When Stella McCartney first introduced her Falabella chain-trimmed bag, it became an iconic staple of the tough-girl meets minimalistic trend. The juxtaposition of the hard chain against the soft leather was unique to its kind, causing Fashionista’s everywhere to swoon over this coveted bag.

This Fashionista works her jean shorts (aka “jorts”), with an oversized red sweater and combat boots. The combination of the three alternative meets grunge pieces emulates a carefree style that makes the perfect spring day ensemble.

However, what truly stands out and completes her rocker-chic appeal is the chain-trimmed bag. The oversized black leather purse is an ideal day and night bag, as it coordinates with a wide range of outfits, is appropriate for day and night and can hold more than the normal amount of items. By accessorizing with this bag, this Fashionista establishes herself as a style maven, with a keen sense to what’s in, what’s out, and more importantly, what works for you. 

Spotted: Although chained handbags revert our fashion-oriented minds to quilted Chanel bags (and for us modern Fashionistas, even McCartney's Falabella), designers from Proenza Schouler to Givenchy to Moschino all decided to link up their purses. Adding a chain embellishment to neon leathers, sultry snakeskins and even quilted tweed, this simple yet serious splash of metallic adds that punk meets prep infusion.


Who wears short shorts? We wear short shorts. Shorts have always been a staple of summer, insinuating warm weather and sunny beach days. However, with almost all fashion items transcending seasonal boundaries, it’s no surprise that many pieces, including shorts, are being sported outside their typical zone.

Ranging anywhere from Bermuda to booty, shorts are the perfect way to show off those legs without looking too dressed up. Although jean shorts are typically the summer go-to, this Fashionista adds a splash of personality by choosing colored denim. The vibrant red color screams originality, and paired with the simple white tunic makes for the ideal spring day ensemble. The best part of colored denim, however, is its easy transition from day to night. By switching out the linen top for a dressier silk in a darker hue (and adding heels, of course), this Fashionista is ready for an evening out.

Allowing the red shorts to be the focal piece of the ensemble, this Fashionista accessorizes minimally, with a few gold bangles and a simple pair of moccasins. While shorts have rarely ever been considered an accessory in the past, when sported like this, her colored “jorts” are actually the most important accessory.

Spotted: While basic denim cut-offs have always been a girl’s best friend (after diamonds, of course), Balenciaga, Prabal Gurung and Carven took the shorts of their spring 2012 collections to another level. From silky materials to vibrant patterns, the extra short shorts and pin-up trends will help you turn shorts from conservative to chic.


“Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other's gold.” Sure, this proverb may work in terms of friendship, but when it comes to jewelry, there always seems to be a loyalty to one metallic or the other. Of course preference is determinate of taste, but deciding between the two based on skin tone can be an important factor as well.

This Fashionista is definitely a gold gal, sporting an array of jewelry in the hue, all the way down to the embellishments on her sandals. With her rosy complexion and blonde hair, gold emphasizes her coloring.

By keeping her ensemble simple and chic with a sheer white T-shirt and dark wash skinny jeans, her accessories really pop. The double-wrap orange Tory Burch bracelet adds a subtle element of color, while her D&G watch screams classic sophistication. Juxtaposed on the other wrist is a red leather snakeskin wrap bracelet, coordinated with thin rhinestone bangles. While these bracelets may be description heavy, they certainly are not overdone. Stacking bracelets on bracelets on bracelets has become a trend that certainly won’t fade, since it’s always been hard for fashion mavens to have to choose only one piece of jewelry to wear!

So whether you’re a gold, a silver, or maybe even a platinum kind of Fashionista, sticking with one metallic makes your shopping life much easier, and adds a classy element to any ensemble.

Spotted: Gold has earned it's ranks as a neutral thanks to the spring 2012 collections of Oscar de la Renta and Proenza Schouler. From mini dresses to crop tops and ballgown-esque skirts, the fashion world has become gilded.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Caught in the Chromat Cage

Celebrities always seem to be at the forefront of the most outrageous and aesthetic fashion accessories: think shutter shades à la Kanye West, Ke$ha-inspired gold stud head décor and well, basically anything seen on the likes of Anna Dello Russo. Yet while these fads gone rad (or in some cases, gone bad) have taken off in terms of notoriety, they’re not typical street savvy accessories on college campuses across America.

However, one celebrity favorite has taken its reigns as an attainable and wearable accessory with a twist. Seen everywhere from the booty poppin’ Barbie girl Nicki Minaj to celebutante Kim Kardashian, Chromat’s mythical-meets-geometric body cages add an avant-garde element to any ensemble.

