Hello again fellow Fashionistas/os! It seems like forever that I’ve written one of these posts, and I’ve missed it dearly! Indiana University gave me some of the best years of my life, and writing for CollegeFashionista was a huge contributor to that happiness. However, as we all know, life must go on. I graduated this past May and started a new job in a new city in June. I now work for American Greetings as a Product Development Analyst in Cleveland, Ohio. My ultimate goal, as stated in the American Greetings mission statement, is “to provide happiness, laughter, and love.” How cool is that? Now, I know what you’re thinking: What do greeting cards have to do with fashion? Well, so much of fashion is about retail and that is exactly my focus on a day to day basis. My job is to analyze the cards, in order to ensure that we have a complete and balanced line. It sounds pretty simple, but like much else in retail, a lot more goes on in the backside of things then one may realize.

One of my favorite aspects about my job is that I work in a creative environment. What this means is that it not only is acceptable, but encouraged, to dress and express yourself in way that inspires your creativity. I do work in a corporate environment, but in the building you will see people dressed in different ways—from business professional to completely casual. I usually stick to business casual, leaning a little bit more on the casual side. Skinny slacks and over-sized tops make up a lot of my work wardrobe.

Life after college has been a bit of an adjustment (as expected) but has also brought so many great things. One thing I miss most about college is being able to write for an international blog every single week. I knew I wanted to keep writing about fashion trends after college, so I decided to start my own blog in order to document my own style and stay on track with my true passion. Starting a blog is so easy and there are many great tutorials online to help make your blog look attractive to a Fashionista’s eye. One thing I recommend if you are interested in blogging is to look at your favorite blog and really analyze what you find so great about it. After you do that, you’ll know what aspects you want to do similarly in your own blog. Another thing to do to keep up with fashion trends is just to talk about them. CollegeFashionista gave me the confidence to go up to people on campus and ask them about their style and how they got to where they are now. I never would have learned so much about the different styles on campus if I wouldn’t have asked. My last piece of advice is to NEVER say “I could never pull that off.” Those words should never come out of a Fashionista’s mouth! Being a CollegeFashionista means taking risks and being confident. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: with confidence, anyone can “pull off” anything!

It’s been amazing being able to write a post for CollegeFashionista after graduation. Keep doing what you do, Indiana!



After days and days of rain, the sun finally came out just in time to brighten up finals week. This student, Patrick, caught my eye because he was wearing what I consider to be the epitome of a sunny day outfit. Dressed in casual, yet sophisticated clothes, he looked completely put together and ready for the sun. I asked him if he had any tips to offer on how to look as dapper as he did.

Name: Patrick Kenney

Major: Public Relations

Year: Sophomore

College Fashionista: What is your favorite clothing item to wear for studying/finals?

Patrick Kenney: I generally wear something comfortable like athletic shorts and a frat tank or sweatshirt.

CF: How would you describe your style?

PK: Preppy. I believe in dressing to impress.

CF: What are your tips for putting together a stylish and sophisticated outfit?

PK: Collared shirts always tucked in with a nice pair of jeans or khakis to complement the shirt, along with the always-classy pair of Sperry Topsiders.

How To: To replicate this kind of preppy look, first you’ll need to start with the basics. A woven button-down shirt and a pair of club shorts are a couple of things you’ll want to get. Then layer as much as you want from there with a jacket, and possibly other items if you choose to. Finish the look with a pair of Sperry Topsiders. Go with a pair that isn’t your usual brown or tan, like this striped pair. Follow Patrick’s advice and always dress to impress!



With all the rainy weather we’ve had in Bloomington recently, it was nice to see a Fashionista who still took the time to dress up for class. When I saw all of this Apparel Merchandising student, Erika’s, layers and the depth to her look, I decided to ask her a couple of questions about what motivates her to get dressed on gloomy days.

Name: Erika Katterjohn

Major: Apparel Merchandising

Year: Junior

College Fashionista: What are you fashion recommendations for getting through all of these rainy days we’ve been having?

Erika Katterjohn: Don’t limit yourself. I have multiple pairs of printed rain boots to keep things interesting. A good umbrella is a must, also!

CF: How do you deal with the weather being rainy one day and sunny the next?

EK: Appreciating sunny days as an opportunity to really strut my stuff fashion wise.

CF: Favorite rainy day accessory?

EK: Ripped jeans. They are a good accent and substitution to leggings, which are overdone in my opinion.

