LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Distressed Denim Says It All

I love when the University of Georgia campus becomes busy and Athens summer weather begins to cool down. With the average day being between 75-80 degrees it is perfect for walking to class, eating downtown or sitting outside of the library and doing homework. While on a walk downtown after brunch I spotted this Fashionisto in his relaxed fit jeans and oxford button-down. This Fashionisto caught my eye because of his beanie and super “relaxed” style, a popular trend of Athens locals. As stated in this fashion-forecasting article, the “workman” denim and mixing of blue hues is a major trend for men for fall 2012.

Not only was this Fashionisto super easy to chat with, but also his style was just as carefree and relaxed as his personality. I really liked how he paired his worn down shoes and distressed, light wash denim with a plaid button-down and grey beanie. His overall style and outfit give off an effortless vibe that make him look stylish and trend conscious (but not too much)!

The good thing about this super relaxed look is that it’s easy to replicate. Start with a simple pair of distressed denim, such as these pair of Current/Elliots. Once you have a light wash pair of jeans put on a classic undershirt below this Steven Alan plaid shirt. For accessories, this Farfetch beanie is super cool along with these classic, black Vans. From there, you’ve got the relaxed, stylish look. Enjoy the weather!


The school year has begun here at The University of Georgia and Athens has once again reigned in a class of eager freshman. With the class of 2012 out and the class of 2016 in the door a new excitement has overcome UGA. I love the beginning of the year and the hustle and bustle both on campus and downtown. This Fashionisto was leaving a class off the streets of downtown and I couldn’t help but notice his chinos and ever-so-stylish summer look. Men’s shorts have made a comeback and are trending this season; GQ and New York Times have articles stating that stylists agree that shorts (and short shorts) are the key to style in this heat.

This Fashionisto is rocking all of the styles for summer now that he is back at UGA. As a senior Photography major, he interned in New York City this summer and definitely brought back some major NYC style. Everything from his rolled chinos (which he cut himself from a pair of pants…impressive!) to his button down oxford, Ray-Bans, and sandals create the perfect outfit for a hot day of school at UGA.

An outfit like this style-savvy student is a super easy one to replicate. Start with some bold chinos, like TOPMANS and pair them with a J.Crew short-sleeved button down. -Complete the outfit with accessories such as ALDO sandals and a pair of Ray-Ban wayfarers. Finally, you’ve got the perfect summer look that’s great for first-time impressions…now enjoy class!

Style Guru Bio: Drew Gaddie

Welcome back to school Fashionistas! Here I am on my third year as a Style Guru for College Fashionista, and I couldn’t be more excited to be back at The University of Georgia interning with such an amazing company. I can’t believe I’m a junior already…where did time go? Here at UGA I am double majoring in Marketing and Fashion Merchandising. I am also the Editor-in-Chief of UGA’s student-run fashion magazine, Little Red Book. My experience and involvement at UGA has taught me about finding my own style in a small (and not always so “stylish” college town).

This past summer I was fortunate enough to live in New York City and intern at Vogue.  I must say Athens, Georgia and NYC don’t quite compare, but it’s nice to be back in this quaint college town. My internship with Vogue succeeded in reaffirming my passion for the fashion industry. Since I can remember fashion has been a part of who I am and how I express myself. College Fashionista is just one of the many ways I enjoy sharing my love for clothing and style. 

Street style has come to define so much of the fashion industry today — everything from blogs to trends to inspiration come from what we see on everyday people.  College Fashionista has enabled me to open my eyes and see how people express themselves through fashion; it’s truly been a blessing!

I hope one day to incorporate my two majors into a career. I can see myself working at a large publication, such as a Senior Market Editor, tying both trends and business into one. No matter what I do in the future, fashion will always be a part of who I am… and to all the Fashionistas out there, never forget what Yves Saint Laurent once said, “Dressing is a way of life.”


Happy belated Independence Day fellow Fashionistas! The Hudson River was packed with anxious New Yorkers awaiting the famous NYC fireworks honoring our nation’s independence and this amazing nation. This Fashionista is rocking a killer pair of distressed jean shorts and looks perfectly dressed for a hot weekend day in the city.  Jean shorts are perfect for everything from a casual workday, walking in central park, or a night out after work.  This Fashionista has to keep style and the latest trends in mind, as she is an intern at Vogue magazine. Working in the fashion department at the most influential fashion magazine requires an edge that this Fashionista definitely has!

