In this year’s Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia there have been a few key trends that littered the runways and that will no doubt be wardrobe must haves for the coming seasons. The most prominent trend this year has been injections of highly contrasting neon colours. From neon orange lipsticks to fluoro yellow clutches, this trend is taking the streets by storm.

Today’s Fashionista heralds this trend with ease and sophistication, combing three essential pieces to create a one of a kind statement ensemble. The bright yellow jacket worn with a simple white t-shirt and coated denim jeans creates a classic yet daring aesthetic. It is essential that when you are introducing a vibrant colour into your outfit that you keep all other elements understated so that they act as a neutral backdrop for your neon colour of choice. The neon colour is interchangeable; depending on your skin tone and other pieces in your wardrobe, select a colour that works for you.

If such a bold statement is not your style do not fear, this trend is essentially about incorporating an eye-popping colour into an otherwise classic outfit. So if this jacket is too daring inject a splash of colour into your accessories, opt for a pair of neon-feathered earrings, a neon pink cuff or a sky blue leather clutch.

So take your cues from fashion week and inject a splash of neon colour into your winter wardrobe. This trend has taken over most large stores such as Zara, Topshop and ASOS.


Melbourne is known for our edgy and fearless approach towards fashion and today’s Fashionisto is no exception to the rule. Whilst some believe that Melbournians obsession with black is depressing and somewhat bland, this Fashionisto uses textures, layers and accessories to create a unique contemporary outfit.

Wearing all black layers can often appear heavy so in order to maintain a seamless look ensure that you tweak your outfit and show some skin. Simply rolling up the sleeves of an over-coat like today’s Fashionisto creates shape and provides a contrast with the black.

Accessories are also an integral process of creating an edgy ensemble. Adding a leather shoulder bag, a light summer scarf and a flash of chunky silver jewellery, this look goes from drab to fab in seconds. The black leather lace-up boots add a military aesthetic and are perfect for a chilly day in Melbourne. To recreate this look yourself go for multiple layers of light yet form fitting pieces, but don’t be fooled, layering is a fashion art that will take some practice. If you follow these simple rules you will ensure that your overall look will be daring without being overwhelmed by a weight of fabric.

Try out Alpha60, Nique and Acne for simple layering pieces.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Checked Shirt? Check

The checked shirt has long been a wardrobe staple, from farmer-inspired flannel checkered shirts to the more bold and vibrant coloured patterns we see today, this Fashionista shows us that the checked shirt isn't only reserved for men. 

This blue and orange abstract check shirt is a modern take on the classic check, providing a welcome pop of colour among the streets of Melbourne. Worn buttoned-up to the neck and with a pair of distressed leather shorts, today’s Fashionista maintains her femininity through a generous show of leg. If you are going to button your check shirt all the way to the top, you must be sure to show some skin elsewhere otherwise you may end up looking a little too masculine.

The check shirt is a versatile essential; it can be worn undone over a plain T-shirt with a pair of washed boyfriend jeans, it can be worn tucked into a pair of high-waisted skinny black pants or even with a denim or leather mini skirt, the possibilities are endless. If your new to adding patterned pieces into your wardrobe, then a checked shirt is a great way to start, it is a classic print that will add life and interest to any outfit. To avoid looking as though you belong on a tractor (cliché as it may be), make sure to keep the rest of your outfit sharp and on trend, this will ensure that you maintain an edgy appeal.

And remember, although you might have to search through the menswear section, the checked shirt is definitely a statement for women. Checked shirts can be sourced from a range of outlets including ASOS.


As we all know, accessorising is an essential part of creating the perfect ensemble. Today’s Fashionista shows us how to accessorise with statement pieces that are sure to transform any outfit.

Statement jewellery first rose to the forefront of fashion in 2008 and has continued its reign until 2012, bigger and bolder than ever before. Recently we have witnessed the rise of the metallic collars, the wide gold belts and the metal cuffs. The statement jewellery trend is one of the most accessible trends, as bold neckpieces or cuffs are often costume jewellery and widely produced, they also have a price tag to match. 

Today’s Fashionista has taken this trend on board opting for a Rachel Zoe gold chunky chain neckpiece. There are essentially two ways to utilise this trend, the first is to down play the rest of your outfit to allow the jewellery to stand out, the second option is to combine a statement neckpiece with equally bold clothing to match. Today’s Fashionista has opted for the second option, she has paired a her statement neckpiece with printed peter pan collar dress a bold red lip and a pair of oversized black shades. To carry the gold through the rest of her outfit she has added a gold studded leather tote. 

