As quoted by the famous Meryl Streep as the ultimate fashion hierarch Miranda Priestley in The Devil Wears Prada, “Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Okay, so maybe a pretty floral pattern doesn’t seem like the most revolutionary style concept. However, like polka-dots, hounds tooth or a pleasant gingham, there is a reason this classic pattern keeps making an annual appearance in the fashion world. When done correctly, a floral pattern in the spring or summer seasons can lay the perfect foundation for a lighthearted, easy ensemble. Take this week’s Fashionista, for example, in her flower power-inspired festival fashion statement.

The highlighted Fashionista does florals in just the right way for her summer concert moment. Her relaxed, boho-chic style approach transforms the traditional pattern concept of flowers to the ideal, youthful summertime look. She goes for comfort in an outdoor setting with cute, yet versatile, TOMS shoes slip ons in a neutral tone. On top, she rocks a Free People crochet tank with a bandeau. This style of loose knit sleeveless top is a must-have for the warm seasons in its adaptability to all sorts of looks and its effortless charm. However, in this ensemble the shorts take the attention front and center. In a purple, teal and peach print these flower-patterned shorts are anything but a boring use of floral. The shorts’ color combinations along with their cut-off shape make them the quintessential concert staple item.

Although this summer is coming to a close, take this week’s article to heart and hold onto your florals from season to season. The reappearing pattern choice is not going out of style anytime soon, particularly with fresh, innovative takes on it like a printed denim short hitting the scene.


We now find ourselves into the month of August, which marks the final stretch of summer with the reality of school sneaking up on us students. It is time to take these last couple weeks in to the fullest. What better way to do that than with a little vacation? Whether you decide to head down to Mexico for some fun in the sun with your girlfriends or head to the Caribbean for a tropical escape with the family, this week’s feature is the perfect resort wear look for your summer getaway.

The Fashionista this week sports a modern take on the nautical look in a versatile, chic ensemble. This fresh outfit is ideally fit for any summer trip of your choice. In a pair of crisp, white high-waisted pants this Fashionista is off to a great start in her resort wear getup. The wide legged silhouette of her pant provides a current take on the classic white jean and is paired perfectly with nude wedges. She tops the modern bottom off with a smartly selected silk camisole in a sea-inspired pattern that whimsically incorporates starfish and seashells. The turquoise and sea foam green print inspires this innovative nautical ensemble, parting from the traditional red or navy stripes.

The “new nautical” continues on with this Fashionista’s accessory choices, as she opts against the standard gold pieces that usually fall into this theme and goes for a bright, chunky coral necklace. She completes the look with a simple yet sleek ponytail.

To try this look on your own, ditch the standard white skinny jean for a night and go bold with your own pair of white, wide legged trousers. Pair it with a soft pastel tank, perfecting for your resort time, in a open front cut and set it off with a vibrant coral or turquoise necklace of your own selection.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bright Whites Big City

Black is slimming. Black blends with everything. Black is great for daytime or nighttime. Black will never go out of style. As my closet and I have progressed over the years, so has my infinite obsession and line of rationale for choosing black clothing pieces to add to my collection. The black epidemic has hit my wardrobe in full force as evidenced by the unmistakably large one-toned section of my closet. However, who says other colors and hues can’t be just as stylish, flattering to the curves and versatile? This summer make a statement by flaunting your fashion forwardness in a monochromatic look from a whole other end of the color spectrum with shades of white.

This week’s Fashionista displays the all-white look to perfection in a day to night transitional ensemble. She models a pair of cuffed high-waisted cigarette jeans in a bright white and couples it with a white linen button-down for her monochromatic ensemble. To add some pops of color, while not sacrificing the chic factor, the featured Fashionista accessorizes to a T. The white on white pieces are smartly distinguished with the choice of a brown snakeskin skinny belt. In addition, our all-too-favorite dark color is incorporated with her low-heeled pumps, however the minimal touch of black adds contrast and interest in patent leather. The flawless accessorizing perseveres with an electric yellow clutch to demonstrate one of this season’s hottest trends, touches of neon flare and the ideal juxtaposition against an all white backdrop. This ideal summertime transitional look is finalized with a square glass beaded necklace. With red painted lips and confidence in her all-white ensemble, this Fashionista is ready to hit the town.


I love a good fashion fad just as much as any other retail junkie. However, there is no telling how long my summer purchases of neon statement pieces and high-low dresses will stay relevant in the fashion world. On the contrary, there are some styles and components which hold a permanent place in my closet, from season to season, due to their timeless and enduring appeal: the button-down oxford, dainty ballet flats and everything striped and polka-dotted. This week’s Fashionista flaunts her take on an integrative summertime ensemble through her classic prepster approach, accompanied by current trends.

