STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Praise to the High Waisted

If it’s high waisted, chances are I’ll love it. So, in the spirit of this Fashionista, in her darling red sailor button shorts, I am going to write a personal ode to the style. For starters, there are a few key proponents of the trend. First, J.Crew capitalizes on their preppy history and has been selling out of colorful high waisted shorts and pants for decades. This spring season the brand sent an array of high waisted styles down the runway, my favorite being a yellow short with a ruffle at the waist. Second, blogger Haneli Mustaparta is an enthusiast, patron and advocate of the style as she writes, wears and styles it. Plus, no one can pull off printed high waisted pants like she does this vintage pair (an image that recently graced the glossy pages of Marie Claire). Finally, for constant feed follow Tommy Ton as he shoots stylish Aussies in Sydney during Fashion Week. So far, monochromatic high waisted pantsuits and skirts hiked above belly buttons seem to be cropping up (please note: shark T and ruched yellow skirt, perfection no?). Now that you have an eye out for the style, I hope that you will be noticing how fabulous they look on the streets that you frequent.

Remember, the high waist is not limited to shorts or pants. Skirts, like this American Apparel one, have been sitting above women’s hips for decades now (looking finished with a belt across the top seem). 1940s inspired high waisted bathing suits have also been making their way back onto the scene. Anthropologie offers a variety of prints and micro styles.

Since you are now in the market to solidify the high waisted trend in your own closet, start looking on Shopbop where you can find this Bird by Juicy Couture pair as well as other versions of the style and Urban Outfitters for a range of reasonably priced variations. Please embrace and enjoy a new attachment to high waisted bottoms!


It’s official, grab your shades, towel, trashy mag (I mean, chem homework) and head to the green; spring has arrived! In a red and white flowered dress this Fashionista is ready. Floral is one of the quintessential summer prints. A floral dress can be worn on the balmiest of beaches and the steamiest pavements, if accessorized correctly. Emily Schuman of Cupcakes and Cashmere (check out her College Fashionista interview), shows how to wear floral in an urban setting with a military style jacket, wedges and a thick leather belt. Her same dress could be worn without the jacket and belt, and with flats and delicate jewelry to translate into a more casual or beachy situation. For an array of flowy floral print dresses, try Blu Moon via Planet Blue. For other floral options, try Topshop for their playsuits and Zara for printed harem pants.

Made of light cotton, the dress that this Fashionista wears is a great summer weight. Its soft and airy cut allows for ample movement, which makes it an excellent option for even the most humid day. It also has pockets, which I usually find to be a selling point. By wearing a pair of off-white Converse Chuck Taylors, this Fashionista gives her seemingly girly dress a tomboy twist. While they add an element of unpredictability, their discrete color helps them to remain as a subtle addition. For a more bold footwear option, choose a dark combat boot (doc martens are a fan favorite). This festival bound girl exemplifies this style by wearing a pair of black leather boots with fold-over studded tongues. With a pair of wayfarer shades resting at the base of her charming crosscut bangs, this Fashionista is undoubtedly ready for a day on the college green.


I am a sucker for Navajo, so when I saw this Fashionista on her way to ballet in this t-shirt I couldn’t resist. After a winter season (thank you, Pendleton/Opening Ceremony) of robust Navajo prints on heavy wool and deep stained leather trim, this Fashionista shows how to translate the Navajo trend into the spring. The off-white or eggshell base of the shirt and its sparse print contributes to its light and clean summer feel. For a similar style try Urban Outfitters. Her jean jacket and bandana completes the western theme that she started with the t-shirt. The bandana, worn like this Fashionista, is an excellent way to add a little extra interest to pulled back hair. For those who have thin hair or need extra security, stick a few criss-crossing bobby pins into the sides of your bandana. This Fashionista wears her Cowboy and Indian ensemble multi-purposely as a ballet cover-up. She keeps it simple over her black tights with a flowy black skirt. And finally, chooses Keds that compliment the color of her shirt and are a steadfast easy and comfortable footwear option. 

After sitting down to write this post I realized that I must have been drawn to this Fashionista’s outfit, not only because of the Navajo but, because of how reminiscent it is of the hoards of Coachella pictures that that have been cropping up across the internet this week. For instance, this music festival Fashionista also dons the Navajo trend, but picks an even more subtle and washed out print. On the same vein, Garance Dore posted a series of beautiful pictures from her “California Diary,” check them out! 



