The weather starts to rise and you start to worry about what to wear while trying to still look fashionable and cute. On a simple school day, it’s always important to remember to stay casual and comfortable. No one likes to be insecure and always fixing their outfit. This post is really about spreading the message that personality has a lot to do with the way you present yourself. When I found this Fashionista, she was a burst of fun energy and it made me want to be around her. Her spunky personality and simple outfit made for the perfect look on a warm spring day.

Like many have said, sometimes you just need to keep it simple stupid. You can never go wrong with a tee and some classic cuffed denim shorts. It can look like you didn’t try hard and you threw it on mindlessly, or it can look crisp and fresh. The plain white tee or something similar like this Fashionista’s shirt should be an essential part of a college girl’s wardrobe. I adored her two-toned, lightweight, fitted unisex T-shirt. The red and white really brought her golden locks of curls. This top reminded me of a modern version of the traditional baseball raglan and surely on trend. She paired the outfit with these black combat boots, which completed the ultimate casual look. This outfit will guarantee to turn some heads, without even having to try hard.

She dressed down the outfit even more by having little accessories. A great pair of shades for the sunny day made her a truly smart Fashionista. Although she was not carrying a bag, I found this backpack that would work very nicely with her outfit.  Soft and lightweight with a little fun vibe are all elements of her look that completed this great College girl outfit. On-the-go never looked this easy. Next time you are in a rush and stumped on what to wear just throw on an outfit similar to this Fashionista’s. Keeping it simple is never stupid!


This week’s Fashionista went for a sweet, classically retro look with a fearless edge. Laid back clothes with a mix in different styles made this Fashionista stand out on the streets of Providence, RI. Her outfit from head-to-toe is both colorful and edgy, which I love. She truly achieved a ‘girl next door look’ with an edgy twist. The best part of this look is that it can easily be recreated. It’s the time to rock anything vintage, and retro styles are having such a moment that getting the look on a budget is no problem at all.

Her reinterpretation of iconic style from decades past was highlighted with her knot top from H&M and standard light washed jean shorts. They key to nailing this retro outfit was through her pretty designed top with cherries. This type of top, whether it have a floral or other sort of motif is easy to find without stretching your budget. She covered up in a mustard yellow cardigan which balanced out the funky designed top and let the top stand out. 

Can’t forget about vintage-inspired accessories and fun pops of color to pull the retro look together. The tangerine trend is all the rave in the fashion world and it surely can liven up an outfit. You don’t necessarily have to wear the tangerine trend because it may not be the easiest color to pull off. Especially head-to-toe.That said, instead of drenching yourself in shades of tangerine, stay on trend by adding just a touch of the bright punchy hue. This Fashionista’s chic crossover bag from Coach that happened to be her mom’s in the 80‘s is the perfect fashion-forward accessory for spring and summer. 

Add some retro sunglasses to keep the eyes safe from the sun while staying cool and fashionable. She edged it up with some classic black combat boots. Showcasing stud earrings with a pin curl in her hair gave her look that retro vibe without going overboard. This Fashionista is a great example of a fun and sweet retro look. It’s spring and the sun is shining so don’t stray away from going back in time to get inspired. What goes around comes back around, especially in fashion. Rock any style you wish, the look will come together with personal touches of fun and funky fashions. 


The school year is coming to a close and summer is just around the corner, but it's not time to close those books just yet. With all this hype and excitement built up, it’s common for students to lose their appearance and focus on their last minute school work and studying for finals. The fact that this happens saddens me and any true Fashionista/o would never sacrifice style for school. School and style are both imperative and go hand in hand.

Back in my hometown of Providence, I took a walk around the artsy area of Thayer Street where many fashion statements are made by Brown students who walk aimlessly. I found this Brown University Fashionista strolling along and noticed her nerd chic style right away. The sunny weather has not yet made it to the Ocean State so this Fashionista decided to have a mixture of colors to brighten up her day and outfit. The sky might not be bright blue and the sun might not be beaming yellow, but her accessories stand out enough to compensate for the gloomy weather. I loved how her casual geek look incorporates on trend fashions. Although on trend, she still stood out as an individual Fashionista. With her hair tied back in a beanie, gold bangles on her wrist and some stylish eyeglasses, she is the perfect combination of classy and class ready. 

