LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Graduation Day Blues

The graduations at our school were split into two different days and the majority of my friends graduated the day after me. A couple friends of mine and I tried to hit as many as we could and it was nice to be able to relax and enjoy each one. Searching for our friends in a sea of polyester quickly became a favorite activity of ours but I was more interested in what everyone was wearing underneath. After many smiles, laughs and tears, we watched our friends throw their caps and then proceeded to walk outside where everyone quickly shed their manmade black cape.

I was interested to see what graduates were wearing on such a monumental day of their lives. Looking around trying to see if I could spot any familiar faces, I was drawn to a friend who came to see our friend graduate. He was dressed better than eighty percent of the people there. I always appreciate people who throw on more than jeans for an event like a graduation.

Our Fashionisto had on khakis, a blue striped button-down, a striped tie, a gray vest, and beautiful wingtips. His Commuter Levi’s have one of the best marketing campaigns I’ve ever seen making me appreciate anyone who has them. Throughout his outfit he adds two levels of stripes, one on his tie and the other on his shirt. The stripes on his shirt are much more subtle which complement the bold ones on his tie perfectly. As we travel down the outfit, we land on my favorite part: his shoes. I’ve always been a huge fan of wingtips ever since I can remember seeing my father polish them on our kitchen counter on a thick pad of old newspapers. I watched him buff out the shoes with the tiny little holes wondering what happens if the little holes fill with the polish? Every time, they would come out more beautifully than before making me marvel at their intricacy and appreciating this Fashionisto’s choice.

Hint: Instead of navy socks, perhaps try some more brightly colored ones like Happy Socks.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Rose-Colored Glasses

I am a college graduate. I am a graduate of the University of Connecticut and I could not be prouder or more honored to be a husky. I have grown with my fellow huskies for the past four years, some of my best and most cherished friends. I can't begin to tell you all how much I'm going to miss this place, and before my mascara starts running and the shoulder of this borrowed crewneck sweatshirt starts to moisten, I will end the nostalgia here.

I was scrolling through my pictures last week when creating a presentation for campus club Sneak Technique, and I noticed that I have never photographed a four-eyed Fashionisto. Considering glasses are no longer known for being nerdy and embarrassing, it is quite the shock that I don't have a pair staring at me through a post. Places like Urban Outfitters and Forever 21 are selling glasses for people who don't need them to see and strictly want to look the part of a nerd. Who would have thought it would be an “it” thing to not have good eye sight? Not “eye,” my friend.

I spotted this Fashionisto and had to stop him. He was dressed well with a deep cobalt blue button-up, navy undershirt, khakis and brown dress shoes. It was nice to see a button-up more relaxed with an unbuttoned top button and rolled-up sleeves. 

Scanning over his glasses, I was happy to see their shape and style. The sleek black wayfarer style gives this pair of glasses a Mad Men appeal, something a lot of people are trying to incorporate into their wardrobe, including myself. Fashion right now is all about the little details, whether it's two buttons instead of one or elbow pads. The two tiny raised silver studs bring just enough to these glasses to make them interesting and aesthetically pleasing to look at. Regardless if this Fashionisto is sporting real or fake glasses, you can't tell and he is certainly making a statement. 

Hint: Add a classic color or style to the frame like these tortoise readers from Urban Outfitters.

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Collegiate Honor

When May was winding down my senior year of high school, I knew I would always be a warrior. My parents kept telling me, don't lock yourself down quite yet, you're going to college where you can take on a whole new personality and create someone new. Of course, this was something I planned on doing but I always thought I would love rocking that small town volleyball sweatshirt. I wanted to get a sticker on my car to represent my high school but wouldn't it just be replaced but a UConn sticker? The simple answer is yes.

I love the University of Connecticut. Students today, huskies forever. I wanted to go to a university where school pride is our main concern. Here at the University of Connecticut we support our school. Last year at the NCAA championship, many thousands of us crammed our excited bodies into Gampel Pavilion, the home to our UConn basketball teams, to watch the game. After the game we rushed the court, easily making it the best day of my life thus far. The only odd thing was that the team wasn't even there. Screens had been put up on the court as the 10,000 or so of us watched our team make history. It was incredible, I don't have any words.

