Snow, rain, sun, cloud, you name it. This season in Montreal has been difficult to tackle. Outfits can go from one extreme to the next due to the fluctuations in temperature and can often be extremey frustrating. When I spotted this Fashionista meandering her way around campus, I noticed her sense of confidence. Layering and accessorizing seemed to be her forte as she explained that she was “always on a hunt for a killer arm party!”

Name: Stacey Greenbaum

Major: Accounting

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Who inspires your style? Do you look up to any individuals in particular?

Stacey Greenbaum: I don’t think anyone or anything in particular, but my friends probably have the strongest influence on my outfit choices.

CF: Do you read any fashion related blogs or magazines during your spare time?

SG: I read the Man Repeller mostly.

CF: Where do you like to shop?

SG: The Gap is my number one store. Besides that, I love H&M, Zara, and Urban Outfitters.

CF: Who is your favourite designer?

SG: Marc Jacobs.

CF: What is your favourite winter accessory?

SG: A vest so I can layer to keep warm.

CF: Without a budget, is there a specific item you would buy?

SG: The classic Hudson's Bay Company cream coat.

How To: Try this Dakota vest with this easy gold necklace for a similar ensemble. Paired with an easy pair of trousers like these Zara ones, this seasonal look will be comfortable and chic!


Even though I spotted this Fashionista in Montreal, notorious for brutal winters, November always poses a sartorial challenge. The inconsistent weather on this rainy day necessitated a waterproof yet cozy outfit.

Brooke, this Fashionista, began with her quintessenial-for-Montreal, Hunter Boots, a nod to Kate Moss’s Glastonbury uniforms. Layering is key and adding a cute topper with fur means warmth and style.

Name: Brooke Lipman

Major: Anatomy

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Does anyone in particular significantly influence your style? Do you have any style icons?

Brooke Lipman: I don’t have any specific fashion icons or anyone that influences my style significantly. I have a lot of friends who are heavily into fashion, so I guess they’re style and advice influences my choices. I also get inspired by blogs online and make things DYI-styles! My shirt in my spotlight is actually something I did myself.

CF: What's your favourite winter item/accessory?

BL: Chuny knits and eternity scarves. Winter is all about channeling my inner stylish Michelin-man.

CF: Where do you normally shop?

BL: I love shopping all around Montreal, specifically the little boutiques on St. Laurent. I also love Zara, Aritzia, and Urban Outfitters, of course.

CF: How would you describe your style?

BL: Casual and classic with a bit of an edge. I like to mix a diverse range of pieces, whether trendy or classic. I also think accessorizing is an important part of my outfits. Come exam time, however, it’s all about cozy, whether with my oversized, warn-in sweatshirt, and stretchy jeggings or the standard legging.

CF: What is a style faux-pas that students most frequently make?

BL: Leggings as pants when they are too sheer, too thin, or worn out!

CF: Styling tips?

BL: Experiment. Combine clashing patterns, layer knits. You never know what you will come up with!

CF: Favourite MTL spot?

BL: Old Montreal

How To: During the cold or rainy months, keeping dry and warm is crucial. A pair of Hunter Boots and a cute umbrella can heighten your mood! Try these cute Black one's paired with this great Marc by Marc Jacobs python umbrella, and you'll have a head start. 


Circle or infinity scarves are a personal favourite. I found this Fashionista in the McGill Ghetto. I admired her ability to make this casual look so effortlessly cool. With finals just around the corner, I understand how so many people emphasize the effortless rather than the cool. For McGill fashionistas however, the lazy studying doesn’t mean lazy fashion choices. Accessorizing is an easy and fun way to keep an outfit exciting.

Name: Lindsay Garfinkle

Major: MIT (Media, Information, and Technology)

Year: Senior

Collegefashionista: Who inspires your style?

Lindsay Garfinkle: My friends, magazines, television, and people around me. Fashion has never been my biggest priority, but I love trends and I love to feel good.

CF: What are you favourite places to shop in Montreal?

LG: I love walking the streets of old Montreal to find little boutiques, but I also love Urban Outfitters, Zara, H&M. I like to buy my clothes from a range of places to change things up.

CF: What is your favourite winter accessory?

LG: Scarves. I love how they keep me warm but also how they look. I often never leave home without wearing them.