How To: To get a preppy and sophisticated look like Erika’s, the first thing you’ll need is a basic woven button-down. Layer that with a red cardigan and a tailored blazer. Then get a pair of khaki trousers and a pair of classic Mary Jane pumps. Follow her example by dressing up on a rainy day. It will make you stand out that much more when you do!


While school is picking back up and finals are quickly approaching, it’s hard to believe students still have time to get up and look fashionable in the morning. Clearly, this Education Major, Devin, takes the time to still look great. The first thing I loved about her look was her adorable short hair. I asked her what made her cut it and a little more about her look in general.

Name: Devin Holme

Major: Secondary English Education

Year: Junior

College Fashionista: What influenced you to cut your hair short?

Devin Holme: It’s easy to manage and feels so sassy and fun!

CF: How do you feel that your everyday life influences your style?

DH: I like pretty casual, laid-back looks with fun accessories. I lean toward very wearable basics.

CF: Who are the people in your life that influence your style most?

DH: My mom heavily influences what I wear. She has great style herself and I usually ask her opinion before I buy things/wear outfits.

How To: To get a look similar to Devin’s, keep it sweet and simple. Try these khaki pants from and this shirt, both from Gap. Add a few fun accessories like a chunky necklace and some bangles. Finish the look with a pair of basic flats and you have an easy, yet sophisticated outfit!



After the dreadful pouring rain for the Little 500 weekend, it is a nice treat to have to sun come back out again. This Fashionista embraced the recent warm weather by wearing breezy apparel and strappy sandals. After seeing all of the different aspects to her outfit, I was intrigued by the pieces that she paired together. I asked this Fashion Design student, Sarah, about some of her thoughts on current trends.

Name: Sarah Bethany Indahl

Major: Fashion Design

Year: Junior

College Fashionista: What is one current trend that you can’t get enough of?

Sarah Indahl: Rompers! I know they aren’t flattering on everyone, but if you have the right proportions to work it, you definitely should. This is one garment that can easily transition from day to night.

CF: What is one trend that you wish would go away?

SI: Jeggings! Or maybe just leggings that are worn as pants.

CF: Do you have any advice for transitioning a winter wardrobe into a spring wardrobe?

SI: From season to season, you should definitely keep simples pieces around (i.e. tanks) for layering, as well as some lighter jackets. You can always add and subtract depending on the weather.

How To: The first thing you’ll need for to recreate an outfit like Sarah’s is a pair of striped shorts. Next put a loose blouse on top of a basic ¾ sleeve shirt. Add in a pair of strappy sandals and a few accessories like a watch and a necklace, and you’ll be ready for spring in the sun!




As I was walking out of my Marketing class, I saw this Fashionista talking with a friend, and I knew that I had to interrupt. Luckily for me, neither minded the interruption and I was able to get a little information about this double-major senior, Ashley. Her style caught my attention right away, because it is different than what I usually see on campus. I asked her to describe it and I think she put it perfectly.

Name: Ashley Kraus

Major: Apparel Merchandising/Telecom

Year: Senior

College Fashionista: Where are you originally from?

Ashley Kraus: Chicago suburbs.

CF: What are a couple of words you would use to describe your style?

AK: Preppy with a twist.

CF: What has been your favorite apparel class at IU?

AK: Global Sourcing.

How To: I think Ashley described her style exactly correct: preppy with a twist. This look can easily be recreated and here is how: Find a basic pair of denim jeans and roll them up so that your pretty white Pumas can show below. Then simply pair a basic woven button-down with a graphic tee. Add in a couple of accessories like sunglasses and a belt, and you’ve made your look just as twisted and preppy as Ashley’s!




As crazy as this month has been with fashions shows every couple of days, it’s good to see that students like Libby Snouffer, are still taking the time and effort to look great. Facing rain and wind, Libby braved the weather to get to class and did so in style. I asked her a little bit about the upcoming Retail Studies Organization Fashion Show, as well as where she draws her inspiration.

Name: Libby Snouffer

Major: Telecom, Fashion Design Certificate

Year Senior

College Fashionista: Since you are a fashion design student, will you be showing any of your work in the upcoming RSO Fashion Show (April 7)?

Libby Snouffer: Yes, I have a sheer lace top with floral trim, a floral skirt paired with a vest I made out of old t-shirts, and a pair of tweed shorts with a sheer black top I made out of vintage gloves.

CF: Where do you draw inspiration for you designs?

LS: I love nature and rock and roll. The 70s are a huge inspiration for me right now.

CF: Which Spring 2011 fashion shows influenced you most?