I was drawn to this Fashionista by her responsible use of denim. Her light washed chambray shirt is nice contrasted against her dark J Brand jeans. The extreme difference in washes helps avoid the Canadian tuxedo stigma. When it comes to mixing denim the washes must be noticeably different, provided you prefer to look like this week’s Fashionista and not Britney and Justin circa 2001. If you yearn for a particular shade of denim and one piece is just not enough, make sure they are all the exact same wash. As this street chic girl demonstrates, multiple pieces in a light wash with a thin denim fabric can be a smart summery look. The best way to ease into the chambray trend is with a simple button down. J.Crew’s Selvedge is a favorite (yes, Jenna’s too) that can be almost guaranteed as in stock, regardless of the season. For a version with a bit more pizzazz try Posted on Categories FashionTags , , , Leave a comment on STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Chambratastic

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Transition with Lace

The clouds have finally parted! On our first sunny and warm(ish) afternoon this Fashionista wasted no time in donning a soft summery dress. Her white linen dress helps to foreshadow the warm weather that we are all eagerly anticipating. Its lacey hem, like most uses of texture, keeps the eye interested all the way down to the bottom of the garment where it falls above her knees. Exemplifying the art of transitional dressing, she anchors her light dress with dark leather pieces. Using a belt is an excellent way to manipulate the hang of the dress to accentuate her waistline. Anthropologie offers a variety of belts in different sizes and materials that can be used for such a purpose. Her riding boots, normally difficult to wear with a dress without tights, work with this particular outfit as it plays off the color of the belt and keeps her look from being too summery. Her light blue jean jacket, which is unfortunately still necessary, has the same effect. Its light wash keeps it from looking harsh against the material of her dress. Finally, she wears a jade pendant that hangs just below her neckline and a turquoise ring on her left hand. The small splashes of green are refreshing and help liven the palette of the outfit.

Side Note: Lace has been all over the place! Recently brought to us by an array of designers, like Dolce and Gabbana, Valentino and Céline, black lace in particular has emerged as a strong trend on the runway. It also has held a strong presence throughout the streets (notably, stylist and street style superstar, Anna Della Russo). While lately we’ve seen a surge in darker shades, the white lace dress has not disappeared and will be especially popular this spring.

So when you hit the stores in search of the perfect summer dress, keep your eyes pealed for the trend! If you are adventurous, you may want to also keep a lookout for Christopher Kane-inspired neon lace!


This past weekend Conn students peeled off the beaches and couches that they spent their breaks on and returned to chilly southeast Connecticut. While sunny days and moderate temperatures remind us that spring is under way, it is still too early to show skin. This Fashionista found a middle ground between seasons by wearing an outfit that she self titles, “Miami Lumberjack.” While her plaid shirt, military jacket and brown work boots are all in a winter trend, she nods to spring by pairing them with white jeans.

White jeans have long been one of my closet staples. I find that white is even more versatile than a blue jean and is the perfect bottom to a summery top. Personally, I prefer a skinny cut, like ones from 7 For All Mankind or Paige. Referring to the big league, white was a through-line on the Chloé spring 2011 runway as well popular on the streets during Fashion Week. While some people strictly adhere to the between Memorial Day and Labor Day rule, when it comes to white bottoms, like this Fashionista, I have a more liberal approach and blur the lines on both ends. As this Fashionista demonstrates, it is possible to incorporate the look in with pieces from different seasons.

The bright colors in her shirt are a departure from the traditionally wintry plaid print and make it more cohesive with her pants. Her boots, Frye, and military style jackets add to the overall relaxed look of the outfit and provide just enough coverage for the chill that’s still in the air.

Her rings also caught my eye. On her right hand she wears a thick plated silver ring that covers and allows bend at the joint. And on her left, a children’s bracelet that she has bend twice over into a ring. Finally, on the lapel of her coat she wears a pin with her name, “Annie,” written across it. This adds a personal touch in an interesting way, sans monogram.


My last official spring break has commenced and I am across the coast in sunny temperate LA donning the sandals and shift dresses that I have been lusting over all winter. I feel like the saying “you can never be overdressed” is non-applicable, if not completely reversible, in this city. Instead, Californians have mastered being casual while still oozing with confidence and sophistication. While street style inspiration has met me at almost every corner (and store window), something about this Fashionista (pictured), on her way to Pilates class no less, particularly caught my eye. Proving that Kate Moss’ reign is not over, this Fashionista’s grunge influenced but fresh look embodies the Californian casual-cool that I have been admiring.

This Fashionista wears a band-T cut into a tank style. While she manages to still look feminine the wide cut across the shoulders can be a little overbearing for some body types. To avoid looking boxy or, well, manly, try a skinnier strap or lower cut like this Wildfox one from 80s Purple. The flannel shirt wrapped around her waist ads a bit of color and, for those who may feel a little less comfortable in spandex it covers up the bum. The shine in her spandex also adds a bit of a punky vibe. Finally, she tops it off with a pair of classic Chuck Taylors.

