CLASS OF 2014: Ellen

As a high school student, I know how I pictured what my college experience would look like: giant classrooms with hundreds of kids, scary professors that wouldn’t know my name and piles of homework and projects every week. Sure, the homework part was on point but that’s the way I liked it. I liked keeping myself busy with full class loads and internships ever since my sophomore year. Something else I did like was my small communications classrooms and my not so scary professors at Misericordia University. If someone asked me in high school to describe my collegiate career, I don’t think I would have predicted any of this.

In my four years as a college student, I racked up experiences from five different internships, and somehow I still found time to watch Netflix and paint my nails. I wouldn’t trade my hectic schedule for the world. Part of my nonstop schedule included my internships with CollegeFashionista. I started writing for CollegeFashionista after my sophomore year, and just finished my final post last week. That’s a lot of Fashionistas/os spotted in six semesters on Misericordia’s tiny campus! Then, in the beginning of my senior year, I became an editorial intern. These opportunities were something that I couldn’t be more thankful for.

As an editorial intern, I learned how to format basically every clothing brand on the planet along with other common grammatical errors. I took some of the skills I’ve learned as an editorial intern, and applied them to my other position as Editor-in-Chief of Misericordia’s student-run newspaper, The Highlander.

So, moral of my collegiate career, and advice for incoming freshmen: get involved! It will 100% pay off in the end, and you’ll have experiences to cherish forever.


There are some spring days that could be mistaken for summer heat waves. The temperatures hit above 80 and it’s too sticky to do anything outside other than lounge in a pool. When these heat waves hit, they hit hard, not giving us Fashionistas much time to alter our wardrobes. But, don’t fret. This Fashionista knows how to adjust for the temperatures and still get things accomplished before diving into the pool.

For those blistering hot spring days where you have no choice but to skip the pool and check things off your to-do list, take a few pointers from this Fashionista. She looks comfortable and casual yet cool enough to not want to immediately trade her shorts for bikini bottoms. Start with a neutral bottom, like these white shorts. For a top, this Fashionista went with a floral tank, similar to this one from Tilly’s. I think this is a great spring-summer choice that will really allow her to go anywhere during her day: errands, lunch, shopping.

Because the temperatures are soaring, she kept her accessories to a minimum. She chose a pair of metallic silver gladiator sandals, a great comfort piece. Then, she added a go-to white watch to finish off her look and guarantee she’s back from all of her running around with enough time to jump in the pool before dinnertime. Get ready for summer, Cougars! I don’t think the temperatures are cooling down anytime soon.

One Simple Change: To make this outfit suitable for a date night, swap the shorts for a white maxi skirt like this one from ASOS. The maxi makes the outfit a little more girly and glamorous and great for showing off on a date!

WHAT TO WEAR: Study Group

The semester is winding down, and a common sight nowadays is seeing large groups of students packed together in the library or classroom cramming for exams. The seniors are so close to finishing off their collegiate career, and the underclassmen are craving their summer vacations. It’s no secret that students are shutting off their think tanks for summer vacay. So, with all this excitement in the air, it’s important that students still keep their sense of fashion in tact.

Make sure to choose something comfortable and with minimal distractions for a day of nonstop studying. I would suggest modeling an outfit after this Fashionista’s. She chose something simplistic yet stylish. She started with a skinny dark wash jean, like this pair from Levi Brand Jeans. It’s a great choice because she can easily make the switch from casual wear to something classy enough for a night out with friends. Then, keeping it simple, she went with a plain, white T-shirt and threw on a chambray top. I am a huge fan of denim button-ups and 100% agree with this Fashionista’s choice for study attire. It’s casual, but gives off a better vibe than a zip-up or sweatshirt.

So Fashionistas/os, take advice from this stylish student. Just because it’s time to crack down into study mode does not mean your fashion sense needs to leave campus. Remember to stay comfortable, always key when camping out in the library, but make sure your study group doesn’t think they’re working with a slob!

One Simple Change: To take this outfit from daytime casual to nighttime classy, swap out the combat boots for a pair of wedges. Then, add some statement pieces, like this necklace from BaubleBar, to spice up your look for a night out with the girls to celebrate the end of finals week!

WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

It’s that time again: the search for a summer internship or job has arrived. It’s such an exciting time because it allows students to plan out their summer activities. Whether you’re applying for a position in your field or just looking to make a few extra bucks this summer, it’s important that when interviewing for the position that you’re dressed to impress.

This Fashionista was spotted on her way to interview for a newspaper position at Misericordia University’s student-run newspaper, The Highlander. She holds a position on the staff already, but applied for a new position for her junior year: Editor-in-Chief. It’s a big role, which means she needs to dress the part.

