Today’s Fashionista is comfortable and fashionable in this warm, chic look. Fashionista Ray Schmieg was spotted on Michigan Avenue jetting off to class when I noticed her unique look. This is the season to be bundled up but who says you can’t still be a Fashionista in 30 degree weather?

Ray wears an orange cropped sweater top paired with a brown pencil skirt that has a sleek little design. She rounds out her look with a pair of burgundy tights and some beige little booties.

Name: Ray Scmieg

Major: Music Business

Year: Sophomore

CollegeFashionista: How do you stay fashionable in these harsh temperatures?

Ray Schmieg: If I wear skirts I definitely have to wear tights and socks. I like to wear boots, high boots because they keep you warm. Then sweaters, really fun colors with cool patterns.

CF: How does your major influence your sense of style?

RS: For sure, when I’m doing music business stuff I obviously want to look good but I want to have more of a professional look so I take it more seriously. I don’t usually wear things because it will make me look hot.

CF: What do you want to do with music business?

RS: I really like live music so I want to do tour managing owning my own venue or something along those lines.

CF: Describe your personal style?

RS: I watch Gossip Girl a lot so I would say a lot of stuff is inspired from that and I like skirts and patterns and colors.

How To: This is a fun, easy look that can be accomplished many different ways — it truly depends on your personal style. Start with this funky little sweater pullover from Urban Outfitters and then this plain gray pencil skirt  from Forever 21. For the shoes, Topshop has some really nice leather booties that go great with this outfit. Lastly, here are some burgundy tights from Forever 21 that will be perfect for the look. You can also add accessories as well to make this look even more fun.


Today’s Fashionista knows how to keep it simple in this slick, chic outfit. Fashionista Natalee McCarthnie was enjoying the nice, rare November weather when I spotted her maxi. This look is easy, comfortable and still fashionable. Her vintage skirt is perfect as the maxi is one of the hottest trends this year. Natalee wore a cream cardigan over a light pink knitted top. She set her look apart with the pleated button-up maxi skirt and some brown booties to give a rustic vibe.

Name: Natalee McCarthnie

Major: Interdisciplinary Arts with Cultural Studies and Sign Language

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How does Chicago influence the way you dress?

Natalee McCarthney: I’m from the south, so living in a big city has definitely impacted my style.

CF: Describe your personal style?

NM: It’s like western, I like prints, leather and I like to be comfortable. I like loose things, flow-like things and colors matter a lot to me. It matters more to me than how something will fit, I really care about color combinations. 

CF: Have you always been interested in fashion?

NM: To be honest I’m not really interested in fashion. I never thought about taking classes for it but I guess it is really fun.

CF: Where do you get the best gear?

NM: I love to go to thrift stores in Chicago. They’re so unique and you find all kinds of things in them, like this skirt I’m wearing today. 

How To: There are many ways to accomplish this comfortably chic look but try these tips first. Piperlime has this pleated button-up maxi in a nice mauve tone that can be worn in all seasons. For the top, try this knitted top from Forever 21 to add some texture to the look. Then Urban Outfitters has this great cardigan to accomplish the outerwear part of the look. Lastly, here are some booties that gives this outfit the rustic element also from Forever 21.


Today’s Fashionista, Danielle Filosa, is a thrifting queen. She was chilling outside a campus building on a sunny Chicago afternoon when I spotted her. Her outfit has a vintage charm and the uniqueness is what’s most captivating about the outfit. The plaid dress is truly one of a kind and has an unfinished look to it that works well. She throws a sleek, deep red blazer over her dress that adds a classic look, making her too cool for school. To finish the look, she has on some black booties that she found in a thrift store for only two dollars.

Name: Danielle Filosa

Major: Art Design

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Who would you consider to be a style icon?

Danielle Filosa: Diane Keaton, she’s classy in a more modern day. She’s been around for a while and she’s really reserved. She was in a lot of Woody Allen’s movies and she always wore great things. She covers herself up though and I mostly do that too.

CF: How has Chicago influenced your style?

DF: I’m from Los Angeles so I always presented myself whether it was to go out to eat, to meet up with a friend or to just go get medicine. I really feel like I calmed down a bit since I’ve been out here.

CF: Describe your personal style?

DF: My personal style I guess is for one, I don’t like to wear anything else somebody else has. If I see something on someone else that I have I will most likely be a snob about it and give it away. I always tie everything in and I really love accessories.

CF: Where do you like to shop?

DF: Thrift stores, I don’t really go anywhere else but there.

