If you know anything at all about me it's that I take great pride in my sweater collection. It's grown substantially over the years and I get a warm and fuzzy feeling from wearing something that’s so warm and fuzzy. There is an art to wearing oversized sweaters and looking chic while eternally cozy. It is important to stay warm, keep your colors in check and pick the right accessories (or decide when to just say no).

This week’s Fashionista is rocking a sweater that my closet longs for (and that I may have to borrow). The rich burgundy knit has a myriad of attractive qualities. Great color, shape, texture, length and warmth. I mean what more could you ask for in a sweater? Pairing a great knit like this with some black leggings and a pair of tall, black leather boots is all you really need for a crisp fall day.

Look like this week’s Fashionista by picking an awesome sweater. This scarlet red pullover by Madewell is perfect and is the top item on my Christmas list. Pair the look with simple black leggings and opt for some boots. I like these black leather riding boots from Free People. Viola, you look cozy, fashionable and will be warm all day long. Cozy up to a great sweater. You won't regret it, I swear!


Congratulations kids, midterms are here to stay! I feel lucky that my exams ended last week, but then again spending my weekends in Lau was not my idea of fun. The moment I was free to breathe fresh air and do some retail therapy, I grasped the opportunity immediately! And as I was strolling the streets of Georgetown, I found a few friends who were on the exact same page.

This look is perfectly eclectic and cozy for fall, yet fashionable and perfect for a shopping day. To get a look like this week’s Fashionista start by doing some retail therapy and take a study break a.s.a.p.! Next, buy into this fall’s colored denim trend and put on a cheery pair of red denim. I like these red jeans from Free People, and they come in a variety of shades in case red isn’t your thing. Next, put on a comfy and stylish graphic tee, like this T-shirt from Urban Outfitters. Add a pair of tall brown leather boots. And don’t forget accessories! Pair the look with a big comfy scarf. I like this printed scarf from J.Crew.

Note that all of her prints are different but work so well together. Don’t be afraid to experiment with textures and prints; its more fun that way! Don’t forget to throw on some necklaces and rings, maybe a purse and you are ready to hit the streets. Enjoy the study break while it lasts, you don’t get too many in a semester.


I am loving all the foliage these days. Even when the leaves flutter down from the trees in the autumn breeze and gently (or usually not so gently) smack me in the face. How could I get mad? The air is cool and dry; the weather is so great that I start to forget humidity ever existed (if only we could actually banish that awful thing). And as the leaves turn to beautiful shades of crimson, gold, emerald and burnt orange, I think of the great outfits these colors could yield. And yes I did just say yield (sorry, the science terms are bound to creep up sooner or later). If the leaves look so great together in their colorful medley, why can't we? This week’s Fashionista perfectly embodies a beautiful fall day.

This Fashionista is rocking an eclectic mix of colors, textures and prints, and I am loving every bit of it. Her plaid coat is the centerpiece of course and instantly introduces several colors into the equation without looking tacky. She then wears a striped black sweater with touches of mesh to add a fun layer of texture. Her chestnut corduroys pair well with one of the subtle browns in her coat. Black boots complete the look — they match the sweater and really pull everything together. She adds a pair of vintage beige sunnies, a gray purse and a topknot, and she is ready to start her day.

To achieve a look like this week’s Fashionista, start with this great plaid coat by Madewell. Next, pair it with these corduroy pants in red. Throw on a dark sweater of your choosing and finish off with these tall leather boots. Don’t forget to accessorize with some sunglasses, a purse and whatever else your day requires. There you have it, you look as fab as a lovely fall afternoon!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Unexpected Pairings

In an attempt to be different I often find myself scanning fashion magazines and blogs looking for new and innovative looks. Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of stereotypically clashing pieces worked into a very flattering and put together outfit. Think lace plus neon or hiking boots with a maxi dress. The recent mash up of pieces seems to be trending these days and I think I like it.

