Forget What You Heard—Black is Still the New Black

As years come and go, the phrase “(insert color here) is the new black” is always repeated. But as I have come to learn, black is, and always will be, the new black. Black is a go-to color due to its slimming effect, how it’s easy to match, and it how can be worn in every season. Whether it’s because you’re not a color aficionado or you’re mourning the loss of your favorite The Bachelorette contestant, black is always here for you.

I chose to create this predominately black ensemble with my favorite black denim skirt, black sandals, and a black tank top with a black bralette underneath. I completed this look with a blue denim jacket to create a hint of contrast while tying in the denim pieces. Denim-on-denim is a huge trend this summer, and I can only hope it’s here to stay. Between all of the different denim washes, the possibilities for denim-on-denim are endless. We owe a shout-out to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake for showing us this trend.

One of my favorite details regarding this outfit is the open back feature of my tank top. It opens up the perfect opportunity to display my favorite black, lacy bralette. This peek-a-boo feature also adds a little flair to the outfit and helps keep me cool during summer days.

The black sandals also dress up the look but also transform this outfit from day to night. By taking off the jacket and adding some darker makeup, this outfit is great for a night out on the town.

The versatility of all of these pieces, as well as their ability to tie together, is what makes this outfit one of my favorites. So, don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t always wear black.

How do you guys like to style your black-on-black looks? Post in the comments below some of your favorite tips!

All the College Girls are Wearing Denim Skirts and Bralettes

It’s finally starting to look and feel like summer, and with classes coming to a close, it’s important to finish the year strong, academically and fashionably. With this outfit, I incorporated some of my favorite trends this season: denim skirts and bralettes. I chose the denim skirt and paired it with an olive green button-down, but instead of tucking it in, I thought I would be more weather-conscious and tie it up to show a hint of skin. With green being Pantone’s color of the year, I happily incorporated that into this outfit.

After looking around campus, I noticed many girls wearing denim skirts of all shades and lengths, so it seems safe to say the trend is here to stay. Another popular trend that’s been around for a while is wearing bralettes. Underneath my button-down I chose one of my favorite black, lacy bralettes to slightly peek through the shirt and give it that extra flair.

In order to keep the focus on the outfit, accessories were kept to a minimum in hopes of emphasizing the excitement of the bralette peeking through, as well as the tied shirt. A simple black, leather bootie added just a little something extra to the outfit, bringing it a step further from casual and created the illusion of added length to my legs.

The versatility of this outfit is one of my favorite things about it. It can be worn to class, which is how I wore the outfit, but it would also be perfect for lunch with friends or even a night out on the town, with the perfect accessories and beauty. Overall, the denim skirt trend, as well as the popularity of bralettes, are hopefully here to stay to keep outfits comfortable yet fashionable.

What fashion trends do you see around campus? Let me know in the comments below!

FASHION FROM ABROAD: Fashion and the City

Spring break has come, and this Fashionista chose to ditch the sand and sun of a beach vacation and venture to New York City. Between shopping the streets of Soho and experiencing the magic of Broadway, it is imperative to be comfortable, while also fitting into the chic style of the city. Simple black jeans paired with a beige long sleeve sweater and a black jacket atop creates the outfit. She accessorized her look with black booties with gold detailing, a beige tote bag, and tiered choker necklace to add the finishing touches.

Mixing fashion with the weather of New York City in March is defined by layers and the importance of them. This easy-going jacket over a sweater keeps any Fashionista/o warm while walking around, but can easily be taken off when inside shops or restaurants. Not only is it important to stay warm, the constant walking from borough to borough requires appropriate footwear. Some low-heeled booties with a gold buckle are a comfortable and classic go-to and work perfectly for the New York fashion scene as well as the comfort level.

Not only is this Fashionista keeping comfortable and warm, she’s utilizing some recent trends. Cuffing your jeans adds a slimming effect to your legs while putting your shoes on display. Chokers have now grown into tiered necklaces, providing the perfect addition to a blank top or to tie an entire outfit together. Overall, the importance of staying warm in New York during the winter months could not be greater, but it is also important to stay chic and show off your best street style. This Fashionista gives us the perfect combination of the two.

WHAT TO WEAR: Two Seasons, One Day

March is here and even though the groundhog saw his shadow, the weather in Richmond, Virginia, can only be described in one word, unpredictable. The cool, winter air quickly transforms into a sunny, spring day in a matter of hours. This leaves any Fashionista/o in a twist when deciding what to wear to class, knowing it will be cold when they leave for class, but balmy once they leave.

