There are certain days when we are constantly running around with a list of things to do. This calls for an outfit that will last the entire day and be appropriate for any and every activity the day might bring. With the summer winding down and school headed our direction, schedules are now fully occupied by extensive shopping lists and endless errands. So what garment choices will work for the no-time-to-change days?

Simplicity is all you need to keep in mind. This week’s trendy Fashionista rocked a leather high-waisted skirt, white crop top and white wedges for a busy day. She also added a touch of arm candy with a magnetic cross bracelet. Her outfit is put together, yet simple. Follow in the footsteps of the wise Fashionista and never doubt the elegance of simplicity again.

Just like this Fashionista, wearing a skirt and top combination will surely prepare you for the entire day. If you’re looking for a more casual look, try black combat boots and add tights. To create an ensemble that is perfect for a night out, all you need is a pair of pumps and a touch of red lipstick to be on your merry way.

Remember, simplicity is bliss. You do not always need to be flashy to make a style statement. To achieve a look similar to this Fashionista, check out this skater skirt from Nordstrom paired with this NASTY GAL crop top for a great duo. For a more casual alternative, opt for trousers instead of a skirt.


How does a trend become popular? How are certain clothes stylish and others are absolutely unacceptable? More than 50 percent of the time, when a new trend emerges, it leaves us with a look of confusion. Some of our most beloved fashion idols such as Rihanna and Kelly Osbourne have all been bashed, yet now we see people everyday trying to mimic their looks. Fashion is all about expressionism, so make a stretch and be different.

This Fashionista did just that and pulled it off well. Her outfit may not be the typical trend we see on the runway, but her look is perfect from head to toe. Her oversized denim button-up has become a wardrobe essential over this past year. It is an item that can be worn for any occasion, depending on how you wear it. She finishes off her ensemble with taupe moccasins and a matching hat. To accessorize, she chose her favorite pair of oversized glasses, another fad that has been scrutinized years prior, but is now embraced.

Sometimes it is better to think outside of the box and experiment with the endless array of options in your closet. To mimic this Fashionista, try this American Apparel button-up. Just pair it with some shorts and you’re on your way, as long as you have these moccasins on your feet. If an oversized fit is not for you, than try this denim button-up instead. Be unique with your fashion. Don’t be a fashion follower, be the trendsetter and set the bar high for other Fashionistas/os.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: 1950s Meets 2013

One of the main reasons we all love fashion is because it gives us the ability it gives us to express ourselves through what we are wearing. Whenever we chose our outfit for the day, it reflects our mood and how we want others to perceive us. We all want to be the one person whose outfit stands out with expression.

When we think of the 1950s fashion era, one of the first things to come to mind is Grease. The movie is filled with poodle skirts, big belts, high-waisted pants and collared shirts, many of which remain popular looks today. The ’50s was when young women began to rebel through fashion and express themselves differently from their parents’ modest clothing to more formfitting garments.

In 2013, many of these trends are still beloved. This Fashionista captured the vibe, but took a modern interpretation of the ’50s style. Instead of a thick belt, she lined her high-waisted pants with a skinny patterned belt. She showed off her waist, while still keeping it feminine and classy. The collared top shows off her tattoo and gives that 1950s slogan, “We Can Do It,” a run for its money. To keep the ensemble modern, she added bold silver jewelry.

Don’t be afraid to exude your best 1950s style. Try these high-waisted skinny jeans and pair it with any collared or button-up top. This American Apparel blouse will give you a clean-cut outfit. For something a little different, try tucking in this top, and don’t forget the belt! Add some fun jewelry and TA-DA, look accomplished.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Weather Appropriate

Kansas summers revolve around sunglasses, swimsuits and cold beverages in hand. However, there is that once-in-a-blue-moon wet, windy day that none of us would have ever anticipated. This can quite literally put a damper on our outfit choice for the day. The problem with summer storms is the combination of cold rain and hot air.

This Fashionista made the perfect fashion choice for what the weather had in store. Keeping cool, she wore a black romper and spiced it up with a leather belt and fitted jean jacket. She looked cute from head to toe while remaining safe from the storm.

The jean jacket is an essential go-to item. It is a garment that seamlessly fits into in any and every Fashionista/o’s closet. It promotes dryness and warmth without ruining an outfit. Not only does it provide a warm shelter, but it also pulls an outfit together to achieve a polished look. A denim jacket can be paired with any article of clothing: dresses, shorts, pants or even jeans, and will always create a completed look.

