Hey, it’s finals! Did you know it’s finals week? Because it’s finals week. The semester is coming to the end we thought we’d never see, and we’ve officially seen the first snow of the season! Campus is abuzz with students blowing off steam by rolling around in the snow and making plans with friends back home for the much-anticipated winter break. Despite all the stress, the reward that comes after finals week is pretty sweet.

For me, the worst part about finals is that fashion tends to be scarce. I’m a culprit myself, but the moccasins and the sweats can be an eyesore. Not that there’s anything wrong with being comfy. It’s a virtue! But I find that quote-unquote “real clothes” can be more comfy that typical sweats.

Take a gander at this Fashionista. She’s wearing a chunky infinity scarf to keep warm while she studies, instead of wrestling with a bulky hoodie. Paired with leggings and sweater, she’s still comfy and warm, without the bulk. I especially love her take on the typical UGG boot. I like to call these “moca-boots.” They’re a combination of comfy slippers and shearling boots, but so much cuter. Black makes them versatile, while the hardware details and cute fur decorations make them super fun. I also love how this Fashionista kept this look fresh with a pop of color among an all-black base. When everyone’s practically in uniform with Black North Face jackets and black yoga pants, a pop of color will definitely make you stand out, even if it’s just in the library!

Now repeat after me: I solemnly swear not to resort to wearing those sweatpants from high school during finals week. The best part about this look is that it’s already in your closet! For the sake of simplicity, stick to black basics: these fleece-lined leggings are so cozy and this black sweater is the warmest thing you’ll ever own.

Now for the fun stuff. A chunky circle scarf is all the rage this season, so snatch one up to keep toasty warm in the chilliest weather. And try to get out of your comfort zone in the shoe department. While moccasins are comfy, everyone’s wearing them, so what fun is that? Switch up your shoe game with these boots that have a cool Navajo twist. And of course, don’t forget to accessorize with your favorite color! By rocking your best hue, you’ll give yourself an extra boost of confidence to get you through your tests. Good luck!

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I admit, I’m in denial. I’m always the last person to admit they need a jacket when it gets cold. The more the temperature drops, the more I resist my friends’ urges for me to put a coat on. But eventually, I buck up and put on my winter coat begrudgingly. Luckily, that winter coat doesn’t have to put you in a black North Face hole of fashion doom. Just because it covers your outfit underneath, doesn’t mean it can’t act as a second outfit on the outside!

This Fashionisto accomplishes this successfully. As a guy, it can be too easy to fall into the classic fleece jacket trend that we see all too often. If you want to stick out in a crowd of North Faces, try out a peacoat. It’s often the underestimated choice for men, because it seems too serious. But it really keeps your much warmer than a fleece, as wool is a heavier fabric. And it makes you look really sharp! With origins in the military, it’s truly a classic look for men and women. This Fashionisto adds a stylish scarf for extra warm.

Have I convinced you to donate your fleece and invest in a more stylish winter coat option? Good!  It won’t be hard, because there’s so many great options for both men and women to take their winter coat choice to the next level. For men, a classic black peacoat is a good option to instantly update your wardrobe. For women, a long peacoat adds instant elegance to any look. If you still think a peacoat is too “fancy”, try a toned down version, like this fun color or this cool toggle option. Extra chilly? Tie the whole outfit together with a warm scarf. Brrr!

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My eBay collections were curated as part of the CollegeFashionista and eBay collaboration with Style Coalition #FOLLOWITFINDIT!


Nancy Sinatra knew what she was talking about in her 1966 pop hit, “These Boots Were Made for Walkin.” Since then, boots have become a timeless statement for women everywhere. They come in so many different personalities: combat, leather, suede, thigh-high, booties, snow and so much more. A good pair of boots can get a girl through anything. Day to night, rain to shine.

This Fashionista incorporates one of fall’s favorite boot styles into her look. These riding boots are stylish paired with anything. By picking a neutral tone of gray, these boots go with everything from black to metallics. The height of these boots are perfect, and look cute with tucked-in jeans or even a skirt and tights. This Fashionista also opts for a cozy sweater to keep her warm without the bulk of a winter coat. No winter coats until the solstice is my rule of thumb. There’s plenty of time for bundled up fashion when the time comes, so why rush into it if you can get away without it?

To copy this look, invest in a nice pair of riding boots for sure. They can be sort of expensive, but it’s almost Christmas (ahem, Santa!). But pick a pair you love that will go with a lot of what you already own. A neutral brown, a sassy black or daring red? You decide! Pair with your favorite jeans and a cozy sweater and you’ll be ready to stroll the city streets like you own them!