She arrived at her interview (with every member of the communications department and other faculty, EEK) wearing a sleek blazer-pant set. She chose a flare leg pant for her bottoms, which are a great essential for every Fashionista’s wardrobe. Then, she found her go-to blazer to match. Blazers are great dressed up or dressed down, and the one photographed is similar to this one at H&M—one I’ve been keeping my eye on.  If you want to add a splash of color to your professional look, don’t be afraid to do it with the blazer. Now, don’t go too loud or you might frighten your interviewers. I would suggest this pale pink number from Zara.

She also chose to add texture to her outfit. This is something that really makes the look more interesting and not just one-dimensional. Her white, lace peplum top looks put together and stylish under her black blazer. She went for a flat to finish off her look, but added an interesting pair to her ensemble. These ASOS flats are similar with the lace texture.

One Simple Change: Add a pair of heels, to dress up this look even more for your first day at your internship. Ditch the blazer for a structured shirt, like this one from Express. The pop of white down the middle will really draw attention and become a talking point for when you land the job!

WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

Now that the semester is winding down, it has become harder than ever for Fashionistas to drag themselves out of bed for that early morning class. Turn on the Keurig, get the coffee flowing through your body and you’ll make it through, I promise. One thing that will make those early schedules a little more bearable is going from class to class in a memorable outfit. This Fashionista knows what I’m talking about. Her schedule is far from easy, yet she finds time to make a complete outfit for the day ahead.

She didn’t choose anything crazy, but she avoided the ever-popular yoga pants and hoodie combination. Instead, however, she stuck with a simple jean. Having a favorite jean to always run to, especially in those early morning moments, is key. She paired them with a plain colored shirt, similar to these from J.Crew. These are great pieces to pair with accessories because the color pops (great for a morning wake-me-up), and gets us out of the dreary winter weather.

The most important things to note in this Fashionista’s ensemble are her accessories. Even though she needed to be out the door and on the run, she managed to complete her look with not one, but two statement accessories. First, she chose a bohemian printed scarf, similar to this one from Aerie. The colors are definitely springtime appropriate, which I love. Finally, she finished off the look with an earring that brings a little personality into her look. It’s not everyday that you catch a girl with dream catchers dangling from her ears!

So, while the semester is close to finished, don’t leave your style behind! Take advice from this Fashionista and put time into your wardrobe, no matter how early you need to get dressed. When you think it’s too tough, remember that absolute essential — coffee, coffee, coffee.

One Simple Change: To make this outfit more appropriate for an internship, pair the bohemian accessories with a simple fit and flare dress. This one from Free People is a great pick.


WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Getaway

Now that the semester is winding down, there are only a few occasions left for Fashionistas to take advantage of a weekend getaway. I’ve always had a great love for available times to experience small adventures with roommates or friends. We pack the car, stuff in five girls and head to someone’s hometown for a few days. It’s great to get away from campus, and do some exploring with your girls.

Now that the weather is warming up (hallelujah), Fashionistas everywhere are embracing it and taking to the road. I caught up with this Fashionista in a great getaway ensemble. She chose a loose-fitted striped shirt for the comfort factor, similar to this one from Urban Outfitters. It’s a great choice for time spent driving to your destination, and then for whatever activity is going on when the destination is reached.

She also chose to throw on a nice pair of dark-washed jeans — another great pick. The jeans allow her to already look put together for when they arrive for the weekend festivities. Instead of having to dig through a bag of clothing, she won’t have to fret. She simply added a pair of floral flats, perfect for the spring season. To top it all off, she chose a pair of mirrored wayfarer sunglasses to block out the harsh rays for the car ride.

So Fashionistas, pack the car full of girl friends, roll down the windows, blast your favorite girl power music (Beyoncé, duh) and get away from campus for a few days.

One Simple Change: To take this outfit from travel-friendly to a night out with friends, trade the casual top for a more fitted option. This one from Express would look great with the dark wash jeans. Add a sparkly heel, and you’ll be set to go!



Now that the weather is FINALLY turning around, Fashionista’s are ditching the parkas and riding boots for more springy ensembles. I know I’m not the only Fashionista out there that’s excited. I spotted this Fashionista on one of the first nice days of the spring semester rocking a casual outfit fit for multiple occasions.

For a day spent wondering campus and walking in and out of classes and meetings, mimic this Fashionista’s spot-on look. Start with a pair of light-wash jeans to get out of those dark tones you’ve been sporting all winter. Check out American Eagle Outfitters for tons of jean options. Then, find a flowy top. This Fashionista opted for white lace, great for many reasons. The white tunic top this Fashionista chose made it acceptable for a meeting with a professor or just hanging out with friends, enjoying the sunshine.

Keep the accessories simple and start with a comfortable flat. TOMS are a popular choice when walking all over Misericordia’s hilly campus. To add a little more flair to your outfit, chose a flat with more ‘pop’ value. Then, add a few silver accents to help pull the whole thing together. This Fashionista chose a silver Fossil watch that did the trick.

Keep it simple for a warmer day on campus and stay comfortable, Fashionistas. This freshman knows the perfect way to stay stylish and cozy all semester long.