Another benefit about this jacket is how easy the look can be accomplished. A simple jean jacket, like this from Nordstrom, is fabulous for any outfit. To build a look just like this Fashionista’s, you can wear it with this Forever 21 lace romper. All you need is a fun belt and black flip flops to finish it off. If you really want to make your jean jacket the focal point of your ensemble, I suggest this Topshop studded western jacket. Try out black studded pumps for a more punk look.


Although summer is all about relaxing and staying in the sun, sometimes, it can be one of the busiest seasons. If it’s not work or school keeping us occupied, it is the summer festivals, concerts, barbeques, shopping days or the late nights out. This calls for a single outfit that will appropriate for any occasion you find yourself in throughout the day and night.

This Fashionista was out for a day of shopping with the girls, but was ready for what the night had in store. She rocked a floral peplum dress with a fitted, navy blazer and distressed, gray combat boots. This ensemble is perfect for any day or night fun. It allows for a chic, yet laid back look.

The blazer is an ideal garment for any possible activity. In this Fashionista’s case, if she decided to hit the bar, all she needs is a pair of heels to be on her way. Most people believe showing skin is the sexiest way to go out on the town. I dare you to try something different and keep the blazer on. Your classy chic look will not disappoint.

Another great thing about the blazer is how easy it is to mimic. To achieve this Fashionista’s style, try this floral peplum from Forever 21 with this green blazer. If you already have a dark dress that you want to spice up, this floral NASTY GAL blazer will do the trick. Any way you chose to rock this fabulous jacket, you will certainly be ready for whatever the day or night might surprise you with.



We all love the summer season because it means pool parties, beach volleyball and shining sun. Unfortunately, bad always comes with the good. In this case, it is the unanimous question of, “How do I stay cool in this heat?” The Nike shorts and T-shirt combination always seems to be pop into mind first. However, the ever-so-popular maxi dress is a much more chic and stylish alternative.

This Fashionista looked fabulous in her bright multicolored dress. With the days growing hotter and hotter, it is best to dress minimally. The bold, vibrant pattern allows this Fashionista to keep it simple, yet still manage to achieve a polished look.

Given that the design is so bold, this Fashionista doesn’t need any bulky accessories. This is the perfect way to avoid that awful, sticky feeling due to the humidity. Instead of piling on excessive bangles and heavy necklaces, she chose a simple, silver Pandora charm bracelet and a pink watch. She spiced it up with matching mint green nails, and finished off her look with black flip flops and a sock bun.

The maxi trend is a hot commodity this season, so make sure you have one in your wardrobe. Forever 21 has college-budget-friendly options, such as this turquoise strapless tribal maxi. If you’re willing to splurge, try this one from J.Crew red and black. If you grab your comfiest sandals and tie up your hair, not even the heat will stop you this summer!


STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Trendy Oversized T-shirt

Although summer is just beginning, most of us are still have our heads in the books. Summer school is always fast-paced, with exams almost every week. This creates the dreadful, yet too familiar combination of late nights and early mornings. Whether you’re enjoying a night out with friends or studying all night, the last thing you want to think about is, “What am I going to wear this bright early morning?” The answer is simple, oversized T-shirts. They will allow for a cute and comfortable look for your fair share of early mornings.

As the saying goes, “history repeats itself,” and so does fashion. The oversized T-shirt trend became widely popular in the late ’80s and early ’90s, with the hip-hop culture, better known as street style now. The band TLC was known for their trends in urban fashion, inspiring many Fashionistas/os to pull off the look. Now, in the year 2013, we still see this trend more than ever before.

This Fashionista nailed it with her abstract Bart Simpson top, black leggings, Jordan sneakers and jelly purse. With her hair in a ponytail, glasses and sneakers, you know she is nothing but comfortable. She manages to stay fashionable, yet keep a laid back, effortless look.

The oversized T-shirt can be worn in a variety of ways. To achieve a similar look to this Fashionista, all you need is a pair of black leggings and sneakers. River Island has an awesome selection of T-shirts from grunge to girly. Try this dogged-out piece. Keds has a new colorful line for the summer season that will certainly accomodate your college budget, while also adding a touch of fun to your ensemble. For a more bohemian look, try this Free People ombré T-shirt  with these canvas combat boots.

