Need to blow off some steam from endless cramming this upcoming school year? Escape from the non-stop student life, and find your center. Many have found the fountain of youth that is yoga to be beneficial for overall health. But I do not mean to sound like I’m writing for a medical journal. Conceived by idealists/yoga gurus Lisa Davis (BU alumnus) and Sarah Nisperos, Naked Lotus is an innovative and fashion forward take on lounge apparel. You will love to wear this line outside of the yoga studio.

While Naked Lotus is based in Nevada, their Cool People brand can conveniently be found on The pieces are expensive for College Fashionistas/os, for Naked Lotus is focused on providing one-of-a-kind pieces that are eco-friendly (many of the pieces are made with organic cotton and recycled plastic). A favorite of many is the multifunctional Butterfly Dress. Note: the photo provided does not give this dress justice. Pair the mid-thigh length with leggings or a dark pair of skinny jeans, bold jewelry, and pumps for a night out. As the weather becomes chillier, bundle with a monk hoodie made with 95% organic cotton. Comfort is a guarantee. I also strongly suggest viewing their yoga-inspired fashion show. These acrobatic yogis are fashionable and incredible!

Emanating positivity through their clothing, a portion of their profits goes to charity. Their items come in an array of color choices and patterns, so the possibilities are endless. This line truly is for “the dreamer in all of us”.

Photo from: Naked Lotus

FASHION NEWS: Summer’s Memories Brings Fall’s Favorites

The return of the school year can be bittersweet. The carelessness of summer turns morphs into the challenges that fall may bring. Family and friends from home are left for the family you make for yourself. In my personal experience, traveling from Florida to Boston, Massachusetts is an extreme transformation. Not only am I in a different state, but the weather is — well, it’s completely different to say the least. But this does not mean I will have to trade my entire wardrobe for parkas and snow boots. While preparing for the upcoming year, do not fret spending an exuberant amount on clothes. Many items found in your summer closet can transcend into fall fashion.


Follow your instincts and continue this season’s latest trend. Try bangles or chunky necklace (the bolder, the better). Either way, you will grab the attention of many while walking down CommAve.

Flirty and feminine

Do not store those summer dresses yet. Instead, cover up with leather bomber jackets or blazers to keep warm during those first days of fall. Complete the retro inspired look with a pair of lace tights.

Play on plaid

Plaid scarves, plaid flannel, jackets, T-shirts, etc. Plaid continues to hold its own this fall.  Pair plaid with tweed for classic English, or keep it boho chic with a knit cap and slouch boots.

Summer loving

Recently purchased a scarf in some far off bazaar? Or maybe you made a bracelet from shells while at the beach. Proudly display your finds and/or works of art. They are nice mementos for those dreary days in Boston.

With the new school year comes a new start, but this never means summer should be forgotten.

Photo from: LA Vintage 

FASHION NEWS: Ville de l’amour

Let's say that a friend of yours has set you up on a blind date, “for your own good” (Thanks, friend-that-shall-remain-anonymous). The anticipation is unbearable and a jumble of thoughts and worst-case scenarios are running through your mind. You are probably wondering what could have possibly possessed you to agree to do this in the first place. Your outfit should be the last thing you need to constantly fret about during your date. First appearance is the foundation of preconceived notions, and your date will be curious to find out more about you when he/she first opens the figurative door. Reflect your personality and elude confidence with the help of the ever loyal (and ever affordable) H&M.

It may be a taboo to think of fall and the responsibilities that come with the season. However, I am partial to H&M’s Parisian inspired pre-fall guide. And why not take a few notes from the original ville de l’amour? Think tailored to boho-chic pieces, and an array of prints and patterns perfect for a night out in Boston. Black, white, red and neutral tones are perfect accompaniments to the city's romantic lights.

For Fashionistas, channel Can-Can Cool, Fifties Style, Boho Babe, or Punk Bourgeois. While it’s hard to choose, some of my personal favorites are piles of pearls, fire engine red pumps, and gotti black boys. As for Fashionistos, challenge your European counterparts by keeping it clean and full of attitude with Breton stripes, blazers, and distressed slacks. Add a plaid scarf to complete the outfit; it looks timeless and perfect for brisk walks around the Common.