How To: For this unique look, Urban Outfitters has similar pieces. Here is a vintage plaid dress for that has a great fit. For the blazer, Urban Outfitters has one with a very strong structure to mimic the classic look. Lastly, for the shoes, Forever 21 has these perfect black booties to complete the look.


Today’s Fashionista Cassi Scott was ready for the bitter temperatures that hit Chicago this early morning. While on her way to work on her thesis for fashion design I spotted her bright pink tights and black tie up flats. To beat the low temperatures she has a pink knitted hat and a black pea coat to keep her warm. Underneath her coat, she is wearing a blue shirt and a grey wool skirt.

Name: Cassi Scott

Major: Fashion Design

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What do you do with fashion design?

Cassi Scott: I like the idea of starting my own company. I’ve been really getting into patterns so I’d like to get into a pattern making company after graduation. I will do patterns for designers and work my way up.

CF: How did you get into fashion design?

CS: It was actually a last minute thing. My major was interior design but I switch right before I came to school. Fashion was always like my fall back career. I’ve always loved fashion; I love making my own stuff.

CF: Describe your personal style?

CS: Right now I am designing a line based around the ‘60s, I’m getting really involved with the mod ‘60s look and Twiggy. I’m into the full skirts and floral patterns.

CF: How do you stay fashionable in Chicago’s weather?

CS: People think I’m crazy because I don’t wear jeans a lot in this weather. I usually stick with tights. I always have on leg warmers too.

CF: What is you favorite accessory to wear during this time of the year?

CS: I like to wear scarfs a lot. For me, I love the cold weather because it adds a layer. With summer everything is just one layer. In this season it adds three dimensions because of the different layer of clothes.

How To: For this simply chic look one you could begin with some of these funky colored tights featured at Forever 21. There are also these cool designs like lace also at Forever 21. This skirt at Urban Outfitters is perfect to accomplish this look. For the blue patterned top here is a great silk blouse at Topshop to make the outfit a bit more sophisticated. Lastly to complete the look try these blue snake skin ballet flats by Steve Madden.


Fashionista Carrie-Ann Dardy is strutting her fashionably business side in this look. She was power walking to her already late class when I spotted her look. Her combinations of colors and eccentric accessories make her stand out amongst the crowd.

The bright red blazer gives this look a hint of sophistication paired with a dark gray button-up skirt. Her bright yellow top and shiny little loafers makes this look fun and playful. Lastly, she is wearing a deep yellow belt, a big headband and a leopard print bow tie necklace to add some eccentricity.

Name: Carrie-Ann Dardy

Major: Music Business

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Describe your personal style?

Carrie-Ann Dardy: I always like color and hair accessories. I’m always a minimalist when it comes to jewelry and stuff like that. I also like glasses; I have, like, five pairs of glasses.

CF: How does your major (Music Business) influence your sense of fashion?

CD: For the most part it does a lot. I feel like fashion and music kind of go together… at least that’s kind of how pop culture has molded them together. For me, I always like to look nice and dress well because there are so many other possibilities in the music industry if you are well styled. You can branch out into something else, whether it is styling a shoot or styling your artist.

CF: What is your favorite season for fashion and why?

CD: I really like the fall and winter seasons because of the fall colors and I love how you can play with them and put them together. With the winter it’s all about layering; you can do even more when you layer the colors on top of each other.

CF: What trends do you see a lot on Columbia’s campus?

CD: The trends are the desert boots, the Topshop look and the simplicity of looks. Then, on the other hand, you have the group of kids that are hardcore thirsters you will never see that anywhere else but on them. That’s kind of how I am.

How To: This look can be accomplished with this deep red blazer from Urban Outfitters. For the skirt, try this gray knit pencil skirt at Forever 21. The yellow top can be mimicked with this one also from Forever 21. Lastly, for the shoes, try these glitter TOMS.


Max out those cards on one of this year's hottest trends: maxi skirts! Fashionista Sarah Markgraf was outside waiting for class to begin when I spotted her fall color scheme. Her outfit is perfect for fall with the simple complexity of her pieces.

The tribal maxi skirt is the first thing noticed about this outfit because of its colors and the famous length of the maxi skirt. She paired her maxi with a tangelo orange chiffon button-up. A leather jacket adds an element of mystique and her brown boots make this a perfect fall look.

Name: Sarah Markgraf

Major: Fashion Business

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Describe your personal style?

Sarah Markgraf: I think my personal style is a mixture of old and new. I love everything vintage so I’m constantly resale shopping wherever, even my mom’s closet for whatever I can find. I just try to throw on and make it look good; I don’t have one particular style, I just put on what I see fit for the day.

