As a minimalist and a tomboy, I find myself drooling over menswear fashion especially for the latest trends, such as suede loafers, rolled up ankle pants, animal motifs, and chunky watches. While walking around, I spotted this Fashionisto, who made quite the knack out of combining his pop-of-color loafers with his casual wear. He paired his navy ankle pants with a basic white T-shirt and a fancy watch to perfect the casual look with a hint of modern work attire.

Channel your own version of this casual look by shopping at J.Crew for a simple and comfortable striped T-shirt. If you prefer to ditch the standard, simple look, try sporting the loud prints such as this camo shirt from J.Crew. Interested in Korean fashion? Check out Yesstyle for unique mens T-shirts. Walk in red like this Fashionisto, and look for your own pair of the trending suede loafers to stock up on the fall trends. If you are a minimalist, try sporting buckled reddish brown shoes to look fancy and simple. Like this Fashionisto, try shopping at H&M to find your own pair of colorful ankle length pants. Are you quirky like I am? Then these ankle pants are perfect for showing off your socks and/or shoes.

You really can’t go wrong trying different trends during this time of the year. Like this Fashionisto, go bold with your choice of shoes, and/or accessories. If you are having a hard time searching for the latest trends to channel, visit Trendland for inspirations. As you slowly transition your summer wardrobe to the fall, find your own fall trends.


It is impossible to ignore this season’s trends while walking around the streets in Korea. Almost every Fashionista/o is sporting some form of denim, polka dots, neon, studs and/or sheers. When I ran into this Fashionista, my eyes were fixed on her effortless feminine spirit. The way she channeled this season’s trends in a subtle, yet playful way immediately caught my attention. She wore a polka dot dress, cream bowtie, Ray-Ban sunglasses and simple sneakers. This Fashionista topped her simple look with a touch of lips as a fun statement accessory piece.

To channel your own version of a feminine spirit with a playful touch, try shopping at K-Styleme for a vintage sheer polka dot dress. If you are searching for a different kind of dress, you can find plenty of other trendy Korean fashions at K-Styleme without having to fly across the world. Like this Fashionista, have fun with what you carry. This Fashionista channeled her own version of Lulu Guinness’s iconic lips clutch by replacing it with a cosmetic bag. Find your own fun this summer season by replacing your typical handbag with a playful bag, such as a clutch or a cosmetics bag.

To sport simple yet comfortable shoes to go with your overall look, find your own pair of sneakers at Vans or Keds. They carry sneakers from ultra simple to hipster print, like these trending leopard ones from Vans. If you are a fan of DIY like I am, follow Swellmayde’s example and try making a galaxy inspired shoes. Beat the summer heat by adding a touch of your own fun to your wardrobe this season.


As the Korea’s monsoon season is approaching, Fashionistas/os are bringing out their cheerful and colorful wardrobes for their last sunny days. The summer season yearns for bright colors, and this daring Fashionista set a perfect example in how to sport a clean-cut button up shirt.

This summer season’s must-haves include button down shirts of all types and colors. This Fashionista’s mandarin collared shirt in spiked lime is ideal for formal work-wear, while mimicking the casual silhouette, especially when worn with white denim shorts. She stacks chains on her wrist to add the perfect balance of edge and sophistication of her overall look.

To steal this Fashionista’s look, try adding your own twist to a simple button up shirt by playing with bright colors. If you are looking for the perfect clean-cut button up shirts, check out JCrew and Madewell for this season’s hottest colors. Finally, when sporting a bright color top, try wearing white denim shorts to look extra cool in the summer heat. On most occasions, a button up shirt can look like a uniform, but whether it is for work or meeting up with friends, express your individuality with a bright colored shirt for a solid staple.

FASHION FROM ABROAD: The Grunge-Era Slouch

In Seoul, there are so many different foods, fashion trends and styles that it’s hard for me to fully devote to one. On my second week in Korea, I went out to the heart of Seoul to keep up with the fast pace Korean street fashion. While strolling around the city, I spotted this Fashionista’s denim vest ensemble, which exemplified the grunge-era look perfectly. Denim is undoubtedly coming back into fashion not only for this season, but for the upcoming seasons as well.

This Fashionista wore a black skirt under the sheer black dress, and polished the overall look with an oversized denim vest. The vest not only staples her overall look, but it also plays as a perfect layering piece when mixing an article of clothing. This Fashionista is a perfect example of wearing the color black in the hot summer weather. Her choice of the sheer black fabric appears to be edgy and cool at the same time.