Note: Just as each blind-dater is as different as the next, so are the locales and situations. Be sure to dress appropriately.

While I cannot assure you a perfect date, you will surely fall in love with this line.

Photo credit: H&M

WEEKEND FORECAST: When Worlds Collide

Watch out Lolita, heart shaped-glasses are being taken over by rock star Fashionistos on campus, and on the stage. I was able to catch former reality TV contestant, Ryan Star, pull them off while performing at the Wink at Summer Concert in Fort Myers, Florida. Yes, Florida is known to be sunny most of the year, but this accessory is not the usual for the "Breathe" musician. Fortunately, they have a certain je ne sais quoi that compliments his grunge/utilitarian inspired outfit for the night. 
The key item: black skinny pants with mandatory tear near the knee. Fashionistos, unsure how skinny pants may look? While I'm not a fan of skinny pants on guys myself, Star takes a quo from The Smith's Morrissey by effortlessly balancing the skinny fit with different lengths and an assortment of classic items. A simple large white T-shirt, sleek mid-length leather jacket, and ankle-length combat boots do wonders. Like Star, add eye-catching pieces to show you are not afraid to be unique and experiment with style. Note: does not necessarily have to be hearts-shaped glasses. Bring the look together with smaller pieces that contain personal meaning. Try dog tags or other family heirlooms passed down through generations. However, remember that less is always more. This tip can save you from man-jewelry overload and/or unnecessary interference while rocking out.
This combination of rebel and military is a collision of polar opposite worlds made to add much excitement (and maybe even a little fame) into any Fashionisto’s life, so dare to be different by pulling off Star's style juxtaposition this weekend.


Are you looking for something other than the usual shorts-and-T-shirt combination this summer? It can be a challenge to find an outfit that makes a statement but is convenient enough to go with the ebb and flow of a Bostonian summer; hot and humid one minute, monsoon the next.

At Crush Boutique (accessible from the Charles/MGH station), you will find light and breezy summer dresses perfect for summer barbecues. With the numerous trends this season ranging from tribal to plaid, you can find a dress style specifically for you. Crush is also a haven for the accessory addict: belts, headbands and jewelry galore. So go ahead and pair an eye-catching Rory Beca Resort 2010 dress with an exotic pair of feather earrings. But let's face it, the current heat wave has made it almost impossible to perform daily functions, let alone attend an outdoor event.  But why not try an evening mixer? And yes, Crush continues to deliver with contemporary asymmetrical cuts and classic wraps in darker shades. I personally like the Lola Lace Dress from the Frock Collection by Tracy Reese. Actually, I love all of their retro inspired pieces! Finish with a clutch and cuffed sandals (opt out of heels this season), and you’re set to spend an evening under the stars.

Another perk of traveling to 131 Charles Street: it is a perfect excuse to beat the heat. They also have fun mini fashion events and giveaways throughout the year. So be sure to check out this refuge in the middle of the concrete jungle…or desert.


Blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe is said to have slept in her lingerie — including her bra. This may be no surprise, but for us Fashionistas, wearing one 24/7 can be a bit uncomfortable. But never underestimate the power of lingerie, for a pair of silks or lace can truly be a girl's best friend.

A short walk from the Harvard Station stop in Cambridge is the newly opened boutique Forty Winks. With brands like Cosabella and Elle MacPherson, you can choose from siren to sleeping beauty. They even have eco-friendly thongs in an array of patterns for granola girls such as myself. Either way, this is not your grandmother's underwear (unless your grandmother is Sophia Loren or Brigitte Bardot). Lingerie is not the only guilty pleasure you can find here. Be zen and stylish while you perform sun salutations in brightly colored racerback tanks. For a girl's night in, try a lacy chemise or whimsical PJ set. This summer calls for plenty of sun, water and sand, so be sure to check their bathing suits and bohemian cover-ups in stock during the season.

While trying on lingerie, not to mention bathing suits, can be intimidating, there's no need to worry. Forty Winks carries bras in all shapes and sizes: strapless, push-up, interchangeable, A to H cup, etc. The atmosphere is as cute and romantic as the selection it carries. No need to squirm under the smoldering stare of Glamazons here. Rather, be your best with your own luxurious secret underneath.