This Vogue intern works long hours and is expected to be ahead of the trends of the season… which she clearly is! Her ripped jean shorts, featured here on Tumblr, are the perfect statement piece for any summer outfit.  The Fashionista wisely paired the casual shorts with a silk top and leather wedges.  Finishing the outfit off with Giles and Brother jewelry and a beaded clutch makes this Fashionista look sharper than ever.

An outfit like this Vogue intern is both easy to replicate and trendy for summer. First, find a pair of distressed jean shorts, such as these Ralph Lauren pair and pair them with a classic silk shirt. From there accessories make the outfit, find some cool Giles and Brother necklaces, these Vince Camuto wedges, and a beaded clutch (like this Banana Republic one) and you’ve got the look.


Summer is in full swing and it seems as if most interns are finally adjusting to their work schedules. As the heat is beginning to swelter, the challenge of finding work-appropriate clothing to fend off the heat is a major issue among interns. The best go-to looks for the heat are flowy items that show minimal sweat! Here, on Refinery29, are some photos of fashionable (yet appropriate) internship outfit ideas. This Fashionista caught my eye in her adorable (and sweat-forgiving!) patterned dress. This fashionable intern works within Dateline NBC’s investigative unit (how cool, right?!).

This Fashionista’s adorable dress is perfect for the heat; and paired with a cardigan, it is perfectly appropriate for a business atmosphere. Working in such an intense and highly respected environment, such as NBC, requires conservative, yet fashionable clothing. Everything from cardigans, blazers and comfortable shoes are crucial in being intern-ready. This Fashionista does a fabulous job at incorporating style and modesty in one outfit. Her Dior sunglasses are to-die-for, and her Balenciaga bag is a staple here in NYC; lastly, her Tory Burch flats are perfect for running around the city and staying comfortable.

To replicate this top intern’s outfit is super easy and requires some good, staple pieces that everyone needs in their wardrobe! First, start with a cute sundress, such as this Tibi one and pair it with a casual boyfriend blazer, like this one found Topshop. This classic Balenciaga bag is perfect for all seasons, and the strap makes it super easy to carry. Finally, throw on some flats and these Dior sunglasses, and you’ve got the look!


Hello Fashionistas! Hope you’re having another fabulous week and enjoying your summer (wherever you may be!). New York has had some fabulous weather but the heat is beginning to kick in (making running errands, and being an intern, more difficult than ever). When the summer rays begin to take over you’ve got to wear clothing that’s trendy and doesn’t show sweat! This intern above said she was attracted to this Vince Camuto shirt because it “kept her cool throughout her long, intern days.”

I ran into this intern while I was running errands near Washington Square Park. I was attracted to her adorable, rounded glasses and cute pleated shirt. Pleats are huge this spring and I love the way the rest of her outfit stays simple, and the oversized pleats are the focus of the ensemble. This Fashionista is an intern at the famous Cullman & Kravis interior design company. Cullman & Kravis Inc. (check out their website here) was founded in 1984 and is known for its antique art and residential interior projects throughout the US. Having an internship as prestigious as this requires comfort, style, class and a lot of creativity! The round glasses add the perfect touch of uniqueness to her workday outfit.

To be style-ready for an internship in interior design, like this Fashionista, is simple and super easy to replicate.  Start with some simple black pants or dark jeans and pair the trousers with a box pleated shirt, similar to this one from Forever 21. From there add accessories such as these Warby Parker glasses (where she got hers!), Steve Madden gladiators and finally a classic Marc Jacobs cross-body bag. Now you’re ready to fend off the heat in style. Stay cool!


Rain, rain, go away… come back never! Here in New York City the rain has been a constant burden on all workers and interns! The unpredictable weather has failed to stop for quite some time, and today, like every other day, the rain and winds were at our mercy. Running errands and sprinting around the city isn’t easy in any weather, let alone when the wind is turning your umbrella inside out! But there is a way to make rain gear trendy, and this Parker intern knows how to do it.  At Parker, this Fashionista is required to work on everything including returns, errands, sketching and all of the processes involved in the creation of a clothing design.