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My eBay collections were curated as part of the CollegeFashionista and eBay collaboration with Style Coalition #FOLLOWITFINDIT!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Earth, Wind and Fire

It’s amazing to me what a difference tone can make. In the Chinese language, the tone with which you speak can completely change the meaning of what you’re trying to say. The tone of blue on your bedroom walls have an affect on how you feel in that space. While one affects your mood, another is the fine line between calling someone “horse” instead of “mom,” tone affects us all everyday. The same holds true with our clothing. Jewel tones have a sense of elegance. Skin tones can be sort of sexy. And Earth tones are relaxing and tranquil. With finals approaching, we may all need to set aside some time to appreciate Earth tones.

This Fashionista incorporates some rich Earth tones into her ensemble. A chambray blouse and a green vest are reminiscent of the water and the earth. She even adds tortoise shell sunglasses, bringing in another Earth-y aspect. While Earth tones tend to be dull, this Fashionista adds fun accessories to keep it fashionable. Her stone necklace ties in perfectly, and her adorable kate spade tote gives her outfit character.

When creating a look with Earth tones, steer towards shades like blue, green, brown and gray. Even orange can be an earth tone, like clay or the desert. Try a classic chambray shirt as a base. Quilted vests are really big this fall, so pick one from this array of Earth tone options. Keep your bottoms simple if you plan on incorporating statement accessories. Skinny jeans or leggings paired with ballet flats work well. For jewelry, incorporate a cool stone for a literal Earthy vibe.

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It’s November! It’s hard to believe that 2013 has gone by so quickly. Pretty soon, we’ll be packing up for Thanksgiving, and soon after, it’s finals and Christmas time. It can feel like you barely have time to catch your breath with everything that’s going on. But November is really the heart of fall, where everyday is basically perfect chilly weather, but still sunny and dry. The leaves are beginning to fall, giving that satisfying crunch under your feet as you walk to class. I love the harvest shades so much. Those yellows, oranges and reds are so stunning to look at, whether they’re on the trees or on the ground.

So why not take those beautiful hues and wear them? You can! This Fashionista demonstrates how to incorporate the colors of the leaves into your wardrobe. These super cute maroon skinny jeans are reminiscent of the rare red leaves that grace the luckiest branches. Paired with a plain tee and a patterned scarf, this outfit is casual and polished. Combat boots are a great addition as well. With a peep of studs on the top, they’re sure to make a statement on campus.

Your inspiration for this style is right outside your window. Pick your favorite fall foliage color in a piece you love, like these burnt sienna skinnies. Keep it simple on top: a plain tee and coordinated scarf work best. For shoes, it’s all up to you. What shoes are best for crunching leaves? Combat boots? Stylish loafers? You decide!

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STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Dressed to Impress

Look good, feel good. That’s always been my philosophy. What you wear on any given day can have an adverse effect on how you feel throughout the day. If I’m rolling around in sweats, I probably feel unmotivated and tired. But when I wear something that makes me feel confident and put-together, my outlook on the day is that much better. It’s as simple as that.

In the midst of the semester, it can start to feel like a countdown to the end of it all: “30 days ’til Thanksgiving!” everyone says. Even though the shiny newness of the semester has worn off, don’t let that affect the outcome of the whole semester! Dedicate just one day a week to putting together a look good, feel good outfit. Take the extra five minutes at night to pick out something you love. You’ll even shave time off your morning routine by having an outfit picked out beforehand. Before you know it, it’ll become a habit and soon you’ll be feelin’ good everyday of the week.

A good go-to piece to shift from an exhausted co-ed to a confident Fashionista is a dress. This Fashionista rocks a chiffon dress with earth tones for fall, and pairs with a dark leather belt to add definition and update a dress to fall trends. Pulling off a successful fall dress is tricky, but it’s all about proportions and material. Try a knit dress to give you warmth even without coverage. Pair with a jacket or tights for a layered look that adds warmth as well. For shoes, it you feel up to it, something with a heel will make you walk with a strut of confidence!

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My eBay collections were curated as part of the CollegeFashionista and  eBay collaboration with Style Coalition #FOLLOWITFINDIT

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Sweater Weather Is Better Weather

Sweater weather has officially arrived! Say hello to the season that’s chockfull of colorful knits! Any true Fashionista knows that sweater weather is the unofficial fifth season of the year. There’s nothing cozier than your favorite oversized sweater this time of year. The key to making the baggy sweater look work is balance. If you go baggy on top, you want to be polished everywhere else. I like to follow the 40 percent rule: only 40 percent of your outfit should be skin, or skin tight.

When wearing an oversized sweater, pair it with skinny jeans or tights on the bottom. This Fashionista wears a cute, printed sweater over tights, but pairs it with a skirt underneath for coverage. Paired with adorable booties, this Fashionista is comfortable and warm, but also looks stylish with printed tights. This look was recently spotted on the runway for Anna Sui’s fall collection, so it’s definitely going to be popular this year!