One Simple Change: Change this outfit up to make it appropriate for a more professional occasion. Swap the jeans for a circle skirt and tuck in the white lace top. Choosing a bright color, like this one from Urban Outfitters, would be a great springtime choice. Now you’re ready for a casual date night to an outdoor restaurant!

WHAT TO WEAR: Out With Friends

The weather in Dallas, Pa is far from regular. We’ve hit April and there are still signs of snow popping up in the forecast. So, it’s hard for Fashionistas to plan ahead when it comes to their wardrobes.

This Fashionista played it safe and kept some winter essentials around for the beginning of spring. For those chilly nights, she’s probably happy she still has a few scarves and boots to choose between. While she probably won’t need a parka, she still needs some layers to stay comfortable.

I’m going to admit that I have a slight obsession with her cropped jacket and think it’s a perfect piece for every season. It’s a jacket with some pep that’s great for all sorts of occasions–brunch, family dinner or just out with the girls. Check out Topshop for similar options.

She kept the rest of her outfit fairly simple, leaving the focus on her statement jacket. Underneath she chose to wear a simple white T-shirt, probably for comfort and so as to not detract from the main part of her look. She also chose dark-wash jeans–a great mix from the usual legging I see every girl sporting. Jeans, which would classify as casual wear, are considered more put together compared to leggings, which most girls wear for every occasion lately. Choose a dark-wash jean for outings with the girls or casual date nights. They instantly make an outfit seem more put together compared to the typical black leggings.

One Simple Change: To take this outfit from casual wear to nighttime ready, ditch the chunky scarf. Then, swap the combat bots for a colored heel, like these magenta ones from Jessica Simpson. Now, you’ll be ready for a date night with that special fellow.


If I’m home on a weekend, nine times out of 10 my mom will drag me around town with her at some point Sunday afternoon. She never gives me notice or tells me when we’re leaving, I just know from previous experiences that I need to be ready on a moments notice. So, I have perfected the five element outfit. Instead of opting for yoga pants and a zip-up, I’ve learned there are ways to look nicer with only a few key elements. This Fashionista knows exactly what I’m talking about.

It’s easy to get into a funk when it comes to running errands—leaving the house looking like a sloppy mess shouldn’t be the case though. This Fashionista opted for a pair of light-wash destroyed jeans, cuffed at the ankles. The light color of the denim give the look a casual feel, perfect for running around downtown. She paired the denim with a graphic T-shirt, similar to this one from Forever 21. It’s better then throwing on a gym shirt and makes the outfit look laid-back. She throws on a heavier shirt that serves as her jacket during this transition between seasons—a great choice in my book. She let me know her shirt is from American Eagle Outfitters and serves as a life saver when looking for something to wear–great for when mom screams upstairs, “Let’s go!”

Those are the three key elements to her casual springtime look. Her accessories are what remain in my ready-to-go ensemble. She chose a pair of cream-colored sneakers, great for scuffing behind mom on the fourth or fifth location of her all day errand running. Then, this Fashionista finishes it off with a beanie. The beanie gives an overall cool kid vibe and looks like she didn’t try to hard when getting ready BUT still looks cute with her complete look. Check out the beanie selection from Urban Outfitters to snag a look like this Fashionista’s.

So, when you’re lounging and mom tells you you’re leaving in five minutes, don’t fret! Ditch the leggings and hoodie and go with a put together casual look that won’t leave mom cringing.

One Simple Change: Trade the destroyed denim for a pair of black jeans. Button up the green shirt, tuck it in and now you have a polished look for class or a meeting with a professor.

WHAT TO WEAR: Shopping

It seems funny to think that we so strictly plan our outfits for a day out shopping. What true Fashionistas will know is how truly important an outfit is for a long day of browsing racks of clothes at the nearest mall. It’s important to have something simple yet stylish. When we’re in and out of dressing rooms we don’t want to have a thousand layers to take on and off. So, what I seem to do is find something that looks great but doesn’t have multiple elements.

This Fashionista styled a great ensemble for shopping with friends on a weekend afternoon. She followed my personal guidelines and kept it simple to avoid the dressing room hassle. She chose a striped black and white sweater long enough to work with a simple pair of leggings. While leggings will soon be making their way to the backs of our closets as the weather gets warmer, they are still acceptable for the chilly March breeze. They’re also super easy to get in and out of—a dressing room plus!

She wisely kept her accessories minimal as well. She chose a pair of simple studded cross earrings to add a little edge to her look. Keep the armful of Alex and Ani bracelets at home for shopping so they don’t interfere with your constant dressing room visits. When elements get in my way of trying new items on, I know I get frustrated, which makes the day less enjoyable. Save yourself the trouble and take some tips from this Fashionista.

One Simple Change: Keep this sweater around for the beginning of warm weather. Match it with a pair of cropped jeans, like these from American Eagle Outfitters and find a cute flat or sandal to finish off the look. It’s now a great outfit for an early morning class.