While I may not be daring enough to go completely grunge, I would mix some of the elements she chose to create a surprising hybrid look. For instance, pair the band-T with a bright petal skirt and her same converse sneakers. But hey if you can pull it off, go for it.


I’ll admit that in the past I have scoffed at men’s fashion, claiming that it is easy, only a matter of color and devoid from the many choices that us, as women, have to work with when it comes to shape and cut. But recently the attention that street stylish men have been getting across the blogosphere and my own attraction to manly campus trends (see Flannel and Jean), has made me rethink how I feel about men’s fashion. And I wonder, perhaps it is actually more difficult to get dressed as a fashionable man than a woman, as many try to find the perfect balance between self-expression and masculinity (success?)?

This Fashionisto employs two prime elements that men seem to use to transcend their classic menswear pieces; color and texture. For color, he chooses a purple polo for his bottommost layer. The purple adds a punch and compliments the gray that he layers with. Former designer for J.Crew Brice Pattison, shows how to use color to a further extreme.

Since a three-piece suit is a sure sign of a gentleman, this Fashionisto doesn’t ditch the traditional ensemble but puts it on its head with a gray knit sweater and a blazer of a lighter shade. ASOS makes a similar sweater vest but for those who want to further complicate –er excite things Polo Ralph Lauren sells a variety of prints. For me, this Fashionisto’s outfit hangs on his washed out jeans. They make sure that his upper half, especially the blazer, looks fresh and casual.

Ladies, remember to think about how these manly trends can be incorporated into your wardrobe for we all know that menswear is here to stay. And maybe, just maybe, next season you could look like Lauren Remington Platt.

In the spirit of boys, here are a lot of them.


I often joke that Conn has a rainy season. If so, we are definitely in it. The weather in New London this past week has been impossibly gloomy, when it hasn’t rained there’s been overcast. I applaud this Fashionista (pictured) for not letting the gray palette outside influence her dress. Watching her walk into the library, donned in bright colors, reminded me that spring is (slowly) approaching.

To face the elements she wears the classics, a Barbour jacket and Hunter rain boots. For centuries Barbour has made their timeless green wax cotton jacket but only recently have they offered more feminine versions. These sturdy utilitarian, and occasionally militaristic, jackets come in proportional cuts with belts or side snaps to flatter the female figure. They are water resistant and warmer than a gortex shell. To stay dry and keep my core extra warm when it is snowing, I wear mine with a J.Crew puffy vest underneath. Barbour also sells a vest that can be worn under their jackets for cold days.

I’m probably preaching to the choir here but Hunter boots are a rainy day staple. Especially during the cold and rainy transition from winter to spring, the height of the Original Tall Boot paired with a pair of cozy fleece socks are perfect for staying both dry and warm while walking around campus. While this Fashionista opted for the boot in a traditional hunter green, the company’s recent surge in popularity has prompted a release of the boots in new array of bright colors (perhaps another way to lighten a gloomy day?).

Underneath her rain gear this Fashionista wears a pink silk tank top, layers it with a vibrant green cotton cardigan and wraps a printed scarf of equally brilliant shades around her neck. Finally, to accentuate her neckline she adds three silver beaded necklaces that fall a few inches beneath her neckline. While a seemingly unusual combination, her brilliant under layers juxtapose the weather and translate as a fresh take on rainy day wear.


This Fashionista’s ruffled cardigan and sweater combo caught my eye during class. I love how she avoids wearing a plain gray T-shirt by choosing one with ruffle accents around the collar. Ruffles along a neckline can add volume, accentuate the bust and, therefore, be extremely flattering. Although, in order for ruffles to be complementary to your figure it is important to make sure they are strategically placed and do not emphasizing unwanted areas. Joie makes a gray ruffle peasant shirt that is similar to this Fashionista’s. For a dressier and more refined look, opt for a silk ruffled shirt. 

Over her ruffles, this Fashionista wears a navy cardigan with white trim. For an unexpected accent, the sweater has gold zippers up the middle and across the pockets on either side. I love how the crew neck sweater leaves room for the ruffles to peak out from atop the collar. Thomas Pink makes a very similar navy and white sweater with the unique embellishment of rough stitching on the pockets. Over her shirt and sweater this Fashionista wears a purple peacoat. The gold buttons on the coat add interest to the classic trend, a similar effect to that of the zippers on her cardigan.

Hint: If you are going to layer pieces in the same color family, choose ones with interesting accents.