This week’s Fashionista rocks a dark red lace dress with some grungy style boots, and as different as the two pieces are the look works very well! Her rolled down leather boots exposed some plaid detailing. Her dress is sweet courtesy of the lace and also super cozy as it brings out fall’s warm tones and knit textures. She wears a metal leaf necklace and lets the look speak for itself!

To achieve a look like this week’s Fashionista, definitely go for a lace dress like this floral dress from Free People in a color of your choice. Next, put on a pair of leather boots and go for something a little more unexpected. I recommend these black leather boots by Steve Madden. Put on the accessories you see fit, perhaps this bib necklace from Urban Outfitters. Voila! You have yourself a new and creative outfit with just three key pieces! As much as I value classic looks, it's always good to change things up. Sometimes when you reach for the two most opposite things in your wardrobe, you’d be surprised at how well they mesh. Opposites attract, right?


Please don’t get me wrong, I think color is great! The colorful denim that’s trending these days and of course all the fall patterns and prints have all captured my eye, and my heart. But there is something to be said about a classic black and white look. For starters, this color combo will never go out of style. Oxblood may be the new black, but black will always be black and it will always be a staple. This week’s Fashionista proves that black and white never have to be boring. And why not embrace the classic duo, they match EVERYTHING after all!

This Fashionista wears a black and white chevron print dress. She belts it with a skinny black leather belt, adding necessary shape to the dress without detracting from the print. I am loving the silver ballet flats she is wearing. On any other occasion, metallic shoes take a lot of effort to coordinate with the rest of a look to ensure that the look is cohesive while not overbearing. She touches up the look with some silver jewelry, a classy silver colored watch and pearl earrings — the perfect finishing touch.

To get a look like this week’s Fashionista, start with the center piece, like this black and white chevron print dress from Free People. Add silver ballet flats, like these by J.Crew. Lastly, add jewelry and don’t forget the pearls. With just a few pieces you have a classy look and successfully support black and white in the ongoing color war.



I know we go to school in the northeast and that people take the whole city-chic thing very seriously. But lately, more people have been jamming out to country tunes. With the recent love of country around campus, there have definitely been many more cowboy boot sightings in the area. I’m still not so sure I have the confidence to rock a pair, like this week’s Fashionista does, but I am definitely loving the southern vibes north of the Mason Dixon line.

This week’s Fashionista is wearing some seriously awesome cowboy boots! She keeps the whole look simple and very put-together so the shoes really capture the spotlight. She pairs a silky gray blouse tucked into white shorts. I love the matched belt and boots. Her look doesn’t call for too many accessories. A subtle necklace and maybe some rings is definitely enough.

To go for a look like this week’s Fashionista, start with a pair of cowboy boots that would make Taylor Swift proud. Try these brown leather boots by Frye. Like this Fashionista, pair the boots with a thick brown belt, like this leather J.Crew belt. Lastly come the clothes. This look works so well because the accessories shine through. Pair simple white cotton or denim shorts with a neutral colored blouse like this simple white blouse from Zara. You are now ready to strut around with some southern flavor. Before you know it, you’ll be saying “y’all”!


Is it too soon to call this sweater weather? I’ve been asking myself this question every morning since the calendar turned to September. Fortunately, today might be the day I can safely say no! As good as it is to feel warm and sun kissed, it is truly time to say goodbye to summer. The DC heat and humidity got the better of me and being outside finally feels good! In the spirit of the first day with sub-80 temperature, this week’s Fashionista rocks a summer to fall look worth noting.

Wearing sleek black shorts and a casual black tank, her look is simple and staple. The eye-catching pop is the tweed, Chanel-esque jacket. The cool blue and teal shades strikingly contrast the black outfit. Her gladiator black sandals complement the ensemble. With cool cat eye sunglasses, this Fashionista looks fabulously chic and put together.

