It has finally come, the school year has ended and it could not have come at a better time. The sun is as high in the sky as it has been all year and this heat wave upon us allows Fashionistas all around campus to dress to impress.

Dressing for the extreme heat can be tricky, especially if you are a Midwestern native and the temperature may be in the 90s one day and the 60s the next. The key to dressing for the hot weather is to wear loose-fitting clothing. This week try out an outfit that you have never worn. Anything from a loose tank top and shorts, to a high-low dress is appropriate for this time of wear.

Stripes and patterns such as chevron have been seen very frequently in the recent spring and summer lines. Choose a patterned tank top that is loose fitting and of a blouse material. Next, pair it with a classic pair of linen or crochet shorts; olive, black, brown, navy and white are all great staple colors. High-waisted shorts are flattering on everybody so stocking your closet with this style is a must.

Be sure to be aware of what you will be doing while wearing your summer outfit. If you are attending a luncheon with friends or coworkers, be sure to pair your outfit with neutral flats and a statement necklace. If you are hanging out with friends, opt for neon jewelry to truly embrace the heat wave.

One Simple Change: Switch out the patterned tank top for a bandeau or floral corset top and you are ready to attend a festival!

WHAT TO WEAR: On the Quad

After many monotonous weeks of gloom and clouds, spring is finally here, so brace yourselves for the sun and warmth, Fashionistas. It is time to move your sundresses and florals to the front of your closet and say goodbye to your collection of boots (no matter how chic they are).

This beautiful weather brings everyone out of their apartments and dorms to the most central place on campus, the quad. At the University of Iowa, the Pentacrest is filled with blooming flowers and lush green grass. This is the perfect place to relax between classes to read a book or catch up on some homework.

Raiding your closet for something to wear on these bright days should be a pleasure and not only can you show your bare legs and shoulders, you are now able to try out all the latest spring trends! One trend that has been featured in a lot of high fashion designer’s recent collections is the maxi trend. This can be found in either a maxi skirt or maxi dress depending on which you prefer.

A maxi dress would be the perfect piece to wear while on the quad. It is long enough so you can appropriately sit down and comfortable enough to wear all day. If you have been skeptical of this trend try out a solid color such as black, charcoal grey or olive. These colors may not scream “springtime” but they will flatter all body types and in order to be seasonally chic, complete your neutral maxi with gold jewelry. Once you own a staple maxi dress, branch out and try patterns such as subtle stripes or cheetah print.

Make sure to sure to show a little toe, add a statement necklace and grab a colored purse before you head out to the quad.

One Simple Change: Throw on an unbuttoned chambray shirt over your solid colored maxi dress and you have an outfit perfect for a casual date night.

WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

Waking up to a rainy day makes us all inclined to stay curled up under our covers. However, with the proper rain gear, these days can be just as exciting fashion wise as any other. When someone says raincoat the first image that probably comes to mind is a bright yellow knee-length coat that would not look appealing even on a Victoria’s Secret model. Good thing fashion has been our side over the past few years with the invention of chic rain gear.

When attending a school like the University of Iowa, the weather can change a good thirty degrees within one day, so having the appropriate coats for all different types of weather is essential. Raincoats come in fun, but flattering colors such as royal blue and hot pink to keep your outfit bright for spring.

Investing in a good waterproof coat the rainy days is a must so check out brands such as Patagonia, North Face and Michael Kors. These coats may be a bit pricier but you know you are paying for quality, and let’s be honest we all want to have a coat to keep up dry in torrential downpour.

If you choose a raincoat that is bold color, then I would suggest opting for rain boots in a classic color such as black or grey. These colors are guaranteed to go with jeans, leggings and even dresses if the weather is warm enough. Turn to brands such as Hunter, Steve Madden and Sperry Top-Sider. Once again you are paying for the quality of the boot to keep your feet dry.

Finish off your rainy day outfit with a fun umbrella such as the one this Fashionista sported. Or you can even choose an umbrella with a pattern to make a bolder statement. Stay dry and look chic these upcoming rainy days, Fashionistas!

One Simple Change: Switch out the raincoat for a military inspired jacket and ditch the umbrella and you have an outfit to wear on the quad.

WHAT TO WEAR: Meet the Parents

You have been dating your boyfriend or girlfriend for a while now and you both have decided that it is that time. The most nerve-wracking occasion of them all, meeting the parents. Being a Fashionista, we always try our hardest to have our clothes represent who we are. Fashionistas strive to be put together and chic while expressing their mood through their clothes. When deciding what to wear to meet the parents, keep this in mind.

