Bleach Tie-Dye—A DIY Twist on This Great Trend

Tie-dye, as we know it, has been around for decades—the colorful dyeing technique rooted in the hippie culture that thrived in the ’60s. However, similar dyeing techniques date all the way back to ancient times. My experience with tie-dye has been a long journey filled with rainbow-stained hands, crafting with friends, and super casual T-shirts. I’ve probably had at least one DIY or store bought tie-dye shirt in my wardrobe since elementary school—I’m no stranger to tie-dye.

But… this time I tried out a new (and improved?) method.


All you need are three things: bleach, a T-shirt, and some rubber bands. I got my plain black shirt from a thrift superstore, which is a great idea because it’s cheap and shopping at second-hand stores supports sustainability.

Just a little warning: I highly recommend doing this project outside and wearing clothes that you don’t really care about. This is especially true if you are messy like I am!

You take a shirt and simply pinch the part of the shirt where you want the center of the spiral to be. Then twist all of the fabric until the shirt is in a spiral and secure it with several rubber bands. Afterwards, grab the bleach and have fun with it!

Those last steps are where you can get creative—there are a bunch of other designs for tie-dye besides the traditional spiral, and the amount of bleach you pour on will obviously produce different designs as well.

This is the first bleach-dyed shirt that I have ever made. The design is closer to a splatter than it is to a perfect spiral, but hey the uniqueness is half the beauty of tie-dye! Next time I would add more bleach for a more prominent design.

This look is a little less hippie and a little more grunge, which I love. Plus, it’s one of those shirts that feels super soft and comfortable but has more style than just any old T-shirt. Not to mention that tie-dye has been trending lately in all types of products. So basically it’s like cheating but in a good way. You get to have a unique and cute top while feeling like you are wearing a shirt to sleep in. It’s truly the best of both worlds!

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Things Are Heating Up

It’s finally summer break! Or maybe it’s already summer for others. Regardless, it’s July and the temperature is rising. Now what?

First things first, I just finished my first year of college and summer is a little different:

1—Where are my friends from school? (and why don’t I have a roommate?)

2—No meal swipes?

3—Is it okay to stay up until 4 a.m.?

4—Oh, and also a low rating for unpacking—I do not recommend. My experience was more like an episode of Hoarding Buried Alive than anything else.

Okay so summer… What’s the deal?

On one end, there’s this overwhelming feeling of freedom, vacationing, pool parties, and being with friends and family 24/7.

On the other hand, summer is a time to crack down and make back money lost during college. Of course, also to save up for future college expenses (like late night snacks and lots of coffee). Or maybe get back into a workout routine (I think that’s a thing?)

So what will it be?

For me, I’ll be living at the beach all summer, which, on the surface, means more sun and more time in the ocean. But hey, just because I’m about five minutes walking distance from having sand between my toes does not mean my summer is going to be all fun and games. I just started a new job that I’m super excited about and, of course, this internship! Both of these things are pushing me towards my career goals which are just an added bonus because I think I’m really going to enjoy both opportunities.

Besides the obvious productiveness of a job and internship, I plan to do a little more. I want to try some new things and get the most out of my summer (wow, that sounds super cliché but it will have to do). This includes:

1—Going places. Visiting new places with friends, and traveling alone. Even if I do get on my nerves half the time, I still have to learn to live with myself (kind of scary, right?).

2—Watching sunsets and sunrises. Even if I go back to sleep afterward.

3—Keeping a Journal. Maybe I could make something to look at when I’m old and forgetful.

4—Workout more. Running on the beach provides a great view and a breeze that blocks out the sound of your own heavy breathing—what a benefit!

5—Being outside a lot. (with sunscreen of course). Besides all of this and typical summer festivities, who knows what else will happen—after all, it’s only the beginning!

What are your plans for the summer? Post a summer-esque photo and tag @Cfashionista and comment below!