Straying away from the standard blue jean, this Fashionista styles a high-rise grey jean tucked into funky black high-top sneakers. On top, she wears a loose fitted powder blue shirt and plaid scarf. This Cilla sweatshirt is similar and would also pull of the same type of look as this Fashionista. To finish off her accessories, she styles colorful bags that are stand outs. A yellow crossbody bag and a red backpack complete this Fashionista’s relaxed outfit.

You are young and in college so just have fun with fashion no matter what time of the year it is. Someone will always have their eye on you, including the professor. It may be finals week and you may be stressed, but style is always necessary to keep. Believing in yourself and the way you look will help you believe in your studying and test taking. Good Luck Fashionista/os! 


Not like you need a reason to buy new jeans, but there's no better excuse than to follow the new craze of the pastel denim trend. Especially with warmer weather creeping up on us, the pastel and softer shades make a knockout statement compared to the basic blue jean. This trend works best slim or straight with a mid to low rise like the pair this Fashionista wears. No color feels more spring appropriate then the girly pop of pastels. Peach is one of the leading hues this season which goes to show how on trend this Fashionista really is.

I loved how she kept the rest of her look neutral by keeping her top simple, and her footwear equally neutral. This way her soft peach jeans pop against the other pieces within her look. Layering thoroughly, she was brilliant in her choice of mixing vintage with new clothing. Expressing a casual vibe, she reversed roles by pairing her peach pants with a laid back sweater and black leather jacket. Her matching in color of her shoes and bag from Bijon’s Vintage gave the look the finishing touch. Adding her long chain necklace with a heart added to the girly feel of this Fashionista’s look. 

I luckily got to ask a few questions and chat about all things fashion with this Fashionista and she said her inspiration for the day’s clothes was the lovely spring day. Her style being ultra-girly with vintage, she gets her inspiration from her friends. Like most Fashionista’s, she loves shopping vintage and second-hand as it is more personal and unique. The clothes also last longer and it’s economical and more environmental friendly. I cannot stress anymore how combining old and new creates an amazing trendsetting outfit. Stay peachy this spring and add a pop of fun to your outfit through color Fashionista/o’s! 

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Give That Power Pink Punch

For a smart but casual fashion statement nothing beats wearing jeans and a blazer. It’s so easy to just grab your favorite dark washed jeans and keep it casual for the school day. This Fashionista’s blazer adds a girly colorful punch that goes so well for this spring season. What’s even better about this simple style move is that the blazer adds structure and balances out the loose-fitted jean.

Seriously, how gorgeous is this bright pink blazer? Staying right on with the hot color trend and wearing a bright pink is oh so chic and fashionable. There's no doubt that pink is one of this season's hottest colors. Letting the blazer take the spotlight and keeping the rest of the outfit dark and basic was smart of this Fashionista.

With spring fashion, it’s more than tempting to throw on a floral sundress and forget that the weather isn’t exactly there yet. Luckily, we can still cure our summer fever with brightly colored outerwear and accessories. In this case, the blazer is the ultimate accessory and known to be an outerwear staple. Dress the blazer from Zara down with a pair of Lo Top White Converse. Accssorries are of course a must for this laid-back look. You can never go wrong with some black classic wayfarer sunglasses, a light black scarf from Day a Day, and a Blanco black school bag to match. She added the finishing feminine touch with her pearl stud earrings to create this trendy but sleek look.

This Fashionista styles the perfect outfit for campus and receives an A+ for effortless style. You can receive the same grade by jazzing up an everyday outfit with a pop of color. Give a pink punch to those chilly weather blues and brighten up your spring!


CollegeFashionista’s love to make statements and live to be trendsetters. On a budget, vintage shopping always is a great option. What’s not to love about a clothing item or accesory that has history, yet still is unique and trendy? So dear vintage hunters and Fashionistas, don’t just pick up what’s in style at that very moment. Of course, you’ll never go wrong when you follow your own fashion instincts, so grab those off-beat but beautiful bargains when you see them. Soon you’ll be looking like this weeks chosen Fashionista.

