I love watching Gossip Girl but I’ve accepted the reality that I have to watch it alone because it takes me a lot of fast-forwarding to absorb both plot and fashion. The mixture of teen romance triangles, prep school drama and seventeen years old in couture can be a lot to soak up.

There is one episode were Serena is frantically trying to decide which handsome man that is desperately in love with her she wants to be with. The plot might be reminiscent of a soap opera, but when the camera zooms out and it shows her waiting in front of a fancy event in a sheer layered dress, you start to understand the whole spectacle. It was the first time I can think of seeing the sheer skirt trend coming back up for air, then in last few months its been everywhere.

With so many options out there right now, this is a fun trend to take advantage of that doesn’t take a Van der Woodsen fortune. Forever 21 has an amazing bohemian version that is perfect for soaking up summer. My favorite new website has an amazing lace version like this featured Fashionista that would make even Serena jealous. I’d pair it with some cool funky shoes like Jeffrey Campbell’s infamous litas.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Longing for Leggings

This week a chill and dreary rain has swept across the GSU campus. There are few things that could be more uninvited during these last few days on top of exams. For most of us, just getting out of bed and putting on jeans is a struggle.

Just as I was about to give up for the day I got a glimpse of this comfort fashion maven. I would just like to start by saying she had glitter on! There is no better way to get over the exam blues. And her funky spin on classic comfort in these American Apparel disco pants is to die for. Yes, they could pass as leggings but they’re just so much more fun! I fall for anything high waisted: add shine, actual pockets and hardware and I’m sold.

Since leggings have persisted as the trend that has come to stay, the variations of them are endless. There are now millions of ways to put a spin on a comfy exam outfit with a quick online shopping spree during a study break.

My personal favorite is leather leggings. Romwe has a pair I’m lusting after with mesh cut-outs. You get all the comfort off leggings, with a little added edginess. Throw on some short boots and a big button down and maybe a scarf and you're ready to fight the cold and exams.

Romwe has three pages of incredible funky styles, from eyelet to floral to American flag print. Leggings are a great way to try out a trend without the investment of denim. For instance: This new floral trend that has taken Atlanta by rage can but easily mimicked in comfort for under 40 bucks with Urban Outfitter’s floral leggings.


As a child of hippie parents, we grew up without a TV. If you’re thinking yoga on Sundays, reading poetry in the garden and growing your own food you’re exactly on point. In order to keep my sister and I from feeling left out we were still able to read the “Disney” stories… the Hans Christian Anderson version of course. We would go to the Borders in our neighborhood every Friday and pick out a new book. One Friday I can across a section of paper doll books. I just about died, it was a whole new world to me. My dad made me choose just one to take home as my own. After much deliberation, I choose the '80s one. The tapered skirts with puff sleeves were theatrical to me, to this day I wish I could go back and experience it. Thank goodness trends always come back.

I’m happy blue eye shadow and enormous hair have stayed in the era they belong in, but the new trend of high low skirts is a welcome addition to the new millennium. This Fashionista picked up this amazing Cinderella yellow hued skirt at Forever 21. She keeps it casual for class with a sweater and sandals, and glams it up on the weekend with heels and a lace shirt.

High low skirts come in a variety of extremes. House of Fraser has a more subtly tapered version that’s good for a skeptic, whereas Romwe has an amazing dramatic galaxy print one that’s to die for. I’m going to pair it with a bright silk blouse, try Madewell’s silk salmon button down.


In the early 1900s the Industrial Revolution hit, making mass-produced machine made fabrics a reality. Expensive cloth like silk and velvet became more accessible, but not without hurting the quality. Thin machine-made silks were soaked in mineral salts to make them heavier like their more expensive handmade counterparts. Velvet, which had been a luxury before, was accessible to a wider range of classes. And aren’t we glad for it.

Even though velvets frequent the racks of thrift stores and discount super stores these days, there will always be an aristocratic air to it in my mind. I always think of Scarlett O’Hara swathed in her rich green velvet curtains. Thankfully, we don’t have to resort to our curtains and a needle for this trend.

Steal a page out of this Fashionista’s book and head to the thrift store, she reinvented these oversized overalls to be campus runway chic. Don’t feel like velvet is too heavy for the summer heat — velvet shorts have become a year round commodity. Even trendsetters like Alexa Chung have been spotted rocking (and designing) velvet duds.

Where can you find some velvet goods? Free People has an amazing pair of shorts, throw on a T-shirt, and maybe even a leather vest if you’re daring. American Apparel has pretty jewel toned pencil skirts, lighten it up with a blousy top and some wedge sandals.

Style AdVICE OF THE WEEK: High-Waisted Everything

In the 1850s women wore dresses with large sleeves and full skirts to accentuate their waists. Decades and trends have come and gone since, but a narrow waist is never a bad thing. Fortunately women’s wear has progressed and we now have an arsenal of ways to fake it and flaunt it that don’t involve two layers of sleeves. The secret weapon is high-waisted everything.

This Fashionista looks so chic with her '60s style suede shorts with a fun printed button down tucked in. I love how mod high-waisted can be, especially with shorts.

Copy this Fashionista and opt for a tailored pair of shorts, they looked pulled together even with a baggy shirt. Marc Jacobs has pretty silk blouses that are in sync with the mod theme. Throw on a pair of boots, stick to flat ones if the shorts are somewhat revealing. Madewell’s riding boots are perfect, they are structured and narrow so they don’t look bulky.