As I saw a friend of mine strolling outside his apartment building, it was hard not to ask him to be a Fashionisto of mine. Being nostalgic for the last two weeks of my college career, husky pride is in full swing. A classic UConn crew neck is the way to go. There's something “so college” about a crewneck sweatshirt with your university's name plastered across the front. Nantucket Red shorts and boat shoes makes this Fashionisto look like he just walked out of the centerfold of a UConn brochure. Although he should probably be tossing a frisbee while eating some Husky Tracks ice cream from the Dairy Bar on campus. A clean pair of Ray Bans perch on his nose as he takes in the UConn way of living. Being a senior, he has the right to do so. Our Fashionisto is looking quite dapper in his ensemble, allowing underclassmen to look up to him.

Hint: Perhaps you could add some brighter boat shoes, or something with a little more pattern. With the solid of the crew neck and the shorts, some pattern might be fun with the shoe. 


I thought second semester of senior year was supposed to be relaxed but boy oh boy my friends, I was wrong. Maybe it was the little naïve part of me that thought this, but its been crazier than ever. Perhaps I have too many things on my plate like internships, classes, and planning one of the University's biggest events but someone has to do it right? Preparation for the real world I guess. I find myself constantly reaching for my perfectly worn in Schoolboy blazer from J.Crew because of the off chance that I may have a meeting. Every once in a while, I will get the question of “wow, what are you dressed up for?” It suddenly hit me that my caliber of “normal day activity dressing” is higher than a lot of people's on this campus. Even as I sit here and write this article, I'm wearing a denim button-up with a necklace and boots. 

As I took in this Fashionisto's outfit, I admired his ability to give off a laid back vibe. His horizontal gray and white striped tank gave us a taste of summer that we have been longing for on this campus. Staying in the neutral color scheme, he adds dark olive green pants and brown leather boat shoes. I particularly liked his necklace, it was simple enough but gave his outfit something else to look forward to. Reaching his hat, I was happy to see it was his pop of color, something people would be directed to when looking at his ensemble. The bright colors gave his look an edge, something that everyone should incorporate some way into their look. I like when outfits keep me guessing. 

Hint: Throw on some casual slip-ons with a fun aztec pattern to give your outfit even more of a netural/tribally feel. 

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Florally Obligated

Every morning I think to myself, it has to be a blazer kind of day. Five minutes after I throw it on, I run down the steps of my apartment building, almost always skipping the last one. What am I graced with when I push open that door? Not so much blazer weather. I brush it off as I begin my twenty minute walk to class, praying that some type of global warming will hit Connecticut. I have never been one to dress for the weather; I'm often in a flowy top and cork-soled black flats when there’s a downpour or a pair of jeans and an itchy sweater for the heat. I’m not sure why I haven’t learned the ways of the weather, but I plan on mastering those skills after I graduate.

Many things about this Fashionisto caught my attention. I wholeheartedly fancied his '90s L.L.Bean pullover, the bright plaid tucked so elegantly underneath, the vibrant belt and those stellar floral shades. He told me this pullover is from his friend’s grandfather. It is quite the gem in today’s fashion. The vibrant colors brought me back to a time of Nickelodeon and Dunk-a-Roos, where there wasn’t a care in the world except the contemplation of what cartoon to watch first. The colors in his shirt complemented the pullover quite nicely, adding a mixture of cool and warm hues. As I proceeded to take in the rest of his outfit, I was happy to see, as I hit his Ralph Lauren ribbon belt, that it was a perfect match of navy and yellow. A pair of corduroys and Sperry Top-Siders completed the outfit in a most classic way.

Now for his sunglasses. Floral, my friends. As we all know, floral is a huge hit this spring along with any other kind of pattern. However, I have seen floral in more ways than one, usually brilliantly sported by whomever is wearing it. I've seen it on ties, shoes, button-ups, sweatshirts and sunglasses. Floral print is covering the fashion world like a weed, making its way through women’s fashion and settling nicely into men’s. These sunglasses added a level of confidence you don’t see on most men on a college campus in the middle of Connecticut. Go on boys, embrace that floral.