LS: I loved the fabrics from Marc Jacobs; so colorful and vintage-looking! I also loved Vivienne Westwood’s Red Collection. She is such a rockstar.

How To: Libby’s look could brighten up any rainy day, and you can have that too. What I love most about this look is that she took a summer romper and paired it with other items for spring. Therefore, the first thing you’ll need to recreate this look is a great romper. Next you’ll need a colorful pair of rain boots to brighten up the rainy day. Simply pair with tights and a black jacket, and you’ll be good to go, rain or shine!


March and April are proving to be THE months for fashion in Bloomington, with fashion shows happening almost every weekend. This weekend, a fellow student of mine is showcasing a line that she has been working on for over two years. Her senior project is to design, construct and show an entire fashion line from start to finish. Below is an interview I got with her to learn more about her show.

Name: Tracy Thallemer

Major: Fashion Design through the Individualized Major Program and Apparel Merchandising

Year: Senior

College Fashionista: When did you first start designing the line for your upcoming fashion show?

Tracy Thallemer: I have been envisioning my fashion show for two and a half years, but I seriously started designing the looks a year ago. I began construction six months ago.

CF: Tell me what your show will entail.

TT: My senior collection is called “Made is Motion.” The collection is inspired by vintage cars from the late 1940s-60s. I wanted to mimic the curves of a vintage automobile and replicate them to accentuate a woman’s body. The clothing is meant to show a woman’s sexy curves in a classic yet modern way.

CF: What do you hope to gain from your show?

TT: I have gained so much insight on the entire ideation process. I have been able to see the process from taking ideas, making them 2D sketches, and creating 3D wearable garments.

How To: While Tracy did all of the designing in her fashion line, her personal outfit can easily be created so that you too, can get that special “fashion designer” look. Her classic shirt dress and belt can be found at Forever 21. Grab some funky sandals and a chunky necklace, and you’ll be good to go!

Don’t forget to check out Tracy’s “Made in Motion” Fashion Show this weekend, April 2nd at 7pm! More details are posted on Facebook.



Walking across campus on a sunny day, I found this Fashionista doing the same. Wearing a very spring-appropriate outfit, what I found myself drawn to the most was her shoes. The bright red really adds a pop of color to her mostly neutral ensemble. A couple of days before Spring Break, I was interested to find out where Emily would be traveling.

Name: Emily Fergason

Year: Junior

Major: Sports Communication Broadcast

College Fashionista: Where are you going for Spring Break?

Emily Fergason: Austin, TX for the South by Southwest Music Festival.

CF: What types of outfits do you plan to wear while there?

EF: I would definitely say outfits that represent my mood that day. Also, many of these outfits will be things that I could not really have planned; they are all spur of the moment type looks.

CF: Do you think that the SXSW music festival will have an impact on your style?

EF: Absolutely. Just seeing all of the different personal styles will make me view my own style in a different way. I plan to take a closer look at some of the outfits I see there and interpret them in my own way.

How To: To get a look like Emily’s, the first thing that you’ll need is a cute pair of flowing shorts. The next thing that you’ll need is a basic graphic tee like this one from Forever21. You will also need a military-style jacket. The last and most important thing that you’ll want to get is a perfect pair of red boots. With all of these, you’ll be ready to conquer any spring break, music festival and more!


Upon finishing another infamous fashion design project, I ran across a peer of mine also in the fashion design studio. The first thing that caught my eye about this young designer was her amazing pair of vintage cowboy boots. This Apparel Merchandising student, Rachel Adland, shared a couple of her favorite design secrets with me for this week’s post.

Name: Rachel Adland

Major: Apparel Merchandising

Year: Senior

College Fashionista: What role does your major (Apparel Merchandising) play in your style?

RA: The Apparel Major, and especially the Fashion Design Certificate, both play a large role in my style. Learning about textile construction forces me to take a closer look before purchasing clothing. I also enjoy seeing the styles of my classmates.

CF: What kinds of garments do you like to design?

RA: My favorite thing to design is dresses.

CF: Do you find that your stlye is similar to other students in your classes?

RA: No, we all have very different style.

How To: One thing that I love about Rachel’s look is its simplicity. She does a good job of balancing basics, while also adding flare. To mimic this look, try a basic pair of denim skinny jeans with a chunky sweater. Pair those items with a basic infinity scarf. Finally, find a great pair of boots to make your outfit pop. These Justin boots are amazing and could definitely transform a basic ensemble into a statement outfit. Whatever you do, be sure to let your style show in the boots that you choose!