It is key to look appropriate but do not let this deter from your personal style. One of the hottest trend that has been seen on the runway for a couple seasons now is wearing all black and white. These two colors look elegant, but when paired correctly can still have a laid back vibe.

When deciding on the perfect outfit to meet your partner’s parents, start off with a trend that we all may be a little hesitant to tackle at first, harem pants. Harem pants surprisingly look good on almost all body types and are the most comfortable bottom to wear.

If you have chose the black and white route, look for a white blouse with black detailing to tuck in the pants. Make sure to wear a bandeau or a tank top under your sheer top so you keep your outfit appropriate. Depending on where you are going to meet the parents, choose a pair of comfy wedges that stick to the all black and white palette of your outfit. Pair your outfit with a black, white or silver clutch and you are ready to meet the parents.

One Simple Change: Swap out the wedges for a pair of silver, flat sandals and you have a perfect out to wear day to night.


Spring has finally sprung and let us hope it is here to stay. Nothing quite says spring like getting together with your friends for a Saturday or Sunday brunch date. Most of us who celebrate Easter do so with a brunch and since that has passed we all now have the opportunity to enjoy brunch every weekend. Brunch is the perfect time to catch up with friends and talk about how you spent your weekends and any upcoming plans for the end of semester each of you may have.

With the sun shining and the birds chirping, it is time to say goodbye to tights and hello to bare legs! I bet a lot of us did not actually think this day would come this year. Deciding what to wear to brunch is fairly easy and if you have at least a couple daytime or sundresses in your closet then you are good to go.

Choose a dress based upon the weather, if it is a bit chillier opt for a dress that can be worn with a cardigan or light jacket. As the weeks progress, sundress time will occur and brunch is a great occasion to wear your new chic sundress that has been hiding in the back of your closet.

You do not want to look overdressed, so choose a pair of classic black or camel flats and once it is finally warm enough, bust out your favorite pair of sandals. Allow yourself to enjoy freshly squeezed orange juice with the company of great friends while dressed to impress. As always, finish the outfit with a piece of statement jewelry and your favorite purse.

One Simple Change: Switch out the flats for a pair of heels in the same color and you are ready for Mom’s Weekend. Outfits for Mom’s Weekend tend to be a bit dressier than your typical brunch outfit.

WHAT TO WEAR: Casual Date Night

Everyone has had that first date where they had no idea what to wear. Either they were nervous or truly did not know where the night would take them. Unless otherwise specified, always assume the date will be on the casual side.

Girls have their friends to turn to and ask what they should wear and if they look good in their chosen outfit. However a guy will not go to one of his other friends to ask if he looks good in what he has chosen to wear. No need to fear, here is the perfect equation to conquer what to wear on a casual date.

Once a chic button-up is chosen, more than half of your struggles are over. Try out a classic color like light blue or red. Try to avoid a shirt with a distracting pattern or one that is too bright of a color. Make sure the button-up is ironed and you wear an undershirt.

The bottoms can range from anything from dark washed jeans to black jeans, as long as the color of your pants complements the color of your shirt. Always make sure to tuck your button-up into your pants and to wear a belt. Your shoes are what will give out a casual vibe. Try out a pair of TOMS, Vans or Sperry Top-Siders and you are ready to go out on a casual date!

One Simple Change: Swap the jeans for a pair of dress pants and you are now dressed for a fancy date night.

WHAT TO WEAR: Spring Break

With midterms under our belts the best time of the semester has finally arrived, Spring Break! Our college years are the perfect time to take a week off from school and spend it somewhere tropical. Students decide to travel everywhere from South Padre or Panama City Beach to the Bahamas or Jamaica. If going to school in the Midwest has taught us anything, it is to make sure to always vacation somewhere warm.

Packing for Spring Break is just about as overwhelming as the planning. When deciding what to pack, the key is bring a few items that can be put together in many different combinations. Some of the hottest trends right now for Spring Break attire are crochet shorts, maxi dresses, DIY jean shorts and tank top blouses. Venturing south almost guarantees sunshine, so it is okay to finally dig into the summer brights that have been at the back of your closet all winter.

This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for both day and night during vacation. Her neutral black crochet shorts are guaranteed to go with any top she brought along for dinners, yet could also act as a bikini coverup. Buying a pair of versatile shorts such as these is a Spring Break (and summer) must. Choosing a brightly colored tank top blouse will definitely make your outfit standout.

Most of the time space is limited when packing for vacation, so limiting yourself to only a couple pair of versatile shoes is a good decision. Wedges or platforms can be worn both day and night and are just as comfortable as flat sandals. If you are planning on buying a pair, I’d suggest looking some in a trendy coral tone. Limit your colors to ensure you still look chic and pick a clutch that is either the color of your shoes or top. Bold jewelry is a must when you are vacationing somewhere tropical. Take this opportunity to subtly incorporate more color into your already fabulous outfit.