Hint: To add more layers, throw on a solid tie underneath the pullover to add a little more edginess. 


I have a new favorite magazine. A magazine with impeccable taste in men's fashion and great articles that are beautifully written. What more could I need? Growing up, I always thought GQ was the male equivalent of Cosmopolitan, a magazine I thought to be the every woman's bible. Style and love advice from successful, experienced women became something I would turn to. Having had this magazine before a learner's permit gave it the forbidden air I craved. Let your shoe effortlessly dangle off your foot while you are sitting with your legs crossed will get the attention of a man? Sure! Style your hair in this obscure way and hold your head at a perfect 22 degrees to the right and your crush will fall in love with you? Okay! After many neck cricks and exactly one broken flip-flop, I began to question if this was the advice I should be adhering to. Thumbing through my first ever purchased GQ, I was pleasantly surprised. The articles were impeccably written with interviews on people I actually want to read about. John Slattery's interviewer described the drink that John ordered during his interview: “It arrives, served with a beautiful hunk of ice that might be sold at an airport gift shop as a paperweight.” Flawless. Not only are the articles something I could read over and over, but it made me adore men's fashion even more. The spreads they put together left me wanting more, like I was only given a half slice of my mother's cranberry apple pie. 

I was walking through a brisk campus when I came across a Fashionisto who looked like he just walked out of the centerfold. His Ralph Lauren stressed jean jacket worn over a horizontally striped sweater was the perfect mix, while his vintage-looking necklace slung around his neck beautifully complemented the fedora and leather duffle he carried.The khakis were a nice balance to the jean jacket and stayed away from an all-denim get-up. As an onlooker, I am thankful for this. Denim as a different part of the ensemble is always an unexpected and welcomed change, and our Fashionisto nailed it. He stayed with a simple color palette that allowed his whole outfit to give off the ever-popular “pop.” 

Hint: Add some fun vintage bracelets, but other than that, I can honestly say this look is GQ-ready. 


I had an epiphany last week, an epiphany like no other. Like I’ve always said, I'm a big fan of vintage things: vintage bowls, vintage earrings, vintage books and vintage clothes. Thrifting has become a regular weekend activity for me and my friend, to the point where people line up outside our apartments to come with us. Okay, maybe not lines, but let’s just say some people get sort of upset when we forget to invite them. We’re that good at thrifting.

As I was catching up on The Sartorialist one lazy afternoon, I realized that people take extreme pride in what they put on their backs. To some people, it is artwork, something that shows others who they are and what they feel. A friend of mine put it positively perfectly when he said, “I am just the canvas.” To take it a step further, pieces of clothing and accessories are what you make of it. If you take that chambray button-up and pair it with the same pants that were on the mannequin, is it really yours? Do you feel as though you put all your effort into making that one piece your own? When thrifting, I’ve begun to really try and explore my options. I don’t just look at the piece as a whole; now I try to break it down in my mind and see which ways I can alter it. I need to find a way to make the piece my own, whether it’s taking out unbearable shoulder pads or adding studs to a pocket. Many trips to Jo-Ann Fabric are in my future.

This season is about mixing and matching fabrics, textures, prints and pastels with neons. As I was walking through campus in upwards of 60 degree weather, I spotted a rather dapper-looking student. I've always loved salmon colored pants on a male, and this Fashionisto paired his brilliantly with a light gray T-shirt. Of course, white would work just as nicely. My favorite piece however, was his hat. Ralph Lauren is such a great designer and this Fashionisto told me he has this hat in a few different colors. This particular one was light blue to start and was taken with him to Dayglow where it was painted with vivid neon paint. Dayglow is known as “World's Largest Paint Party” where neon paint is sprayed on you from above as you dance with thousands of your closest friends. Neons on pastels and a story to go with it? What could be better?

Hint: Instead of staying neutral with the shirt, try a soft yellow or blue. It's the 21st century, and it's time to wow your onlookers.


