The peacoat is a layering piece that neatly tops off an outfit. Worn by itself, the peacoat creates a classic and sophisticated look. This Fashionista chose to wear her peacoat as a statement piece contrasted with some light accessories. Her red wrap scarf is distinguished against her black peacoat and also brings out her burgundy hair. Her choice of loose black boots with a tint of brown also give an extra style dimension to her entire look. All together this Fashionista pulled together a very chic outfit for a day on campus!

Name: Michelle Ribaudo

Major: Political Science

Year: 4th

CollegeFashionista: Who or what inspires your fashion style?

Michelle Ribaudo: Although I am a California native, I love the east coast fashion style. I get a lot of my fashion inspirations from NYC trending styles from different magazines.

CF: Where do you mainly shop?

MR: I mainly shop at H&M, Macy's, and ANGL. They all have well made clothes that are not too expensive!

CF: What is your go-to wardrobe piece (essential accessory) that tops off every outfit?

MR: Im not too big on jewelry, mostly cuz it turns my fingers green or breaks before the day ends, so I like to accessorize with scarves or hair accessories. But I think footwear tends to make an outfit, your whole outfit can be improved by the kind of shoes you are wearing.

CF: Describe your style in three words?

MR: Trendy, sophisticated, and fun 🙂

How To: To achieve Michelle’s classy look, a versatile peacoat needs to be added to your wardrobe. This POP Cph Wool Peacoat is a great piece that can be worn exclusively or paired with a casual or elegant get-up. Depending on the tone of your peacoat, a scarf should be chosen accordingly. Scarves with tones of red and purple, and with minimal detail work best because they will match with the neat, fine structure of the peacoat. This ombré silk chiffon scarf is a nice find. A two-tone boot is another option that can add an extra element to a classic dark-toned look. A good option is a pair like these Bellcloud UGGs


While spotting Fashionistas on campus, I realized that an outfit really does say a lot about an individual’s personality and experiences. This Fashionista has traveled and studied all over the different ends of America and Europe throughout her college career. Her worldly familiarity reflects greatly in her sense of fashion. Her choice of layering dark-toned tights and a coat with a bright pattered dress and cardigan gives an eye-catching contrast to this getup. The selection of a dress rather than a pair of shorts and blouse create a perfect balance in her outfit. The pattern in her purple dress is also one that stands out with a diverse essence. The choice of moccasins as shoes is another element in this Fashionista's look that really makes her stand out. The shoes are a comfortable and unexpected addition to her look. All in all, this Fashionista threw together a remarkable outfit and really illustrates her persona!

Name: Kaitlyn Saruwatari

Major: Public Policy

Year: 4th

CollegeFashionista:  Who or what influences your fashion style?

Kaitlyn Saruwatari: My mom's various eras of clothes, unique people I observe, my mood and my travel experiences inspire my fashion style.

CF: Being a student who studied abroad, how would you differentiate the outlook on fashion between America and Europe?

KS: Well you won't catch a single person walking around in sweats and a T-shirt, even if they're not going anywhere special! I think the sense of image in Europe differs from our sense of it in the States and fashion remains a way to exude confidence. Every day is a new one, a creative expression of who you are and a way in which to uniquely differentiate yourself from the rest — dressing up a bit more than we do in the U.S. Like the U.S., outlooks on fashion vary depending on location — in Granada, Spain, where I studied, I'd say the city brings a hippie/colorful feel to the fashion world.

CF: What is your essential accessory that tops off every outfit?

KS: I've never been much of an accessory person, but I generally always wear my watch and a necklace. Clothing-wise, leggings.

How To: To get Kaitlyn’s look, go through your wardrobe and see the contrasts you can make between dark neutrals and colorful pieces. Sometimes the pairings work, and other times they don’t. Purple, burgundy, and red really work great with a dark palette. This romper from Urban Outfitters is a perfect example of a bright piece that is ideal to match with dark layers of tights and coats. For a more pattered piece, this Free People mini dress is a fun and complementary choice for a dark palette. Moccasin-style loafers are a comfortable and trendy addition to every outfit! This pair from River Island is a perfect option.


