Casual wear doesn't have to be boring. While not every Fashionista is going to look like she stepped off a runway in order to go to class, putting effort into an outfit can go a long way. This week's Fashionista demonstrated the perfect balance between trendsetting and casual. I stopped this Fashionista to ask her a few questions about her style.

Name: Whitney Sublette

Year: Freshman

Major: Political science

CollegeFashionista: Whitney, what does your daily style consist of?

Whitney Sublette: A lot like this. I never wear leggings, just pants. I like scarves a lot. I wear a lot of American Eagle, but that's because I worked there.

CF: Where do you shop the most?

WS: Anywhere cheap, especially Gabes.

CF: Which celebrity's style do you admire the most?

WS: Zooey Deschanel.

CF: Do you have a favorite fashion magazine?

WS: Probably Vogue. Cosmopolitan is mostly about sex anyway.

How To: To recreate this adorably casual look, check out this peacock blue cardigan from American Eagle. For a scarf that can still be worn in the summer, opt for lightweight scarves in bright colors. This paisley scarf is a personal favorite and can be worn to dress up any casual summer outfit. Tuck the cardigan into a pair of medium-wash skinny jeans from Gap, and cinch the outfit together with a brown belt from New York & Company. Complete your look with a pair of gray Converse Chuck Taylor All Star sneakers.


Like most Fashionistas, I have a serious soft spot for vintage clothing.This outfit screamed 1960s hippie and was right up my alley. I was in love with the dress' billowing sleeves, empire waist and high neckline. I was so excited to see vintage clothing brought to West Virginia University's campus that I absolutely had to stop to talk to this Fashionista.

Name: Anastasia King

Year: Fifth-year senior

Major: History and women’s studies

CollegeFashionista: Anastasia, I have to ask, where did you get your dress?

Anastasia King: Actually from my friend Ashley; it was her mom’s from 1963. It’s classic vintage, I decided to bring back some old fashion for the last day of classes.

CF: What’s your daily style like?

AK: It's a lot like this style, kind of folky. I love jeans and T-shirts. I love sandals, too- I rarely wear "shoe shoes."

CF: Where do you shop the most?

AK: Forever 21 and American Eagle. Almost all of my jeans are from American Eagle.

CF: If you could hang out with one celebrity for one day, dead or alive, who would it be?

AK: Goldie Hawn, circa 1980s Overboard.

How To: Although this exact outfit might be difficult to recreate, Modcloth has a huge variety of vintage-inspired dresses. My personal favorite is the Graceful Gal dress, shown here. I would also recommend visiting Etsy for genuine vintage pieces. Minnetonka is my go-to brand for moccasins, and they offer a great pair of lace-up moccasin boots. Anastasia's boots completed the outfit and brought a taste of the 1960s to the streets of Morgantown.


It’s officially romper season in Morgantown! While rompers have been in style for the past few spring/summer seasons, I have never noticed them worn as much as I have in the past couple of weeks at West Virginia University. This week’s Fashionista brought a nautical twist to her outfit and looked totally stylish. Wondering more about her outfit, I caught up with her to ask her a few questions.

Name: Holly Chace

Year: Junior

Major: Public Relations

CollegeFashionista: I’m dying to know where you got that romper.

Holly Chace: A little boutique in New Hampshire, actually. It was a random buy.

CF: Where do you shop the most?

HC: I go onto random shopping sites recommended by or Forever 21, because it’s pretty much the only store in Morgantown.

CF: How would you describe your daily style?

HC: I’d say relaxed. It depends on the weather. If it’s nicer outside, then I’ll make the effort.

CF: Who are your favorite designers?

HC: Betsey Johnson and Michael Kors.

How To: There’s no denying that the nautical chic trend is huge this season. Forever 21 has an enormous variety of striped nautical cardigans, but the sweater with the chest pocket was my favorite of their options. As trendy as rompers are, they can be difficult to pull off. Holly, however, made her romper look effortlessly cool. For advice on how to wear them well, check out an article by fellow Style Guru Francesca Fuerman. For the bolder Fashionistas out there, Mimi Chica has a great floral romper option. Holly accessorized her outfit with a long pendant with an elephant charm. Turn to Betsey Johnson for a similarly trendy necklace. Finish off your ensemble with a glamorous pair of silver sandals from Tommy Bahama.


In the crazy and cutting-edge world of fashion, full of eccentric haute couture and trends that are constantly morphing, there is something to be said for simple and clean-cut lines. I chose this week’s Fashionista because of her chic and sincere outfit. I adored the white button-up cardigan over a floral blouse. The contrast between the white and the burst of color caught my eye and kept her look modern. The bow detail on the front of the blouse and gave her ensemble depth and provided flow to the otherwise straight lines. She rocked a pair of straight leg light gray slacks over top of gold ballet flats. She was, in fact, a breath of fresh air.

