When it comes to patters, some Fashionista tend to play safe. They go with the rule that if one piece of clothing has a pattern then the other pieces should be plain and/or simple. It’s fair and easy. However there are some that push this and clash patterns perfectly. In my opinion, one way to do this is to wear patterned tights or knee socks. This is shown by our Fashionista this week.

Today's Fashionista wears a striped knit dress with purple patterned tights. Her accessories include a scarf, a bag and leather boots. It’s a simple outfit but the patterns made all the difference. Her striped dress did not clash with her tights because the latter had smaller patterns. Instead of clashing, they complemented. Her patterned scarf did not make it an outfit disaster either because its color matches perfectly with her tights.

Big patterns can be worn complementary with small ones. For instance, take a look at this striped dress from Urban Outfitters. It has small, fine stripes which makes it perfect for bold patterned tights or over the knee socks. I suggest this crochet net tights from Topshop. Finish it off with the classic pair of Brogues or ankle boots. If you opt for socks for the sunny and warm days of spring, why not put on this stripe socks. It has the same fine stripes like the dress. Then wear it with classic black flats or loafers. So there you go Fashionistas, if you’re still playing safe with patterns but want to experiment, try this tips and for sure you will love it.


Every lady should own at least one pair of heels, and I say they should be either black or nude. It may sometimes be a pain to walk in them, but with practice, everyone will be able to work heels perfectly. For spring, nude heels are a plus and will always be stylish. They're on the top of the list of must-have shoes along with a pair of black pumps. So the Fashionista this week shows us how to work nude heels!

Today's Fashionista flawlessly struts her killer nude heels. Stylishly laidback as always, she wears a black sweater with a big, chunky gray scarf. Basic jeans were worn to accentuate the other things she wore. Then she accessorized with a gold watch. The nude heels perfectly complemented the color of her overall outfit. With her effortless outfit, she has achieved the standards of perfect dressing. Nude heels practically go with everything: from formal and summer dresses to jeans, leggings and shorts. To steal this Fashionista's look, I suggest looking at these pair of heels from Vince Camuto. They are classy and feminine, and go along with the latest trends of spring. Then, wear your favourite jeans with sweaters like this from Topshop.

Accessorize with a watch and/or necklaces and bracelets. If the wind is chilly, bring out that chunky scarf from winter. No matter how simple your overall outfit is, with a pair of perfect nude heels, you will be one of the best dressed of the day.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sweaters for Spring

The weather is sometimes unpredictable, even with the availability of weather channels and applications. The sun can be shining, but there is a possibility of rain in the next hour, especially this spring. Then there’s the chilly wind every now and then. In this case, sweaters are the most practical item to wear, as shown by the Fashionista this week! She wears an adorable floral dress with black flats. Simple, laidback and girly was the look she was going for and she got it. The sweater, being versatile in spite of its print, did not change the vibe but adapted to it. It added warmth to the otherwise very summery outfit, or in other words, it nicely transitioned the outfit to spring. It’s an overall perfectly toned and feminine outfit!

To get the look, search stores for a cozy but not bulky sweater. Bulky or thick sweaters appear to scream winter so get away from those. I highly suggest that you look in the men’s section, because their sweaters are always warm, like this from Urban Outfitters. Cardigan sweaters are always the best. This blue one from Topman is very classy yet laidback while this textured one is very preppy- perfect for outfits with skirts! If you want to have an outfit like this Fashionista's, pair a sweater with a floral dress like this from Forever 21 or bring out those dresses that you are saving for summer! Lastly, to add glam to your sweater, you can add a brooch or wear statement necklaces. There you go Fashionistas, cozy up this spring with warm and versatile sweaters!


Finally! Here in Canada, we are reaching the warm temperature of spring. However, the mildly cold wind sometimes ruins our ideal look and style. We then bring out the occasional warm cardigan or sweater and accessorize it with scarves. But as Fashionista/os, this look can be bulky at times and thus we opt for other ways to stay warm. The Fashionista this week shows how to be warm and cool at the same time by wearing a denim vest! Today's Fashionista wears a simple gray sweater with leopard print leggings. She finishes the outfit by wearing brown lace-up boots and carrying a brown leather bag. She mostly wore dark colours which made the light-washed denim vest stand out. It lightened up the whole outfit and also gave it a cool vibe. It’s effortlessly cool.