Boston is the place that started it all. As a student here, I admit I am a bit biased; however, you cannot deny the significance this city had in our country's independence. Fortunately, we have evolved from powdered wigs and petticoats, to Lady Gaga-esque bows and adorable short rompers. And, of course, the most trusted and loved staple of American fashion: denim jeans. If I think about what "All-American" means, James Dean circa Rebel without a Cause comes to mind. He is the embodiment of American youth in a pair of relaxed jeans. Since then, jeans exploded and can be seen everywhere and on everyone. And as every College Fashionista and Fashionisto knows, you can never have enough, or do wrong with jeans.

Habit in hip South Boston honors this iconic piece with their 4th of July Denim Sale. 10% off denim brands such as Hudson and James Jeans (nice reference, no?). Try skinny jeans with a flower print blouse, or look as if you borrowed your boyfriend's trousers. Top with a classic and uber-American polo. Not feeling the jeans scene? Walk the Freedom Trail in one of their cool and comfortable summer dresses, maxi or short cut. Guys, channel your own rebel-without-a-cause in pieces from Boston- bred J. Newbury. You may not have a motorcycle, but you can imagine you do while wearing one.

This boutique has a homey and welcoming atmosphere, and the staff is very helpful and personable. One can easily make it a habit to come here. Happy Independence Day!

Photo credit: Habit



I knew it was love as soon as I stepped into its raspberry-colored confines. Polka dots, paisley prints, and leopard spots surrounded me in a sort of spin art. I felt like I was in a treasure trove of vintage pieces from the roaring 20's to the grunge-rock days of the early 90's. An overwhelming sensation was felt as I viewed designer labels such as Diane von Furstenberg for humbling low prices. In need of an outfit to express my own sense of style, I wanted to make a first impression. It was my first nerve-wracking college open house. That was about a year ago, and as my freshman year spontaneously evolved as quickly as the New England weather, so did my style aesthetic. Luckily, Raspberry Beret supplied me with a century’s worth of inspiration.

Whether you want to dress the part of fashion royalty such as Grace Kelly, a psychedelic Venus in [faux] fur, or "it" girl Carrie Bradshaw, this is the place for fashion experimentation.

This boutique is also perfect fit for finding an ensemble for one of the many music festivals this summer. Follow the global chic trend with an azul peasant blouse. Looking for a more classic look? Try a feminine white sundress. For color, add red loafers reminiscent of riding a Vespa through the streets of Italy. Accessorizing might take a while. Small sequined clutches to gaudy rhinestone studded jaguar necklaces — and yes, I even saw a pair of jelly shoes (remember them?!). There are endless possibilities, so have fun and channel your own inner Fashionista.

FASHION NEWS: Rainbow Nation

While watching the FIFA World Cup matches, I was inspired by the global diversity gathered in one place. This World Cup is truly a historic one as it is held in South Africa. Once battered by Apartheid, it is now appropriately nicknamed the "Rainbow Nation".

While you may not have been able to go to South Africa,  LF Stores allow you to proudly wear your team's colors with their limited edition 2010 World Cup tees. Countries such as Italy, Brazil and England are represented in unique distressed designs. Pair with one of their frayed denim shorts from the Evolving Summer line, and add a bit of your own colorful eye candy. I recommend topping off your outfit with one of this season's hottest items: the statement ring. You are set to cheer in style (no flyer miles necessary)!

Photo Credit: LF Stores

FASHION NEWS: Banana Republic Summer 2010

Summer is a great time to lounge by the pool. You, on the other hand, have decided to dive into an internship. Good for you, Fashionista! The dilemma is, how do you keep you keep your cool at the office between emergency coffee runs and endless amounts of papers to file?

Banana Republic's summer line will help keep things professional while showcasing you in this season's latest trends. Think feminine and romantic ruffles, high waisted skirts, and an armful of exotic bangles.

Be sure to check out them out for classic and easy mix-and-match pieces. Even the most Miranda Priestly-esque bosses would approve.




Photo Credit: Banana Republic