STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Love the Layered Look

The line between looking stylish and feeling comfortable is a very fine one, especially during the winter when puffy coats, bulky sweaters and oversized accessories can turn fashionable pieces into a version of Ralphie’s younger brother’s snow outfit from A Christmas Story.

This Fashionisto caught my eye as I was stepping out of class. Almost immediately I noticed his scarf, which comes from Le Tigre (I thought it came from a soccer club). As I stopped to look at his whole ensemble, I noticed how he was wearing multiple layers without looking bulky or uncomfortable. This Fashionisto scored his sweater, undershirt and pants from H&M. His boots are by Polo Ralph Lauren.

This winter, work multiple layers into your outfits. If done correctly, there will be all the warmth without the unattractive bulk of winter clothing.


The winter chill waxes and wanes continuously, and the choice to break out and wear (or not wear) the winter jacket becomes a question visited often. It is very common to wear a vest as a replacement. Of course, some people find the vest to be something of a punch line due to its lack of sleeves, but sometimes donning this piece can be a wonderful alternative.

I spotted this Fashionisto after class on a particularly windy day. He wore a pair of Levi’s corduroys, a sweater from Gap and a vest from Abercrombie & Fitch. He topped off his look with a matching hat from Lacoste and a pair of sneakers.

I chose this Fashionisto specifically because of his use of a plain vest in a solid color. He not only pulls his entire outfit together around the color of his outerwear, but he also looks good doing it. While some may associate this form of outerwear with denim or fur, this Fashionisto shows that it works in several styles.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Rainy Days and Mondays

Surprisingly the weather on campus has seemed more like springtime in London than December in snowy Syracuse. Due to the unseasonal rains, it comes as no surprise that trench coats have been making a strong appearance among both Fashionistas and Fashionistos throughout the past week. This Fashionista picked up on the trend with a London Fog trench coat. The rest of her outfit is composed of Levi’s skinny jeans and a pair of black flats from Steve Madden

The important thing I noticed with this Fashionista is the color of her trench. When someone talks about wearing a trench coat, a coat in khaki or camel jumps instantly into mind for most as the quintessential trench coat. I wanted to photograph this Fashionista to show that trench coats can work equally well in non traditional colors, like this green, and in multiple ways. Sometimes, it’s best to go outside of the traditional and explore the classic garments by working with a new twist. Like this Fashionista’s look, the trench coat's different color is an eye grabber.


Blacks and shades of gray are timeless in many Fashionistas’ wardrobes, providing a mainstay as shades that go with just about any kind of look. Days are shorter now, as nighttime is taking up more of the day. As seen in the scenery when leaving a late class, darker days elicit darker clothing on campus.

Monochromatic colors are anything but uncommon, and many Fashionistas have started to darken their color choices. While some may consider monochromatic colors to be bland, many Fashionistas have proven that this could not be further from the truth.

This Fashionista wears a pair of black leggings from T.J. Maxx to start her outfit. Hailing from Pittsburgh, this Fashionista scored her Steelers T-shirt from a vendor in her hometown. Her leather Jacket was also found in a small shop in Pittsburgh, but Fashionistas a little far from the city can find something similar at their local Urban Outfitters. She also is seen wearing a Steve Madden boot and a slouch cap from H&M.

Don’t be afraid to darken your outfit as colder weather approaches. As this Fashionista proves, you don’t need color to look cool.


Style is as much about the little details as it is the whole image. However, sometimes those little things can be dismissed or overlooked, if incorporated into an outfit at all. The best part about small details is just that — they contribute to the outfit without taking away from the look in general.

This Fashionista was spotted wearing a fairly monochromatic cold-weather outfit, but after seeing the splashes of color, I stopped her for further investigation into her look. The majority of this Fashionista’s look is simple and classic. She wears a pair of black Converse, black jeans from PacSun and a black leather jacket from Urban Outfitters. Below the surface, however, you can see stripes of color in this Fashionista’s sweater, which she found at Salvation Army. When she takes the jacket off, you can see a single neon pink zipper. This detail, although initially hidden, adds an incredible pop to an otherwise monochromatic outfit.

When picking and creating pieces for a look, don’t be afraid to sneak in a “little something” for a little surprise. It adds a less extravagant dimension to your look, especially when you're bundling up during the cooler months.


Color is obviously an integral aspect in every Fashionista's and Fashionisto's wardrobe. The thing that separates those who look good and those who look lacking can lie in the understanding and placement of color. An interesting and very popular use of color is seen with colored pants. The pants' colors are usually reflections of the season, coming in bright oranges, mustard yellows and rusty reds.

I spotted this Fashionisto blending in with the background of fallen leaves at the bus stop with his burnt orange-red pants. His pants are from Rugby Ralph Lauren. To counteract his colored pants, this Fashionisto keeps the top of his outfit simple. He wears a Patagonia fleece with a plain white shirt underneath. To finish off the bottom of his outfit, he sports the timeless Sperry Top-Sider.

