STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The “Indiana Jones” Appeal

Springtime in London has never seemed so far and unreachable! Whereas other countries in the world are enjoying sunshine and pleasant, mild days, we are still dealing with rain and cool wind.

With such a moody climate, London Fashionistas are constantly challenged in keeping up with the tricks of the weather. Honestly speaking, sometimes it’s pretty hard to come up with an edgy appeal without sacrificing comfort and practicability.

However, today’s Fashionista seems to have found the perfect balance between functionality and style. Her synthesis results in a trendsetting look, reminding to some extend the Indiana Jones appeal.

Her gear is built upon basic yet must-have items. Black leggings and brogues, for instance, represent essential elements in Fashionistas’ closet for being easily-matchable and up for any season. Then, a loose sweatshirt on the top never goes wrong when the priority is keeping at ease and warm.

Her military parka features as the key item of the appeal. While sheltering herself from cool breezes and sudden heavy showers, today’s Fashionista wisely anticipates the massive trend of militarism confirmed for 2012 F/W collections.

She finally enriches such a simple combination with a leather bucket bag, adding a proper Indiana Jones vibe to the overall gear.

If you suffer from British weather sudden changings, then an Indiana Jones,appeal, as pioneered by this Fashionista is definitely up your alley.


There's no better way to greet the spring than by wearing floral prints. Although it seems to be a long time since spring started, London Met Fashionistas have been struggling with cold and rain so far. Nevertheless, their patience has been finally awarded with a bit of sunlight, enabling them to definitely dismiss their wintry clothes and to flaunt their long-awaited new outfits.

When we have springtime in mind, we really can’t help thinking about flowers, can we? They have always been the distinctive and peculiar mark of the season, yet more in this year than ever they feature as a massive trend in S/S collections.

Flowers, roses in particular, are also this Fashionista’s choice. She goes for a pair of floral printed trousers, an actual must-have of the season. The pyramidal shape of the pants is incredibly flattering: well-fitted on waist and hips, it becomes gradually looser until the ankles, awesomely emphasizing her silhouette.

Colourful floral motifs really stand out from the black background, resulting in an exquisite bright/dark contrast. The light hue of the blouse as well as the roses embellishing the black cardigan recall the colour palette of the flowers.

Ankle-length trousers, as this Fashionista’s, are definitely made to be matched with flats! This powerful combination, in fact, represents a smart yet effortless “escamotage” to make legs longer.

There’s something different in this season's proposal of floral prints — they are less girly, as often matched with dark hues or leather, flower patterns are now up for “biker” or rock 'n' roll styles, too. Think about a floral dress combined with combat boots and a black leather jacket, for instance: it would be the perfect mix of feminine yet also rocky souls.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Denim, The Revelation Of The Season

Denim jackets are definitely this spring's alternative to everyday blazers and trenches. Whether the silhouette and cut are classic or shrunken, fitted or oversized, androgynous or highly feminine, jean coats are definitely the must-haves of the season.

Even if high street giants (like Topshop, Zara, and Gap) produce a wide selection of the item, I would personally invest in a vintage jacket, as this Fashionista has. As an evergreen piece, in fact, it would instantly add a rare yet edgy vibe to the gear.

Today’s Fashionista opts for a washed denim jacket, smartly combined with black pants to create a strong colour contrast. The oversized effect of the masculine jacket is awesomely minimized by the super skinny trousers. In order to prevent herself from the freezing temperatures — quite unusual for the current season, indeed — on the top she wears a cozy sweatshirt over a printed shirt. This is such a clever solution to keep herself in the spring mood without sacrificing comfort and warmth. Finally, a pair of black combat boots makes her gear even up for rainy and drizzly days.

Denim might seem like an easy textile to combine. Indeed, it could be quite tricky to find the perfect balance with the other garments. As heavy a fabric, I would personally match jean jackets with light textiles, like sheer or chiffon dresses and shirts, as well as with cloth pastel trousers.

Don’t be too stuck to old fashion cliché such as “never wear denim on denim”. If it pleases you, go for it — just make sure to mix up jean washes properly and to balance the fabrics, inserting, for example, a light scarf.

Finally, the best way to optimize your denim jacket is playing with proportions. Fitted and modern cut pieces are simply fabulous over oversized items, such as maxi dresses or loose sweatshirts and sweaters. Conversely, vintage-style and androgynous jackets looks stunning on high-wasted skinny trousers or on bodycon items.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The “Freelance” Style

Ever noticed that sometimes the best outfits are those ones which are not influenced at all by the gaze of the moment or the trends of the season?  Following the masses, in fact, might limit our creativity as well as threaten our own peculiar style, especially when it comes to fashion. Conversely, most of the time, going against the mainstream may result in trendsetter and original combinations which do not have to sacrifice comfort and practicability.