Interning at a famous design firm requires keeping up with the latest fashion trends and staying immersed within the crazy fashion industry, and NYC is the place to do it.  This Parker intern stated, “rain won’t stop me when it comes to style within the workplace.” I love that though the weather and sky are terribly gloomy and dark, this Parker intern manages to stay bright and comfortable in her pastel items. Some tips and gear for staying trendy in the dull weather can be found here on RealSimple.com!

For an outfit like this Parker intern's, all you need are a few key pieces to pair with your rainy day essentials. First, pick out the perfect rainy day umbrella on Pare*Umbrella.com, where they have an umbrella to match outfits for any occasion. From there find a cute pastel top, such as this one from Urban Outfitters, and pair it with a good pair of dark denim (appropriate for the work place). Lastly, throw on some summer wedges, such as this Pour La Victoire pair, and you’ve completed the look!


Internship season has begun here in New York City. All of the students are moving into their perspective dorms and the subway is full of new workers getting coffee and running errands throughout the day.  My internship has been extremely interesting so far. Working for a major publication has been stressful and time consuming, but beyond worth it. This Fashionista is an intern at The New Yorker, a publication known for its humor, cultural knowledge and journalism on everything from politics to social topics.

Outside of my dorm yesterday morning I ran into this Fashionista on her way to her internship in the Condé Nast building. This particular Fashionista caught my eye with her bright pants and unique twist on conservative style. She was off to her first day (eek!) and I think she chose the perfect outfit. Working for a publication such as The New Yorker requires comfortable, yet classic, style. The solid colors, simple and strappy sandals, and geometric necklace create the perfect outfit for making a killer first impression.

Colored pants have clearly made a statement for spring/summer 2012, therefore, you can find them all over! This pair, from MANGO, are practical and could be rolled for the cropped look. Pair the pants with this Equipment top, and these Tory Burch sandals. Top of the conservative look with a unique necklace, and you’ve got a trendy outfit for your first day at your internship! Go work hard!

Style Guru Bio: Drew Gaddie

I am so excited to be a part of CollegeFashionista for my third semester in a row. This is my first summer to be living New York City, and I cannot wait to become familiar with the Big Apple. I just finished my sophomore year at The University of Georgia and am a member of the Chi Omega sorority. I was raised in Leawood, Kansas but am a city girl at heart. At UGA I am double majoring in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing, and am in love with Athens in general.

At UGA, I’m the editor-in-chief of our student-run fashion magazine, The Little Red Book. At LRB, I oversee our club of over 50 members in weekly meetings and publishing the biannual, four-color, 100-page magazine! Along with being involved in LRB and CollegeFashionista, I am a mentor in Athens-Clarke County and enjoy staying busy with community service and the lively Athens social scene.

This summer, I’m living in the heart of New York City and interning at Vogue. I am so excited to be working within the mecca of the fashion industry and with a very well known fashion publication. I can’t wait to meet new people, make new connections and become more immersed within the industry. I will be keeping you guys updated with what’s new in New York and the who’s who in the intern world!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: School’s Out For Summer!

Congratulations on finishing up school! This is the week before most students begin their next set of classes, head home or jet to an internship in the city. Classes are out and students are enjoying the warm weather downtown, on Milledge Ave. and all throughout Athens. This is my last week here in Athens before I head to New York, and I must say, I’m quite nostalgic. The Fashionista I spotted this week was downtown enjoying the weather. She is sporting multiple trends at once, everything from her unique maxi skirt to her graphic tee to her layered bracelets screams trendy for spring and summer 2012. Check out Style.com’s trend report for spring 2012 here.

What I really love about this Fashionista’s outfit is all of the unique aspects. Her skirt, which she told me her friend made, is such a fun twist on your usual maxi skirt. The layering of extra fabric makes the skirt so unique and trendy. I love how she chose to pair the killer skirt with a graphic tee (from Forever 21!), a side braid, and lots of cool jewelry layered on her wrist. This outfit is super unique and perfect for a day in downtown Athens.

Replicating an outfit like this (for downtown, or wherever you may be) is simple and worth your time! Start off with a maxi skirt, such as this one from Shopbop, and pair it with a super unique graphic T-shirt. I found this Rebel Yell tee online and it would be adorable with any color maxi. From there, choose some great jewelry to layer, such as these Chan Luu wrap bracelets, and some classic gladiators. Now you’ve got the look for summer. Enjoy your freedom!