come in all types of colors and they also come in several patterns like floral or checkered.