There is nothing like the colour green in the summer. Whether it’s on the trees, the grass or in our wardrobe, green is the colour of all the seasons, but especially spring. Injecting a little piece of green into your wardrobe in the form of a pair of shorts, skirt or T-shirt can make the world of difference to your mood and complexion. Most of all, it’s a colour that suits pretty much everyone. Green has been seen all over the catwalks for this season, from a light mint green to a moss colour and I for one embrace it!

This Fashionisto has gotten the green trend down to a fine art, combining the cool hue with a light wearable outfit perfect for walking around campus. The casual polo neck T-shirt never goes out of style for men and teaming it with a comfortable pair of jeans and sneakers gives him that effortlessly cool air that so many men crave during the warm months. 

Recreating the look is simple and all men should have these earthy tones in their wardrobe to complement their summer ensembles. Having several polo neck T-shirts is a staple in a lot of men’s collection and they are an essential that suits every male. Pairing these with anything from comfortable jeans to casual shorts and everything in between is easy as long as you have the right colours. Finish this off with a pair of simple shoes and a cool pair of sunglasses to create an outfit that is stylish, comfortable and campus-worthy!


There is nothing like adding a few studs to your outfits to make you like more like a rock chick than ever before. With the handy accessibility of being able to stud your own clothes now in DIY experiments, it’s never been so popular to look like Kirsten Stewart in The Runaways and we can sure as hell try. Design houses from Alexander Wang to Hérmes Birkin are promoting this trend and having studs in your wardrobe has never been as cool as it is this season.

This Fashionista has created a chic outfit that wouldn’t look out of place on the streets of Paris or Milan. By pairing this simple and elegant trench-coat with blue skinny jeans and a fun pair of pink pumps, she has made her outfit simple, stylish and comfortable. From head to toe she seems graceful, even to her slicked back ponytail that’s very en vogue at the moment. The outfit is sophisticated yet simple enough that we notice her amazing studded bag at first sight and thinking of all the ways we could steal it to add it to our own wardrobes!

Everyone will have these essentials in their wardrobes: a simple coat, skinny jeans and pumps. But putting it all together, you can create a look that Audrey Hepburn wouldn’t turn her nose up at. A pale, nude trench-coat is best, so you can accompany it with a colourful pair of denims that have been seen on everyone from Eva Longoria to Kate Middleton recently. All you need to do is find the perfect statement bag, preferably with studs to pull the ensemble together perfectly. With a little inspiration, you’ll look like royalty in no time.

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Shorts Are A Man’s Best Friend

There is so much emphasis put on what women should be wearing during the summer but almost nothing about the fate of the male wardrobe. As soon as the warm weather happens, we completely change our collection, the colours, the material, the length, but we never really pay attention to what our boyfriends, brothers, and guy friends are all wearing as soon as the sun starts shining. Countless magazines are issued on summer style, but what is the male summer style?

This Fashionisto is a prime example of how a man should dress during the warm months. While still keeping his outfit casual for classes, he has made his ensemble completely chic without the look of trying too hard. From the clashing prints of his T-shirt and shorts all the way down to his handy backpack for college essentials, this Fashionisto has got the effortlessly cool look down to a tee, using warm bright colours and formidable prints to stake his place on the fashion radar.

Men, this look is a lot easier to put together than you think, as you most likely have every piece in your wardrobe already. If not, it’s still so simple. Pick out a couple of well fitting casual t-shirts or cotton shirts that go with anything, these essentials will always come in handy whether its summer or winter. If you’re buying a pair of shorts for the summer, knee-length ones like these are a great style and suit every man. Then it’s your choice for footwear but canvas shoes or flip-flops like this Fashionisto's are advisable to make the outfit look as casual and cool as possible.


In the summer, we’re out and about so much every day that it can be a struggle to keep your wardrobe looking fresh and new to last you all season long. As a rule, most Fashionistas have tonnes of wee shorts and skirts and an array of T-shirts to last through the warm months. But, there is one thing that we women can always rely on: the denim skirt.

The denim skirt is the perfect item to have in one’s wardrobe for the long hot months and should be a part of everyone’s seasonal range in some form. There are countless styles and ways to wear a denim skirt; you can dress it up or down and it matches almost any piece in your collection. Not only is it a great piece of clothing, but it’s comfortable, casual and it’s such a chameleon piece when you know how to accessorise it. The denim skirt can even be worn again in the winter with a pair of tights and boots to create a warm, yet cool look.