While colored pants are often an excellent way to add variety to the bottom half of an outfit, they take planning and oversight. When wearing brightly colored bottoms, try to keep the top of the outfit simple so the color can stand out, a style this Fashionisto did. That said, don’t overthink what you decide to wear. Have fun and don’t be afraid to try this trend.


STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Curl Up With a Cosby Sweater

In college, fashion is not just new materials or new concepts from the latest designer or department store. College fashion can, in some ways, lie in the ability of a Fashionista to successfully find “found fashions” and make them new. One of the most common reinventions has been that off the pullover sweater. Rising to contemporary fame with Bill Cosby (prompting the term “Cosby sweater”), the pullover sweater has been seen in countless reincarnations on both Fashionistas and Fashionistos.

This Fashionista wore a sweater thrifted from Daffy’s in New York City. However, if your campus is a little too far from a Daffy's store, you can find similar sweaters at your local thrift store (where there are likely to be many creative options) or at Urban Outfitters (here's another pick). This Fashionista wears her pullover like a large oversized shirtdress and keeps the bottoms simple with a pair of black leggings from Nordstrom. To round out her outfit, this Fashionista sticks with a pair of Steve Madden boots. Her glasses are the Sinclair design from Warby Parker.

Like any other outfit, when you want to show off a particular piece, it is of obvious importance to keep the rest of the clothing simple so the specific piece can shine. This Fashionista's ensemble clearly allows the sweater to shine. Look for Fashionistas up and down your campus wearing pullover Cosby sweaters.They’re excellent in cool weather, and in some cases they are the autumn equivalent of the graphic tee.



The wind. Some would consider it to be the worst part of the changing of the seasons. It whips the face and wraps itself around the ears and neck. The wind has made a blustery appearance on campus, and, as a result, Fashionistas have been spotted with their solutions to the windy weather. One commonality lies within the comfort and diversity of a simple scarf.

I spotted this Fashionista on one of the stormiest days this week, and my eyes were drawn right to her scarf. She found her scarf at a local Syracuse boutique, but Fashionistas outside of the Syracuse area could find a similar scarf at Urban Outfitters. Cold weather survival is nothing without a good coat, and this Fashionista's look is no exception. She sports a simple navy blue coat with a mustard cardigan, both from Forever 21. Keeping it easy, she wears simple jeans from J.C. Penney and a pair of leather riding boots from DSW. Her bag is a Samsonite Sentry bag from Etsy.

When it comes to the crisper days of fall, there is nothing like a good scarf to top off a Fashionista's cold weather outfit. Use scarves not only to protect from the bite of the wind, but also to add a drop of color and a twist to your outfit.


When picking a coat for the fall season, it quickly becomes a struggle between being too hot during the day and being too cool in the mornings and evenings. The inconsistencies and changes during the season can leave some sweating on their way to class and others shivering out in the cold. However, many Fashionistas and Fashionistos have been spotted with a piece that delivers something right in the middle. Olive drab military style coats have become an autumn staple for every type of style up and down the campus streets.

I saw this Fashionisto wearing the trend perfectly. His jacket comes from J.Crew. Since the weather was less than warm, this Fashionisto had on a J.Crew sweater and dress shirt as well. His tie is from Vineyard Vines. Keeping the bottom simple with a pair of J Brand jeans, he adds a pop of color with his bright socks and shoes, from Urban Outfitters and ASOS respectively. To round out his outfit, he chooses a bag from H&M instead of a backpack.

When the fall mornings come, the walk to class can be a bit chilly. Choosing a classic military style fatigue jacket adds an alternative to your wardrobe that will keep you warm when you need to be and comfortable when you don’t.




The weather during the past week has brought nothing but gray skies, showers and an undeniable desire to hide indoors with a warm drink and a comfortable sweater. It is no surprise that, as the cloudy skies bring gusty, cool winds, many Fashionistas are sporting their blustery weather best. One of the most common pieces sported by Fashionistas is the classic cardigan. Coming in all shapes, colors and styles, there is something for each and every style aesthetic when it comes to a classic cardigan sweater.

This Fashionista was spotted standing outside of the student center, and her cardigan print is nothing short of intriguing. The pattern on her cardigan is known as a Fair Isle print, a print that prompts thoughts of Nordic-inspired design and hand-knit sweaters. While this Fashionista stole the sweater from her mother’s closet, you can find sweaters in this style at stores like J.Crew. To fill out the bottom of her ensemble, this Fashionista sticks to a basic skinny cargo pant from Target and a pair of boot-style heels from DSW. She finishes off her outfit with a simple, eco-friendly tote from BCBG.

As the weather turns from sunny to cool and rainy, take a look into the warmer parts of your wardrobe. As this Fashionista proves, you can dress comfortably and still be stylish.