CF: Has Columbia influenced your style in any way?

SM: I think in a way it made me more conscious of what I put on just because I feel like classes here are like a little fashion show. I’ve always loved fashion, that’s obviously why I’m majoring in fashion business, but I definitely think being on the streets and seen everyday kind of makes you think about what you what to put on.

CF: Who would you consider to be a style icon?

SM: Definitely Rachel Zoe: I love everything about her. While she styles celebrities, I think she has such incredible style of her own and I kind of look to her for inspiration when it comes to what I put on each day.

CF: What do you want to do with fashion business?

SM: I’m not entirely sure yet, I’m kind of dabbling in different things that I may want to do but I don’t have a clear picture yet. Hopefully something that can inspire people and make them want to be excited about clothes, especially for people who normally aren’t.

How To: There are many ways this look can be accomplished depending on your personal style. For the chiffon top, try this button-up at Urban Outfitters because it mimics the deep orange. The maxi skirt can be achieved by this sheer one at LuLu's. Leather jackets seem to be everywhere these days but here is a nice hooded bomber also from Urban Outfitters. Topshop has some great taupe ankle boots that will round out the look.


Today's Fashionista, Taelyn Humphrey, likes to rule the fashion scene with her eclectic sense of style. This Fashionista was coming from class when I stumbled upon her unique look. This ensemble is filled with one of a kind gems and items that many would never think about piecing together.

Fashionista Taelyn is wearing a blue striped linen dress button-up paired with gray tights. To stay warm she wears an oversized black and gray sweater with intricate designs and black combat boots that we all love this season. Her jewelry consists of bright red, beaded necklaces and bracelets to make her look more playful. To finish off the outfit, Fashionista Taelyn dons a shimmery gold turban that makes her look elegant.

Name: Taelyn Humphrey

Major: Broadcast Journalism

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite accessory for the fall season?

Taelyn Humphrey: As of right now I would have to say head wraps. I really love them, like, lately I’ve been wearing them so much. I like them because they're good for, like, bad hair days but they still look good. You can just do so much with them.

CF: Where does your inspiration for fashion come from?

TH: Honestly from everyday things. I’m not really into name brands and stuff like that. I will wear anything if it’s something I can turn from ordinary to, like, extraordinary, I will do it. I like to make a statement I don’t think anyone should walk out the house, like, boring. I just feel like I want to stand out.

CF: How do you stay fashionable in Chicago's winter?

TH: I love, like, big sweaters, I love to layer and just pile on a bunch of things. Head wraps and hats work as well. Cute booties and tights; I have, like, over a 100 pair of tights. You will never catch me in the winter time without tights.

CF: Who would you consider to be s style icon and why?

TH: My grandma because she literally started everything. She is somebody who didn’t have a lot growing up and she took what she had and made something, like, really fabulous out of it. I learned early on that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on something to look really good.

CF: How has Columbia influenced your style in any way?

TH: It did because when I came here from St. Louis I really stood out there. But here there are more people like that and you have to step it up to really stand out.

How To: Accomplishing this look is easy and fun and everyone can put their own spin on it. For the dress Urban Outfitters has a unique looking, blue striped, cotton dress that can be dressed up or down. Forever 21 has some nice brown booties that will make this look really pop. Urban Outfitters also has this cute, cozy cardigan with an interesting design on it. Lastly, turbans are not easy to come by so making your own head scarf out of a silk scarf is easier than buying one.


Today's Fashionista is taking a walk on the jungle side in this vibrant, animal print look. Fashionista Danielle Pierre-Louis was heading off to her advisor when I spotted her unique, eye-catching ensemble. This outfit is filled with many of this season's top trends like vivacious colors and one of our favorite prints that purrs, cheetah.

Fashionista Danielle is donning a cheetah print crop top that makes a ferocious statement. However, her cobalt blue blazer makes this wildly fierce outfit look instantly sophisticated. Harem pants that we hate to love perfectly tone down her bold look and makes the outfit look inviting. To complete her ensemble she wears taupe oxfords that complement the refined elements in this look.

Name: Danielle Pierre-Louis

Major: Music Business

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Describe your personal style?

Danielle Pierre-Louis: It’s fun, colorful, I wear a lot of bold colors, hence today. I would also say it’s daring and definitely trendy.

CF: How has Columbia influenced your sense of fashion?

DPL: It encourages me to be more free and not hold back. You will never hear somebody at Columbia say, “what the hell are you wearing?” because we are all artistic. Here there is no right or wrong way to do fashion and that’s really how it should be everywhere.