CF: Do you read any magazines or blogs?

LG: I love Vogue and the Man Repeller. Otherwise, I take the lead of my friends as to what I read and look at.

How To: Circle scarves are extremely easy to find and can be really cheap. Try this Club Monaco one; it's a easy colour and can be paired with almost anything. Paired with any knit and denim, you're set! You'll stay warm, chic, and comfortable for exam studying.


Going for a schoolgirl look can often go completely bad, yet while minding my own business on campus, I was taken aback by the chic factor of this Fashionista’s outfit and her ability to master a cute-goes-stylish look. I loved the way her collar was showing under her vintage knitted sweater, paired with her patent navy oxfords, I would of traded outfits with her right then and there!

Name: Becca Kellner

Major: Humanistic Studies

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Who inspires your style?

Becca Kellner: My friends, magazines etc. I love Vogue and Teen Vogue.

CF: What is your fashion philosophy?

BK: Stay simple, classic, and comfortable.

CF: What trends are you most looking forward to this season?

BK: I love layering as it gets cold. Chiffon with knits is an always go-to.

CF: What are some of your favourite designers?

BK: I love Marc Jacobs, The Row, Diane Von Furstenburg, and Vince.

CF: Where are your fabourite places to shop?

BK: Club Monaco, Gap, Zara, H&M, Urban Outfitters, but most importantly my mom and grandmothers’ closets. They have vintage pieces you can’t find in stores.

What are you favourite fashion blogs?

BK: I love the Sartorialist, CollegeFashionista, Refinery39, and Olsensanonymous

CF: What is your fall go-to?

BK: Big hoods and warm scarves.

How To: A good white collared shirt is always a staple in a Fashionista’s closet. Try this simple white one by Rag and Bone for a simple look that can be worn on its own or under cozy knits. Paired with this Combined Knit Cardigan by Zara, you’re ready to go for a cute fall look.



Boys tend to have strong impacts on a girl’s life. I know, as much as you won’t admit it, Fashionistas, it’s true. From our relationships to our wardrobe, they hold strapping weight. While getting dressed often can be used to attract men, bloggers like Leandra Medine have illustrated importance of inspiration in individual style. This brings me to this Fashionista, Jessica, who is a clear example that menswear can be a chic look. 

In my personal wardrobe as well as the ensembles I see around campus, I have noticed an increased in more masculine styles, and there is no denying how much I love it. From oxford kicks to women’s “boyfriend” blazers and denim, menswear is increasingly inspiring women’s wear designers of today.

Name: Jessica Firestone

Major: Marketing

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Does anyone in particular significantly influence your style? Do you have any style icons?

JF: I can’t pinpoint any particular individual, but I spent a semester on exchange in Copenhagen, Denmark, and the girls there have definitely influenced my fall fashion choices. With the cold climate, they are masters of layering, but their overall looks always appear effortless. They wear a lot of loose woven sweaters or sheer blouses buttoned to the collar, mini skirts, and always a great pair of bootie heels.

CF: What's your favourite fall item/accessory?

JF: Thick scarves. I’m always freezing.

CF: Where do you normally shop?

JF: I tend buy bits and pieces from all different places, but if I had to pick one spot, I do some damage at Aritzia. If I don’t have a ton of time to shop, I can always count on getting everything I need in the one store. I think it has nice silks and knits at relatively affordable prices. Both my jacket and pants are from Aritzia.

CF: How would you describe your style?

JF: I have some very girly pieces in my closet, but lately I have been dressing in a harder, masculine style — it depends on the occasion or my mood! Day-to-day, you’ll see me in combat boots and an oversized men’s coat, but I never miss an opportunity to put on a dress and a great pair of heels if I’m dressing up.

CF: What's the style faux-pas that students most frequently make?

JF: I hate when guys wear their pants so low that you can see the top of their patterned boxers. It was a faux-pas even in grade 8!

CF: Styling tips?

JF: Don’t be afraid to incorporate elements from different styles into one outfit. Mixing hard and soft pieces can be very interesting. For instance, I am wearing a men's style coat and shirt with a chunky jewel necklace and bootie heels.

How To: Try paired a straight leg trouser with a simple blouse, for a masculine look like Jessica's. Paired with fun accesories and coat, you'll be on trend. 


