In the midst of what feels like a never-ending cold spell, it can become nearly impossible to muster the desire to lace up your sneakers and hit the gym. But as all Fashionistas know, getting dressed and looking cute can be the ultimate motivator for any challenge, be it an hour-long exam or an hour-long cardio session. This Fashionista shows us exactly how to keep that fitness motivation alive by dressing to play the part while traveling to the gym from her off-campus apartment on one of the coldest days of the semester. Now that’s dedication.

She rocks Lululemon from head-to-toe— running leggings, top, hoodie and all. She chose a top with a bright pink base with striped accenting on the chest panel. The fun detailing and bold color choice create instant endorphins and are certain to help you still feel cute while you’re nice and sweaty. A brightly colored top with fun accenting exudes a friendly vibe to your fellow gym-goers, while also putting you in the excited mindset to manifest all of your energy in to your work out.

The fitted black hoodie that this Fashionista pairs over her tank top keeps her looking chic and flatters her figure, while also providing her with warmth and an extra layer so that she’s able to stay covered while traveling to and from the gym. The combination of the black on her hoodie with her black leggings, and a pop of pink separating the two through the tank top, creates a streamlined look. Instead of throwing on an oversized sweatshirt or nylon jacket, try a fitted long sleeve pullover or hoodie in a basic or neutral color. It will keep your silhouette looking especially fit, and you’ll be surprised at how flattering a tight fitting athletic top can be.

This Fashionista also decided to accessorize with a classic pair of Ray-Ban glasses and an infinity scarf, which allows her to keep her ensemble wearable for a post-gym coffee date or even for a quick catch-up with friends before she gets inside the gym. Completing your ensemble with a few accessories that are easy to put on and off ensures that from the second you enter the gym to when you leave it, you’ll be looking nothing less than put together.

One Simple Change: For a post-gym trip to the coffee shop or the dining hall, pull an oversized sweater on over your running leggings and switch out of your sneakers for a pair of moccasins, which are easy to pack in your gym bag and easy on your hard-worked feet.


Hello loves! My name is Emily Rella, and I’m a junior at the ever beautiful Boston College, majoring in English, with a minor in Theology. To me, style is art; it’s how we share who we are with the world who we are. The only passion that rivals that of my love for style is my passion for writing and editing, and CollegeFashionista has given me the perfect platform to culminate the two. This will be my third semester on-board with CollegeFashionista— my third as a Style Guru and my second as a student Editor. I must say, I learn more about amazing brands, trends and style techniques by reading through posts for grammatical errors than I do doing anything else! In addition to posting for CollegeFashionista, I’m also a contributing writer for Elite Daily and The 1st Class Lifestyle.

I adore all things glittered, chevron, American flag printed, chiffon, flannel, flowy and high-waisted. My staples are my black leggings and my coveted collection of chambray and denim button-downs. My closet is full of knit sweaters with adorned elbow patches, crop tops and bralettes with intricate stitching and backings and high-waisted cotton skirts in ever color of the rainbow (and then some). If you couldn’t tell from that description, my style can sometimes be as unpredictable and chaotic as my life, and perhaps that’s why it suits me so well.

My style is a result of all the different things that inspire and appease me, including Tumblr and 1940s pin-up posters. My ultimate muses are Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis and Lana Del Rey. I like to think of my style as an eccentric yet cohesive blend between the two— the classic elegance and girly silhouettes characteristic of Jackie combined with the flirty streetwear grunge and summertime carelessness exuded by Lana.

This semester, I’ll be writing WHAT TO WEAR every Thursday. I’m absolutely thrilled to be bringing the real-life looks I see (and obsess over) to all of you for another semester.


The colder fall weather has finally begun to make an appearance; the air has a chill to it and the warm heat from the summer sun is definitely long gone. This Fashionista chose the perfect ensemble to fit the temperature jump and looked chic while doing so, of course.

Paired with an always classic pair of dark skinny jeans, this Fashionista chose a top in a gray, sweater-esque material. The flowy nature of the top and its slight hang off of her shoulders takes a wintery color and material and makes it appropriate for early fall. Her long red hair against a palette of fair skin and neutral fabrics turns heads and makes a bold presence.

This Fashionista chose a pair of bone, suede flats embellished with gold and silver stones in a dazzling print. Worn with her larger gold watch, she shines from every angle. She shows that when used in small amounts and dispersed among different parts of one’s ensemble, gold doesn’t have to be flashy and the center of attention. She uses the gold accessories to bring the neutrals in her outfit to life, and even further, to highlight her natural coloring and beauty.