I was not only captivated by this Fashionista’s grunge-era slouchiness, but as well as her choice in shoes and accessories. The small touch of red and purple stacked on her arms, and a touch of white on her converse shoes scream a modern yet youthful appeal. To get this Fashionista’s stacked bracelet look, try shopping at Etsy for a handmade bracelet, or shop at Forever21 for the latest trending items.

Invest in a perfect denim piece for the season, and it will get you noticed right away. The reappearance of the jean jackets will be continued for the next season, so try shopping at Madewell, or Foreve r21 for affordable denim apparel. If you already have a denim jacket that is hiding behind your closet, be crafty and D.I.Y. your jacket. You can cut the sleeves off by following College Fashion’s tutorial and/or add studs to the collar and pockets to add some edge. Have fun this summer and redefine your wardrobe by channeling the grunge look.

FASHION FROM ABROAD: ’80s Fashion With A Twist

In the midst of the humid summer weather, I ventured into a new area of the city with no intention of running into any Fashionistas/os. As I was in pure observation mode, I soon turned to the bright and colorful printed T-shirt worn by this Fashionisto. The '80s fashion is reappearing back into fashion with a new and modern twist, and this Fashionisto channeled the decade perfectly with punch of color and fun.

This Fashionisto creatively paired his bright patterned T-shirt with mustard colored pants for the summer weather. The emphasis on the colored pants flawlessly balances out the print of the T-shirt while giving the illusion of a broader upper body. He wore a gold watch on his wrist and carried a simple black clutch to complete the playful overall look.

For most men, adding colors and prints to their wardrobe can be a big leap out of their comfort zone, but this Fashionisto easily set a perfect example for color-shy men to embrace bolder colors and prints, while incorporating minimal statement accessory pieces. For this season, try adding patterns and colors to add a punch of fun to your wardrobe by shopping at Urban Outfitters and/or Asos. If you are a minimalist, try sporting colorful pants — any Fashionisto can add this to his wardrobe because of its versatility and classic appeal. With the hot temperature on its way for the rest of the season, tuck away the dull colored apparel, and be creative with bright colors and patterns.

Spotted: Dsquared² sporting the colorful pants for creative and playful season.


Traveling has become the norm for me ever since my Europe trip. As a spoiled adventurer, staying in one country for over one week is not normal, anymore. To feed my traveling obsession, I impulsively booked a flight to Korea, my motherland.

As a Fashion lover, the first thing I’ve realized when I stepped outside the airport was the Korean fashion. It is inevitable that the way Asians dress is a bit different compared to European fashion, but it has not dissatisfied my eyes to see the well-dressed Fashionista/os to their own taste.  

While walking around Hongdae, the center of indie culture and urban street arts, I ran into this Fashionista who was sporting the perfect mixed floral explosion. The clean silhouette of the dress balances the high dose of the prints while keeping the overall look simple and classy. Instead of accessorizing herself with necklaces, bracelets and rings, this Fashionista kept her dress as her statement piece. Her choice of the clean black leather messenger bag as her only accessory, perfectly balances out enough of the black on the dress.

This summer, tropic thunder, punchy florals and vivid colors, are all in fashion. If you are still in search for the perfect printed article of clothing, try shopping at Zara for a printed playsuit, or shop at Topshop for the summery floral dress. For those who do not fantasize the floral print trend just yet, try donning another print, such as a swan dress from Topshop. As for accessories, keep it simple, like this Fashionista and try carrying a small messenger bag from Zara. Don’t be afraid of prints, and amp up your own summer trends and reinvent your wardrobe by channeling a dose of floral explosion.

Spotted: Proenza Schouler spring 2012 ready to wear collection in all over print dresses.


According to my experience, Milan was filled with dandy men. They city was flushed with fashionable people, especially gentlemen dressed in their own unique style. Ever since my experience abroad in Europe I’ve begun to be drawn to the appeal of menswear fashion. Now, when I spot men wearing loafers, desert boots, rolled up ankle pants and/or blazers, they make my camera shutter speed.

When I left Europe, however, I was not anticipating seeing a replay of Europe's polished Fashionistos in the states. Little did I know, I would discover a Fashionisto here, channeling his own version of a dandy European fashion. The simple and chic minimalism look of this Fashionisto grabbed my Europe-withdrawling attention. The clean, muted houndstooth print on the Fashionistos blazer seems to flawlessly balance the dark colored hues of the overall look. He also shows his sense of style by sporting a hint of neon trend on his desert boots from Clarks, while staying classy with his choice of accessories, by wearing a vintage gold watch.