Denim vests will always make you look like a rockstar or an it-girl. Take a look at this denim vest from Free People. It is perfect with a shirt and leggings; accessorize it with necklaces! A maxi dress could also be paired with a denim vest; just add some '70s flare by wearing a headband or big sunglasses. Coloured vests such as this one from Urban Outfitters would give you a cool vibe in the same way as a light-washed denim vest would do. You can also pair this with white dresses and skirts! You don’t have to go to big stores to get denim vests, because you can cut off the sleeves from any unwanted denim jacket or top. Accessorize by adding brooches or chain links. So there you go Fashionistas; wearing a vest is a perfect way to combat the spring chill!


Basically, to complete an outfit, one must include the perfect purse or bag. To some people, that would mean a Chanel or Louis Vuitton. But let’s face it, not all of us can afford those bags, and so we look for bags with good quality, perfect style and practicality. Our Fashionista this week shows us the It bag for school: a stylish messenger bag! Her messenger bag is stylish enough to bring personality to her already cool outfit. The military green jacket gives off a laidback and rebel vibe. She wears it with jeans and flat ankle boots. Their low key status draws the attention to the jacket and of course, the bag. The bag is a perfect accessory to her outfit because it adds a classy touch, which tones down the rebel statement of the jacket.

You may have seen bags like this in countless fashion blogs and street style photos. It’s an ultimate must-have, as it is convenient and spacious. Not only that, but it also adds a touch of being classy and cool! Take a look at this satchel by the Cambridge Satchel Company. Perfect for the vintage lovers! If you opt for black for its classiness and versatility, then this is for you. It looks perfect with a button up, long sleeve top and jeans. If personality is what you are looking for, this passionate red one is for you. Lastly, if you want the ultimate old-school bag with a lovely lock, give this bag from ASOS a look! For the perfect It bag, grab a messenger!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: All About the Details

With the school year ending and the exams looming ahead, pressure is building up in the university. Regardless of the warming weather and sunshine, people have become lazy in their approach to dressing. I personally cannot blame them as I, myself, have fallen under this spell. Some have succumbed to fleece pants and hoodies while some wear the basic shirt and jeans combo. Our Fashionista this week shows us how to be comfortable by layering and still look like a doll by wearing simple-detailed pieces! Her outfit is mainly composed of plain colors. This is the secret way to look unbelievably cool and effortless when aiming for a layered outfit. A nude coloured cardigan, black cotton top, fur boots, black leggings and gray skirt comprise her outfit. What caught my eye are the details of her skirt. Her outfit may the simplest out there, but the simple detailing adds style and flair that carries her overall outfit. Her overall look reminds me of Korean fashion- simple but delicately lovely. Simple details in clothing are like magic- they can create a statement from a simple outfit. For spring, I highly suggest skirts, as they possess the soft vibe of the season. Softly pleated skirts, especially nude coloured, like this one from Free People are perfect! It can be paired with cropped tees, long cardigans and your favourite pair of boots!

If you aim for more drama, why not try this maxi skirt. Add a chunky sweater and necklace and voila, you are the fairy of the school! So Fashionistas, feeling lazy this spring? Match up skirts with lovely detailing with your favourite plain tops and you’re good to go!


With the weather warming up, people are letting go of bulky winter outfits for form-fitting, comfortable clothes. High waist pants one of the things I see that are usually worn these days. They remind me of the effortlessness of style that has graced the sixties and seventies. They were usually paired with buttoned long sleeves or just with plain shirts. They are easy to wear as they can be matched with any form-fitting tops. Today's Fashionista shows off how to channel the seventies vibe with a modern touch!

She wears a pair of black high waist skinny pants with salmon colored top. She tucked in her top for a sophisticated finish. The supposedly bow collar was loose which added glam to the otherwise preppy top. Brown lace-up wedges finished the outfit with a classy and feminine vibe. A perfect, simple and stylish just by matching basic pieces with high wait pants.

One of the rules to wear high waist pants is that to match it with form-fitting top. If the top is too loose, one may end up looking frumpy! Here is a pair of high wait pants from Topshop that resembles that of this Fashionista’s. A chiffon top like this from Urban Outfitters will definitely add a feminine glam.