Gold plated accessories can be intimidating if you’re a Fashionista who isn’t always trying to make a statement, but in the right amount, they make any outfit improve by a tenfold. Try a combination of post earrings and a chunky bracelet. Pair with a peasant-style black top. If your hair isn’t naturally as vibrant as this Fashionista’s, go for a bold pink lip.


To a Fashionista/o, there can be nothing as dreadful as a light drizzle when it’s time to go to class. Not only does it force you to change pieces of your outfit that you wouldn’t want to get wet in the event that the rain picks up, but it becomes a challenge to look chic in spite of the undesirable percipitation. This Fashionista welcomed the challenge and put together a killer unsemble for a pre fall drizzly day when I spotted her walking from her off campus apartment.

This Fashionista did everything right; she managed to dress appropriately for the temperature and the rain without having to sacrafice any element of her style. She chose a bold pair of brown leather boots that can handle a little bit of moisture, versues jumping straight to rain boots. As a six-foot-tall Fashionista, the boots elongate and showcase her already killer legs and make for a perfect pairing with her simple black leggings. A simple white T-shirt is brought to life by he lace-embroidered circle scarf, an easy way to take any basic and make it something truly unique.

This Fashionista ties the entire outfit together with her off-blue trench-style rain coat. Cut to hit her hips just right, this coat adds an element of sophistication and timelessness. She shows the world that a little rain will never damper her day and willingly combats it with a few simple pieces put together in just the right way to create an unstoppable combination.

A pair of simple leggings, old leather boots and a fitted white T-shirt are all basics that every Fashionista/o probably has. When it’s less than desirable outside, we’re so apt to want to crawl in to the comfort of these basics. This Fashionista shows us that we can still do that, but by adding a funky scarf and the perfect coat, we can leave the dreaded rainy days behind us.


Summer has sadly come to a sweet end and East Coast Fashionistas/os are reveling in the final opportunity to show some skin before the unavoidable transformation into leggings and riding boots. The standard go-to summer ensembles, usually consisting of a sundress and some variation of open-toe shoes with a cardigan for the chillier afternoon hours, becomes boring and overplayed by the time the final days of August roll around. With fall just around the corner, Fashionistas/os everywhere have a duty to take their outfits to colder-weather chic by adding a little edge to their looks, without completely letting go of the summertime playfulness.

This Fashionista has done just that. A simple black dress with a swingy A-line cut, paired with calf-length leather boots takes a simple concept and gives it a bold kick. The dress is made of a suede-like material and the tighter bodycon fit of the top half makes this piece versatile; it can be worn to play around in during the day or dressed up for a night out.

The buckles and worn-in leather on the boots ensure the outfit is daytime appropriate, versus say a pair of classic flats or wedges.

The color-blocked neutrals are also something that can easily be incorporated into any outfit. This Fashionista only used solid neutral colors: black, brown and gray. Since each item was made from a different fabric and texture, it added dimension to the outfit as a whole. Dark colors and neutrals don’t have to be boring. In fact, they’re the perfect solution for the transition in to fall.

Luckily for you Fashionistas/os, this edgy and transitional vibe is easy to achieve for those warm, early-fall days, when all you really want to do is throw on a pair of track shorts and an old T-shirt. Try a swingy dress in a solid color or a neutral pattern and an old pair of boots in a different neutral color. Be sure that the skirt of the dress is flared and flowy; a pencil or bodycon fit wouldn’t qualify as daytime appropriate when paired with the boots. The simpler you keep the dress and boots, the better, since the look in and of itself is bold. Plus, it leaves plenty of legroom (no pun intended) for accessorizing. This Fashionista nailed it with her John Lennon style Ray-Ban glasses and funky keychains dangling off her bag.

So grab your sundress and tell your leather boots that they’re going to be getting a lot more playtime, I’m sure your flip flops will understand.


My name is Emily Rella and I’m a junior at Boston College. I’m an English major with a minor in History and Theology. But if I had it my way, I’d find myself with a degree in high-waisted skirts (with a concentration in chevron and chiffon, of course). I’m a strong believer in the idea that one’s personal style is a manifestation of what’s inside; the way you style and present yourself speaks volumes to who you are, what you’ve been through and where you want to go.

Having grown up in a small town in Fairfield County, Connecticut, I’ve accepted that the preppy New England influences will forever weave themselves throughout my wardrobe; from pastel button-downs to nautical inspired everything. But as my life has evolved and grown, so has my style. I’ve learned to keep these timeless pieces and influences and combine them with other style elements that have resulted in something that is uniquely me; my style can sometimes be as unpredictable and chaotic as my life, and perhaps that’s why it suits me so well.

