3 Easy Hairstyles for Any Occasion

I recently got a haircut because I felt it was time for something fresh; a little change would do me good. Whenever I get a new haircut I like to play with it and see what fun hairstyles look good with my new cut. So, I did some research and these are three of my favorite hairstyles that I use on a short haircut, but would definitely work with long hair as well. These hairstyles work best on day old hair, as it has more grip and hold. If you cannot do day old hair, try a sea salt texture spray. I love these hairstyles because they are great whether you’re hanging out at the beach or out on a date.

This first hairstyle is very simple yet, elegant with a bohemian vibe to it. You start by parting your hair down the front in the middle of your head. Then, you grab the front section on one side of your head and braid it. The trick to getting a full looking braid is to loosen it once the rubber band has been tied. You do this by pulling the braid apart going up and down until the braid looks bigger. Now, braid the other section of your hair. After both section of your hair have been braided, then pulled, pull the braids back and use bobby pins to tuck your braid tails under the back section of your hair. And you are done! This hairstyle is super beautiful and easy.

This next hairstyle is a variation of the hairstyle above. This one is a little bit edgier and a great way to show off a cute pair of earrings. To do this hairstyle, you start the same as the one above. For this one, I like to grab a little bit more hair to make the braid even bigger. Don’t forget to pull the braid apart! After you’ve made the braid, all you need to do is pin it behind the hair in the back. This hairstyle also looks super cute with a detailed clip holding it back.

The third hairstyle is a great one for hot days when you want something cuter than a boring ponytail. This is a twist on the classic top knot. I love a messy top knot but adding braids makes it even better. To do this hairstyle, all you do is grab the top section of your hair and pull it back into a high bun. You then grab a small section of hair in the front under the topknot and braid it. Pull those little braids apart and pin them into your bun. Voila! Cute, easy and better than a ponytail.

What are your favorite quick and easy hairstyles? let us know in the comments below! and don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.

3 Ways to Style Overalls for Summer

Overalls—not just for farmers. As the weather starts to get warmer I look for ways to style some of the clothing items I wore in the winter, and overalls are a no brainer.  Whether you like flare leg or skinny leg, cropped or shorts, these styles will have you ready and in style for this summer’s overall trend.

I like to think of the first look is an urban take on the adventurer. For this look I paired the overalls with a black bodysuit. Bodysuits work great with overalls because you don’t have to worry about your shirt bunching up inside of the overalls. I also added my favorite pointed toe booties, fringe bag and wide-brimmed hat to give the look a little vintage vibe. I love to wear this outfit when going to the farmers market or grabbing coffee.

This next outfit adds a little bit more of a feminine touch to overalls. I have been loving the blush color that has been trending for this summer so when I paired this off-the-shoulder top with the overalls I fell in love. This outfit can go a couple different ways. Sometimes I will add a floral headscarf to this outfit to add a little bit of detail. Because this outfit has an off-the-shoulder top, a lace choker also looks great.

This last look is one of my favorites. I paired a bell-sleeved top to add a little flare with the overalls, as well as some lace up espadrilles to add some detail. Lastly, I pulled my hair back into two buns (Spice Girls style) to tie it all together. I love this look because It can go from day to night by adding a cute pair of detailed pumps and a leather jacket.

Whats your favorite way to style overalls? Let us know in the comments below! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista