WHAT TO WEAR: Little Black Dress and Glitter

In between all the exams and library dates, sometime a little night out is what you need to re-energize and come alive during exam season. Whether it’s just a little pub night, or a full on club night, this outfit is an awesome example of cute and casual.

On a night out, the key is to look cute but also be very comfortable in order to last all night. This Fashionista had the right idea with light layers and simple details to elevate this simple outfit.

This Fashionista pairs two trends in one with this outfit; layering with a dress and sheer tops. She layered the thin, glittery top underneath the simple little black dress rather than doing the traditional white t-shirt under the dress. This makes it a thinner layer, which is more comfortable, and the glitter adds a little energy and fun into the outfit.

Despite the fact that it’s May, it’s still quite chilly in Toronto so a light spring jacket it a must. However, carrying around a bulky jacket all night is an annoyance best avoided. This Fashionista solves this issue with this purple puffer jacket that can be folded into the size of you’re hand and neatly tucked into your purse. The foldable puffer is the ultimate night-out jacket.

In order to add a hint of color to break down the all-black outfit, this Fashionista chucks on this beautiful tan choker with silver ring. For shoes, the outfit is paired with a simple pair of black wedges to keep it comfortable.

This Fashionista demonstrates how to amp up a simple look by applying a few trends to the traditional little black dress. Simple and comfortable looks are the best choices for a night out where you want to look flawless all the way through.

STYLE ADVICE: Leather, Not Lace

We all struggle with the dilemma of wanting to look cute and go out, but also wanting to remain in your sweats and create an imprint of your body on the couch. However, this Fashionista gives you a look that might just drag you into the beautiful spring air.

This look is perfect for running errands while still looking put together, so that when you run into people you know you can refrain from ducking into the bushes. This beauty combines three trends that, frankly, you can never go wrong with: denim, distressed details, and leather (vegan). The bright orange hoodie gives a pop of energy and color to the outfit when paired with the jet black leather leggings and denim combo. Additionally, the orange peeking through the distressed sections of the denim jacket is a really cool, edgy detail that adds to the overall look. To complete the outfit, this Fashionista topped it off with a simple pair of black kicks.

However the main thing I’m making heart eyes at is those shiny leather leggings. These leather leggings are an essential in every closet, they’re one of those pieces that you can chuck on with almost anything and instantly look put together. Leather leggings can take you from polished during the day, paired with a white button-down, and edgy by night paired, with a band T-shirt and leather jacket. They’re a versatile piece that can take an outfit far, or help you to build an outfit when you’re not quite sure what to wear. However, the major thing about leather leggings is that it works in almost everyone’s personal style whether it be edgy, classic, girly, or even sporty. It also works in most seasons…almost (summer sweat is a no-no).

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Shades of Gray

It’s getting to the point in Toronto where everyone just throws on as many layers to avoid frostbite, meaning jewelry often gets left on the back burner. This Fashionista’s dainty little rings and adorable baby pink watch is what caught my eye. This was unusual, considering most people are consistently moisturizing their hands and shoving them into gloves at this point in the winter.

The word that came to mind with this Fashionista’s jewelry choices was “fresh.” These delicate rings paired with the super cute baby pink watch give off spring vibes. This Fashionista stacked the gorgeous leaf pattern ring under the stunning gray moonstone birthstone ring to complement one another. The chain of leaves pattern on the lower ring are a nice little reminder of the spring to come, or perhaps even a little piece of fall to hold onto. Reminders of good weather through fashion are the best pick me up on a dreary or chilly day. Any fresh little detail, whether it be spring pastels, florals, or delicate, is an easy fix for a casual winter outfit.

This Fashionista paired her cute accessories with simple black jeans and a bright white turtleneck to keep warm. No winter outfit is complete without a thick, neutral blanket scarf to pull it all together. This cozy gray scarf breaks up the black and white pieces and adds texture to this simple outfit. The scarf particularly complemented the super rad gray tips of this Fashionista’s Rapunzel hair and the earthy gray within the moonstone ring. From head-to-toe the gradients of black, white, and gray work together to make a simple but chic outfit.