CF: Who would you say is a style icon?

DPL: Rihanna because she is not afraid to show skin and her clothing complements her personality. When I think of Rihanna she has a very fierce style and it’s really evident in everything she does.

CF: Where do you go to get the best deals?

DPL: Thrift stores are the first stop for me. I also go to the sale rack first whenever I go other stores. I really don’t have a set preference if it’s cute I’ll wear it.

CF: What is your favorite fall accessory?

DPL: I really love pea coats. Especially with dark fall colors and buttons that make the pea coats pop.

How To: Zebras are just as cool as cheetahs so try this chiffon zebra print tank at Forever 21. Berry colors are a hot commodity this fall and this purple blazer featured on is a great complement for this look. Forever 21 also has a stylish pair of harem pants in a gray color that will make an alluring statement. Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots can polish this look off and here are a great pair at NASTYGAL.


This Fashionista is knitted up in this cozy, fall look. Fashionista Keelia Johnson was running late for class when I recognized her stylishly snug outfit. Chicago's fall season is in full effect as the leaves are changing colors and the temperatures are steadily dropping. Johnson is fully prepared in her warm, eye-catching attire.

Her entire look is dark yet inviting and it consists of several layers. The first thing noticed about this outfit are the tan, over-the-knee boots because they contrast the dark colors. She is also doing much layering: for example, she has on a navy blue cutoff sweatshirt over a black knitted dress. Johnson also has a bright orange belt and a cream, knitted, circle scarf.

Name: Keelia Johnson

Major: Black World Studies

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Describe your personal style.

Keelia Johnson: My personal style reflects my character which is unpredictable, definitely unique and free. I feel like I could wear basketball shorts and boots you can’t stop me. I do what I want.

CF: What designers were you excited to see during the fall fashion shows?

KJ: I was looking forward to seeing something casual. I’m really casual so it has to be the same and have a little taste to it. I like the casual line of Armani Exchange.

CF: How do you stay fashionable on a college student's budget?

KJ: Give me something and I will transform it. This hoodie was actually my boyfriends and I cut it in half to make it into a midrift. Then I put a little brooch on it.

CF: What trends do you see a lot on Columbia’s campus?

KJ: I see a lot of the washed looking jeans but it’s like jeggings too. You can tell the girls are trying to get away with the jeans look but still comfy. Also hats, I see a lot of unique hats on campus.

How To:: For the cream scarf, H&M has a great knitted scarf that will accomplish this warm look. Urban Outfitters has an array of sweater dresses but this dress has dark color and a fun design. To add a college taste to this outfit Victoria’s Secret has this gray pullover that will achieve the layered look. Finally, to complete the look LuLu's features some tan riding boots so you can lighten up this overall dark ensemble.


Put some prep in your step. Fashionista Perris Allen was jetting off to class when I spotted her chic, preppy ensemble. The preppy look has been a craze for the past few seasons but this Fashionista adds her own little flair to stand out.

Her look almost seems effortless but there is a method to this Fashionista’s madness. She’s wearing a neutral sweater with colorful embellishments and a striped pink blouse; that’s easily a classic. Her accessories were a cream headband and a casual watch.To complete her look she’s wearing tan flats that mimics the basket weaving design.

Name: Perris Allen

Major: Fashion Business

Year: Freshman

CollegeFashionista: What is your favorite accessory for the fall and why?

Perris Allen: I think my favorite fall accessory is bags; bags are good because you always notice a bag. Like a backpack, even like denim ones and then watches. I think when a person has on a watch it’s really nice. Yeah so I think bags and watches are good.

CF: Where does your inspiration for fashion come from?

PA: I think I look at blogs a lot. I look at The Satorialist, and I look at Fashiontoast, I look at JackandJil blog. I also get a lot of information from people. Just like looking around and I like to look at Ralph Lauren a lot, I like the preppy stuff.

CF: Where do you like to shop?

PA: Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, H&M, Tophsop, Ralph Lauren and Polo.

CF: How do you intend to stay fashionable in Chicago’s weather?

PA: Nice coats because I think a coat could set you apart. I always wear pants too. Like I have riding pants that are like so warm. They look nice and you look like you’re dressed up even if you are not. Also canvas coats look really nice. 

How To: This Fashionista’s look can be accomplished with this same Ralph Lauren striped blouse in either a pink or a blue. Urban Outfitters has a blue blazer that would look great with a blue striped blouse to go for a different kind of preppy. As far as her shoes try these gray loafers at Forever 21. Lastly Fossil has some casual watches to set off your look.