Today’s Fashionista is a great example of a “freelance” look. Even if her gear includes popular items such as Converse,  denim and maxi skirt, she combines and wears them in an atypical yet highly innovative way. You might expect shoes like sandals, ankle boot, oxfords or pumps under a long black skirt, like hers. Nevertheless, this Fashionista awesomely flaunts a pair of striking red Converse, embellished with two colour laces. The extra large striped sweater on the top as well as the black beanie add a sort of shabby chic touch to the gear, while the denim sleeveless jacket recalls bickers style. Such a heterogeneous combination results in an expected and high impact look. A sort of  “magnetic” force in her appeal draws everybody’s attention on her silhouette, making her point clear and strong!

Today’s Fashionista really teaches us how to optimize our own clothes, refashioning them in new and freelance combinations. Be inspired by her fresh style and open your mind to unexplored matching! 

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Pale to look great

I am sure everybody is well aware of the benefits of wearing black. It is actually a passe-partout in fashion, as it does “go on everything” and does flatter any body shape and skin hue.

However, when it comes to springtime, we can’t help following the signature hues of the season. A pastel colour palette is what you need to refresh your closet and to be perfectly in line with the spirit of the new season. Don’t be afraid of getting rid of dark clothes and building a brand new shining appeal with pale tints.

Today’s Fashionista courageously flaunts a proper spring outfit, despite London's moody weather. Her daytime gear is built on minimalism and a monochrome palette. She plays with contrast of clothing shapes, as she matches loose pieces (such as the shirt and the blazer) with fitted cigarette pants. In regards the colour palette, this Fashionista is not afraid of going for a pure pastel outfit.

Pale pink pants, the gaze of the season, are smartly combined with a dove grey blazer, which recalls the same hue of the maxi bag and the ankle boots. Finally, the white shirt adds a bright touch to the gear. She completes her look with a high ponytail, in line with her minimalistic combination.

You might go for a mixed outfit if you don’t feel at ease in a pure soft tints look (like this Fashionista’s) or if you are a black-addicted person even during the milder seasons. Pastel hues, in fact, can be awesomely matched with dark or black tints, resulting in a flattering yet unexpected gap.Such a colour contrast can be further exasperated by choosing opposite and diverse textiles for the darker and paler clothing. Sheer or light cotton for your pastel items can be effortlessly contrasted by a black leather jacket, granting a high-impact outfit.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The “sneakers solution”

In rainy days sportswear definitely offers a great solution in terms of practicability and comfort. This doesn’t necessary mean that style and fashion are left aside. Take this Fashionisto’s gear, for example. He wears a waterproof sporty bomber, absolutely up for rain and perfectly matched in colours with the t-shirt and the sweater underneath. Such a basic appeal is enhanced by an “evergreen” trend: the sneakers.
He flaunts one of my favourite types: a pair of Nike dunks high. What I like most about dunks is the fact that they are unisex: you can spot a boy wearing them with jeans and a causal top – like today’s Fashionisto – and, at the opposite side of the street, a girl flaunting them with tights and shorts.

Dunks, in fact, are the latest buzz in fashion as they add a slick touch to the gear. If your outfit is simple and plain and you want to “customize” it, there’s no better accessory than a pair of dunks. They actually spice up your look with bright colours, making you stand out of the crowd.
You neither have to worry about losing your originality and peculiarity of style. It’s true that they are extremely popular among the youth market, but they are available in such endless versions in terms of hues, brands and shapes, that it is almost impossible to find someone else wearing the same shoes as you.

If you are looking for something more sober and less eye-catching, instead, converse or classy tennis shoes are definitely up your alley. They are as comfortable and fashionable as dunks, but, in my opinion, much more versatile and easy-to-match.
As dunk sneakers, you might like matching them with skinny jeans and cigarette trousers. However, they are awesome – and maybe even better! –  also under mini skirts, shorts or dresses, in an original sporty-chic style.


Forget itchy contact lenses! The times when people who need eyeglasses were teased and called four-eyes are long gone. Glasses have become great fashion items, indeed.  Hence, it comes as no surprise that even perfect-sighted people fancy flaunting them as edgy accessories. Near- or far-sighted individuals happen to be extremely lucky, actually, as they now have the chance to sort out an unpleasant sight problem with style.

This Fashionista, for instance, follows the massive 2012 trend of nerd glasses. Her wide, squared specs definitely enhance her facial features, granting a flattering result. Just a dab of makeup and a loose ponytail awesomely complete her “nerd” look.

Trendiness aside, geek glasses can actually dress up and enhance one’s outfit. Be inspired by today’s Fashionista, for example: even if she wears an extremely comfortable and basic combination made of a classy trench coat and dark leggings, she spices it up with oversized glasses. The result gets absolutely stylish yet still up for a brisk day at university.

Since they are extremely popular here in London, wearing nerd eyeglasses may threaten your unique style. Thus, I strongly recommend choosing your geek glasses carefully, bearing well in mind your own fashion identity. They ought represent a signature part of your personal appeal and not just the trend of the season. Apart from that, feel free to select from the endless range of colours and shapes, as long as they flatter your facial features. Do not exaggerate with your makeup to get the perfect nerd look!