It always makes my head turn in happiness when I see a guy sporting color! When I ran into this Fashionisto, the subtle color under his navy blue cropped trench coat really caught my eye. His red-and-blue patterned flannel is a statement piece that really pulled together this casual yet classy outfit. Matching pieces in an outfit becomes a question of taste for both boys and girls. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. In this case , this Fashionisto paired the right patterns and textures perfectly! 

Name: Daniel Souza

Major: Urban Planning

Year: 4th

CollegeFashionista: What are some staple pieces in your wardrobe?

Daniel Souza: Collared shirts, particularly chambray shirts; deck shoes — now that I've finally discovered how much I love them — and two good peacoats: one wool, one lighter cotton.

CF: Where are your favorite place to shop?

DS: J. Crew, Topshop and Urban Outfitters.

CF: How would you describe your taste in fashion?

DS: My attempt of integrating classic pieces with some sense of a modern twist.

How To: You can find some great colored dress shirts at many retailers. Urban Outfitters has great options like this Multicheck Shirt. If you prefer a top with history, Beyond Retro has many, like this '90s plaid shirt. A solid trench coat is a staple item that should be in every closet. It can completely transform an outfit with sophistication. Topman has quality options like this Cropped Mac


The beauty of fashion is its endless possibilities. Categories of trends give us guidelines on how to dress ourselves, but more creativity shows when a Fashionista mixes and matches her wardrobe into eclectic combinations! That is exactly what describes this Fashionista whom I ran into after a morning class. Her simple, yet unexpected combination of pieces expresses a diversity in her fashion taste. She transformed a basic tank and casual flared pants into a great look by the addition of a sheer vintage embroidered cardigan and a tattoo stretch choker. This Fashionista knows how to throw together a remarkable get-up!

Name: Annie Catanzaro

Year: 4th

Major: International Studies

CollegeFashionista: Who or what inspires your fashion style?

Annie Catanzaro: I'd say Audrey Hepburn inspires my fashion style, using a vintage example, but it's true! Her constant class and refinement are unparalleled in the realm of today's celebrities. I aim to someday have half as much sophistication as she carried, and often find myself glamour-dreaming about her. The other person that I'd say has inadvertently guided my hand in selecting things is Gwen Stefani. Although I can't say I didn't feel betrayed by her when she left No Doubt back in the day, I always admired individuality and smashing conglomeration of so many different aspects of fashion.

CF: Describe your sense of style?

AC: My roommate once told me “You own the ugliest clothes, and somehow when you put them together, they look great”. I have to say I'm proud of that one, and the ability to throw things together that people wouldn't normally expect.

CF: Which decade do you believe to be the most influential for fashion?

AC: I know the classic response is “60s” or “80s” since we seem to have cycled back through there quite a few times, but I would personally say the 20s. They initiated the fashion culture of challenging the norm, and daring to lift the skirt a little higher (probably not a good thing on some people).

CF: What is your go-to wardrobe piece (essential accessory) that tops off every outfit?

AC: Jewelry! Rings! Long dangly earrings. The fallback plan is always a dress, especially on the slow mornings where the world seems to move much faster than either my alarm or I do. And Colors! In short, everything.

How To: Before you throw away those platforms and leopard tights from last season, keep them around for a bit and see if you can incorporate those old trends with new ones! The one thing that really caught me about this Fashionista’s look was her choice of a late 90s black choker. You don’t see these around too often anymore. Today there are many forms of chokers like this Free People tribal rope necklace. A choker can be worn with an additional long charm necklace to really make your neckline pop. Also what this Fashionista chose was a defined outerwear option similar to this grid silk wrap from Spanish Moss Vintage. This selection of layering is an appealing and accessible choice that adds charming essence to every outfit!


A '70s-inspired get-up is a groovy, hip and comfortable look. The neo-hippie trends of today reflect an individual freedom and fun attitude about clothes. Many of the quirky prints and colors are not too outrageous, and the patterns make subtle statements of fashion eccentricity. I spotted this Fashionisto on a breezy spring day and automatically sensed how his free spirit reflected his way of dress. Nothing makes me happier than to see an individual’s personality strongly and confidently expressed in his or her style of clothing!   

