WHAT TO WEAR: Earthy Comfort

Portland, Oregon is swimming with unique Fashionistas/os. It is the home of the weirdos, where the citizens proudly live up to their stereotype. Their unique individuality is what makes this city’s style so fun and care-free.

This Portland native caught my eye almost immediately with her hip and funky style. She was sporting her look with true hippy Portland style, as she was originally holding a sandwich almost as if it was an accessory. You can tell that she was so comfy, yet looked super rad at the same time! It was the classy and exotic scarf that quickly drew me to this look. It looked like it could be part of a curtain, yet added an element of color and individuality to her style. Underneath the scarf, this Fashionista wore a simple structured smock, which some may say is a forgotten gem. With the rugged smock grounding the funky scarf, it also doubled as a handy tool with ample large pockets. This look was styled with minimal jewelry, yet still felt completed. On her right hand, this stylish little lady was sporting a cute claddagh ring, which mimicked the cool tattoo she had on her forearm.  She paired this look with some simple cuffed khakis, and black Birkenstocks. The Birkenstocks only reinforced the Portland vibes of this cool outfit, and they looked as comfortable as ever.

You could tell that this look was one of a kind, and very distinct to this particular city-goer’s look. With a bunch of funky pieces tied together with an earthy vibe, this quirky look killed it!

STYLE ADVICE: Vintage Rocker

In today’s society the social norm has shifted to create a growing popularity for a unique individualized fashion sense, as opposed to a “black and white” outlook of what is considered in style and out. Today, it is considered trendy to thrift your wardrobe and personalize your look. This can make constructing your style a lot more fun! Whether you are dressing up or dressing down, there are plenty subtle tricks to express your unique style.

This Fashionista added some magic to her outfit by mixing the prints of her striped top with her cheetah/denim reversible coat. When you have two risky coinciding looks, it is a good idea to balance your look with a strong yet simple piece. As you can see, the black overlaid dress played this role by perfectly unifying the coat and top. As for the jewelry used for this look, this Fashionista pulled off a tricky technique. It’s easy to make the mistake of overdosing on rings and accessories. However, the plethora of rings used by this stylish student added a cool rock-star vibe. This is a look that can only be pulled off with very simple rings that have a unifying factor, such as the silver makeup and circular theme. Pins are another new trend we are seeing more of everyday. Not only does adding pins and buttons give your look a burst of color, it will add detail to whatever outfit you are sporting. Pins also allow you to show your support for social issues you hold dear, as we see this Fashionista doing! Finally, this look is finished off with some classic little booties, which ties this look together and gives our cute crusader a classy and individualized vibe.

BEAUTY BAR: Sporty Chic

With the new semester in full swing, it is easy to find yourself getting lazy with fashion efforts.  Around this time of the school year, students are so immersed in their studies and projects that their style priorities tend to take the backseat to more pressing matters.  Therefore, it’s hard not to notice a Fashionista looking especially fabulous around campus!

When I saw this stylish little lady’s look, I imagined her as one of those modern-day cool kids who dated the quarterback yet still spent her lunches in the art room. Her look reminded of one of the popular girls from Clueless, as she gracefully rocked the sporty look and artsy look at the same time.

This Fashionista had bravely sacrificed her warmth for the sake of style, and she looked phenomenal. While she may not be wearing many layers, she still looked hot! The brilliant green from the jacket is what originally caught my eye.  As I looked closer, I noticed that this daring look was simply stunning.  The bold Fashionista had on a vintage letterman jacket worn with a classic crop top. She dared to pair this look with some light-wash ripped jeans, which helped emphasize the crazy cool coat she had on. One of my favorite aspects of this look was the personalized necklace, which charmingly displayed her name and accentuated the gold and black watch she was wearing. To ground this look, this stylish student had on some unique clear-rimmed glasses. They may seem like an easy accessory to overlook, yet they are what made this look original and modern. Worn with some classic Adidas shoes, this girl definitely set the beauty bar high.


ALL IN THE DETAILS: Effortless Posh

The little details in every style is what make or break an outfit. A look can not be completed without the proper accessories.  They may be small, yet a correctly styled bracelet, necklace, or hat can turn any outfit from drab to fab! No matter how small they are, the little details are important.

With the trenches of winter fast approaching, style tends to take the backseat in deference to warmth and comfort.  However, this is an unnecessary compromise! With the correct accessories, you can make almost any warm winter style look like it’s from fashion week.

This campus Fashionista caught my eye while I was walking out of a nearby Starbucks.  Her look appeared effortless without looking sloppy.  With all of the very different aspects of her look, it surprisingly worked together in a very cohesive way.  This casual outfit was somehow able to pull off a green cardigan with the orange accent of the heavy winter coat and a navy blue Longchamp bag. What drew me to this look was her choker, which she said was made out of a scrap piece of fabric.  The embroidered DIY choker was an easy and quick craft and, in my opinion, completed the look.  This solo accessory transformed her otherwise fairly simple outfit.  Along with her banging beanie and cool shades, the details of this outfit were definitely what made this look a true outlier.  With the white T-shirt being the anchor to her outfit, this Fashionista looked absolutely stunning in a classy and simple way!


STYLE GURU BIO: Gaby Henderson

Hey! My name is Gaby, and I’m a sophomore in the fashion design program at Kent State University. I first fell in love with fashion when I was eight years old and this was when I realized that I preferred designing outfits for my dolls as opposed to going outside to play sports.  Since then I have always been drawn to finding and appreciating new looks and styles, and I have since dedicated my life to fashion.

I have always had trouble sticking to one aesthetic. Each time I put on a new outfit, it is like putting on a mask, which allows me to play a different role. The one characteristic I always try to demonstrate is uniqueness. With every outfit I wear, I strive to add a special feature which stands out. I find that my typical look is usually inspired by the ’90s fashions. Denim and chokers are two crucial aspects needed to complete my everyday style. You will usually find me sporting a subtle hint of bright color, whether it be in my accessories or within the details of my individual clothing articles. A small burst of color is often what is needed to add a little touch of me onto whatever outfit I am displaying.

For the look I am sporting above, I paired my favorite denim jacket with a simple T-shirt and black ripped jeans. This look is effortless, yet very retro. My favorite part of this look is the red fishnet choker, which is a truly unique piece. I paired this look with some vintage sunglasses that had an unusual rim shape and tinted purple lens, and a classic silver watch. The look was finished with a simple touch of all white adidas shoes.

I am so glad to be working with CollegeFashionista, and can’t wait to see what the semester holds for us!