Today’s Fashionista utterly embodies the spirit of the new, milder season. It's not just for her witty and outgoing attitude. Indeed, her smart and trendsetter gear is completely up to springtime, in terms of colours, shapes and especially patterns.

It’s true that we are enjoying amazingly sunny days here in London, yet temperatures in the early morning (basically at lecture times) are still cool. However, this Fashionista smartly sorts out such a problem, wearing a two-toned layered combination. Black leggings and a maxi bag make the blouse stand out against the background, while a bodycon skirt and cropped cape coat share the same caramel hue. 

However, the real protagonist of her gear is definitely her floaty paisley blouse. The top is not only perfectly matched in colours with the overall combination, but it also adds a particular eye-catching taste. In regards to shapes, in order to tone down the oversized effect of the cape coat, this Fashionista wraps a tiny belt over her waist, making the blouse more fitted.

Printed textiles have been confirmed as a massive trend both for the current season and for 2012 A/W collections, as witnessed by London Fashion Week runway shows. Inspired from East Europe, many British designers (such as Temperley London, Issa London and Clements Ribeiro) largely adopted paisley and Slavic prints.

For those of you who are still skeptical about paisley, here are some tips: as the Persian motif covers an extremely wide variety of items, you can actually set up the most suitable combination for you. If you are keen on loose pieces, then go for the pyjamas trousers and a basic bodycon vest on the top. If you prefer investing in a one-item outfit, you should definitely draw all your attention on a paisley dress and complete your look with simple accessories and footwear.
Finally, I strongly recommend  investing in paisley shirts and blouses, as they are the most practical yet stylish items during springtime.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Oversized Shirts Are Always Up Your Alley!

Springtime has finally come in London, enabling Fashionistas to get rid of the boring wintry clothing! The sunlight warms up the air from the early morning, making the choice of the daily outfit easier and more fun.

However, here at London Metropolitan University students are facing an extremely tough time, dealing with report submissions, exams and dissertations. They might not have much time left to go on a shopping spree down the always crowded Oxford Street to update their wardrobe!

If you are stuck with your university assessments as well, but still want to renew your appearance in the light of the new season, here’s a fast yet stylish solution for you: the oversized shirt.

No need to buy, no need to send money, it’s just enough to borrow (or maybe steal!) one from your male friends’, boyfriend’s or father’s wardrobe.

As suggested by today’s Fashionista’s basic yet flattering outfit, maxi shirts look awesome and make a strong impact as they are, with no need to alter their simplicity with edgy accessories. A completely buttoned shirt floating over a pair of skinny trousers always grants a gorgeous result.

The combination of the colours, then, is one of my favourites. Black has always been a passepartout in fashion, and in this case it is enriched with the caramel hue of the shirt and lightened by the silk fabric. Her pumps use the same colours as the tops and the bottoms, making the outfit perfectly matched. Even if this Fashionista’s simple combination results in a great look, so open your mind to other solutions.

An oversized shirt, in fact, can be flaunted in totally different ways, enabling you to set up a completely new and unseen outfit even for every day of the week!
For example, try to knot it in the middle and match it with a pair of high-waisted shorts. Conversely, if worn over a little, bodycon dress, it will add a wavy touch to your gear! Otherwise, you can always rely on a large belt to make it more body-fitted or turn the shirt into a swingy spring/summer dress!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: A Smart And Unexpected Mix

In this time of the year I can’t help but fantasize about new terrific purchases and great combinations for springtime, inspired by shop windows and magazine columns. Nevertheless, it seems I have to wait for a bit longer to actually jump into S/S collections.

In fact, here in London the weather is still dizzy and cool, quite far from the sought after sunny days of the milder season.  Such annoying circumstances keep us stuck to the past season's wardrobe and quite far from the exciting novelties of spring craze. In addition, being extremely fed up with winter clothes doesn’t help to build up a nice look every day, does it?

If the unpleasant weather conditions limit your creative attitude in choosing your daily outfits (as it happens to me), be inspired by this Fashionista to renew your motivation!

As soon as I spotted her, I immediately appreciated her inventiveness in combining past season elements with fresh, new, spring trends! Dark opaque tights and black masculine shoes have been quite a popular combination in the previous season. However, the high-waisted plaited skirt definitely adds a unexpected touch to the gear.

In regards the top, the tartan pattern in forest green suggests the cold seasons. However, she cleverly associates it with the huge spring trend of the knot, giving a new freshness to the wintry shirt. The beige trench coat adds a further “spring touch” to the outfit, without altering the overall mid-season balance.

Yes, it’s absolutely true that in these days we are challenged to create smart and interesting outfits with past clothes, but we can actually succeed in it by looking at our wardrobe from another perspective and re-inventing our appearance.

So, take inspiration from today’s Fashionista and have fun merging together past winter trends with spring crazes!