To accomplish a look like this Fashionista’s reach for a chic little jacket like this woven tweed blazer from J.Crew. Pair it with these high-waisted sleek black shorts from Urban Outfitters. Tuck in any black tank top and don’t worry about it being too casual, the blazer is all you need! Lastly, reach for your favorite black sandals or ballet flats and throw on these awesome cat eye shades. Get excited Fashionistas and Fashionistos because sweater weather is almost here to stay. Be prepared to see a lot of transitional looks around campus and embrace the abilitily to wear cardigans and sandals. The opportunity only comes once (maybe twice) a year.




It's that time of year again, ladies and gents. Every Staples store has lines out the door, the summer heat waves are behind us (one would hope) and school is getting started. As we get back into the swing of things an idea on everyone's mind (whether you admit it or not) is the first day of school look. Sure it's college so you may have spent the past two months on campus (like myself) or you might have been traveling the world and having wild adventures. Regardless, you're now back and need to be better than ever. The first day of school look needs to be sharp, sophisticated and most importantly fun!

This week's Fashionista displays the perfect medley of the above adjectives. The neon pink shorts lured me in to this look. What a fabulous way to show off a tan and have some fun. Her off-white blouse says sophisticated yet casual. They say cheetah is the new black, so a new staple like the skinny cheetah belt adds a pop and some structure. My favorite aspect of this look is the importance of accessories to top it off. Her gold necklace, bracelets and chunky watch go well with the leather sandals and beautiful leather tote.

To achieve a look as sharp as this Fashionista's, start with a popping pair of shorts like these J.Crew shorts in neon pink. Add your most comfortable blouse to the mix. Then slip on this leopard print belt. Layer on the gold bling and don't forget these brown strappy sandals and this leather carry-all from Marc Jacobs in cinnamon stick. Now it's off to class, looking stylish as ever!

Style Guru Bio: Erica Rabinovich

Hello again! For those of you who've been following me I am thrilled to be on board for the fall semester as the Georgetown University Style Guru. Writing for CollegeFashionista this summer has taught me to really appreciate all the fabulous looks floating around campus daily. Despite the ridiculously hot summer we had it was nice to see students dressed to the nines. I also loved the combo of an effortless look with an awesome sense of style that all the summer Fashionistas and Fashionistos displayed.

This fall all of my fellow Hoyas will be back on the hilltop, ready to hit the books and most definitely still dressed to kill. I am eager to see the new trends that will start popping up. Definitely be on the look out for the return of jewel tones (especially maroon and burgundy). It will be interesting to monitor the latest prints, layering combinations and popular accessories as the cool weather rolls in. Although I truly believe the idea that shopping splurges are reserved for classic pieces and wardrobe staples, this fall I will definitely be indulging in cozy sweaters (my favorite), as well as a pair of booties as soon as I find the perfect ones.

So readers, stay tuned for some Georgetown University street style and great ideas for looks to beat the cold weather and finals season blues!


As you may already know, I have an obsession with stripes. It was gotten to the point that I hide my striped purchases from my parents because I already know their reaction and can anticipate the lecture coming my way. You may be wondering why I am blabbering on about a look that this week’s Fashionisto isn’t even sporting. Well, among the many reasons to love this classic print is the association between stripes and the nautical feel they posses. Although this Fashionisto isn’t wearing anything involving my beloved horizontal lines, I was drawn to his look because there was a nautical element respresented in his look that I loved.

Sure he isn’t about to hop on a boat and sail away, but this week’s Fashionisto sports a classic and timeless navy polo with white shorts. His sand colored shoes are not your typical prepster boat shoe and add some edge to the look. My favorite touches are the oversized metal watch and, of course, the shades. Despite the lack of any one piece that screams “sailor wannabe”, his look is just effortless enough to be a summertime classic yet also extremely put together.

To achieve a look like this Fashionisto’s, opt for this polo shirt in Newport Navy and pair it with any white or off white, knee-length shorts and throw on this brown leather belt to break up the look. No outfit is complete without a nice watch; try this oversize silver watch for an added stylish component. Throw on these classic Ray Ban sunglasses and you're ready to set sail or spend a causal day in the city, whatever floats your boat!