Travel Essentials for Your Next Vacation

This month I will be traveling to Cartagena, Colombia, where I will be shopping, exploring, dining, and just indulging in Colombian culture. In preparation for my trip, I have decided to share my top travel essentials.

Sunscreen and Skincare

Sunscreen and skin care are extremely important especially when soaking up South American rays. It is imperative to wear sunscreen not only so you don’t get fried, but also to preserve your skin, long term. A hat and a pair of sunglasses are always a good idea, too. Getting a bad sunburn can speed up your skin’s aging process causing premature wrinkles. This is where skin care comes into play. Keeping your skin healthy and hydrated will help to slow down or maybe even undo the effects of sun damage. I use The Body Shop skincare products because they are made with natural ingredients and are great for keeping my skin looking and feeling healthy.

Dresses, Skirts, & Perfect Shoes

Now that I’ve scared you into slathering on sunscreen, let’s talk about something more fun!  I always make sure to pack comfortable shoes, a statement shoe, and then a pair that will go with everything. If you can get all three categories in one pair, that’s awesome, but usually not the case. So I find that a pair of Nikes, strappy fun sandals, and a neutral heel is the way to go.

When I’m on vacation my wardrobe typically consists of dresses, skirts, and all things flowy.  Pairing a basic dress with the right shoes is the key to having a fabulous outfit every day of vacation.

Camera and Passport

Your camera and passport are definitely the most important thing to have in your carry-on bag. If you don’t have your passport, you can’t get into whatever extraordinary country your adventuring to. What is the point of going on a trip if you don’t have your camera to document it?

So before whisking away to your next destination make sure you have these travel essentials in your suitcase. Oh, and enough room to take me!

What are your travel must-haves? Let me know in the comments below. 

Camo—The Trend Ambushing Closets Everywhere

When people hear the word camo, they usually think of the army pattern used to blend in, but not anymore. Now, mention camo and a stylish trend attacking the closets of men and women is what comes to mind.

Camo has been a part of fashion for years and always seems to be making a comeback. It is a trend that is doing everything but blending in this year. Camo is up there with stripes, floral, and gingham, making it one of the hottest prints of the season. Since it’s reappearance in the F/W 16 runway shows, camo has been splashed all over magazines, blogs, and has been spotted on celebrities like Bella Hadid and Zendaya. It continues to be popular in the S/S 17 seasons as well. So here are a few ways that I have snuck camo into my wardrobe.

I would consider my style as more of an edgy street style with a cute girly flare. For this look, I’m wearing Forever 21 camo pants with a plain black tank and a neutral heel. I love this look because it’s so easy to accomplish but definitely makes a statement. I would wear this outfit for a day in the city, shopping, or a girls’ night out.

If you prefer lighter colors and aren’t into street style, camo can work for you, too. I paired a monochromatic camo shirt with Micheal Kors white jeans and strappy block heel sandals. This outfit is styled simply but is still attractive and even gives off a semi-professional vibe, perfect for a brunch date, casual meeting, or even church.

Bringing a camo jacket along to a bonfire or a party is the perfect way to beat a chilly summer night in style. I combined a loose-fitting camo jacket with a pink tank top, added a layered necklace, a pair of denim shorts, and strappy sandals to achieve this look.  It creates a fun, feminine look and also gives your outfit a hint of edge.

Because it is a bold print on its own, I find the key to rocking camo is simplicity. Wearing it with other patterns might make your outfit look overdone. I like to wear it with neutral colors making it the statement piece to my look.

How do you use camo to stand out? Let us know in comments below!

How I Time Manage and Motivate Myself to Reach My Fitness Goals

Being a college student, managing class, completing schoolwork, and maintaining your social calendar is hard. Throwing a workout into the mix can be nearly impossible. Even harder than that? Staying motivated to keep up with your health and fitness. Though it can be hard to hit the gym every day, staying active through the semester is attainable.

Rise and Grind

Setting a routine, dragging yourself out of bed, lacing up your Nikes, and heading to the gym can be difficult, but its benefits are boundless. Fitness is important to me, so I go to the gym in the morning. I’m a lot less likely to skip a workout due to a heavy workload or giving into afternoon sleepiness. I can go about my day knowing that I got my exercise in. I don’t have to worry about balancing my health and my day-to-day endeavors. Exercising in the morning also helps me make healthier food choices throughout the day, giving me a clear and energetic mindset.

Let’s Stay Motivated

Staying motivated to workout daily or weekly can be just as hard as finding the time to stay active. I find that having a workout or gym buddy is extremely helpful. Having another person to keep you accountable and motivated is so important. When you’re exhausted, stressed, or just don’t feel like working out, it’s great to have someone to encourage and push you to do what is best for your health. People often tend to feel intimidated when working out alone, so having a partner takes away any social anxiety you may have and replaces it with positive motivation. It even lets you have a little fun along the way.

Instagram is another tool I use for inspiration. The list of accounts I follow includes fashion bloggers, friends, and fitness specialists. When I’m having a day where all I want to do is lay in bed and binge watch Gossip Girl, seeing a motivational post on Instagram from one of these specialists is usually enough to get me up and off to the gym.

I work towards my fitness goals by using my time wisely, enlisting the support of friends, and relying on social media as a resource. Your goals can be in reach too by following these simple lifestyle tips.

What does fitness mean to you? How do you motivate yourself? Let me know in the comments below!