The featured summer student looks picture perfect from head to toe in her prep-inspired outfit. She sticks with classic silhouettes and colors for her foundation. She does so with a pair of khaki high-waisted shorts complete with a matching bow knotted belt and a tailored, sleeveless button-down blouse in navy. The layering of these lasting go-to items continues on with accessory and shoe choices; an understated white leather cross-body bag along with navy and ivory striped ballet flats. Despite this Fashionista’s ode to the classics in her preppy ensemble, she also manages to seamlessly work in some of this season’s most favorite trends. With navy framed sunglasses and a noteworthy necklace in color popping turquoise and coral, she keeps her look fresh and unique.

This summer continue to model your most adored classic pieces from over the years, but keep it current by incorporating trends reminiscent of this season. Choose a neon orange oxford in place of your white one for your next summer outing or opt for brightly hued statement cuffs in place of your oversized gold watch. With your prepster pieces you can be fully “prepped” to embrace the ageless practice of something old and something new this summer.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Baby, You’re a Firework

God bless the USA, it’s that time of year again. The time to dust off the “holiday” labeled box in the back of your closet and make room for some red, white and blue in your July wardrobe. The 4th of July is all about showing your country pride. However, rather than decking out in stars and stripes from head to toe, opt for a couple statement pieces to show some love for the land of the free.

The highlighted ensemble this week epitomizes my mantra for paying a stylish patriotic tribute this holiday. On the sidelines of her town’s 4th of July parade route, this week’s Fashionista starts her look off right with an American flag graphic cropped tank. To complement her shorter length top and to add some extra flare to the outfit, she wears her favorite pair of high-waisted denim shorts with white eyelet trimming. She rounds off her USA influenced ensemble with a casual, yet attention-grabbing chunky red necklace. The emphasis is left to these statement pieces as she accessorizes with a neutral hued metallic sandal and classic Ray-Ban aviators.

Although this week’s Fashionista elected to shop for some stand-out pieces for the 4th of July festivities, this holiday can easily be approached through a DIY take as well. Either hit up the racks at the boutiques this year to find tons of America themed shorts and bottoms or make some unique ones of your own using an old pair of cut-off denim shorts. With fabric paint and the beloved Bedazzler, the possibilities are seemingly endless this holiday. When it comes to accessorizing for the big day, follow this Fashionista’s lead with an eye-catching bright red or royal blue neckpiece or cross-body bag to hold all of your must have items this 4th.


The process of choosing the right college consists of many important factors: size, academics, weather, distance and location. Many of the contrasts are stark between urban and rural campus settings or the warm weather of Southern schools verses the bitterly cold Midwest. However, as it comes to adapting to your college environment, no matter where you end up, follow this week’s Fashionista’s “city slicker” lead. She deconstructs university-typed boundaries as she intertwines city chic components with rural inspirations of cargo flare and incorporates layers in a light and effortless manner on a cool summer school day.

I spotted this Fashionista amidst a crowd of students grabbing coffee on the way to morning class. She differed from the surrounding girls sporting the standard skinny jeans and loose knit sweaters to warm up with a “cup of joe” on the early summer morning. Perhaps my favorite feature of her layered academic look was her cargo inspired skinnies in an olive green hue. This savvy dresser mastered the art of staying comfortable yet fashionable in this new summer take on a classic silhouette. The next key component of her ensemble is her white trench coat. For a light layer this summer season, throw on a white blazer or jacket to make an immediate statement on those cooler rainy days. Then, model after this week’s highlighted student and throw in pops of graphic elements or hints of urban fashion, like her knit beanie and combat boots.

Be adventurous in breaking down “typical” college categories through expressing yourself in a comprehensive and creative way.


As the famous rock song goes, “school’s out for summer!” For the next few months bid farewell to textbooks, exams and late night studying. Instead, free your calendar for catching rays at the beach, good old-fashioned summer nights and, of course, penciling in your favorite music festivals from Coachella to Lollapalooza. Whatever your taste in music, festival fashion is hitting the scene with full force this season. Through the use of fringes, feathers, vibrant embroideries and floral headpieces, concert-goers are embracing a creative, free-spirited attitude.

This week’s Fashionista epitomizes the artsy ideal as she kicks back and relaxes in her summertime concert look. She starts the look off right with metallic snakeskin sandals. In a neutral gray tone, this casual shoe choice is a great alternative to the standard flip flops for everyday wear. The Fashionista continues her effortlessly stylish outfit with distressed denim shorts in a high-waisted fit. Gone are the days where showing midriff during those hot summer days was the only way to stay cool and bare some skin. Instead, this season welcomes in high-waisted bottoms coupled with shorter length tops for a new take on a classic summertime look. This music lover does just that by pairing her jean shorts with a lightweight sleeveless blouse. To accessorize the look, she makes an immediate statement through her nonchalantly bold choices. Functionality comes into play, while not sacrificing trendiness, as she sports an oversized suede fringe bag. She carries on her artistic inspired mantra with a straw fedora and Ray-Ban aviators to stay cool, while simultaneously looking it as well.

Let this carefree attitude translate into your wardrobe through applying your favorite hippie chic aspects into your ensembles this musical season.



A picture is worth a thousand words. How about 50 pictures? Perhaps that is a slight exaggeration, but this week’s Fashionista awed me with her show-stopping hooded jacket, patterned in a motley assortment of photographs. According to the clichéd phrase above, her jacket choice should do all the talking; about 50,000 words worth to be exact. Nevertheless, it has left me feeling inspired to share this current trend with all fashion lovers alike.

This week’s spotlighted student stood out from the academic crowd during the in-between class rush. She starts her look out with a pair of bubblegum pink sneakers by Converse to lay a casual and light-hearted foundation for the outfit. The miscellaneous nature of her ensemble continues through her fun and daring combinations of color and contrasting patterns. The Fashionista pairs a basic pair of black leggings with an out of this world mini skirt. The individual flare certainly doesn’t stop there. She achieves her photo-worthy ensemble through pairing a solar system inspired skirt with a collage inspired hoodie. Her eclectic jacket choice features photographs of all sorts, from beach scenes reminiscent of California to imaginative cartoon aliens. To complete her fashionable get-up she sports a leopard printed pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses for a final contrasting pop.

Be the master of your own individualized style to flaunt a look as original as this week’s featured student. The Fashionistas out there have it even easier nowadays to make their own personal brand through the industry’s responsive recognition of creativity boost in the fashion scene. Try out a pair of custom designed Converse sneakers, ranging from a feathery peacock pattern to a spunky leopard, or even your very own real photo graphics. If a bold graphic T-shirt is more your style, navigate your way to Urban Outfitters to design a customized silk-screened staple item for your closet.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Unconventionally Uniformed

As a proud public schooler in my youth, my exposure to the exclusive private school world was principally limited to my Monday night acquaintance with the cast of Gossip Girl. The elite group of sophisticated females inspired viewers with their fresh take on the mundane school uniform. Imaginative layering paired with daring pattern fusions, all with a headband bow on top, reinvented the day-to-day school uniform. This week’s Fashionista embodies the revamped schoolgirl vibe with her free-spirited twists on the classic academic look.

A key component to mastering the school day uniform is individualizing the light layers. This concept may present itself through embellishing your standard issued sweater vest or rethinking the use of the plaid necktie. The Fashionista this week finds inspiration in this redesigned schoolgirl notion through her own take on layering and accessorizing. The featured university student initially caught my eye with her retro inspired blouse in a navy paisley print. The breezy button-down is effortlessly coupled with her flowing black dress in a mid-calf length. She continues the layered ideology with her unique accessory choices. Turquoise hued necklaces of multiple lengths complement her liberal take on the unconventional uniform look. To complete the ensemble, this Fashionista fittingly sports mismatched leathers through black ankle boots with a chestnut cross-body satchel.

The nonconformist principles behind commanding the remodelled schoolgirl style are inherent in this student’s deviation from the traditional. To mimic her inventiveness for a weekend with the girls, diverge from the standard, pleated plaid skirt for one in chic black leather instead. Juxtapose the hard-edged choice with a femininely printed blouse for a comprehensive look. And, like any good schoolgirl, don’t forget to finalize the ensemble with your favourite pair of ballet flats. The best part about this week’s look is that any student can conquer it with conviction through her own individualization of the textbook model.

STYLE GURU BIO: Elizabeth Willis

Innovative physicist Albert Einstein once stated, “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.” Although I certainly do not deem myself a science wizard, this ideology finds relevance in many facets of my life. As an incoming senior majoring in Psychology and Spanish, creativity works itself into my academic persona. Outside of the classroom, it manifests itself through my ongoing love for fashion and all it encompasses.

My passion for fashion started in my younger years with a special place in my heart for my dress up bin. I have since transitioned from my bin of miscellaneous fake pearls, Minnie Mouse inspired heels and everything sequin to a more eclectic closet. However, my affinity for creatively accessorizing and stylizing certainly hasn’t phased out with age.

My present-day closet represents a sort of hectic chaos of animal printed ballet flats, low backed dresses and what some might consider an excessive accumulation of skinny jeans. One thing is for sure; infatuation with fashion certainly doesn’t discriminate. This mantra takes precedence through shopping around at vast department stores and hole-in-the-wall boutiques, along with choosing items from all different price points. I pride myself on owning a diversely contented closet. Some of my most adored splurge pieces from BCBGMAXAZRIA and French Connection hang alongside my favorite sweaters from Free People or Bloomingdale’s sale-racked distressed jeggings.

The inventiveness in my wardrobe often portrays itself through selecting pieces that deviate from the norm. I strive on incorporating items into my attire that encompass their own original flare and subtly deviate from the standard piece. A unique addition of a studded cuff or leather-trimmed collar can often make a monumental difference. It all comes down to your individual take on fashion, because creativity is always in style.