To get your gold fix, Shopbop has all the answers. They have a vast array of statement neckpieces that are sure to keep you right on trend. When it comes to accessorising in 2012, the bigger and bolder, the better.


Denim plus leather is the perfect combination in the fashion world. Like cookies and cream or jam and scones, no other two textures are more suited to each other. Whether you combine a pair of denim shorts and a cropped leather jacket or like today’s Fashionista, a pair of tan leather shorts and a denim button-up shirt, this trend is sure to turn heads.

What’s great about this combination is that you most likely already have these pieces in your wardrobe just waiting for you to mix and match. When combining soft subtle leathers with a distressed denim counterpart the over-all look is surprisingly luxurious with a just a hint of biker grunge. To add a touch of glamour to your ensemble, incorporating a metallic accessory like a rose gold collar or a stack of gold bracelets will immediately bring your outfit to life.

You have probably worn your denim shorts thousands of times, but have you thought about pairing them with your luxe leather jacket or vest?  Today’s Fashionista shows us that denim and leather is a match made in heaven, and while a leather piece is a costly investment it is a piece that will take you from season to season. The pale blue denim compliments the rich tanned leather creating a bold statement that is sure to win over your classmates. This is a great winter ensemble that will lift your spirits as the gloomier months roll in. So mix and match and create your own unique denim and leather combination.


As the days get shorter and autumn begins to descend on Melbourne, keeping your wardrobe light and bright is the key to maintaining a bold and fashionable campus style.

Today’s Fashionista has opted for a soft cinnamon coloured coat layered over a cropped blue blazer and a fitted shirt and pants. The soft neutral hue contrasts with the rest of her outfit and makes a statement in the sea of black that washes over the streets. This is also the perfect colour to transcend seasons and can easily be slipped into your spring or winter wardrobe. I was drawn to the unusual cut out shape of this winter jacket, it adds interest to the ensemble and is a great alternative to a simple button-up coat.

This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for on campus as it is a classic combination of staple pieces that are as comfortable as they are stylish. Her wax coated denim jeans and black tunic are basic pieces that are a must have for on campus and that every Fashionista should own. Paired with her soft woollen jacket, this outfit is brought to life with a pop of red lipstick and a thin black and gold belt that glimmers beneath her coat. With such a clean backdrop one can add unique touches with a statement necklace, a printed scarf or a wide coloured belt. 

Today’s Fashionista shows us that selecting the right winter jacket is an essential decision that will ensure that your winter wardrobe is as exciting and bold as the colourful pieces that dominated summer ensembles.



This week, Melbourne was brought to life with the opening and closing of the L’Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. Students and Melbournians alike, encouraged by the innovative and stylish designs that walked the runway, donned their most fashionable outfits as a toast to the festival. Today’s Fashionista is right on trend sporting a brightly coloured silk floral blouse. Designers such as Mary Katrantzou, Josh Goot and many more adopted this trend in their latest collections, which ensured that this season it is all about prints in any shape or form.

By pairing a statement printed shirt with a classic black mini and a pair of neutral suede boots, this Fashionista let the shirt do all the talking. It is easy to let a bold floral print overwhelm the rest of your outfit, so in order to maintain a sleek feminine silhouette be sure to show some skin and define your waist like today’s Fashionista. For a campus friendly version of today’s outfit, pair a floral silk shirt with a pair of high-waisted wax look jeans and flat leather loafers.

Staying on trend with a floral print doesn’t have to be hard. It is important to dress for you figure, so to ensure that you highlight the right areas, wearing a printed piece either as a top or a bottom is an important decision. If you want to disguise your top half, wear your printed piece on the bottom and pair it back with a solid coloured fitted top. This way you draw attention to your lower half whilst camouflaging your top half. The size of the print is also something to be considered. It is always best to opt for a smaller intricate print like today’s Fashionista. A finer print is slimming and often utilises a greater variety of colours and textures. If your feeling adventurous team a printed jacket with matching printed pants and a classic t-shirt or shirt.

Mary Katrantzou’s recent collaboration with TopShop shows how bold prints can be incorporated into everyday outfits and is available on the online store. Otherwise, Zara and ASOS have also incorporated printed pieces into their latest collections.Whether you’re wearing a printed shirt, skirt or pants, stay on trend this semester and go bright with a statement floral piece.


A vest is a solid investment: A way to immediately transform your outfit from good to great, a way to add interest to a basic ensemble and a way to add warmth on a chilly day.