Name: Christian Gamez

Year: 3rd

Major: Media and Cultural Studies

CollegeFashionista: Who or what influences your style?

Christian Gamez: Mr. Roger's closet, mods, goths, hippies and stuff.

CF: Do you believe the fashion one wears shows their personality?

CG: It truly depends on the individual. People express personality in many ways. Fashion is only one of the many mediums of communication.

CF: If you could describe your style in two words what would they be?

CG: Mix and match!

CF: Where do you see fashion going in the future?

CG: Our kids will move it along whether we like it or not.

How To: To acquire retro-inspired outfits, dig through some thrift stores or vintage retailers to find loose collared shirts with extraordinary colors and/or prints. I say, the more outlandish the better. A casual pattern is also a more wearable option. Unbuttoning and wearing a plain T-shirt underneath is another way to exude that laid-back feel like this Fashionisto. Achieving this look becomes an endless treasure hunt for recycled fashions of the late 20th century. It is a fun style that allows unique freedom and exploration of funky colors and patterns! 


There’s nothing that exudes more elegance and poise then the all-black look! When I spotted this Fashionista in her all-black attire, I was taken back to the 1920s, to Coco Chanel’s designs that rocked the boat of femininity and revolutionized womenswear. A color usually worn to funerals became a chic statement, giving women new independence and style. What is also great about this Fashionista's look is the accessories she chose. Her thin tan head wrap contrasts well with her all-black look, and her lined clip-on earrings pull together the vintage vibe of the ensemble. Overall this look has simple sophistication and radiates timeless style!

Name: Raquel Meraz

Major: Art History

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Which decade of fashion inspires you the most?

Raquel Meraz: I'm in love with '40s fashion so I modernize it with my own twist. My style changes on my mood. Most times I feel like dressing up but sometimes I dress down.

CF: What is your fashion philosophy?

RM: I think of it as a form of art and way that people express themselves and their personalities.

CF: What is your go-to wardrobe piece that tops off every outfit?

RM: Earrings and lipstick definitely define me.

How To: To master the all-black look, start by assembling some classic black separates or of course grabbing your little black dress. Today there are so many style twists for the little black dress, like this bell sleeve dress by Shakuhachi at Spanish Moss. It's a contemporary take on this Fashionista's style, which is perfectly chic! On the longer side, a great black separate is the long sheer skirt, like this Sparkle & Fade piece from Urban Outfitters. A tied blouse or sleek tank works best with these skirts. For accessories, vintage-inspired pieces are best! Dig through your grandma's jewelry box or browse Etsy for some great pieces. Also,Tory Burch frequently has classic designs like these Magnus Post earrings. Head wraps are a fantastic accessory, and a personal favorite of mine! The colors and patterns you can experiment with are endless and work well to contrast an all-black look. Free People has many options for colorful wraps, like this printed wire turban. Finally, to tie together a perfect all-black look, always emphasize an area of makeup, whether it be cat eyes, dark lips or rosy cheeks!


Spring has finally arrived, and there is no better way to celebrate the season than through fashion. This is the season to let down your hair, bring out the soft colors and throw on lighter fabrics. Of course, a change in season does not mean a complete transformation of wardrobe. Layers are still possible during the breezy springtime, which is how this Fashionista chose to dress on a crisp morning. Comfort is a year-round trend for this Fashionista, and she finds scarves to be her essential accessory during all seasons. Upon approaching this Fashionista, she laughed, claiming that she had no style. It fascinates me how so many students think they have no taste in fashion, when in reality they put together looks every morning that make a statement. Whether you are an activist, math geek or philosophy major, you make a choice every day to dress and present yourself in your own style. Your body is a canvas and clothes are the acrylics.

The shifts in seasons show a change of pace in outfit choices among students. I'm beginning to see off the shoulder tops, rolled-up jeans, hats flipped back and unbuttoned cardigans. Springtime really affects student life and style as the school year winds down to an end and summer is around the corner. The relaxed atmosphere of spring is my favorite, and I love seeing the outfit choices students make. 