Name: Maggie Kinder

Year: Freshman

Major: Accounting

CollegeFashionista: Maggie, what does your daily style consist of?

Maggie Kinder: My style would be plain colors, flower patterns and modest conservative style.

CF: Where do you normally shop?

MK: Well, I got this outfit at Ann Taylor. I usually shop at Delia’s and Forever 21.

CF: What’s your favorite magazine, fashion or not?

MK: I read Cosmo magazine sometimes, but I read more books than magazines.

CF: If you could hang out with one celebrity for a day, who would it be and why?

MK: Natalie Portman because she’s really pretty, smart and a good actress.

How To: To create a modern and modest look like the one Maggie was rocking, Lilly Pulitzer has a white cardigan that promises to "transition perfectly from spring into summer."  Floral is huge this season, and Forever 21 has a floral tunic that will fit any CollegeFashionista's budget. Banana Republic has a pair of gray straight-leg slacks that are sure to be flattering on any type of body. Cole Haan's gold ballet flats complete this outfit and give a hint of glam to the preppy and clean-cut ensemble.


There’s no denying that fashion from the 1970s is popping up in this season’s trends. Marc Jacobs' spring 2011 collection brought this blast from the past to the masses during New York Fashion Week this year. From crop tops to high-rise denim, from maxi dresses to wedge heels, it’s clear that the '70s are here to stay. This week’s Fashionista brought a modern twist to a stylish sundress. Immediately spotting the geometric print, I fell in love with the cutout and bow in the back of the dress. I caught up with this Fashionista to ask her a few questions.

Name: Larkin Judd

Year: Sophomore

Major: Social Work

CollegeFashionista: Larkin, who are your style icons?

Larkin Judd: Definitely Sarah Jessica Parker.

CF: Where do you like to shop the most?

LJ: I’m pretty thrifty… I like to shop anywhere; I don’t just stick with one place. I guess I shop the most at Forever 21 and thrift stores.

CF: If you could live in one decade, which one would it be and why?

LJ: The 1950s. The style then was so classic and elegant.

How To: Wearing a dress with an open back is a trendy and classy way to show off some skin without being too risqué. Urban Outfitters has a vintage inspired sundress with a cutout detail that is perfect for any casual occasion. For a dress with a 1970s feel to it, Urban Outfitters also offers a one-of-a-kind midi sundress. For gladiator sandals like Larkin’s, look to KORS Michael Kors for a pair of brown leather sandals. Finish off this groovy outfit with a hobo bag by Jessica Simpson.


The first thing I noticed about this Fashionista was her chic and statement-making sandals. I’ve always been confused about how to pull cuff sandals off, because I’m normally not a fan of any flat shoe that hits at my ankle. Lindsey, however, pulled cuff sandals off effortlessly, and actually inspired me to go out and get a pair of them for myself. This Fashionista had an outfit perfect for a Monday full of classes. It reminded me of why I love spring fashion so much- after being confined in boots and jackets for months, we Fashionistas want nothing more than to break free with bare legs and sandals. It’s so easy to wear a sundress with a couple of classy accessories and be able to look polished. I admired her sense of direction by taking this dress and being able to accessorize and layer it so that her outfit was noticeable.

Name: Lindsey McClung

Year: Freshman

Major: Child development

CollegeFashionista: What does your daily style consist of?

Lindsey McClung: Well, I like dressing up a lot. I mix and match and wear whatever is comfortable.

CF: Where do you shop the most?

LM: Forever 21. I actually got these shoes at K-Mart and this dress at Rue 21.

CF: If you could hang out with one celebrity for a whole day, who would it be?

LM: Don’t judge me… but Miley Cyrus, definitely!

How To: Sundresses with a solid bodice and floral skirt, like this dress by Wishes, are beginning to take over my closet. Just like Lindsey demonstrated, they’re so easy to style with accessories or wear by themselves. No matter how these chic dresses are worn, they are always attention-grabbing. A pair of cuff sandals like our Fashionista was wearing can be found here. For more helpful hints about learning how to pull off these tricky sandals, check out an article dedicated to this trend by fellow Style Guru, Missy Pasquale. Diane von Furstenberg offers a fabulous wide waist belt to wear, which is not only noticable, but also helps to give the impression of a more narrow waist. Lindsay said she layered a camisole underneath her dress, so  turn to Maggie London for a cropped cardigan to ensure warmth on unpredictable spring days.


The combination of military and femininity brought to the streets of West Virginia University by this Fashionista caught my eye this week. I immediately noticed the gold buttons on this Fashionista's navy military jacket, but I was intrigued by the delicate frill on the collar of her button-up blouse. I knew I had to stop to talk to this Fashionista.

Name: Alyssa Clevenger

Year: Sophomore

Major: Philosophy

CollegeFashionista: I have to ask, where did you get your jacket? I love it.