Just like spring time, the outfit of this Fashionista is refreshing. Her light colored silk tank is stylish but is also super comfortable and easy to move in. The basic top looks great paired with her white low top converes and black leggings. I always loved black leggings because they could really go with anything. For a feminine touch, she added a purple and sorbet tie dyed scarf, which offered a dash of spring against the edgy faux-leather jacket.

In order to give this look that cool vintage vibe, this Fashionista stuck with bold accessories. Just by looking at her bag and retro sun glasses one can recognize that this Fashionista is carefree and likes to mix different trends. Her sunglasses are both lovely and cool. They’re vintage and bold but they’re still pretty and not too much of a departure from your typical sunglasses. This is another fashion statement that could go with so many different outfits and is an accent to any look. Her vintage yellow bag is stunning. It’s important to find a bag big enough to hold your cellphone, wallet, lipgloss and compact, but small enough so you are not ramming into everyone in the hallways or outside of the classroom. Although this Fashionista wears a vintage yellow bag, this H&M bag also serves the same purpose to this vintagy feel fashion.

To complete her look she added a ton of playful rings to her light blue nail-polished hands. I went crazy over these accessories. It’s always exciting seeing Fashionsta’s accessorizing and taking a hint of vintage inspiration. Build up your accesory collection and vintage pieces this spring Fashionista’s. Your closets will be overflowing with creativity in no time!

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Transitioning Into A Relaxing Spring

Spring is the perfect time to put the re-wear styling method to test as you combine your winter and summer pieces to create the ideal transitional ensemble. Trust me when I say that your closet is an untapped resource full of new outfits waiting to happen. This saying, resolve to remix your wardrobe in new and different ways. Recently I spotted this Fashionista in Sevilla, Spain wearing a basic and comfy, yet cute relaxed outfit. It's no secret that she loves mixing neutrals, and her look is the perfect example of that. Her simple fitted cotton black tube skirt with her dark grey tights and lace up flats are great. I love girlie flats but with menswear inspired clothing being so trendy right now I'm loving lace-up flats. This cardigan and skirt combo is my favorite ensemble for those days when the temperature seems to dip lower than usual.

It’s should be no surprise that there are a few pieces of denim in every Fashionista's wardrobe, and that denim can make you feel a little bored when you feel you’ve got no new ways to wear it. This light wash denim button up is the perfect go-to item for when you want to look cute, stylish and comfy at the same time. They also lend for super easy layering, whether it be over shirts, skirts, or even maxi dresses. For a more laid back vibe, she out hair into a loose bun for a refreshing break from usual hair down styles. And to top off the look she added a cool grey toned light weight scarf.

Since this outfit is very neutral, it needs a pop of color. The quickest and easiest way to update an outfit is to add some fun accessories. They are inexpensive and make a big difference like this yellow school bag. Being a CollegeFashionista myself, I rarely have the money to put together singular outfits, which I wear solely with the pieces they were purchased for, or with. Mixing and matching tends from multiple seasons is essential and effortless.

FASHION FROM ABROAD: A Blush Of Casual Sophistication

If you’re looking to add a touch of pastel or pretty girly pinkness perfection to your closet, look no further: Here is an outfit with just a touch of pastel sure to freshen up your spring wardrobe. In anticipation of warmer weather to come, we're beginning to replace our heavy winter-wear with a refreshing batch of lighter hues. That said, this Fashionista’s outfit suits well for this new season and is a fresh take on the black and bolds we were seeing in the winter. In case you want to add some boldness to your outfit, nail polish is the perfect little accent. Take a look at what Harper's Bazaar thinks are the best colors and nail trends for this spring season. 

Focussing on this Fashionista's outfit, her button up instantly adds polish to a pair of casual high-waisted navy blue pants. To create a casual, yet sharp look, throw on a a blazer with this look. But her button up shirts works well for any CollegeFashionista because they're super easy to throw on and look stylish. It is perfect for the casual work environment of school and the perfect mix of casual chic and soft sophistication. Whether you’re headed to a job interview, class or a girls’ night, a button up is a must-have style staple. I’m especially loving the blush pink since pastels are big for spring and summer. The muted pink hue looks great with neutrals but it also works well with bolder shades too. When it comes to styling the outfit, this Fashionista stuck with basics and bold and fun accessories. 

