LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Make It A Muscle Shirt

It has finally become perfect summer weather. I always love those nights in New York when the sun is just beginning to set, there is a light breeze and there is no humidity in the air. It’s night like this where I breathe in and wish for the summer never to leave us. It feels as if that time between the sunset and pure darkness could last forever. With that being said the nights are beginning to get a bit chillier which means the pants are coming out for both guys and girls.

The greatest part about this Fashionisto’s outfit is just the pure simplicity of it. I love the color of his pants, a merlot hue that can easily be transformed into a look for autumn as well. His gray suede oxfords add a sense of sophistication and flair to his ensemble along with a simple leather cord around his neck. My favorite part of his look was definitely the not overly macho muscle shirt. There’s usually something that really bothers me about the sleeveless shirt on men that I can’t quite put my finger on, maybe it’s the thinness of the straps or the daring cut of the sleeve, but this Fashionisto’s top really impressed me. A thicker sleeve in off-white doesn’t give it an “I just got off at the gym” kind of feel. It just works, showing off great arms as well as giving off a uber casual, cool vibe.

If you’re looking for a similar style check out this Alexander Wang T in charcoal. For something with a bit more flair try this shirt by Raf Simons. Find a pair of gray oxfords like these Calvin Kleins and slip on a pair of wine colored denim.

Hint: Try out different sleeve widths but don’t go too skinny and stick to plain!

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Principles Of Prints

I can’t believe that my summer in the city is almost over. Soon I’ll be packing up to go back to Boston; there will be no more sweet summery evenings in New York where those who are fashionable have a distinct taste and style. It is definitely bittersweet but returning to the streets of Boston will be a wonderful feeling as well.

With that in mind, I had to snap some photos of some great Fashionistos before I skip town. I found this Fashionisto on Houston — sporting earthy dark shades I noticed his strong sense of style right away. A plain T-shirt is offset with great accessories as well as a sick pair of shorts. His patterned shorts definitely make his outfit. The Billy Reid tweed shorts have a unique almost Aztec flavor. But when looking at them a bit more closely, one can notice that the pattern consists of simple shapes. Throwing in a pair of sunglasses and a great watch, this Fashionisto has got a well put together look.

These printed Vanguard shorts would be a good choice for a similar look, or maybe try a pair of these Topman striped shorts on for size. For an interesting take on the denim short, try this pair from River Island.

Hint: Don’t overdo it. Let the patterns do the talking and wear minimal colors and accessories with your loud shorts.


I hate to say it but it’s getting to be that time of year when retailers are taking away their summer goodies and bringing out the fall essentials. When I walk through clothing stores I can’t believe how fast the market changes and actually how fast time has flown. Anyway, as the smart shopper that I am (or the smart shopper I like to think that I am), I try to keep my eyes peeled for pieces that can be used in many seasonal wardrobes. Clothing like this is a huge plus for those of us in college or fresh out of college who are still shopping on a budget.

I spotted this Fashionisto, a fellow college blogger, in the Financial District down by the South Street Seaport. Although the weather has been unbearably humid again, this Fashionisto looked extra sharp in his long green pants. Sporting the forest green hue is pretty bossy in the heat but he made the look casual and breezy pairing it with a light cotton V-neck. Color blocking can be challenging, but this Fashionisto pulled it off by using subtler hues. Additionally he is wearing suede caramel brown shoes, that off-set the dark colors of his digs in a complementary way.

The pants are a great piece to hold onto for the transition into fall. This look could easily be transformed for something worn in chillier weather by wearing a chunky knit sweater or a lighter fabric hoodie.

If you’re looking to get a similar pair of green pants, check out this pair from Daniele Alessandrini. If green isn’t your color maybe these electric blue Levi’s will do the trick (another great trans-seasonal color). Find one of your favorite colored plain V-necks that would not clash with your new pants and try a pair of TOMS Suede Cordones on for size.

Hint: Make the look even more versatile and use the pants as a more formal piece in your wardrobe. Try finding a dark belt, a subtly patterned button down and a colored knit tie and you’ve got a unique outfit for nightwear.


As I make my way through Midtown Manhattan on my way home from work, I’m constantly dodging many business women and men alike. Walking through these crowds I always keep my eye out for a fashionable individual. I look around and admire different wardrobes that are worn for different industries.

One thing that I have found similar is that most men choose to sport a backpack to work. Usually the backpacks consist of North Faces and Jansports, but this Fashionisto pleasantly surprised me with his awesome caramel colored leather cinch-up backpack. Although, he referred to his look as “super casual” I still think his backpack makes him look pretty sharp. Don’t you think? He sports an earthy green pair of shorts with a blue breezy long sleeve shirt. His hoodie underneath adds a pop of white that matches perfectly with the laces on his two-toned loafers.