Vests come in a vast range of sizes, cuts, fabrics and textures and are therefore the essential trans-seasonal piece for every Fashionista. Today’s Fashionista has opted for a statement olive green and black printed vest.  Worn with a pair or high-waisted denim shorts and a classic black woollen top, this vest elevates her outfit adding interest and a pop of colour. The long length of this vest plays with layering and shapes creating a smooth silhouette.

This piece of apparel is a great way to add texture or colour to an outfit. In winter, wearing a waist-length fur (or faux fur) vest adds a sense of luxury to any outfit and is the perfect way to keep warm without having to throw on a heavy woollen coat. Knee length tailored vests add a hint of sophistication to an ensemble. Worn with a woollen long sleeve top underneath and a pair of silk pants, a tailored vest is an edgy and stylish addition. In summer months adding a silk vest in a bright hue adds another dimension to an outfit and helps to create a more refined overall ensemble. Vests can be belted, buttoned up or left to hang loosely like today’s Fashionista.

For a comfortable yet stylish campus outfit, try out a military style olive green vest, worn with a white shirt and a black high-waisted skirt. By adding a vest to an otherwise classic outfit, you immediately create a defined and recognisable style. Vests are widely accessible and are a piece most designers include in their collections. For a summery printed silk vest, DKNY have the perfect piece available on NET-A-PORTER, or for a more winter military style vest, Saba has a variety to choose from.

Whether it is military or a classic black collared vest, vests are an effortless way to add interest to any outfit. Although not always a necessity, a vest is a clothing accessory that every Fashionista should invest in.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Biker Chic — Leather Legs

For such an isolated part of the world, Melbourne has become synonymous with a fashion-forward, internationally influenced street style. Today’s Fashionista channels Helmut Lang in her ecclectic ensemble. Although once associated with heavy metal rock and roll, leather pants have made a strong comeback in recent months. Helmut Lang’s 2012 fall collection featured an array of sleek skinny leg leather pants in varying textures and colours. His collection is a unique combination of sophistication and biker chic and signalls the return of the leather pant this winter.

Today’s Fashionista combines her panelled cropped leather pants with a hippie inspired tie-dyed T-shirt and strappy black leather wedges creating a casual ensemble perfect for a cold and windy day on campus. As today’s Fashionista has shown, leather pants can be worn in a myriad of ways depending on the occasion and your own sense of style. For a biker inspired look team your leather pants with a sleeveless printed t-shirt, a pair of studded leather ankle boots and accessorise with layered silver necklaces and stacked silver cuffs. To create a sophisticated yet edgy look ideal for an evening out, combine your leather pants with a silk tank, a knee length woollen jacket and a statement Alexandra Blak collar.

Leather pants are an expensive purchase, however as Helmut Lang proves, they are sure to remain a key investment piece for every Fashionista’s wardrobe for many seasons to come.To recreate this Fashionista’s statement outfit, head to NET-A-PORTER or Sass and Bide to get your leather fix. For a more student friendly option try a pair of coated denim jeans from Zara or head to the nearest op-shop for a pair of original leather pants straight out of the '80s.


The preppy trend has been a key focus for many designers and continues to appear on catwalks around the globe. A casual style perfect for on campus, the preppy look is an accessible style that can be created from basic pieces every Fashionista should own. Today’s Fashionista shows us how it’s done with a preppy ensemble that is sure to maintain your style even in the warmest conditions.

To emulate this preppy style, turn to your summer essentials. This preppy outfit is a combination of two key pieces; high-waisted shorts and a white button-up shirt. The light blue chambray high-waisted shorts create a sleek silhouette and lengthen this Fashionista's legs. To create that preppy look that works so well on campus and never seems to go out of fashion, a white button-up shirt is a must have. By tucking in the collared shirt and adding a pair of black-framed glasses, this Fashionista has created a fashionable summer outfit perfect for on campus.

The preppy look can be trasnformed for any season. In the cooler months opt for a pair of high-waisted tan chinos and a navy blazer for warmth. To ensure that you maintain a preppy style, wear a long sleeve white button up shirt and accesorise with a pair of black-framed glasses just like this Fashionista has.

The preppy trend is the ideal style for on campus. Not only can you create an outfit from basic key pieces like a white shirt, but you can also take this trend from summer to winter. Preppy is a style synonymous with American college fashion, it is therefore easy to wear, accessible and right on trend. This semester check out American Apparel or ASOS and create your own preppy-inspired look.