To achieve this look, start with the sweater. It’s most important to find a sweater you’ll be comfy and feel good in before you invest in some of the less comfortable pieces. The home of oversized sweaters has to be Urban Outfitters. Whether you want to go simple, quirky or posh, Urban Outfitters has it all. You can do the same with the tights even. You can do simple black with a subtle sparkle, a unique print or a fun kitty pair. The combinations are endless and there are really no wrong answers. The point is to be effortless and fun! Just remember to wear a skirt or shorts underneath just in case the sweater doesn’t do its job! Stay cozy!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Out With the New, In With the Old

Regina George may have thought your mom’s skirt from the ’80s was “the ugliest f-ing skirt” she’s ever seen, but she couldn’t be more wrong! A universally accepted challenge in the fashion world is having something so unique, it can’t be copied. With vintage fashion, it’s possible!

This Fashionista shows how to use a vintage piece to jazz up an ordinary outfit. While chatting with this Fashionista, I learned that this jacket was something she found at a neighbor’s garage sale. She really liked the patterned lining, and the quilted pattern felt Chanel-esque. And the price was a steal! Paired with her favorite belt, and spunky high tops, she’s ready for fall! It’s nice to wear something that you know you won’t see anyone else wearing.

Now, I know I said the purpose of wearing vintage pieces is to be original, but I’m going to tell you how to achieve this look on your own! Vintage shopping can be a challenge, but you have to know where to look. Ditch the mall and hit up your local second-hand store or thrift shop. It may take a little digging, but you’ll find a few gems.

Try a vintage tweed. The shape and pattern can seem outdated, so update with fun accessories and something fitted underneath. If the second-hand route isn’t for you, try Urban Outfitters Urban Renewal Collection for one of a kind items with a vintage twist. A cool cardigan or a patterned jacket can have the same punch as their vintage counterparts, but are much easier to find if you’re not in the mood for a challenge. Either way, everyone on campus will be stopping you to ask “Where did you get that?”



Do you ever feel like you were born in the wrong era? Sometimes, I wonder why I wasn’t around during the fringe-filled flapper days or the festival fashions of Woodstock. Well, consider this a #ThrowbackThursday for your wardrobe! You can bring back some of the hot styles that were popular decades ago, with a few key updates for today’s fashions.

This Fashionista throws it back to the era of mod fashion. Known for its color-blocking and geometric shapes, the mod era is iconic in fashion history. Taking place in the mid ’60s, Twiggy and go-go dancers were the main trendsetters for this era. Fast forward 40 years, and mod fashion can still make quite a statement! This Fashionista sports a simple sheath dress in a cute polka-dot pattern, reminiscent of the dresses worn by women in the ’60s. To keep it stylish instead of outdated, she adds current accessories, like a watch, a belt and nude wedges. To go off on a little fashion tangent, nude wedges are a must-have. They’re comfortable, and they make your legs look like they go on forever when paired with a skirt or skinnies!

So how do you pull off this look without a time machine? Just keep this in mind: simple shapes in bold patterns. This dress has a simple A-line, but the polka-dots give it much-deserved attention. If you want to go all out with this trend, try an authentic-looking cherry print dress for a pin-up girl look. Lastly, try out the nude heel trend. They look good on everyone, and they make your legs look so long! Definitely something to try out if you want to show off your legs before the cold weather makes you cover them up!


There are two types of people in this world: people who admit to the occasional crazy hair-brush singing, pajama-clad dancing bedroom concert, and liars. Growing up, who didn’t dream of being a rockstar? Full disclosure, Avril Lavigne was my number one idol and I had the cargo pants to prove it. Now that we’ve grown up, there’s still a little part of me that wants to live a double life like Hannah Montana.

So, how do you channel your inner lead singer in the real world? Easy! It’s all about making a bold statement. When artists are up on stage, they’re known to wear something bold and daring. Think Katy Perry or Lady Gaga. Obviously, you’re not gonna go to class dressed like a cupcake, so try using bold pieces along with classics. This Fashionista pairs a little black dress with a statement necklace and cool shades. A dress is girly and classic, but black is classic with an edgy flair. The edition of lace is a classy way to show a little extra skin. A metal necklace makes a cheeky statement, while big sunnies round out the look with a flirty vibe.

You might want to keep the karaoke sesh to your time in the shower, but definitely try a rockin’ look like this around campus! Start with a classic cut in a darker color–like this dress. Then add a statement necklace of your choice. Personally, something that incorporates different elements, like one with jewels, metal and fabric, pack a major punch. To complete the look, add cool combat boots for a true rocker vibe. Don’t be surprised if people start asking for autographs. Rock on, Fashionistas!