This Fashionista put a real twist on the concept of the denim skirt by wearing a ra-ra skirt. This piece is beautiful, flattering and is a perfect match for the simple black T-shirt and pumps that she is wearing to match. My advice would be to invest in a denim skirt this summer. It doesn’t have to be the classic straight denim skirt or the mini, you can shake it up like this Fashionista has and keep it classy and simple with a T-shirt and accessories. Teaming this with a pair of light shoes can give your outfit that relaxed beach vibe that is coveted for the summer with little expense and effort.


It’s so easy to covet dressing up in flowing finery as soon as the summer approaches, pulling those beautiful dresses and tailored chinos out from the back of your wardrobe. April is just in the door and I’ve already packed away all my dark clothes and am embracing the imminent summer. But duty calls, and we must attend college and it’s not always convenient to wear your best clothes when sitting in a lecture hall for six hours a day.

This Fashionista has gotten everything right for a chic but comfortable campus outfit. The ensemble is effortless, from the cool, breezy stripes to the canvas boat shoes and is sure to make everyone who sees it want to put a bit of summer into their own wardrobe. But not only do her clothes complement each other perfectly, her accessories scream style and fluidity using blues and reds on gold for a chic combination.

The casual, slouchy look is all about, yes you guessed it: being casual. Don’t worry about everything matching or looking perfect, perfect is boring. Throw on your favourite jeans with a plain tee or a stylish print for the cool factor and bring your favourite slouchy jacket along for that inevitable afternoon shade. Canvas shoes or ballet pumps are always a safe and comfy option when it comes to jeans and ideal for when you’re running between classes that are always on the opposite ends of campus. Of course, don’t forget the essential accessories: the over-the-shoulder tote and sunglasses that are sure to let everyone know how effortlessly cool your style really is.

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Earning Your Stripes

Stripes have always been a formidable and popular print with women, especially during the summer. There are quite a number of choices when it comes to stripes: horizontal, vertical, thin, thick and the type of person you are and your shape reflects in this simple pattern that adorns our clothes.

A few years ago, Breton stripes were all the rage. Every Fashionista from Alexa Chung to Elle Macpherson was seen sporting the nautical style that is synonymous with summer, sea and blue skies. However, in the last couple of seasons, people have steered clear of the safe navy and white stripe that is instantly linked with Breton and gone in a different direction. Like the leopard print strolled out of fashion to let its very stylish cousin the tiger print in, the stripe has gone in all sorts of crazy directions and it has become a question of ‘how do you wear yours?’

This Fashionista is certainly sporting her stripes with pride. With this kind of print, it’s all about the outfit you wear it with that makes it stand out in the fashion line-up.To get this look is easy, it’s simple and chic and so en vogue right now that all the shops are in on the secret. Try looking in vintage stores for some striped tops that no-one else has, because there is nothing worse than having the same outfit as everyone else!

If you’re looking for edgy style, look for metallic skinny jeans or leather leggings and boots that create that dark, mysterious look you’re after. If you prefer to keep the outfit feminine and girly, finding a loose top and tucking it into a skirt or even getting a Breton-style t-shirt dress is a stylish but casual way to sport those stripes.


Sheer blouses are all the rage these days and it’s not hard to see why.  Everytime one walks into a high street shop, there are racks and racks of light fabrics, bright colours and beautiful patterns. With any Fashionista worth her salt having a wardrobe stocked with these designs, it’s clear to see that these blouses are here to stay for more seasons to come.

This piece is a good investment for any fashionable woman, it’s easy to wear, can be dressed up and dressed down and best of all, it suits any outfit. Thrown over jeans, teamed with leather leggings and heels or tucked into a skirt, there are 101 ways to work this piece to come up with a pleasing ensemble.

This Fashionista has just the right amount of color and in the right palette to pull off this statement blouse. By leaving her bottom half plain and dressing up the top half, the outfit doesn’t look cluttered or out of control. The quilted ballet pumps set the ensemble off nicely to make a formidable match. The best thing about this outfit is, all you need to bring it into evening wear is to throw on a pair of heels.

To recreate this look is so easy. Invest in a fabulous sheer blouse of your choice, because, trust me; you’ll be wearing it all the time! Buying a few key pieces to go with these blouses is best: your favourite skinny jeans, jeggings or even a pair of rocker shorts.
There are so many ways you can pull off this look and its one of the few looks that absolutely everyone can try and feel comfortable in, from the tomboys to the princesses. So give the sheer blouse a try, you never know how good you’ll look, and feel.