WHAT TO WEAR: Student Meeting

It’s snowing in Toronto and finding an outfit that’s cute, warm, and won’t get butchered by the weather is crucial. This Fashionisto has checked all the boxes with his cozy outfit for heading to his student meeting.

He’s paired a basic off-white turtleneck with light-wash skinny jeans to bring light to the look and, of course, warmth as it’s super cold and snowy. The long grey coat is the perfect edition to dress up the outfit and add an element of formality. Specifically, the shoulder of the coat has the perfect shape that if you threw it on your pajamas, it would still be a look.

There is no way to travel around campus without a killer backpack and this Fashionisto’s backpack fits the criteria. The bold rectangle shape of the backpack does all the talking. The backpack really catches the eye with the sharp structure and jet black color. The most interesting part or the coolest element of this outfit it the super cute rose pin on the sweater. It’s a tiny detail but it brings a fun element to the outfit, and frankly who doesn’t love a good pin to add some personality and edge to an outfit.

On the topic of edge, these amazing lace up black Dr. Martens boots are incredible for the slushy snowy weather. They also work to give the outfit an element of grunge to offset the neutral and classic outfit.

All in all, this outfit is the perfect mix of casual and formal for a student meeting.


Hey Fashionistas/os!

I’m Halina and I’m so excited to return to CollegeFashionista for another rad semester as a Style Guru. A little bit about me; I’m a second year student at Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada. I’m majoring in retail management, which is basically a business degree with a focus on retail business and processes. The dream is to utilize my degree to become a buyer for beauty and fashion retailers somewhere down the line. I’m obsessed with coffee, smoked salmon bagels, and the Alexander Wang denim jacket with fur lining. I think that gives pretty good insight into me as a person.

I had an amazing time as a Style Guru in my last semester (summer 2016) and wanted to continue the fun, especially considering the fashion during winter/spring is literally what I live for. I think I can deliver some awesome content for you guys to take inspiration from or fall into a online shopping wormhole. I know I definitely have.

In terms of my style, it’s purely based on my mood. I don’t usually stick to a specific style, however I do have certain things I refuse to wear and certain things I lean towards. My favorite things, generally, to wear on a cold Toronto day usually contain leather leggings, a thick sweater and ankle boots. It’s pretty basic, but it’s all in the sweater. Here I’ve gone for a forest green mock neck sweater but when I’m feeling a little more edgy I must swap it out for an oversized sweater with something edgy like cats on it. Toronto does this amazing thing where it’s freezing cold but the sun is blaring, so you’re not really in Toronto unless you’re wearing a winter jacket and sunglasses. I paired my outfit with a thrifted fisherman’s jacket and a custom made Arctic Monkeys canvas bag.

Looking forward to sharing with you this semester!

STYLE GURU STYLE : Menswear for Women

Masculine lines and structure are some of the many characteristics of one of the hottest trends in fashion: menswear for women. It’s more than just wearing your boyfriend’s sweater or buying from the men’s section of the department store.

Many brands have designed lines for women with amazing pieces such as structured blazers and crisp white shirts without the typical boning for the silhouette. The trend infuses an element of masculinity to women’s clothes producing clothes that make a girl feel like a “Girl Boss.”

This doesn’t mean this trend only applies to work wear; this includes styling of classic casual pieces such as denim and joggers. The trend is integrated beautifully in the Vetements spring 2017 ready-to-wear collection. Frankly, I think this trend gives an image of confidence and edginess that can only be described as sexy.

My interpretation of the trend is more casual through my take on a Canadian tuxedo. I paired an oversized denim button-down with jeans. The key is to use different textures or washes of denim to break up the pieces and give dimension. For instance, I paired my shirt with a darker, tighter pair of jeans. The key to keeping femininity and shape to the outfit is having one element be tighter and more form-fitting.

I think integrating the trend with something more casual like I have makes it a bit easier to try out without jumping into the deep end with full on vest pieces, suit pants and coats. I finished off the outfit with these black adidas ZX sneakers, which have a masculine shape to them. I added a faux-leather studded cuff to add some edge. I kept my makeup pretty simple and feminine to contrast the trend.

Get My Look: 1. Denim button-down. 2. Ankle length jeans. 3. Sporty sneakers.