As the semester comes to a close and our books begin to overrule campus fashion, it’s hard for a Fashionisto to stay modish. When I spotted this Jordan, I loved his knack. He was able to pull off a conservative meets stylish look and what better for campus? What I loved was his colour consistency and that the way his sweater lay, allowing for the perfect slice of shirt. He explained to me the need to dress presentably to obtain respect from professors, as well as look cool while trotting from the library to class. 

Name: Jordan Sloan

Major: Marketing and Finance

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Who are your fashion icons?

Jordan Sloan: I’m not big on fashion icons. I mainly take my style from what I see on friends, in stores, and on people on the streets.

CF: How would you describe your style/what is your style philosophy?

JS: My style has a lot to do with my mood and the weather for the day. I sometimes take elements from the “hipster” style, but I feel I am more a GAP boy. I often like to wear nice basics (different coloured V-necks, T-shirts) and layer them with shirts, hoodies, and sweaters. I also like jackets a lot.

CF: What is your favourite style for Fashionistos this coming winter?

JS: I am liking the thick, visible socks look as well as the sweaters, however, the sweaters are starting to get too overdone.

CF: Do you read any fashion blogs/magazines?

JS: Sometimes. I like GQ, and I go to retail store’s websites, like Zara, to see what they are showing.

CF: Favourite shoe stores?

JS: Little Burgundy and Aldo.

CF: Favourite accessory?

JS: Tuques are my favourite!

How To: This fall season, a good pair of corduroys or chinos is great for mixing things up. Try these Gap ones, they are nicely fit and will last you a long time and keep some extra cash in your pocket. Before having a tailor chop them, try taking the lead of this Fashionisto and roll them up. This will give your pant a more non-committal, sleek look. This ensemble keeps things exciting and vivacious before we head into winter. As well, as a Happy Socks absolute lover, take this Fashionisto’s lead with his exposed sock look and try these barber-inspired ones to throw things off. Paired with a great pair of Zara oxfords, you’ll be set. Conquering this hipster gone preppy vibe is all a matter of tailoring and well-fitted pieces.



Dressing for a job, an interview, an internship, a professional event, a presentation, etc. is a source of angst for everyone at one point or another. Every company is different, every professor is subjective, so there is no denying how nail-biting not knowing what the appropriate dress code is and what you should wear or are supposed to wear. First impressions are key, as I am quickly learning in my last year here at McGill University, and your clothes and style are an easy look into who you are.

Meet this Fashionista, Sydney, who I spotted walking home from a presentation she had at school earlier that day. Sydney takes pieces that are easy to find in any Fashionista’s wardrobe, and proves that investing in good, versatile basic is always in style. “While dressing for class or the library is one thing, when thrown in the bag with all of the other activities and appointments, your outfit is crucial and can help sway many think of you” Sydney explains. If you are ever in a cinch, reach to these pieces to effortlessly put together a polished and timeless ensemble.

Name: Sydney Alexander

Major: Sociology

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: Who inspires your style?

Sydney Alexander: My friend, people on the street, old movies, my grandparents (their style but also their vintage hand-me-downs), and Mick Jagger… anyone who knows me knows my lucky leather pants.

CF: What is your fashion philosophy?

SA: It’s really important to always be comfortable, but also confident in everything I wear. If I feel like I look good, then my day is automatically better. Being a whooping five-foot-one, it’s also critical that I have a few solid and comfy, but also amazing pairs of heels on tap at all times (nothing instills confidence like a few extra inches).

CF: Who are your favourite designers or lines?

SA: I love James Perse, Theory, Adriano Goldshmeid, Vince, Marc by Marc Jacobs, and Scotch and Soda (for the Fashionistos). Then there is the completely indulgent like Chanel (I’ve managed to inherit a few irreplaceable vintage bags), Rachel Roy, Stella McCartney, Alexander Wang, Chloe, Brian Atwood… I could go on for a while…

CF: What are your favourite stores?

SA: I shop all over. I like to get my basics at stores like The Gap, Old Navy, H&M, and Forever 21. I also love James Perse and Splendid for great basics, although a bit more pricey. I also absolutely love Anthropologie, LF, Brandy Meville, TNT, and Topshop (most which aren’t in Canada, or Montreal, just yet…).