Alyssa Clevenger: I think Forever 21.

CF: Where are your favorite places to shop?

AS: I like to go thrift shopping. Anything vintage is usually my best bet.

CF: What trends do you love right now?

AS: I really like pointy-toed flats, pleated jackets, big bags and skinny jeans.

CF: Do you have a favorite fashion magazine?

AS: Probably Vogue.

How To: Start off with the button-up blouse. I would advise to steer clear of shirts without detailed collars, because the feminine frill on the blouse was able to balance out the straight-laced military jacket. One option can be found here. For the jacket, I personally love BKE’s asymmetrical gray wool jacket. However, if that style is a little too bold, Aryn K. has a stylish alternative. American Eagle has an affordable pair of distressed skinny jeans, and Express has a chic pair of blue ballet flats that are perfect for springtime. Alyssa is rocking a top handle Louis Vuitton bag, but any type of large purse will work to complete this outfit.


With a vintage dress and leather accessories, it was hard not to notice this Fashionista on a warm day at West Virginia University. I was especially intrigued by the print and white piping on the turquoise dress and was surprised to learn that it was found at a thrift shop, not a pricey boutique. I stopped to talk to this week’s Fashionista, Caroline, and ask her a few questions.

Name: Caroline Miskovsky

Year: Sophomore

Major: English

CollegeFashionista: Caroline, what does your day to day style consist of?

Caroline Miskovsky: I like simple, casual and classic looks that never go out of style. I currently like mixing formal pieces with dressed down looks.

CF: Where do you shop the most?

CM: J. Crew, Banana Republic, Gap and in my mom’s old clothes.

CF: What are your favorite trends right now?

CM: Specifically, riding boots and men’s button downs. It’s a really good mix of feminine and masculine.

CF: Why did you choose to wear this outfit today?

CM: It was a really good dress that I could pair well with a few different leather staples.

How To: Although Caroline's cap sleeve vintage dress is one of a kind, Piazza Sempione offers an alternative dress that has a similar feel to it. Frye is by far one of the best manufacturers for leather boots, like these shown here. David King and Company of Boston has a huge variety of leather purses, and this handbag is relatively inexpensive for leather. To finish off the outfit, look to American Eagle for a brown leather belt.


Walking from my apartment to campus, I couldn’t help but notice this Fashionisto’s shockingly bright outfit. Considering that jeans and a sweatshirt seem to be the norm for everyday wear at West Virginia University, Jamal was a breath of Fashionisto fresh air. To me, this outfit symbolizes the complete return of spring and the bright colors that Fashionistas/Fashionistos can finally wear. I caught up with him to ask him a few questions about his unique outfit.

Name: Jamal Henderson

Year: Junior

Major: Business Management and French

CollegeFashionista: What are your favorite types of clothing to wear?

Jamal Henderson: I like skinny jeans, bright colors, anything different.

CF: Where do you like to shop the most?

JH: My favorite store is H&M.

CF: Do you have any favorite designers?

JH: For shoes, definitely Jeremy Scott.

CF: Are there any designers or stores that you follow on Twitter?

JH: I follow everything Christian Louboutin, Urban Outfitters, Nordstrom and H&M.

CF: What’s your favorite fashion magazine?

JH: I like to look at Vogue a lot to take stuff out of it.

How To: Although this Fashionisto's look is pretty one of a kind, his style can be recreated with bright colors and confidence. For any Fashionisto bold enough to try, check out Social Collison for a pair of skinny jeans. Supra has a similar pair of sneakers, and look here for a shirt much like the one Jamal was wearing. Lids will have hats (although probably without the mohawk cutout), and Jansport has the zebra backpack that he was rocking.


This Fashionista was looking absolutey adorable and ready for spring, even in spite of the overcast March day. Wearing a button up black pencil skirt and a blouse with wide tank straps, Sarah proved that polka dots can absolutely be chic and not just for kids anymore. I caught up with her to ask her a few questions.

Name: Sarah Barker

Year: Sophomore

Major: Social work

CollegeFashionista: Sarah, where are your favorite stores to shop?

Sarah Barker: I like The Loft, H&M and Forever 21.
CF: Do you have any favorite designers?

SB: Michael Kors!

CF: What are your favorite outfits?

SB: I mix up things that are dressy and casual. I don't like to wear something too over the top for class or anything. I really like heels because I'm so short!

How To: To recreate Sarah's stylish and adorable look, turn to Urban Outfitters for this similar skirt. The buttons add a more playful feel to the pencil skirt, so it's more comfortable for everyday wear. Kate Spade has a stunning black and white polka dot blouse that forced me to look at polka dots in a whole new light. To finish off the outfit, look to Stuart Weitzman for a pair of black kitten heels. The polka dots on the bow detail pull in the design on the blouse for a chic look.