I adore anything glittered, earth-toned, American Flag printed, pistachio colored, lace and monogrammed. I’m emotionally attached to my black leggings as well as my coveted collection of denim and chambray button downs. I’m also obsessed with ‘70s inspired hair accessories; lacey turbans, braided headwraps, bows and flower halos can always play up any outfit (plus they’re so unbelievably fun). My closet is full of adorned knit sweaters and crop tops with intricate backings, among colored denim and solid-colored cardigans.

My style icon is Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis; she is the epitome of class, simultaneously exuding confidence, femininity and a sense of timelessness. I also love Lana Del Rey and her unique sense of style that embodies a mix between Old Hollywood glamour and Brooklyn street-style with a hint of provocateur; it’s unlike anything else and completely killer. But in all honesty, I find style inspiration everywhere, from Tumblr to models in catalogs to old 1940s pinup posters, and mostly, the people around me. I love to muse about all these things on my blog, PistachioandPeach.com.

Being a returning Style Guru gives me the opportunity to bring the real-life looks I see (and obsess over) to all of you for another semester and I couldn’t be more excited about doing so! I’ll be writing STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK every Monday this fall. I can’t wait to discover new trends, tips and styles on campus and more importantly, share them with you!


This Fashionista rocked a seemingly effortless look that’s perfect for fun summer days. A flowy tank, denim cut-offs and flip flops are the perfect recipe for carefree living and a no-fuss ensemble during the sweltering wave of heat and humidity that’s been taking over New England the past few weeks. This Fashionista keeps it boho chic with cross ladened accessories and beaded bracelets that keep the laid back vibe and keep it far from plain.

Name: Victoria Blalock

Major: Human Development

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: The frayed bottoms and tears on your cut-offs are so unique. Where did you find them?

Victoria Blalock: I actually got them at a thrift shop in California when I visited last summer. I had never gone thrift shopping before, but I was very pleased with my finds.

CF: The simplicity of a solid tank top and jean shorts gives you ample room to accessorize. How did you accessorize today?

VB: Well, I always wear these two bracelets, so I automatically threw those on. And then I just picked out one pair of the five different dangly gold earrings that I rotate around every few days.

CF: Other than the classic color choice of navy, your style seems to be very different from the stereotypical New England coastal style. Has living in New England shaped or influenced your style in any way?

VB: Honestly, it hasn’t really shaped my current style at all, except for the fact that it’s always disgustingly cold so I’ve come to own a lot of big, warm sweaters and scarves. However, I DID have my big pearl necklace, double popped collar, side ponytail with a bow — typical New England preppiness style — phase in 7th grade. Thankfully for everyone, that’s come to an end!

CF: I’m sure you rocked it! What’s your favorite piece in your closet currently?

VB: I just bought a high-low strapless dress, which I have wanted for the past year, so I’d have to say that.

How To:  High-waisted cut-offs are huge right now. Go for a clean-cut pair or a tattered pair like this Fashionista. Dangly gold cross earrings and an ever trendy evil-eye beaded bracelet bring it all together.


Being petite can often make a girl feel like she’s limited to select styles of clothing. But not this Fashionista! She absolutely rocks a bold, patterned maxi dress (that she belted at the waist so the fabric doesn’t swallow her) and an array of gold jewelry that expresses a “free love” vibe which manages to show a balance between love of nature and love of style.

Name: Diana Hines

Major: Communications (Minor in Environmental Studies)

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: That dress is killer! What’s you favorite occasion to wear it?

Diana Hines: I love wearing this dress because it is pretty versatile. I could match it with a black or brown belt and play it up or down depending on my jewelry. I typically wear this dress while exploring the city or even out to a casual dinner with friends. 

CF: The symbol on your bangle is unique and ties in perfectly with the boho theme of your outfit. What does it mean?

DH: The symbol on my bangle is the lotus flower. It symbolizes growth and promotes cognitive balance. For me, the lotus flower signifies strength and spiritual consciousness. 

CF: When you accessorize, do you normally choose accessories all of the same color?

DH: Whether I accessorize with either gold or silver jewelry, I like to wear all of the same color. 

CF: Petite girls often are intimidated by trying a longer bottom, especially a maxi. How have you found your style has been influenced by your petite frame? 

DH: As a petite girl, I have always been a little intimidated by maxi dresses and skirts. However once I got a bit more comfortable with my personal style, it was easier for me to experiment and get creative with different cuts and styles. Accessorizing correctly with maxis is essential, especially when you are petite. 