FASHION FROM ABROAD: The Classic Skinny Jean

There is one trend that clings on from year to year, through all four seasons and whatever occasions you may find yourself attending: the skinny jean.

The perfect pair of skinny jeans is an elusive thing, as one often desires to find a pair that matches your figure perfectly and complements your shape. I myself have never found this Holy Grail of pants; the perfect pair of skinny jeans to make me look like a brunette Claudia Schiffer.

However this Fashionista has the spring trend bang on: a pair of well-fitting plain denim skinny jeans with plain nude pumps and a T-shirt. This outfit is perfect for a warm spring day and comfortable enough to wear in class for the day. What's great about these pants is that if you’re going out that night you only need to team it with a pair of heels and you’ve gotten yourself a whole different look.

Lately we’ve been immersed in the coloured skinny trend. For the last year or so, all we’ve seen on the celebrities and the high street is coloured jeans and I couldn’t be more pleased. Again, there are colours for every season, tawny gold for autumn, red and forest green for winter and pastels for the spring and summer.

A classic pair of skinny jeans is the best asset to have in a woman’s wardrobe, whether it’s coloured or plain denim, for slouching around campus or going out on that first date. Skinny jeans suit every mood; you can team them with a great blouse or a plain T-shirt and every type of shoe imaginable and don't forget the obligatory tote.

They don’t suit every woman perfectly but with the right outfit and accessories, they can make every woman feel like a supermodel. This Fashionista exudes comfort and confidence through her outfit, daring to wear the perfect pair of skinny jeans and succeeding.

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Blooming Marvelous

It’s always a privilege dressing up for the spring, especially when those first rays of sunshine finally hit our skin after the cold winter months. Some people wear bright colours to show their appreciation of the sun finally arriving, others wear patterns, but a lot wear florals to parade around in their bright mood.

This Fashionista is no different in her use of colours and prints to show how truly lovely it is here in Budapest. The weather is warm and dry and the dresses, skirts and shorts are coming out of hibernation from the wardrobes to brighten up the streets.

It’s very simple to attain this Fashionista’s street style when you go through the high street stores at the moment. Those simple neutral colours are consistent with a very warm, summer-like vibe, and are very easy to wear during the hotter months. Floral tights and leggings or pants are a brilliant way to make an outfit more colourful and really emphasise the classic design of this printed skater dress.

To achieve this look is very easy for all Fashionistas looking for a simple outfit to wear around campus. Very comfortable skater dresses are very “en vogue” at the moment and are great teamed with a pair of pumps or sneakers for the warmer months of the year.

Choosing a light colour like sunshine yellow or mint green ensures you are bang on trend as pastels are rocking the catwalk this season. Teaming it with a floral pair of tights creates a beautiful outfit that reflects happiness and growth and nature, a perfect choice for this gorgeous March weather. Matching it with some coloured sneakers or pumps is a great solution to get you out of that winter rut and truly into spring-time, especially with a large tote or satchel.


Summertime has come upon us early in Budapest and it’s time to throw those heavy jackets back in the wardrobe and replace dark winter clothing with something a bit brighter to liven up our wardrobes. This Fashionisto embodies summer from head to toe in a look that screams fresh and cool.

Chinos are a divided issue amongst men, you either love them or you hate them. Either way, this mustard pair is a great colour for a casual daytime look. As a girl who loves chinos on men, this outfit choice couldn’t look more right to me, and I love that the entire ensemble looks meticulously put together to create a cool spring vibe.

The loose aquamarine T-shirt balances out the tighter denim fabric on the trousers and using a T-shirt and sneakers with pants like these relaxes it to a look more suited to daytime. They can also transcend to night-time by just putting on a dressy shirt and shoes.

Most menswear shops stock the ingredients for this very simple and chic outfit. Trying places like Pull and Bear who specialise in more casual pieces in great mustards and beiges guarantees you a great find and you can find casual and hip T-shirts in even the smallest of places.

This outfit is very easy to put together, as long as you have the confidence to pull it off. Buying a pair of coloured chinos and throwing them on with an old T-shirt and sneakers can be the key to a great outfit, especially if you sport a pair of aviators like this Fashionisto to complete the look.