Hint: Wear it with wedges from Forever 21 and you’re good to go. 


Spring has finally arrived! It is my favourite season and one of the reasons why is that it gives me the chance to wear socks with sandals or shoes. That may be a fashion faux pas for some. However, for me, it’s one of my fashion rules. When I saw the Fashionista for this week, not only was I mesmerized by her socks+socks+ shoes combo but it also gave me inspiration to try her look! Today's Fashionista is clearly in the transition mode from winter to spring. She wears the dark clothing of winter but brightens it up with the vibrant colors of spring (and also of summer!). Her shoes and socks combo not only keeps her warm but makes her uber stylish. She is brave enough to clash the colors of her outfit but she manages to make them all complement each other. The soft and toned-down colors of the brown oxfords and gray socks nicely carry the bright pink and orange. The mismatched socks reflect a playful and daring vibe in the overall outfit.

Oxfords are one of the best shoes with which to have a socks and shoes combo. Colourful socks would instantly give you a stylish and fashion-forward vibe. If you are opting for a brave and playful vibe like that of this Fashionista, pair these white oxfords from Lulu's with mismatched pink and orange socks. If you are not a fan of mismatched socks, try these gold oxfords or these black, cut out oxfords with a pair of brown or white socks. If you are on the lookout for the perfect socks, try American Apparel and Forever 21, because they have cheap, yet stylish, socks! There you go Fashionistas; if you feel daring and brave this week, try matching shoes with vibrant coloured socks!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Trench Coat Returns

Here in Canada, we are getting tired of the gloomy atmosphere and harsh cold wind winter brings. Thus, the moment the temperature reached the positive single digits, everyone suddenly started wearing the spring essentials! I caught one Fashionista already sporting the forever fashionable trench coat!

One can never go wrong with a trench coat. Mixed with winter accessories, she still carried her outfit with a light and airy vibe that is usually correlated with spring. The beige colour of the coat matches nicely with her orange chunky scarf, plaid top and brown leather boots. Her leggings were perfect in accentuating the neutral and vibrant colours.

Trench coats are the perfect pieces to wear during the winter-to-spring transition. These coats are my personal favourite since they remind me of leading ladies of '60s movies. Very chic and classy! Beige ones like this from French Connection are perfect with dresses, tights and pretty hair accessories. Rich-colored coats like this blue one and orange one from Topshop are perfect with skinny jeans, oxford shoes and scarves! Lastly, brown/dark beige coats like this one from Topshop are a nice cover up for highwaist shorts, tights and lace up boots! Another tip is that you can accessorize these coats by using a leather belt instead of this Fashionista's original belt. It’s an instant accessory that will spice up the whole outfit!

So there you go Fashionistas, bring out those old trench coats from last spring and accessorize them. You’ll undeniably be the classiest in school in an instant!


Every Fashionista loves a statement accessory. It is considered an investment, no matter the price, because it will surely lighten up any outfit. Not only does it grab attention, but it sometimes carries the whole look. Some go for statement heels while other go for loud accessories. Others opt for purses and bags- from designer ones to vintage. Today's Fashionista shows us how to look like a million dollar with the treasure of a vintage satchel bag. This Fashionista’s black snakeskin satchel bag is eye candy, and she perfectly complements it with her outfit. Her top is sheer, leopard print, and long sleeved, which is paired with black jeans. Her black wedge shoes added an effortless aura. She accessorized with a beautiful pair of vintage sunglasses and gold buckled belt. Every piece shares the edgy and cool vibe of the bag. The secret is when you opt for a vibe or style, stay with it and the accessory will do its job of being a star and carrying the outfit.

For perfect satchel bags, I highly suggest you look at vintage stores. But if you opt not to, here are some online treasures. I did not find a satchel similar to today's Fashionista's, but here are some equally beautiful snakeskin satchels from ASOS. This red one is adaptable to any vibe: be it for the edgy (imagine buckled boots and black jeans) or feminine (white dresses and oxford shoes). Brown snakeskins are perfect for the preppy and classy as it can go with dress pants folded up to the ankle, a white buttoned shirt and black belt. However, if you want to stay on the safe side, black or brown satchels are for you. So there you go Fashionistas; be on the lookout for a schoolboy satchel bag- it definitely is eye candy and a must-have!