Name: Maji Ghulam

Major: Biological Sciences 

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Who or what inspires your fashion style?

Maji Ghulam: My fashion style is influenced by comfort. I enjoy loose-fitted slouchy clothing and also the basics like jeans and a T-shirt. I can relate closely to Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's comfortable fashion sense.

CF: As a busy college student, where do you shop at mostly?

MG: I mostly shop at H&M and Nordstrom because [they're] convenient and I always find something that suits me. When I want to find something more original and when I'm in the mood to dig around, I'll go to reused clothing stores.

CF: What is your go-to wardrobe piece that tops off every outfit?

MG: I love scarves! I have bundle-y scarves when it's colder out and also thin, cotton scarves for normal California weather [and] sunny days as well.

How To: You can never have too many accessories, especially when it comes to scarves. There are all sorts of styles and patterns of scarves that appeal to each season. For the spring time chose a sheer, floral, lightweight scarf like this Fashionista put together. A soft print like this one can be worn to create a springtime ambience in many looks. Aside from accessories, other outfit pieces with a bright color palette can fit into the season. For example, a flowy skirt, floral print shorts or a cute bandeau

FASHIONISTO SPOTLIGHT: Narendra Wickremetunge

It's always great to see a guy that really brings personality and uniqueness to his style. Even in a very casual getup, like one this Fashionisto chose, the smaller details in his outfit choice really bring character and individuality to the look. This Fashionisto is a friend of mine whom I've known and respected for his take on fashion. His blog The Everyday Student highlights global fashion trends on the streets,while contrasting them with styles seen around campus on everyday students. It really is a small world of inspiration when it comes to fashion! I came across this Fashionisto on the last day before finals week. Even with all the hustle and bustle this Fashionisto was still able to bring together a relaxed look by combining a classic cardigan, a graphic T-shirt and comfortable denim pants.  

Name: Narendra Wickremetunge

Major: Media and Cultural Studies

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Where do you shop at most?

Narendra Wickremetunge: Most of the shopping I do is at Goodwill or thrift stores. I was never necessarily a person who was too fond of paying a large amount of money on clothes. If I received a good discount or a deal of some sort, then it was a different story. Don't get me wrong, there are certain things you cannot buy for the price you prefer, but I only resort to that option very last. Majority of the time I bargain shop. Also, I am a firm believer of making your own clothing as a form of creativity and expression. So periodically I make T-shirt designs and alter garments to give my ensembles a sense of uniqueness.

CF: Who or what influences your style?

NW: I don't necessarily have a person I look up to when it comes to style because I take pieces from everything I encounter. But what influences my style the most is mood, weather and occasion. I have a large array of interests when it comes to presenting myself and it fluctuates on a daily basis because of these categories. I feel if you think it looks good, then have the confidence to pull it off regardless of what anyone thinks.

CF: Do you believe the fashion one wears shows their personality?

NW: Yes. I believe the way one dresses is an expression of their character. It might not necessarily be very noticeable but everyone has their unique ties toward their wardrobe. From color schemes that are chosen to accessories being worn, these things represent one's character

CF: Describe your style in three words?

NW: I don't necessarily have three words to describe my style but i do have a little phrase. I call myself “the everyday student.” Attending a university, [I] cross paths with many individuals on a daily basis. This exposes me to a large number of different styles people have and allows myself to acknowledge certain things I admire. I then take those aspects into consideration and can apply them to my style at different times. Fashion is a large industry and I am constantly learning things from my peers and surroundings.

CF: Where do you see fashion going in the future?

NW: I see fashion going back to the beginning of the old days. People are starting to wear more fitted clothes and layers. The quality people ensure in their clothing has risen in the past years and it's going to keep rising.

How To: To get this look, a deeply colored or retro patterned cardigan is essential. Cardigans are a unisex clothing option that can be worn in casual or sophisticated looks. Graphic T-shirts are also great pieces that add edge to a laid-back look. 