This Fashionista was accessorized to the max, ranging from arm candy and ankle wear to a serious Chromat underwire half cage. Layered on top of a simple gray cotton T-shirt and maxi skirt, the cage has this Fashionista sporting a mix of Shoji samurai style meets Daphne Guinness. Known for their architectural inspiration, standards of symmetry and good-girl-gone-bad aura, Chromat body cages are a subtle and seemingly simplistic way to transform the vibes of an outfit.

Further accessorized with a silver dominated Arm Party, this Fashionista was screaming unique accessories. The Bag of Bones cuff resting on her wrist coordinated with the finger soiree of a Crown of Thornes ring and Swallowed Skull ring, all insinuating the stylish, inner warrior that lies within. Adding a balance between top and bottom, she adds a sleek, Luv AJ matte ankle cuff. Ankle cuffs, while not too mainstream, are a cool, innovative way to add a splash of style.

Finishing off her gray on gray ensemble, this Fashionista sports a Stela 9 hand-crocheted bag. Made in Guatemala from recycled fabrics, this purse screams hip and philanthropic all at the same time. Having hand-picked all of these items for her own online boutique,, this Fashionista definitely knows what “It” accessories are on trend, stylish and just overall cool.

Spotted: Chromat's spring 2012 collection took its architectural inspiration to new levels, with full body cages, face cages and even hood-inspired shapes.


I'll be the first to admit that GW is definitely lacking some of the true collegiate spirit — with an absent football team, copious amounts of concrete clearly dominating the lack of available green space and an overly ambitious student body (think internships on internships on internships), sometimes it feels like we're living in less of a dormitory environment and more of, well, the real world.

Yet, while we may not be that quintessential Harvard, Yale or Brown (okay, so we're also lacking in that small “Ivy League” factor), with a serious dominance of New Englander's and East Coast natives, it's hard to escape the collared shirts and plaid shorts of preppy days past.

This Fashionista sports one of the perfect seasonal transition pieces, a vest, in a picnic plaid pattern that screams classic Americana. Whether Ralph Lauren (like this Fashionista's) or Tommy Hilfiger (two staple all-American designers), Ivy League inspired polos, sundresses and of course, vests, make it easy to create an ensemble that's ready for a day at the races.

Despite the earthy tones, preppy plaid and gilded crest of this Fashionista's vest, she strays away from looking too golf-match ready. Layering her vest over a solid mustard colored top and black leggings (hello GW girl staple!), she maintains a balanced mix of casual and cool. Keeping with her Atlanta upbringing, this southern belle rocks a pair of ankle cowboy boots, proving trends of the north and south can indeed blend together.

So while school may still be on for another month or so, this newfound weather proves it's not too early to dream of those clam bakes in Nantucket or summer nights in the Hamptons. Grab those Vineyard Vines signature whale patterned shorts, that Ralph Lauren button-down or that Lilly Pulitzer sundress adorned with martini glasses and hit the Georgetown waterfront — it's the closest thing we have to a beach right now.

Spotted: Prep school stripes, archetypal crests and American flag hues set sail across the spring 2012 runways of Milly, Sacai and Marc by Marc Jacobs. Thick and bold stripes, plaids and patterns that radiate Martha's Vineyard vibes, combined with yacht-approved clothing in nautical colors and an array of anchors are perfect to jump-start the wet hot American summer that lies ahead.


Leggings and tights have forever been female favorites. An essential to all seasons, tights and leggings make almost all pieces versatile and wearable, regardless of the weather. Whether amping up a little black dress or adding a splash of color (or pattern) to a monochromatic ensemble, printed tights are the perfect accessories to complete any outfit.

This Fashionista chose to do exactly that, by amping up her little black dress with a pair of patterned tights. The intricate floral design adds a hint of femininity mixed with a punk-rock, grunge vibe. She further accessorized with a light blue scarf (hello, pop of color), combat boots (to keep up with the grunge look), a pea coat and oversized sunglasses (a GWU girl staple). This mix of subtle, neutral accessories can completely transform that simple LBD in the back of your closet.

Spotted: Cynthia Rowley and Mandy Coon offered edgy yet playful spring 2012 collections, clad with an array of prints leggings and tights. Mixed with leather, metallics and sequins, printed leggings add an extra runway-ready aspect to any ensemble.


While florals for spring may not be so “ground-breaking” (*cough* The Devil Wears Prada *cough*) delicate flowers in an array of pastels to radiating brights have forever been, and will forever be, a feminine staple.