Like this Fashionisto, try channeling your own version of the minimal, polished look for this summer season. You can simply achieve this look by topping your overall look with a blazer of your choice, like this Fashionisto. You can find good quality blazers at J.Crew and/or Zara, to spice up your minimal look. As for shoes and accessories, try shopping at J.Crew for your own pair of desert boots and a watch. If you prefer playful watches over the simple, find your watch at Swatch for an eye-catching accessory for your arms.

There are no right or wrong ways in sporting a minimal look, so don’t be scared to celebrate the season by throwing a blazer over your simple t-shirt and pants. Oh! And remember to throw a stylish arm party for your watch-less arms!

Spotted: Gucci spring 2012 menswear features blazer fashion.

Style Guru Bio: Grace Kim

My name is Grace Kim and I am a Fashion Design student at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I’ve recently studied abroad in Florence, Italy, and traveled all over Europe, where I have seen a lot of unique street fashion.

Ever since my study abroad program, my style has been influenced by the dandy European men. Therefore, my personal style is very simple yet tomboy. I love getting inspirations from menswear fashion, and I love to layer my clothes and wear funky socks. I love everything about shoes and accessories, especially if they’re vintage. I’m one of those people who live at thrift stores and love DIY projects with my thrifted items, but at the same time, my favorite place to shop is Madewell. 

Through this CollegeFashionista internship, I hope to inspire all of you through my unique accessory findings in the city! I believe that style is an expression of individualism and I hope to show and share the latest styles and trends around my campus at FIT.


The weather is finally clearing up and getting warmer, as the semester is finally coming to an end. Many study abroad students enjoyed their final goodbyes in Firenze by having a small picnic gathering at the park, where they were dressed in a variety of fashionable colors for this small farewell event.

While bike riding at the Cascine Park near the Arno River, I spotted this Fashionista in coral. Even though sheer, neon, crochet and floral prints are all in trend for this spring season, her sheer coral colored top and her blue pants caught my eyes. This Fashionista’s red hair makes the embroidered details on the coral top pop out even more. The blue pants, on the other hand, make her overall look very girly and playful, especially with the scalloped details on the sheer coral top. She sports her bold bib necklace to compliment the rest of her fun outfit. The necklace evens out the girly look with a bit of edge and sophistication.

To channel your own version of this Fashionista’s fun coral ensemble, try shopping at an affordable store like Forever 21. The Sorbet Color Story on their website has sheers, corals and floral prints from head-to-toe. H&M has the latest trending colors of pants to wear this spring. Finally, to complete the look, accessorize yourself with a chunky necklace. Bib necklaces are definitely on-trend for this season.

Don’t be afraid to show your colors this season. Like this Fashionista, go bold with your choice of color through mixing and matching and blending playful, edgy and girly looks together.

Spotted: Christian Siriano spring 2012 ready-to-wear collection inspired by sea crature colors and coral.



In a children’s classical book called This is London it says that: “at the end of your picture of London, there should come a mention for that faithful friend, your umbrella. Because this is London.” I did not understand what this meant until I was able to experience London myself. When I first landed, I did not know that the spring weather has not fully reached the United Kingdom. It felt like gloomy early spring weather, and almost all the Fashionistas/os were dressed as if it was early winter.

While walking around the Camden market, I spotted this Fashionista in a bold military camouflage field jacket. Although the military influences are already widespread throughout the runway, the way this Fashionista styled her military jacket caught my eyes. She layered her sweatshirt under the oversized jacket and wore a red pair of pants with her vans sneakers give the comfortable look while staying fashionable. The belt on the oversized jacket shows off her waistline while complementing her overall bold look.

Taking inspirations from this Fashionista’s bold fashion, try adding some red, London telephone booth color, in your spring wardrobe. Like this Fashionista, red can be worn as pants, shirt, bags, or on your lips, to show boldness. Also, interpret your own version of the military look in your wardrobe by mixing some camouflage to add some edge. Finally, accessorize yourself with a belt this season and show off your curves. Belts are perfect to wear over a simple dress, or even cardigans. Have fun with your wardrobe this season and go bold with a hit of military influence. Don’t let the gloomy weather stop you from dressing down.

Spotted: Wayne fall 2010 in battle gear.