The beauty of fashion is the freedom it gives Fashionista's/o's to explore all sorts of styles and trends. Fashion truly is a form of art that is continuously changing and drawing inspiration from all sorts of places; music, history, nature…the list goes on. I have a class with this Fashionista, and each time I run into her she has a look that is unique and plays with different genres of style. She definitely knows how to bend the trends and turn outfits into her own! Today she rocked the boy-meets-girl look while keeping within a feminine style. Her khaki trousers and a sheer blouse offer a sophisticated feel, which is tied together nicely with a brown chunky belt. What really completes this outfit is her choice of high socks paired with oxford shoes. It is always the smaller details that really pull together a look and make it different! 

Name: Jennifer Zheng

Major: Theatre and English 

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What is your staple piece in your wardrobe? 

Jennifer Zheng: Ironically, it's my brown braided pleather belt. It goes on nearly everything I wear and instantly spruces up any look.

CF: As a busy college student, where do you shop at mostly? 

JZ: I do a lot of my shopping online, including ordering from overseas. I usually don't pay over 20 dollars for any article of clothing, since I wait for something to really grab my attention for me to muster up the conviction to buy it.

CF: What is your favorite trend right now?

JZ: Oxford shoes.

CF: Where do you see fashion going in the future?

JZ: Right now there seems to be a neo-retro revival. Perhaps there will always be groups devoted to keeping vintage alive, but as for mainstream fashion, I have the feeling they'll come up with something new that everyone will want to wear.

How To: To create menswear-inspired looks, pairs of mid or high-waist trouser-style bottoms are great. Whether they are shorts or pants, wearing them with a tucked-in blouse offers a perfect tailored look. Another separate for this style is a sleek solid or patterned blazer. Some oxford shoes are nice to have not only for this look but in general, as they give every outfit that extra-refined detail! 


Around this time of the school year at UCR, the winds picks up, finals are around the corner and the library becomes a second home to many students. These stressful times of studying and cramming can leave wardrobes abandoned as sweats and hoodies become more appealing. I firmly believe that great style can still be rocked during this time! This Fashionista, who I spotted leaving the library on a crisp cold morning, is an example of a student who is naturally chic. Her look is casual yet plays with color and has effective details that knock out those study time blues. Her red cardigan gives a burst of color to her jeans-and-white-tee getup. Her wrapped beige scarf adds detail while keeping her comfortable and warm. The choice of a high bun tied with a thin embellished headband pulls together a nice polished look. This Fashionista is ready to study in style! 

Name: Cassandra Arroyos

Major: Sociology

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What's one word that describes your overall sense of fashion?

Cassandra Arroyos: In one word I would say girly. I love flowers and prints and chiffon. Even when I wear something like combat boots or buttons-ups I always try to make them a little more girly. I also love the '70s; they seem so free. The fringe and prints and even the hairstyles seem so real and comfortable and I am definitely inspired by that era.

CF: As a young college student, what inspires you when putting together outfits?

CA: Seeing people's outfits everyday inspire my fashion. I don't read magazines during school so I don't have a grasp on “what's in” but I love seeing what my friends and people walking around campus are wearing and then I try and tweak their outfits to make them my own.

CF: Do you have a favorite trend?

CA: I have endless pairs of boots and jeans. I don't think anything ever goes out of style. You can always pull something off as long as you put it with the right accessories and pieces.

CF: Where do you see fashion going with our generation stepping into the workforce?

CA: Our generation has a huge range of fashion. As long as something peaks an interest I think it can be considered to be one's “fashion sense.” I love that there isn't just one rule to follow but instead there's a variety that works for anyone as long as they're just comfortable with what they're wearing

How To: A simple way to achieve this look is to utilize all elements of your wardrobe. Instead of settling with a blouse and jeans, add some contrast with a fun colored cardigan or a dramatic jacket. Chunky scarfs are also a great addition to an outfit; they giving a look dimension and make it multifaceted. Some tall boots are another great and versatile choice for chic comfort. For those out there with long hair, create a high slick bun for a daring look that keeps your hair out of your face while studying! For the rest of you out there with shorter hair like me, we can still stick to embroidered headbands and wraps to pull back our hair and rearrange the focal point of an outfit.