Think about it this way: we might have a collection of bags, but who wants to transfer all of their stuff every day before work? Why not invest in a bag that looks great at every angle and with any outfit combination? Try this Fossil backpack featured at Nordstrom in a chocolate brown. Or, try out this forest green and brown mixed media backpack on Revolve. If you’re looking for something classic, try this caramel colored bag from Clava Leather.

Hint: Stick to neutral colors to maximize versatility with different outfits and colors.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Lookin’ Nice in Neon

We all know about it, the trend that has become more and more popular these past couple of seasons: neon. The bright colors are a great burst of summer, adding excitement to any wardrobe. I have found that typically girls have been following this fad whether the bright colors are worn on a top, dress, purse or necklace. The boys seem to be lagging a bit on this trend, following slowly behind with mainly neon accessories like hats, or trim on a pair of cool sneakers.

I spotted this Fashionisto walking home from work the other day. Rather than choosing to go subtly neon with a bracelet or a neon graphic he has chosen a full blown pair of awesome bright lemon shorts. The sunny yellow shorts looked crisp and put together especially paired with a blue crew neck. The look is casual adding some plain black flip flops and black rimmed glasses. He sports a unique watch with a big face and a thin band needing minimal accessories for his look.

Try out the look yourself by finding a pair of shorts in a bright neon color. Gap has a great pair of yellow shorts (and other great colors for that matter) that you could try on for size. Throw on a simple colored tee, like this blue one from Urban Outfitters. If you’d rather start off with a cool neon top check out American Apparel, they’ve got loads of '90s colors. Choose some of your favorite accessories to go with your ensemble, like a watch or sunglasses and you’re good to go.

Hint: Go all out when you’re rocking the neons. Pair your clothing piece of choice with another bright color. For example, yellows go great with blue or oranges go great with purple. Why not go big or go home? In the summer you can work any loud and fun color combo.


Nothing speaks summer like 94 degree heat in the streets of New York. It may be hotter in different parts of the country, but the NYC bright sunshine and heat can’t be beat. On days like this I am so impressed with all of the men who combat the weather with true style. I always opt for something that is easy to throw on, that I won’t get too hot in, but I’ve found that a lot of guys take a different approach, and I commend you all.

I was first drawn in by this Fashionisto’s salmon pants but when I asked him if I could take the photo of him his friend asked if he could be in it as well. I couldn’t say no and upon second glance I noticed that his outfit was just as summery fresh! They both have chosen a lighter-weight pant as well as a loose fitting style for a breezy vibe. Each is wearing a cool graphic cotton tee, another versatile item in such hot temperatures.

They both have a different factor in their outfit that makes you think “Hey, that’s an awesome look!” The salmon pants are especially great: they're a really good color for guys and when paired with a simple white tee and crisp white shoes, it just screams summer chic. The other Fashionisto has chosen great accessories to go with his look. His mixed media bag is great for different seasons and goes with many different outfits as well as his large-faced watch. His powder blue lace up canvas sneakers make the look complete.

What do they have in common you ask? Sick shades. Nothing says summer like a great pair of sunglasses. They also have very different styles. One Fashionisto opted for a more classic, vintage Wayfarer whereas the other chose a more uniquely printed rounded frame. The glasses smartly shield their eyes from the hot sun but also contribute to the breeziness of the summer look.

Hint: Not sure what kind of sunglasses you look good in? Go into a store that sells a lot of styles and brands of sunglasses to get a better feel for what kind of frame fits your face. Bring a friend for a second opinion.


There are just some outfits that exude cool and this was one of them. I spotted this Fashionisto on the Lower East Side coming out of the subway. New York has finally gotten a break from the humidity and high heat and temperatures have been bearable here in the past couple of days. This means that the long pants come back out of our drawers along with footwear to brave the classic New York City downpours.

Wearing a pair of chocolate brown lace up boots was the first thing that caught my eye about this Fashionistos outfit. Not only did he transform a fall/winter piece into a practical summer look for the rainy day but he made his ensemble work around his high boot. His straight dark washed jeans look good paired with the dark leather, but the fact he cuffed his pants makes it feel even more summery.

Also take note of his shirt. Rather than the classic V or crew neck that most men rock, he makes a less popular choice — the boat neck. A simple twist on the two classic collars converts the look into something clean and refreshing. Again, notice he makes the shirt a little more than his own by rolling up the sleeves. A chunky gold watch, jean jacket and a seriously dapper hair-do is the recipe for sheer coolness.