How To: Get your namaste on by exuding a bohemian vibe without needing to rock ankle-length straight hair or by only wearing hemp! A patterned, statement maxi dress is key. Pair with the lotus flower bangle that this Fashionista wears with a set of a gold bangles and simple gold earrings. FInish off with a funky chain headwrap or if you’re feeling especially daring, a daisy flower halo!


This Fashionista takes care of all the summertime simple staples: a flowy top, denim cut-offs, and playful sandals. She sets herself apart with an on-trend ombré hairstyle that demands attention (almost) as much as her laugh!

Name: Kara Naccarelli

Major: Economics

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Your ombré hair is subtle but still noticeable; I love it! Has it changed your style at all?

Kara Naccarelli: Thank you! It took me a while to work up the courage to dye my hair, but I’ve always loved the ombré look. It’s kind of edgy, and I think it gives my hair a little personality. It was also a good choice for me because it’s really low maintenance (no roots!). I never thought about how the ombré look affected my style. I don’t think it has changed what I wear, but it definitely adds a little flavor to any outfit.

CF: The color-blocking on your sandals add flavor too. Do you find them easy to incorporate into outfits?

KN: I actually got these shoes at Target. I always take a look in the shoe section whenever I’m in there. They usually have some pretty cute stuff for a good price! I like that these shoes are pretty versatile. I can wear them out to dinner with friends or even to work. They go well with shorts or cropped jeans or even a dress. I wear them all the time!

CF: The patterned top and cut-offs are a perfect balance of dressy and casual. Do you often try to emulate this type of balance in your outfits?

KN: Well, I’m generally a pretty casual person so I usually stick to jeans or casual shorts of some kind. But then it’s fun to experiment with different tops. And honestly, I always prefer to be under dressed rather than overdressed when I go out, so this sort of look is usually a safe bet! Another way I try to strike this balance is with jewelry. I’ll wear a plain top or dress with a fun pendant necklace or big, dramatic earrings. Jewelry is probably my favorite thing to shop for because it’s a great way to express my personality while still keeping my look classy and understated.

CF: One item in your closet you couldn’t do without?

KN: Hmm that’s a tough one! I have this white 3/4 sleeve crop top that I love. I can
wear it with a skirt or shorts and it’s so comfortable. It’s very thin and
light, so it still works in the summer. I like it most because it’s the perfect
complement to patterned or brightly colored bottoms. 

How To: Try a patterned tie-front crop top with a pair of old denim cut-offs brought together with bold color-blocked sandals. To really channel this Fashionista’s signature style, try chalking the ends of your hair different colors. Don’t worry; it washes right out!



Summer layering, a killer studded military vest and a belted classic black dress all come together in this Fashionista’s structured summertime ensemble.

Name: Kristen DiBlasi

Major: Psychology

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: The studs on your vest add an unexpected edge to a classic shaped vest. What drew you to it?

Kristen DiBlasi: The past few years I’ve really been in love with military jackets. I have  three. So I saw this vest and thought it was super cool because it had that military jacket feel, but I can wear it on days where its warmer. It cinches really nicely at the waist so it even looks good closed. The studs were relatively out of character for my usual style, but I thought they were a little more edgy, but not too much that it would feel out of place with the other items in my closet. I think I like the studs the best, because even if I’m not always up for the punk feel, everyone feels a little badass (can I swear?) with studs.

CF: Your bag is quite the opposite of edgy. What a classic piece! What do you like best about it?

KD:  That bag is my favorite bag in the entire world. I got it last Christmas and fell in love with it when I saw it in the store. I usually like structured purses, but this one was a nice blend of slouch and structure. I’ve used it for so many different occasions; it’s my go-to bag. Its great to bring into the city because it has the shoulder strap and you don’t have to worry about it, but at the same time I can keep it on my arm if I want to have quick access. I find that it’s easy to dress up or down and I even end up bringing it to work because it holds a lot of stuff. 

CF: Layering in the summer can be tricky. What season do you like layering best in?

KD:  I love layering. It’s actually the reason I think summer is my least favorite style season because layering is hard. The thing with summer layering is that everything needs to be light fabrics or else you melt, and summer layering seems to work best at night when it’s cooler. Fall is my favorite without a doubt. In the fall you can layer a button-up under a thin sweater under a blazer and not have to cover the whole thing up with a big jacket. I love putting button-up shirts under things: dresses, sweaters and even dressier sweatshirts. I’m actually getting excited for fall just thinking about this!

How To: Make the edgy vest your main piece, like one in bleached denim or a camo print. Try a solid colored cotton maxi underneath and bring it all together with a neutral leather bag in a slouchy silhouette.