The Fashionista chose to layer a caramel, suede cardigan over a purple tank top with flower and mesh detailing creating a V-neck shape. These tops paired with flared blue jeans and lace-up black oxfords completes the look while also staying comfortable while sitting through lectures and labs. The colors further the late winter season look, while also keeping it cool once the sun starts to come out.

She chose to keep it simple when it comes to accessories, as numerous bracelets clinging together can be distracting and rings can start to hurt if writing for too long. A simple chain necklace adds an extra pop to the outfit while keeping it casual. Her shoes tie the outfit together as well as provide a comfortable walking shoe for getting from class to class.

The weather around this time starts to get confusing, causing Fashionistas and Fashionistos to wonder if they should break out their spring wardrobe or hold on to their sweaters. This look assembled displays a simple way to layer in order to stay warm when it’s cool outside and have the ability to cool off as the sun comes out. The casual and comfortable vibe given off also makes this look perfect for a day full of classes.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Black and White Takes the Spotlight

 Hi Fashionistas/os! As the season of love approaches, the best kind of love is one with an outfit. This Fashionista chose to keep it simple by using the colors black and white, but added details to the look with the use of accessories. This Fashionista pulled this outfit together with an elegant white T-shirt tucked into black skinny jeans with a black and white cardigan on top. She completes the outfit with leather black booties, a belt, and a choker.

Belts are on the rise again and it is perfectly displayed in this look as the silver buckle adds a hint of flair by contrasting the black strap and black jeans. The small detailing on the buckle itself brings something special to the belt. Along with the belt, she added a simple, but long, choker to continue the black and white theme. As the choker drapes over the belt, the mixing of metals with the gold ends of the choker and silver belt buckle work harmoniously together. A black ankle boot continues to emphasize the chic style of the look, while also keeping it simple.

The black and white patterned cardigan is essential to this look, as the winter weather continues to stay in Richmond, Virginia. Not only does it keep this Fashionista warm, but it works impeccably with this outfit, as well as many more. The gold buttons tie in with the gold end pieces of the choker, keeping the consistency throughout the entire outfit.

Overall, a simple color scheme leaves room for creativity with the details of accessories and pieces of the outfit. This Fashionista shows exactly how to style what was once just a white T-shirt and black jeans, and make it her own.


Hey Fashionistas!

Just because the weather outside is frightful, doesn’t mean our outfits can’t be delightful. As winter is approaching fast in the beautiful city of Richmond, it’s imperative to layer up in order to stay warm. This Fashionista decided to do a mainly monochromatic look, while adding pops of color with her accessories.

She chose to layer an off-the-shoulder dress over some distressed black denim, while topping that off with a black cardigan sweater, large green coat and gray scarf. And to accessorize and add some pops of color to this monochromatic look, she added a baby pink choker and baseball cap paired with black, knee-high lace-up boots and some peek-a-boo pearl earrings to pull it all together. The baby pink color softens up this look and adds a nice contrast to the black and gray mixture going on.

Chokers have been in style all of 2016 and I think I speak for everyone when I say we’re all hoping they’re here to stay for 2017. The variety they show, between simple velvet ones to intricate beaded chokers prove they are versatile for all personalities and fashion styles. Not to mention this Fashionista also paired it with a matching baseball cap, another huge trend going around. Meshing the two different items together but keeping their color and material consistent is a great way to complete a look.

This outfit chosen by a beautiful Fashionista proves that just because you need to throw on that big, puffy coat you have, doesn’t mean your outfit can’t be fabulous. Mixing in some of the latest color, texture and silhouette trends while keeping it warm and layered is a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors in the winter.


Hey everyone!

My name’s Erin McLemore and spring 2017 is going to be my first semester as a Style Guru and I cannot wait to get started! I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be a part of CollegeFashionista’s team and I’m hoping to gain experience as well as connect with other Style Gurus throughout my time here.

I am currently a freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University studying fashion merchandising and I love living in Richmond! I grew up in a suburb about 20 minutes away from the city, but it feels like a different world. The diversity of fashion, personalities and even hair color is something Richmond and myself thrive on. I hope to capture all of this during my time as a Style Guru.

My personal style focuses on basics that emphasize one or two pieces. In this look, I think the attention quickly goes to the shoes. I got them from Urban Outfitters and absolutely adore them! Since I wanted to put the spotlight on the shoes, I chose to pair them with black skinny jeans, a simple white T-shirt, as well as a vintage bomber jacket. This bomber jacket is one of my favorite pieces I own, I feel like bomber jackets are perfect for this time of year along with the fact they are very in.

Accessorizing is one of my favorite things to do, so I added a choker and wore my Pandora rings I usually wear on a daily basis and some sunglasses. Overall I feel this look represents my style fairly well.

Thanks for reading and be sure to stay on the lookout for more articles!