The color trend for spring doesn't mean you have to go out and buy all sorts of printed, colorful and bright clothes. It can be just as eye-catching to get super bright or printed accessories and pair them with basics you already have. The little details, the pops of polka dots in this Fashionista’s Pull&Bear briefcase bag made the outfit more undeniably adorable. Her open toed flats correspond beautifully being the in the same blush pink tone as her button up. These flats are perfect for a girl-on-the-go and scream spring. Also, this Fashionista added a nerdy twist with her chic black glasses. How retro and fabulous of her! And so it is important to always remember that when it comes to outfits, it's all about additions and sophistication. 


Denim on denim has always been in fashion. Denim on denim is a trend that pairs denim on top and bottom. Wear two distinct washes or contrast soft and stiff textures, the key is to keep it simple and play the pieces up separately not matchy. My favorite option for these upcoming warm weather seasons is the use of colored denim. Colored denim is a fresh and new take that spices up any outfit or wardrobe. Colored denim has been taking over my recent posts. Every time I walk down the street, I am bound to see Fashionista/o’s wearing this popular and super fun trend. Denim is an American staple for fashion, but when I see it in Europe too, I like to spot those who styles it differently.

This Fashionista casually class dressed this denim trend with the Forever 21 button-up tucked into bright Pull&Bear red skinny jeans. Add a thin leather belt to break up and separate the two denim pieces like this Fashionista. A relaxed fit button-up in soft and lightweight denim with a worn-in feel. The color scheme of the standard blue on top and bright red hue on bottom is a twist on the casual blue jean pant. It’s bright but subtle because the rest of her look is toned down.

As for accessories, this Fashionista kept stuck with necessities. Some classic brown Minnetoka’s are easy and comfortable. An adorable black cross over H&M bag to carry and a gold GUESS watch to make sure she’s always fashionably late. To keep your eyes protected from the harsh rays of the sun, style some adorable Betsy Johnson shades. As for her scarf?  She chose a lightweight, gauzy scarf that won't weigh you down during spring or summer. While any color works, lighter or brighter scarves are a fun way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe. I especially like her butter yellow scarf because its subtle and sweet. What’s even more sweet is that she got it from a flea market here in Spain. Sweet and cheap!

Look fabulous yourself and rock this colored denim. Wear it as a blazer, button down, or even jean cut offs. Options are endless and the amount of colors to choose from are as well. It’s spring time so have some fun and bring in colorful spring duds to your Fashionista wardrobe.


Although Paris itself is always a celebration of art, I couldn’t help to notice this Fashionista strolling the streets expressing her passion for fashion. Looking edgy and chic from head to her nude Brian Atwood heels, she dressed the part of a Parisian. In response to her personal style, this Fashionista said “traveling throughout Europe and having the opportunity to discover its diversity of culture, history and people is far the best thing that ever happened to me. I try to transmit such energy by mixing pieces found in different locations.” I absolutely adore her ensemble and smart sense for all things stylish.

Whether you like your floral bold or more refined, every Fashionista should have this feminine print in her closet. With larger floral prints, pair it with darker colors or subtle pieces that won’t compete with the print like this Fashionista. Her pairing of the feminine floral fabric with a leather jacket is always a great option to edge up a ultra girly outfit. Also, a touch fox fur made her outfit all the more luxurious.

Maxi dresses are on trend and I couldn’t be happier. The '60s style long length dresses offer the perfect breezy vibe for any casual day. The detail of her floral maxi dress offers the perfect contrast to her Topshop leather jacket. This Fashionista accessorized her ensemble with a little Louis Vuitton purse and H.Stern earrings. To say I'm obsessed with this look would be an understatement.

It doesn’t matter if your a Parisian or from a small suburb town, a Fashionista should always dress the part and embrace the culture. In this scenario, the lovely Fashionista achieved this by wearing floral prints and a maxi dress. The feminine print and edgy additions are transitioning away from winter style and into spring. Trust me when I say, floral prints never go out of style. So embrace them and take inspiration from the beauty that surrounds you.