4 Tips to Enhance your Casual Style—Fashionisto Edition

Often, guys have the misconception that the only way to look nice and fashionable is if they dress up. However, you can be stylish in anything from joggers to suits. It doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you pay attention to the details. Focusing on small details will go a very long way and sharpen your casual style. Here are four ways to enhance your wardrobe.

1—Cuff your jeans. Rolling up your straight-legged jeans is a simple way to show extra details you miss when they are all the way down. It focuses your attention on a nice pair of shoes matched with fashionable socks. When the jeans are rolled, it allows you to show personal style and let a pop of color show underneath with stylish socks.

2—Men’s bags. The days of thinking it’s only socially acceptable for women to have handbags are over. Any gender needs a bag to carry essentials around in, so guys its time to trade out that old beat-up book bag for a leather satchel bag. Choosing a bag to carry gives you the chance to reflect your own style while looking professional. Remember to select a bag that’s durable and water-resistant!

3—Footwear. The key to any successful outfit is to always put your best foot forward. The “desert boot” is a staple shoe all guys should have in their closet. The boot is interchangeable and can be dressed up or down. Here, the boot is paired with the cuffed jeans to sharpen the casual look while keeping it comfortable. I recommend getting this boot in a versatile neutral color.

4—Watches. Add some arm candy to your daily wardrobe! Let’s be honest, everyone hates that one person who always shows up late to everything. Never be that person and add a watch to your daily outfit. A watch is a small detail that makes a huge impact on your look, and it easily enhances any outfit. If you prefer wearing light colored clothing, I recommend you choose a brown or gold watch. If you prefer dark clothing, go with a black watch.

Paying attention to the small details can make any drab outfit become fab. The four tips listed above will help you enhance any simple outfit while keeping your own style.

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The 6-Step Workout Guide to Achieve Your Dream Summer Body

The beginning of summer we are motivated to eat healthy, workout daily, and achieve our “ideal summer body.” However, we often drift away from our fitness goals from fear of not knowing where to begin. The days of fear are behind us! Below is an easy workout guide and tips to help reach your summer fitness goals.

These six workouts can be done anywhere, anytime. Working out isn’t restricted to only the gym; these workouts can be done outside, at home, or in your hotel room on vacation! Summer is a time of traveling, but shouldn’t stand in your way of a healthy, fit, lifestyle.

To get started all you’ll need is a yoga mat, a stylish sports bra to beat the summer heat, and a swanky pair of leggings and you’re ready to start working out!

Here is the Six-Step Workout Guide

Exercise 1—30 squats, three sets

To ensure you don’t hurt your knees, stand with your feet slightly wider than your hips, pushing the weight into your heels to relieve any pressure on your knees. Make sure you squat at a 90-degree angle 30 times, take a small break in between each set and repeat twice more for best results.

Exercise 2—Planks

To achieve best results for this exercise, when holding this position place your hands directly under your shoulders, toes on the ground squeezing your glutes and engaging your core. Hold this position for 60 seconds. For a more challenging workout try side planks on each side as well!

Exercise 3—15 lunges on each leg, three sets

Lunges are a great way to tone the front and backs of your legs, however, often people don’t do them correctly. While lunging you want to keep your body straight, core engaged, step forward with one leg, and bend until both legs reach a 90-degree angle with your weight in your heels.

Exercise 4—15 push-ups, three sets

Often we fear the words “push-up,” but it’s a great exercise to target your entire body at once. Can also be done on your knees or toes as long as you complete three sets of 15 push-ups.

Exercise 5—15 glute bridges, three sets

Glute bridges are a great way to tone your core without having to do a sit up. In this position you want to lie face up to the floor, knees bent, palms pushing down on the ground and hips pushing up into the air squeezing your glutes at the top. Do 15 reps of glute bridges three times for best results.

Exercise 6—30 scissor kicks, three sets

Scissor kicks are a great exercise to reduce belly fat and tone up. The constant movement of leg motion burns calories up fast. Do 30 reps take a 30 second break, then keep going to get your dream tummy.

Starting your workout journey can be tough, and scary at first, but with the guidance of this workout guide your confidence will grow in no time!

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How to Keep Your Personal Style In the Office

College students spend four years discovering who they are and developing their own style. But what happens to that style when they enter the workforce? Young adults often fear they will be forced to conform to a boring strict dress code. However, with a little creativity, there is always room for personal expression!

A great way to add taste, and style to your wardrobe, is through embellishments. Black slacks are a work place classic, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be trendy. Adding pearls down the front seam of the pants adds personality, style, and texture while still capturing a “professional” look. A simple embellishment can give you the confidence to express your personal style while keeping it appropriate.

White blouses are a piece that hangs in everyone’s work closet. However, it doesn’t mean it has to be a mainstream item. Experimenting with texture takes a plain white blouse and transforms it into your own. Here the lace detail throughout the shirt, and the high neckline captures attention and adds interest.

Shoes are often a love/hate relationship with women; they love how they look but hate the way the high heel makes their feet hurt after hours of standing. However maintaining fashion, and comfort is achievable! The slip-on shoe is the perfect balance of style, business casual, and comfort all in one! Here adding the lace-up shoe adds detail, originality, and creativity. It takes a regular shoe, and makes it its own!

As you transition from college student to young working adult, infuse your personal style into your work wardrobe. Embellishments, textures, and unexpected details will help you transfer basic work pieces into a personal statement

Do you feel the same way about incorporating personal style into business attire? Let me know in the comments below!