If leggings are a little too hot for your summer, no need to fret. You can still rock the same look with high-waisted shorts and knot your shirt for another laid-back effortless look. The over-sized look will never fail you.


As summer rolls in, so does one of the most favorable fashion garments of the year, sundresses. Sundresses make for one of the easiest, cutest and most comfortable ensembles to wear on a hot, sunny day. However, since it just a single article of clothing, sometimes the resulting outfit can be lacking a “wow” factor.

This Fashionista veered towards a more sophisticated look by choosing a patterned black and cream dress. The dress itself already has a busy pattern, so she did not need to add much. Instead of pouring on the accessories, she chose to pull her outfit together with a leopard print wedge.

Mixing patterns can sometimes be a little scary, but this Fashionista definitely made it work. The shoe compliments the pattern in her dress by bringing out the black and letting the rest fade out. Even though leopard print was certainly a bold choice, it does not detract from her dress.

The wedge is the perfect summer shoe. It’s dressier than a sandal, but not quite as fancy as a heel. It is also infinitely easier to walk in, unlike the six-inch monsters that nobody, except Kim Kardashian, wants to suffer in all day long.

Wedges can be worn with almost anything: shorts, skirts, dresses, etc. A pattern wedge like these are perfect for any day and adds a fun taste to your outfit. To achieve this Fashionista’s style, these striped wedges from Topshop make a perfect combo with a patterned dress. A simple wedge is a necessary component of every Fashionista’s wardrobe!


Summer is finally here! Class is no longer an excuse from dressing to our true Fashionista/o potential. Summer is also the season of new beginnings: bridal showers, baby showers, weddings and more. Be prepared to dress to impress!

I spied this fabulous Fashionista walking downtown, ready for her sister’s bridal shower. Her outfit screams chic in every way. With her black fascinator and black and white polka-dots, she manages to pull it all together using the color red. Accenting any outfit can be very important, but for a black and white outfit, it is crucial.

With vibrant red pumps and matching red lip stick, this pop of color completely pulls this Fashionista’s outfit together perfectly. It gives a sophisticated chic look that is still fun. If she were to have black pumps on, the outfit would be much less striking.

For a somewhat similar look, there are a few different things you can do. First, you have to pick an accent color with your black and white outfit. Red never fails! Try Rihanna’s red MAC lipstick and pair it with these Dolce Vita pumps. You can always couple this powerful red combo with any black and white piece, for example, this Topshop romper is a perfect match.

If you wanted to add even more “pop” to your outfit, a red purse, nails or even tights will do the trick. Don’t forget red never fails and will always add a classy chic and fun look to your outfit.

STYLE GURU BIO: Hallie Woods

Hello, Fashionistas/os! My name is Hallie Woods, pronounced like the one and only Halle Berry. I have just finished my sophomore year at the University of Kansas and cannot wait to continue my education as a Journalism major and Business minor. However, I am even more thrilled to begin my journey with the CollegeFashionista team!

I am originally from Chicago and I know, as everyone asks, “Why on earth would you ever chose to go to college in Kansas?” My answer is that I was ready for a different experience. I have to drive 45 minutes just to reach my favorite department store, Nordstrom, rather than the short 15 minute drive I am accustomed to. But hey, it helps my college student budget, a small blessing in disguise you could say.

Fashion has always been a huge aspect of my life. Even as a childhood tomboy, everything I have ever worn has represented a part of myself. I have learned fashion truly is all about expressing yourself in whatever unique way you chose, not just what everyone says or thinks you should wear. Even in sweats you can add your own style. There is no way I could define my own style in terms of one single trend. However, at the moment, I am completely obsessed with everything high-waisted, crop tops, vintage T-shirts and my perfect-with-anything distressed combat boots. My ensemble always reflects my emotions and attitudes for the day.

I believe fashion has the ability to translate into confidence and high self-esteem. One day, if your mood is subpar, choose to wear a flattering peplum top (I bet my fabulous Betsey Johnson purse you brighten your spirits too!). Fashion is all about risk and staying true to yourself. Fashion is our daily opportunity to show who we are. I encourage everyone to take risks in what they wear and feel great about it.

I am enormously excited to meet all of my future Fashionista/os and see how they define themselves through fashion, and share it with all of you! I cannot wait to prove that students from Kansas have admirable taste. You do not need to be an urban city-dweller to stay fashionable and trendy!