For Urbanites, however, things are a little less Lilly Pulitzer and a little more Louis Vuitton. With fear of risking looking like a toddler at a birthday party or a Stepford wife at a garden party soiree, it’s difficult to convince our city selves to dress in bouquets of flowers, rather than all black, on black. 

This Fashionista’s subtle splash of floral through her black, decorative earrings is a sophisticated way to add a feminine touch without going overboard. Paired with sleek blue pants, a simple white blouse and neutral booties and blazer accessorizes this simple and chic outfit effortlessly. With her jewelry focus resting on her gemmed earrings, this Fashionista understands the true meaning of working one “statement piece.”

So, while us city girls (and guys!) may love our neutrals, our oversized sunglasses and even more, our all-black pieces, a splash of floral can go a long way.

Spotted: The decadent jewelry of Lanvin’s spring/summer 2012 collection flourished, literally, with bundles of flirty flowers. Whether singular as earrings or on a bangle, to layers atop of pearls and mixed metal chains, florals for spring are back in action once again.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: Read Between the Lines

Vertical, horizontal, diagonal. Stripes have been one of those patterns that are some people’s favorites and others' worst fears. From work wear pinstripes to black and white Parisian inspired ones, stripes have a transcendent, trendy worthy quality.

With a little shimmer and a bunch of color, this jailhouse look is no longer meant for only those behind bars. This Fashionista radiates with her bright green and black striped silk shirt. Perfect to add a pop of color to a dark, rainy day, she pairs this blouse with simple black leggings and boots.

Since her shirt is the focal piece of her ensemble, she accessorizes subtly with a feminine watch and delicate bracelets. Her Chanel stoned bangle and Hamsa bracelet coordinate in color and simplicity.

Pick the right colors, and be careful to accessorize appropriately. Warning: red and white stripes mixed with a beanie and oversized glasses can leave you less street savvy and a liitle more Where’s Waldo.

Spotted: Tory Burch, Tsumori Chisato and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac cast stripes down their spring 2012 runway collections. Whether separates or full frocks, an array of stripes in a variety of colors and thicknesses were everything from nautical to athletic.


While everyone’s fashion perspective may still be preoccupied with raging neon’s, radiating color blocks and accessories of bold and bright hues, a fresh, new palette is starting to join neon’s infamous ranks. Although many have a skewed perspective that pale is out and glowing is in (at least in terms of skincare), pastels that scream bowls of ice cream and decorated Easter eggs have broken the stereotype.

Winter has always been associated with all black everything, saving light pinks, yellows, greens and even white for the sunny days of spring. However, lightening the winter doldrums with a pop of pastel has become all the rage. This Fashionista incorporates a feminine hue of lavender into her otherwise androgynous ensemble. By embracing neutrality, this Fashionista utilizes her Rebecca Minkoff sorbet satchel to feminize her Romeo & Juliet motorcycle jacket and matching Michael Kors leather gloves.

For this season, everything from clothes and accessories to even nail polish and hairstyles are taking a lighter, fresh look. So while the weather outside may be somewhat frightful, adding pastels too your look will make it nothing but delightful.

Spotted: An array of baby blues, mint greens and cotton candy pinks danced down the spring 2012 runways of Balmain, Giambattista Valli and Erdem. From flirty dresses to chic clutches and killer stilettos, take your dark and bold look and make it a little bit sweeter.

ACCESSORIES REPORT: I Really Wanna Zigazig, Ah!

Ever since the Missoni x Target takeover, it seems that people who weren’t even familiar with the famed Italian knitwear company had to get their hands on the multi-colored zigzag frocks, blouses and even bicycles.

This Fashionista’s Navajo inspired mini skirt, comprised of a mix of zigzags, triangles and other repeating patterns in neutral, earthy hues is ideal for these warm winter days. It's eye-catching with its unique geometric chevron pattern, which has become the “it” print for spring. Paired with a simple black sheer Ellison blouse, subtly checked tights and faded, grunge-inspired booties, the brightly colored and distinctively patterned Lush skirt becomes the focal point of the ensemble.

She accessorizes with my favorite shade of metal, rose gold. While silver and gold have always been the staples for jewelry shades, this refreshing, feminine hue is making its way towards popularity. This Fashionista sports an oversized Michael Kors watch and a bold statement necklace, both with hints of rose gold.

Spotted: Steering away from the straight line and opting for chevron, the spring 2012 ready-to-wear collections of Carven, Christian Dior and Etro dared to be different with bold zigzags in even bolder colors. Whether layering on zigzags for those “man-repelling” Fashionistas, or opting for a statement piece like this Fashionista, chevron can add a fun and flirty twist to any ensemble.