CF: What is the most fashionable city you have ever been to?

SA: I spent the summer interning in New York City. Never has an experience influenced my personal style so much.

CF: Do you read any magazines or blogs?

SA: I don't read many fashion blogs or magazines; I prefer to be inspired by real people around me. However, I will always buy the September Vogue and from time to time I will check out Who, What, Wear. I also LOVE watching The Rachel Zoe Project (guilty pleasure). Most of my knowledge of the fashion industry undoubtedly comes from her.

CF: What is your best fall go-to?

SA: I bought this James Perse charcoal grey cashmere circle scarf for 60 per cent off at Bergdorf's while I was in NYC this summer knowing that I would wear it every day come fall. I was right.

How To: This look is great for almost any casual, or business occasion. It’s easy, simple, and professional. Try a great pair of black pants like these black trousers from Zara with an uncomplicated white blouse. For a blazer or jacket, try this aqua fitted blazer with gold buttons. This look is comfortable and easy while at the same time you will look clean and polished.


When early wake-ups ruin your desire to be fashion-forward, this Fashionista illustrates that simplicity is her go-to look this fall and makes getting dressed easy. “Just add some accessories and your set,” Rebbecca explains. Devising an outfit that includes eye-catching accessories is a strong recommendation I’ll give you, Fashionistas and Fashionistos.

As well, as a Missoni and J. Crew lover, I could not help myself to not only compliment this Fashionista on her ensemble, but also use her as my subject to illustrate a perfect example of simplicity and accessory usage!

Name: Rebecca Feigelsohn

Major: Cultural Studies

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionsta: Who inspires your style?

Rebecca Feigelsoh: Mostly my friends, and people I see on the streets. However, I also avidly read fashion magazines like Marie Claire and Elle and street-style blogs.

CF: Most fashionable city you've ever been to?

RF: I’ve been lucky enough to travel to a few fashionable cities in my time, including currently residing in Montreal, but if I had to pick one I would choose New York.

CF: Favourite designers?

RF: My favourite designers would have to be Rebecca Minkoff, Marc Jacobs and Alexander Wang, to name a few.

CF: What is your fashion philosophy?

RF: ‘Basic is better’ and ‘quality is key’!

CF: Who were you wearing in your shot?

RF: J. Crew, makes my boots, sweater, jeans and belt (that was an accident though!). My hat is Missoni, and my bag is H&M.

CF: What trends are you most looking forward to this season?

RF: I’m new on the leopard bandwagon, so I am looking forward to adding more print items to my wardrobe and accessories.

CF: Best fall go-to?

RF: My best fall go-to would have to be one of my favourite scarves from Anthropologie, it’s warm and cozy, but also adds a little flair to an otherwise unimaginative outfit.

CF: Favourite stores?

RF: J. Crew, Theory, Club Monaco…and Madewell and Top Shop are at the top of my list!

How To: Simplicity is often plain, but it’s sometimes difficult to master, like this Fashionista. Simplicity comes with many options. You can throw on an easy sweater dress like this one from H&M and throw on any belt to give it some shape. Try this croc plaque belt from Gap, similar to the one Rebecca is wearing from J.Crew. Moreover, with the cold weather sneaking its way into Montreal, try any leather jacket. This one by Zara is really easy to use for layering, but is also really practical. 



The majority of boys I know — for the most part — are known to roll out of bed and head to class. While McGill University is recognized for its superior panache, comfort often wins the battle at 8:30a.m. Nonetheless, while walking to my class early last week, I spotted this Fashionisto and was overwhelmed with refreshment. After I talked to him for a bit, which turned into a while, I discovered that not only is he McGill’s Vice President for Internal Events and Communications, but he has also casually interned at Vogue and Fashion magazine. Hold your applause.  

Name: Todd Plummer

Major: “Being chic, but also English Literature”

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Who inspires your style?

Todd Plummer: People on the streets, Paul Newman, Riccardo Tisci.

CF: What is your fashion philosophy?

TP: Style is about pulling off completely different looks. Sometimes I love wearing an classic suit, sometime I like a more avant-garde look, and sometimes I just need jeans and a t-shirt. I only feel comfortable when I'm constantly switching it up.