It's spring break, my friends. I've had four, three of which were spent home in a relaxing manner. This year, I've been lucky enough to travel across the country to visit my sister in beautiful, sunny San Diego. It's always 75 and sunny making it arguably one of the most beautiful places I've ever visited. My mother always jokes when talking to my sister (as she's begging her to come home) and tells her it is always sunny and a perfect 75 degrees here in Massachusetts. We all know she's just telling a teeny fib. Oddly enough, it was warmer this week in Massachusetts than it was in San Diego. How is that possible, you ask? I don't know, but to everyone on the east coast you're welcome. As I traveled across the country and stopped in different cities, I've begun to appreciate and pay attention to different styles. Growing up, I never really traveled outside of a fifteen mile radius. Now I truly can appreciate how different the culture even a few cities away can be. I cannot wait to travel the world to really understand how amazing fashion is. 

I spotted this Fashionisto and was happy with his simple but classy look. What says spring more than a pair of classic leather boat shoes? Sometimes things are better when they are simple and straightforward. His khaki shorts are such a perfect way to let his natural style breathe. His long sleeve maroon polo top reminds me of a beloved summer night. Oh, how I am lusting for summer! I do not think there is any better outfit for a summer night than shorts with a long sleeve top. Nothing can beat it.

Hint: Try to layer some prints on top to complete your classic look and add a little modernity. 

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Simplicity is Key

Is it spring yet? I’m not sure how much longer I can bear it. The wind is whipping around campus, somehow always blowing against me. I’m bored of the overbearing scarves and clunky boots and I can’t begin to tell you how much I would love to throw my schoolboy blazer over a top and be perfectly outfitted for the day. Even though it's impractical to wear flats to trek my way across campus, I simply can’t get away from it. I’m honestly sick of boots. I’ve never understood the absence of great weather here; I guess it’s just the magical ways of Storrs, Connecticut.

I’ve always been a strong believer in two different concepts: “less is more,” whether it refers to how much eyeliner you're wearing or the number of rings on your fingers, and “it's the little details that count.” To me, good fashion is an ensemble that is nice to look at and is pleasing to one’s eye. After seeing more and more people reaching for the sweatpants, I was excited to see this Fashionisto heading towards me and looking much more dapper than most. He dressed down his J.Crew Ludlow jacket with a white tee and APC jeans. His double-breasted coat was the cherry on top of this perfectly timeless outfit. 

Let me bring you all to the last picture I included of this Fashionisto, his shoes. We all know I'm a huge fan of any kind of boat shoe, whether it's cheetah, floral, or metallic. But corduroy? I've never seen such a thing and let me tell you, I feel as though I've been missing out. Not only is it one of my favorite fabrics, but just look at the detail, See that stud instead of another hole for the laces? Perfect, just perfect. I might be speechless. 

Hint: As much as I love the classic feel of this look, if you want a little more flair, add a henley or a sweater under the blazer. 

LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE BOYS: Prints on Prints on Prints

I'm not going to lie. This is the second time I've done an article on this Fashionisto. First of all: I'm sorry. Second of all: can you blame me? Since our last encounter, I have become one of our Fashionisto's followers on Instagram- one of my favorite apps for my beloved iPhone, and I am graced with daily doses of this man's style. This morning was a rather dreadful one in the search for Fashionistos, midterm week has hit and people are caring less and less about their appearance and more about their grades. Why, you ask? I have absolutely no idea, isn't it all about how you look in person compared to how you look on paper? Just kidding, Mom. I immediately got ahold of him after I saw the instagram of the patterns he was wearing. Flawless.

I could not have been more elated to see what this Fashionisto was wearing, the great sweater accompanied with dark jeans, and oh those prints! How can you say no to a man who mixes prints like these? I don't think you can. The vivid blue gingham of his shirt paired perfectly with gold of his tie. This Fashionisto knew what he was doing. I love that he kept the prints concealed under his gray sweater to leave you wanting more. Too much of these great prints can be a little overwhelming and he does a great job of keeping it to an ideal amount. His dark jeans and oiled leather desert boots add to his already crisp palette. I was especially inquisitive about his pin that he was sporting which said IMAC. After some questions, I figured out he is an aspiring musician and what better way to promote yourself than through a fashionable pin? 

Hint: Keeping the sweater and shoes a neutral tone, try a nice tomato soup or mustard colored pant or another not-so-ordinary hue. Fashion is getting more and more unpredictable, keep us guessing.