Style Guru Bio: Gabriela Hernandez

Hello! I'm Gabriela Hernandez. Currently a sophomore at Boston University, I hope to pursue a study in International Management. I am originally from Puerto Rico and have lived in Florida, but now I am in the wonderful city of Boston! Though it is a complete 180 from the warm climate I'm used to, I love what the city has to offer. It is especially great for those trying to make their way in the fashion industry. Fashion and photography are absolute passions of mine. Not only do they offer an outlet to express creativity, but they share a universal language. I believe images are powerful ways to communicate with others. I would have to say my style is an eclectic mix of classic and unique pieces. Much of my inspiration comes from my travels and even the people I meet at BU. I am thrilled to be part of College Fashionista! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it!