To try some cool on for size, check out this pair of Bed Stu boots from Nordstrom. Pull out a pair of your favorite straight leg dark washed jeans, like this pair from Scotch and Soda. Next try looking for a boat neck; you could try these simple styles from American Apparel. Put it all together and voila, you’re insta-cool.

Hint: If you decide to try to work in the cuff, my theory is less is always more, don’t roll them too much. A good rule is to stick below the elbow and right above the ankle for low top shoes, or right above the boot line.


There is most definitely a fine line between looking sloppy and casual-cool. With the right amount of personal charm and statement pieces, the look can be pulled off in an effortlessly chic way rather than giving off that “just rolled out of bed” vibe. When you think of sweatpants, most will begin to quickly conjure up ideas that this type of loungewear is only appropriate for a comfortable, stay-inside-all-day kind of day. 

Well, my friends, think again. While walking home from work I stopped this Fashionisto on Spring Street. How put together his outfit was grasped my attention immediately, but upon closer observation I realized that he was wearing a stylish version of sweatpants! I was shocked at first but quite impressed that he was able to turn a typically scoffed at piece of wardrobe into something kind of awesome. Rather than sporting a pair of cut-off shorts, he chose a pair of light-sand drawstring shorts. Instead of wearing them normally, he played with the style a bit by cuffing the bottom. Playing off this simplicity, he paired his shorts with a black cotton long sleeve graphic tee which also is worn cuffed for the warmer weather.

Start with a pair of shorts similar at Urban Outfitters. Avoid light grays and opt for a darker or more neutral tone. Find a cool graphic shirt long sleeve shirt to match. But wait, we are almost forgetting the key pieces!

Hint: Try to incorporate some of your sophisticated pieces into a look like this Fashionisto did. Whether it be adding a pair of funky high top sneakers like these Yves Saint Laurent bad boys while wearing the socks to match, holding onto a unique bag or sporting a pair of chic Ray-Ban frames, try to include a little bit of something something into your look that gives you that extra cool factor.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: The Short Sleeve Button-Down

I have always found that the short sleeve button-down for men can go either way. The beloved long sleeve button-down, the classic piece, gives most guys the feeling that their look is instantly crisper and cleaner (which is true for the most part). But the short sleeve version sometimes does not do the same. This article of clothing can make some look tacky and outdated. On the other hand, if worn correctly, the look can offer a different side of sophistication. 

This Fashionisto had the right idea. When I stopped him in the Lower East Side I noticed that his outfit was rather put together but not in an over the top way. It gave his look a cool and casual vibe, fitting for the area and the time of year. Summer is the perfect time to try out the short sleeve button-down because of the warmer weather and the all-around laid back vibe work environments have.

Like this Fashionisto, try pairing your short sleeve button-down with a darker wash denim or a khaki pant like this pair from J.Crew in burnished khaki. Stray from shorts or light colors because the look will look messy and transform your style to a different age set. Next take a look at his shoes, although it is summer, this Fashionisto chose a pair of suede leather boots rather than a pair of sandals which makes his ensemble fashion-forward and dressier. Take a look at this pair of Clarks suede boots for some inspiration.

Hint: Try to choose a button-down shirt that doesn’t have a pattern on it. Allow the sleeves to do the talking and choose a style that is simple and clean cut. For example, this L.L.Bean shirt would do the trick. Experiment with leaving the shirt completely unbuttoned or mostly buttoned!

Style Guru Bio: Emily Burdett

I cannot believe I’m saying this but the summer season will mark my third term with CollegeFashionista. It is so cliché but really, time flies! My spring semester was a dream in Paris and I often find myself comparing everything in America to how much more wonderful it was there (I feel like for some things, there’s no contest).

I luckily have an awesome internship lined up at Women’s Health magazine and will be living in New York City for the summer. I have always thought there was something magical about the city; it has always drawn me in. I especially love it in the summer. One of my favorite pastimes is to people watch in Central Park or in a little restaurant in the Lower East Side. The cool vibe of summer in the city is just what I’m looking for before I head back to Boston for my senior year.

My summer style is completely comfortable and chic. The hot, muggy air of New York can sometimes get a girl down but I try to add fun additions to each of my outfits. Whether it is a coral colored necklace, a fun pair of wedges or a unique hemline on one of my favorite dresses, I make each outfit speak to a piece of my personality.

This summer I will be writing the LET'S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS column. I am really excited to be exploring a whole new territory in fashion. New York has some of the best dressed men in the country and I cannot wait to discover some of the on-trend ensembles. Summer is my favorite season for my wardrobe and I can’t wait to see what some of New York’s Fashionistos will cook up! Stay tuned!