Just because summer’s out doesn’t mean school’s out. Summer classes are a bummer, but that’s no excuse to fall into a fashion slump. The key is to find an outfit that’s comfortable but you still have a killer outfit to go about the rest of your summer day. This Fashionista’s outfit hits the outfit sweet spot. The outfit has the perfect combination of casual and can be easily altered to suit the occasion.

She kept it simple with a black T-shirt dress to keep cool during the hot summer days but easy to style. This Fashionista knows how to escape the dreaded summer sweat without compromising style. T-shirt dresses are a must-have piece in every closet. She paired her dress with two key accessories; a light scarf and edgy sandals.

Instead of stealing your man’s button up, maybe borrow his Gucci scarf like this Fashionista did; it adds the perfect touch of color and life to the outfit. The subtle hints of color through the snake detail liven up the whole look.

Lastly, she paired the outfit with these super cute, black Gucci sandals with silver details that add to the edgy snake detail on the scarf. Along with the edge, the kitten heels on the sandals add a dainty touch to the whole look.

One Simple Change: Transitioning this summer class outfit into a fall outfit is simple with a touch of a bright masculine coat. The coat adds the structure and formality that comes with fall fashion.

BEAUTY BAR : KBeauty, Baby!

This year has been a huge year for KBeauty, with Korean skincare, cosmetics and beauty trends making their way over to the mainstream beauty world of North America. Korean trends generally stray away from the sharp contouring and dark, arched brows that are favored by Instagram beauty gurus. Korean beauty leans more towards the glowy “I just jogged around the block” look, with radiant, dewy skin as its focal point.

This Fashionista caught my eye with the way she combined the trends into one awesome look for the summer. This look is edgy, but still wearable and fresh. The eye look is a bronzy smokey eye, complemented by glossy pink lips and fresh dewy skin.

The face is kept simple with Korean cushion foundation for radiant skin and some light coverage. The amazing thing about these cushion foundations is they give you that strobing glow without the effort. The summer heat is the perfect time to let your skin breathe and keep it simple. It’s a break from high coverage foundations and a chance to let freckles and imperfections show through. The face is completed with a slight touch of bronzer to frame the face and a hint of blush for a subtle flush of color.

Her eye look however, is a complete contrast with a sharp wing shape for the entire eye so that the shadows and the eyeliner all match up to give the grungy eye look some structure. Her brows were kept looking natural, but sharp around the end to keep the look clean.

Her lips are a combination of three products and create the perfect glossy pink lips that give those Instagram lips but without the over-drawn look that can a look a little clown-like if not done right.

The perfect look for every Fashionista/o to this summer!

What’s on the Beauty Bar: The essentials for this look include Korean cushion foundation, a great brow pencil, a killer setting spray to keep the look fresh for the entire day and lastly a super glossy lip paint.


Hey guys, name is Halina Pai ( pronounced like pie). I’ve always had a knack for style, beauty and pretty much anything to do with fashion or trends, despite my side-bangs and skull tops phase throughout middle school. I plan to produce great content and expose readers like yourself to the many facets and interpretations of the latest runway trends or beauty tricks.

I’m currently a student at Ryerson University and planning on obtaining a degree in retail management. Retail is one of the largest components of the fashion world and the opportunities within it are full of potential. I hope to incorporate my love of fashion and beauty with my passion for retail and become a buyer somewhere down the line.

As I go to university in the 6ix (pronounced Toronto), I come across a whole sea of Fashionistas/os during my people-watching session. I hope to capture the incredible street style in different parts of Toronto to highlight a variety of personal styles.

As for me, my personal style goes between “Sk8r girl who can’t skate” and“ Alexa Chung and Vanessa Hudgens’ style child.” For instance, for this look I’ve got a typical casual outfit I would wear to dinner on a summer evening. I’ve tucked this T-shirt dress into a pair of my favorite ripped jeans. Seriously, I live for these jeans. In order to jazz it up, I added a gold owl necklace I found in my room and never questioned how. Lastly, I chucked on my favorite pair of sunglasses.

I hope you guys enjoyed learning a little bit about me and I look forward to an awesome semester!