WHAT TO WEAR: Effortless City Style

The last exam has been taken, the final box has been packed, and the eventual goodbyes have been tearfully made. This can only mean one thing: summertime! Queue the Will Smith and throw those shades on because it’s official.

Now for some, the first month of summer equates to temporary hibernation accompanied by sweatpants, while for others it means endless beach time as your swimsuit and skin actually begin to morph into one. But what about after that? Getting dressed for an average summer day can be a bit like an angel/devil shoulder situation. On one hand, you want to look cute and showcase your undeniable style, and on the other, styling an outfit seems like too much work. Luckily, I ran into this Fashionista who has all the answers.

By cultivating a balanced color palette and pairing stylistic basics together, this Fashionista’s city style is effortlessly chic. She started with a pair of her patched denim pants and adding a simple top with back detailing. To accommodate for Milwaukee’s weather identity crisis, this Fashionista layered on a matte, blush colored bomber jacket, which works because of its light fabric. To literally tie her subtly sweet color scheme together, she threw on a timeless paisley neckerchief, an element that can elevate any ensemble. Not a stranger to city lifestyle, this Fashionista opted for a pair of lace-up sandals for comfort. For the finishing touches, this Milwaukeean accessorized with tasteful bangles and bling and toted a dome crossbody bag for all her essentials.

From Milwaukee to any urban destination, take a few notes from this Fashionista on how to rock casual streetwear.


Everybody loves a good throwback every now and then. When a Sean Kingston summer jam blesses us on the radio or an old Tommy Hilfiger scrunchie is rediscovered, we cannot help but feel nostalgic. Unfortunately, if a millennial would throw back an article of clothing we’d be dealing with gauchos and Paul Frank graphic T-shirts, and I think we can all agree those should stay in the past. Luckily, we can pull from other eras chock-full of iconic fashion moments.

I started this look with a statement Kelly style purse and the earliest era featured: the 1950s. I uncovered this vintage gem in an antique store, however with the 2017 embellishment trend, this type of detailing can be seen in any local department store. Next, I mix and matched ’70s inspired pieces with modern garments. On top I combined a modern bomber jacket with this linen, mandarin collared blouse. With the business in the front and party in the back, this top becomes classic with a twist, again playing on contemporary stitch detailing. Waist down, I selected my go-to pair of distressed denims and a pair of throwback block wedges. To accessorize, I sported a few of my favorite rings, some Lenon-esque mirrored shades, and a pair of statement tassel earrings.

Putting together an eclectic look such as this can be fun and easy, whether you’re rummaging at resale shops or picking up resurfaced trend for cheap at Forever21. They say what goes around comes around, and the fashion industry can certainly attest to that.

Be careful what you throw away, because you never know what might cycle back around!

BEAUTY BAR: Pucker Up Spring

Let’s call it like it is. Makeup is a skill and a beautiful skill at that. Between the tools and techniques and the dos and don’ts, there’s a reason they are called makeup artists. Speaking as someone who’s at a beginner to intermediate level, eyelash curlers look like torture devices and blending eyeshadow tints is a mystifying feat. Thank goodness I stopped this Fashionista who is clearly a pro.

Of the tips I’ve picked up along the way, I’ve learned that makeup is just as paramount to styling as the outfit itself. The two should complement each other and above all, reflect your personal style. With spring just around the corner, this Fashionista took to her cosmetics counter to create a fresh look, complimented by wardrobe basics, and let her lips do the talking – pun intended.

This Fashionista’s beauty headliners are threefold (and all doable!). First, to create her sun-kissed glow make sure you properly blend your base foundations and then apply a highlighter to your upper cheekbones for subtle shimmer using a tapered brush, along with a touch of blush. Second, mix in her winged eyeliner to your routine, preferably using a liquid product. Lastly, for the wow-factor, add a colored lip with a vibrant shade like her flirtatious violet lipstick.

With an already established focus, this style queen opted for classic shapes and neutral staples for the rest of the look. As another nod to springtime, this Fashionista is sporting one of this seasons biggest trends: floral embroidery. Her detailed top paired perfectly with black distressed denims and ivory sneakers and is accompanied by tortoise shell shades and gold jewelry.

Between the smart, effortlessly casual outfit and masterfully fun makeup the look contains balance that exudes this Boilermaker’s youthful flair.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Canadian Tuxedo

Possibly the greatest Canadian tuxedo of all time can be attributed to the 2001 American Music Awards when Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears fulfilled our teenage dreams. Considering denim on denim has long been deemed a faux-pas, some might face the combination with hesitancy; however, the true blue separates are more of a basics double-whammy if you will. This Purdue Fashionisto thought so as well. The great thing about basics is that they can always use a little something— that’s where the details come in.

This Fashionisto’s jacket alone came with a few surprises. Not only is the jean jacket‘s construction impeccable, but it is detailed with stitching, gold buttons, and a marigold, corduroy collar. To combat the cold, he layered a denim shirt of a different wash and a charcoal puffer vest underneath. To complete the tuxedo, he added a pair of dark jeans to complement the jacket and detailed with a slight cuff to accentuate his colorful ankles.

To add some color to this muted ensemble, this Fashionisto opted for a pair of orange and black striped socks—a note for all men, whimsical socks are always a functional way to add a pop of color and personality to your everyday. Speaking of personality, this detail connoisseur topped off his street style-esque look with a pair of white sneakers, accentuated with a darling heart, and accessorized with black Diesel backpack.

A cuff here, a stitch there, a hint of texture, and a pop of color can really go a long way and transform any outfit, ultimately giving a nod to your undeniable style.

WHAT TO WEAR: Classroom Addition

A new semester and a second go-around of this academic year present many things. A fresh schedule with different classes, more opportunities to meet new people, and a sudden revitalization of motivation to dress well for class. First impressions towards professors and classmates are key and your appearance will be both the first and last thing they see. An outfit for class should simultaneously be appropriate and comfortable, while never sacrificing personal style.

Before the real struggle begins and while we all still have time to put in effort, here’s a freshman and engineering major to show us how it’s done.

This Fashionista started by layering a striped turtleneck poncho over a basic long sleeve T-shirt, then paired her comfy combo with ripped jeans and a pair of lace-up booties with plaid detailing. Already this look checks all three boxes: appropriate, comfy, and cute. The effortlessly chic poncho serves as a focal point for the ensemble and provides an element of warmth for January temperatures, while the booties help elevate the aesthetic of the look.

Functional and stylish, her dark brown tote purse personalized with her adorable keychains serves as the perfect vessel for all of her daily and class essentials. Tote bags are a great way to dress up any classroom outfit because they double as both a fashion statement and a practical necessity. For the finishing touches, this Fashionista layered on statement rings and an armful of silver bracelets.

As we begin to write the pages of our 2017 chapter, let us all start with our best foot—or cute bootie—forward. 

STYLE GURU BIO: Gabi Breitenbach

Hello all, I’m very grateful and excited to join the CollegeFashionista team! I’m currently in the midst of my second leg of freshman year at Purdue University and I’m still unsure of what a Boilermaker is. Even though I’m a city person at heart, I’ve quickly fallen in love with Purdue’s small town charm while studying retail management in the genuine atmosphere here on campus.

I was born and raised in the land of cheeseheads just outside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin where my love affair with fashion began. Cuddled next to Lake Michigan, Milwaukee is home to my closest friends, my favorite pesto sandwich, and authentic style.

Growing up beside the altar that is my mother’s shoe closet and starting with my coveted, shiny, camo design notebook I knew from a young age fashion was the path for me. Eventually it occurred to me my passion could double as my career (*insert misty-eyed smile*). As of right now my goal is to become a buyer for a luxury retailer, living in a New York apartment that holds the record for number of throw pillows and scented candles.

When I’m not writing for CollegeFashionista I’m likely planning my next travel excursion, binge watching yet another TV series, cheering on the Packers, collecting vinyls, oversleeping, or sleuthing for my next obsession in resale shops. Speaking of, my outfit features my latest thrifting find: this wool camel cape. Underneath I layered a chunky turtleneck and plaid scarf paired with dark-wash denims, puff-ball slides, and accessorized with vintage rings.

I cannot wait to grow in 2017 and report back to you guys the incredible style on my campus. I wish you all clarity, happiness, and longer weekends-please tune in for more articles!