There you have it Fashionistas, a perfect way to comfortably go to class in style!


Many of my favorite fashion trends are things that horrified me in middle school: black and brown together, short boots and denim on denim. I’ll admit, when this trend began to flourish I was a skeptic. It's true, back in my days as an Abercrombie-clad middle school kid, the heavy faded out jeans and denim jacket suits were not a pretty sight.

Recently duos of dark jeans offset by lighter chambray shirts and vice versa are all the rage. I admit I’m partial, I am rarely seen not wearing some variation of this look. In a way it still seems somewhat unusual, but it works so perfectly.

The trick to the trend is making sure the colors of the different denims vary enough. Then you can add in different element, like this Fashionista. Her plaid shirt off sets dark jeans and a washed out vest perfectly. Chambrays look great under sweaters so the collar hangs out, it works best with more tailored styles like Madewell’s western version. Urban Outfitters shorts paired with a vest is great way to pull the trend into spring.


Coco Chanel bestowed the gift of simple elegance to fashion. She said, “fashion fades, only style remains the same.” The avant-garde over done styles that walk the halls of school like a runway these days always come and go. The basic foundation pieces in every loyal Fashionista’s closet have, and will always stay stylish.

Fun and color is a must for special trendy items, but with basics neutral is the way to go. Staple items in neutral colors are perfect everyday items, even jeans and sandals looks more dressed up when they’re simple and neutral. Black, white and brown tones are timelessly elegant.

Those rushed mornings when you can’t figure out what to wear just throw on your neutral staple pieces. They usually get second place in an outfit to funkier pieces, but pulling together only simple items is a classic look. Keeping a whole outfit in a neutral palette is quick and easy but it looks planned.

Like this Fashionista, opt for a pair of black jeans. They’re great because you can dress them up easily. A nude top compliments black perfectly, Derek Lam has a perfectly simple one at Nordstrom. Gap has great sweaters, like their shawl collared one, that are prefect layers. Throw on sandals and you're done!


After a winter full of spring temperatures and shorts, Atlanta has just decided to get cold. Dreary weather should be an excuse to stay home all day and watch movies and drink hot cocoa. Unfortunately the homework isn’t stopping, Fashionistas don’t despair, there is a way to stay stylish in these conditions!

Cold weather isn't settling for jeans and your boyfriend’s parka anymore. The best way to keep warm and break out of the mold is to throw on a maxi skirt. The trend has taken fashion by storm, brands are creating modern sexier versions of your grandmother’s floral design. Long skirts may have had a bad stigma in the past, but the Oregon Trail look is coming back and making its way to the runways. The pioneer women survived the cold building the West, they deserve a little complimentary mimicry. 

Keep it from being frumpy by choosing a straight cut, too much bulk is unflattering and outdated. Slimmer also leaves room to layer up for the biting cold. 

Bold color like Madewell’s mustard pillar skirt looks great with Anthropologie’s cutout sweater to keep it interesting. Throw on a heavy layer, an Urban Outfitter’s motorcycle jacket should do the trick, and your ready to fight the cold in style!


In the '80s America had Madonna, then the '90s gave us Britney and now in the twenty-first century there's Lady Gaga. There is one common thread between these all-American girls: they know how to do a throwback to the innocent school girl look.

Madonna has forever been the essence of bad girl chic. She has made her career off of living on the edgy side of fashion. When she was rocking out during the Super Bowl Half Time Show, I thought of how organically American the whole event was. We have Madonna, the sex symbol of America, posing as a sexy girl-next-door cheerleader at the most American event of the year.

The flirtatious yet innocent look is almost as typical of American fashion. Time and time again we have seen it crop up on the runways. Think Madonna’s wannabe and occasional make-out buddy, aforementioned, Britney Spears.

This Fashionista holds true to the edgy side by mixing black and navy, but keeps it classy by wearing a high-necked sweater with a cravat. Her boots and tights are classic but her shorts keeps if from getting boring.

When channeling this “It” girl go for a pair of shorts to keep it interesting and copy the schoolgirl style with a high-necked sweater and a tie to accessorize. Thrifts stores like Value Village sell skinny scarves and ties that are perfect. Suspenders or glasses, Han Kjobenhavn makes great ones sold on Madewell, which are a great way to get the nerdy-chic look.

So whether or not you were the popular girl or the nerd in high school, go back in time and channel your inner school girl.


A brief shopping trip this weekend took me to Lenox Mall, where I found myself wandering around window shopping. The bright storefronts drew me in, each item was ablaze with blocks of color. Narratives of simple crayon box toned squares worked together seamlessly, and every store seemed to have gotten the same idea.

Bright color blocked clothing is a taste of spring during the cold months. Designers are using solid blocks of fabric to create their silhouettes, resembling a Mondrian painting. I great way to mimic the trend without buying a new wardrobe is to throw on multiple layers in solid colors.

This fashionista has paired a bright blue hat with a complementary golden jacket. A perfect way to copy the trend during the cooler months, colored jackets like Express’s red trench are a great staple item. Another winter fix is a bright tangerine Gap skirt paired with a button down, layered under contrasting solid colored sweaters. Madewell has some awesome suede heels that can be paired with anything. Don’t be intimidated, just pile on the color!