CF: Who are you wearing right now?

TP: The sweater is Brooks Brothers, a present from my mother. The shirt is Billy Reid. My jeans are Fidelity Denim from Jeans Jeans Jeans in the Mile End and the shoes are my favorite Florsheims.

CF: What trends are you most looking forward to this season?

TP: This fall, I'm really into giant sweaters. For my birthday, I splurged on an XXL Givenchy rottweiler sweater. I sleep in it, run errands in it, wore it to Montreal Fashion Week, I can't take it off! There's something to be said about a piece which you can just live your entire life in.

CF: Favourite designers?

TP: Jack and Lazaro from Proenza Schouler. Their spring 2010 collection made me want to become a fashion journalist. Also, Riccardo Tisci, Phoebe Philo, Billy Reid, Tom Ford, and the Mulleavy sisters.

CF: Favourite stores?

TP: In Montreal, I love SSENSE for the selection. In Boston, where I grew up, I'm obsessed with this store called Garment Disctrict, where you can buy vintage clothes by the pound! And in New York, it's all about Barney's. I love the flagship, the Co-op, and I always make a trip down for the twice-yearly warehouse sale.

CF: Most fashionable place you've been to?

TP: I've been all over, but I have to say, I have never seen people quite as committed to their style as in Nantucket. It's like a Ralph Lauren and Lily Pulitzer ad campaign everywhere. Absolutely fantastic.

CF: What are your favourite fashion blogs/ magazines?

TP: Too many to name! But I get most of my fashion news from and

CF: Best fall go-to?

TP: I have a J.Crew olive canvas jacket that I've been wearing for about eight years. It's starting to wear out, but I can't bear to part with it yet!

How To: I will always recommend Band of Outsiders for my Fashionisto friends. I love this button down white twill collared shirt paired with any sweater on top is always a simply yet stylish go to. Jeans aren’t easy for everyone, but if you know your size and how jeans fit you, you can try a pair of these River Island Dark Rinse Creased Straight Jeans by ASOS.



In case I haven’t told you, I have a shoe addiction. While my closet often lacks in certain areas, in any store, I am drawn toward anything and everything I can put on my feet. With the temperature dropping, all I have on my mind are boots, boots, and boots.

This brings me to this Fashionista, Abi, who I caught wondering around the Ghetto one late afternoon. While her printed skirt and leather jacket combo were a reflection of her charming personal style, it really was her lace-up boots that caught my eye. Abi explained to be that growing up, she spent a significant amount of her free time horseback riding. 

Name: Abi Berkley

Major: Marketing

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: Is there anyone or anything that inspires your style?

Abi Berkley: I look everywhere and anywhere for inspiration, it could come from a picture in a magazine, an old movie, or someone walking down the street. Certain things will jump out at me and make me excited, then I know I've got to work it into my style.

CF: What is your favourite rain accessory?

AB: No doubt, my Hunter boots they keep me dry through all the Montreal rain.

CF: What is your style philosophy?

AB: My style philosophy is wear things you love and feel great in and have fun. If this means mixing things up and making the odd fashion faux pas every now and then, so be it, you'll look back and laugh, but you should always push your style forward. Changing it up is most of the fun!

CF: What trend are you looking forward to this fall?

AB: It's got to be the borrowed-from-the-boys tuxedos, I love a good blazer. They're so great to add to any outfit, whether it's on top of a casual jumper or cute fall dress it always rounds out a look.

CF: Do you prefer shopping online or in stores?

AB: I never shop online, with the small exception of one pair of boots. I need to see what clothes look like on me before I buy them.

CF: Do you buy vintage?

AB: Hells yes I do, mostly vintage accessories, necklaces, rings, and purses to mix up my wardrobe.

CF: What are your favourite places to shop?

AB: I love little random boutiques where I know I'm buying something no one else will have, as well as Zara I always find great pieces there and end up spending way too much money.

How To: Finding a good pair of vintage riding boots isn't always an easy feat. Try Urban Outfitters or Zara for a good pair of boots, but pay attention to websites like Nasty Gal as well, as they offer both a contemporary and vintage selection. As well, try this BB Dakota leather coat, similar to this Fashionista's and this See by Chloe printed skirt on sale on the Outnet now!