One Simply Change: Put a black blazer on over your colored blouse and you are set to meet your significant other’s parents.

WHAT TO WEAR: Greek Life

One of the many highlights of being part of a sorority is having the opportunity to constantly dress up and try out new trends. Between weekly chapter meetings and various Greek life events such as Family Weekend and Mom’s Day, there are endless chances to show off your personal style.

Every Sunday, it is required for most chapters to dress up in something equivalent to business attire, however it is acceptable to put as many fashionable spins on this outfit as desired. Recently in our chapter meetings, I have seen everything  from printed maxi dresses to coral colored dress pants. This is a great time to get feedback from your peers before you decide whether or not to wear that specific outfit out in public.

When deciding on what to wear to a Greek life event, mainly chapter meeting, I scour my closet for an outfit that has yet to be worn. This Fashionista is incorporating a few different trends from spring 2013 runways. Since a formal look is required it is key to be fully put together from head to toe. Some of the hottest and easiest trends seen on the runway in fall for spring 2013 included bold colors, peplum, lace and leather. Peplum looks flattering on almost all body types and can be found adorning dresses, skirts and tops. To put together the perfect outfit for chapter meeting or any other formal Greek event, start off with a black peplum skirt. Next incorporate another spring 2013 trend such as a bold color blouse or one with leather detailing. Since it is still frigid out, make sure to layer with a pair of opaque black tights. Finish off your fashion-forward look with a pair of classic black heels and a chic statement necklace.

One Simple Change: Throw on your favorite black leather jacket and grab a bold clutch and you have the perfect outfit for a night out on the town!

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

Spring Break is just around the corner, yet it does not seem to be approaching nearly as fast as we would hope. With weather that is still cold and gloomy, we might have to wait a while before retiring our tights, coats and boots. In my opinion, every weekend should be treated like a mini vacation to escape midterm stress. I like to treat my Saturdays as a full day of relaxation without any schoolwork to distract me. These relaxing days are always a great way to unwind from the school week and clear your head.

The outfits I put together for my relaxing weekends are some of my favorite. Weekend wear gives you the opportunity to dress up during the day without looking like you are trying to hard. The best thing about weekend wear is that these outfits can usually be used as day to night outfits. With a full day full of errands, movies, shopping and going out dinner, a transition outfit allows you to head downtown with friends directly after eating.

As seen at New York Fashion Week, the current “it” colors are black and white. I would start your outfit out with a patterned black and white spandex dress layered over a pair of opaque black tights. Since it is still frigid out, I would choose a long sleeved blazer or chambray shirt to wear over your dress. Chambray is a good way to give the outfit a more laid back and relaxed feel. When deciding on footwear, combat boots are always my go-to for weekend wear because they are casual enough for the day and with the right outfit will not look out of place if worn out at night. Grab your favorite purse and a cute jacket and you are ready for the weekend.

One Simple Change: Switch out the combat boots for a pair of pointy toe pumps and you have an outfit appropriate for a date night.

WHAT TO WEAR: Early Class

We all have that one semester when we finally have to take the classes we have been putting off for one reason or another. For me, this reason is always whether or not the class is scheduled before noon. So if it is your unlucky semester (in my terms) and all you want to do is roll out of bed and attend class in what you slept in, pay close attention. Regardless of what you consider “early,” the only way to make the most out of waking up unnaturally early is to psych yourself out with a fun outfit.

The weather is at that awkward standstill in between a snowstorm and complete thaw, making it hard to wear anything but boots. With the melting snow constantly dripping onto the sidewalk, rain boots are your best bet. In the recent years, rain boots have actually become fashionable. The trick to the perfect pair of rain boots is making sure you get a comfortable pair. Most people I know own Hunter, Steve Madden or Sperry Top-Sider rain boots. Next, pick a color that will go with everything in your wardrobe.

This Fashionista went for a monochromatic look that I highly suggest when purchasing staple winter pieces. After all, everything goes with a black peacoat and black rain boots. The simple thing about dressing for class in the winter is that once you have a staple coat and boots you are already over half way to a perfect outfit. Underneath your coat, try to wear a chunky sweater with layers so if your lecture hall is hot, you have the option of peeling off a layer. I would suggest wearing leggings to an early morning class because I personally cannot think of anything worse than having to put on a pair of tight jeans that early in the morning.

One Simple Change: Switch out the peacoat for a down parka and you are ready to tackle cold weather. If it is snowing or just bone-cold, make sure you wear an eternity scarf and a pair of knit gloves to maintain warmth.