3 DIY Projects to Personalize Your Space for Fall

When you move into a new place, whether it be a dorm room, apartment, or house, you want to make it your own. It needs to be a space you enjoy walking into. If it’s a dorm room, it’s nice to have it relaxing, yet motivating, since you will be sleeping and possibly be doing school work in it. Same goes for a bedroom.

For me, I love having a simplistic room with additions and decor that I can interchange if I decide to. My walls are taupe and my comforter is white. This leaves room for decorative pillows, funky mirrors, fun pictures, wall hangings, or whatever, really. Currently, I’m really into the whole muted tone thing. I love the colors mustard, olive green, and rose. I also am slightly addicted to shopping around thrift stores, spending as much time as I have carefully looking at everything, and trying to think of how I could use it in a unique way or add to it.

Here are some ways I chose to decorate my room in my apartment. Use these ideas to bounce off of and create your own, or even do the same!

One golden thrift store find is my mirror. This thing is exactly what I was looking for. The outline adds so much detail and brings in the color gold, which is so warm and welcoming. I like to accessorize it with some of my favorite pieces, such as hats and wall hangings.

A quick and easy DIY I did was pressing a flower and putting it into a picture frame with a gold lining I found at the thrift store as well. I just picked up a flower from the grocery store, stuck it in between the pages of a heavy book, added some weights on top of it, and let it sit for about five days. After the five days, I carefully removed it and put it into the picture frame. You can do this with any flower! I even thought it would be cool to stick some herbs in and hang it in the kitchen.

Yet another find from the thrift store; this simple wall hanging. It really may be a fancy scarf. When you see things at the thrift store, you have to get creative. I just used two tacks to hang it on both ends. You can always get a piece of fabric and cut it or tie it how you would like and hang it above your bed or desk.

And last but not least, the simple nail with a garment you love hanging from it. It’s an easy way to add your own personal touch. I chose this purse I picked up at a boutique in Illinois, but you could also hang a hanger with a favorite jacket or blouse.

Let me know what you think of these projects in the comments below, and share your own DIY projects with @CFashionista on social media!


One Scarf, 5 Ways

Have you ever attempted to leave the house, but feel as if your outfit is missing something? Some type of accessory that pulls the whole look together? Well, that happens to me more than half of the time and I tend to opt for a scarf. Scarves can be used in so many different ways and each wear makes the outfit look different.

1—The neck scarf. The neck scarf serves the purpose of adding more interest to the upper body. Depending on the scarf, it could be more of a statement or more of a completion to the look. There are many ways to tie the scarf around the neck, but here I chose to make it thick with only a little tie.

2—The belt. This is a good substitution for a belt or even just a pop of color. The look of the scarf instead of a belt seems a bit softer. You could use it as a belt over a dress or jumpsuit to break it up, but I chose to pair it with these jeans I cut from the thrift store.

3—The hat scarf. Sometimes I don’t feel like wearing my hat because it’s such a large piece, I feel like it can take over the whole outfit and be very noticeable if I wear it multiple times. I like to switch up the look a bit by tying a scarf around to add a different interest and outlook on it.

4—Around the bun. Your hair doesn’t actually need to be in a bun, but tying it around a ponytail or bun, for me, adds fullness and volume. Sometimes, instead of a scrunchie, I tie the scarf around it which can lift the ponytail or bun depending on how you style it.

5—As a headband. This one is my favorite. You can tie it as a headband, but it’s such a versatile look. You can tie it and hide the knot down by the nape of the neck, keep the knot, but place it on the top of the head (either in the center, or to the side), or you can tie it in a bow and show that it at the top, or pull the long pieces down to the nape of the neck and let them flow with the rest of your hair.

There are many other ways to use a scarf, such as an ankle ascot, on your purse, around a belt loop—the options are endless. They are also easy to find or make yourself. This one I picked up at the thrift store. I have a bandana I also picked up and I cut a 3-centimeter slit around each edge and tore the rest off to give it a distressed look. I use it the same way as my scarves.

Let me know how you like to incorporate scarves into your outfits in the comments below!

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Savannah Style

As I walked through the downtown Savannah area, I came across an outfit that caught my eye. This look is simple, yet bold. The mid-length denim dress is a statement in itself, as it is a thicker piece with a unique fit. Although it is form fitting, the thick, rough texture adds interest to the garment. The buttons from top to bottom create contrast throughout the mid-length dress to help break it up and make it more flattering.

The most interesting factor of the dress is how versatile it is. With the switch of a top, accessory, or makeup look, the entire vibe can change. For example, a pair of platform sneakers, white T-shirt, dark lip, and a choker could portray a grunge look. In order to give off a more sporty look, the dress could be paired with a pair of sneakers, ringer-style T-shirt, and baseball hat. For a more feminine look, this Fashionista can opt for a loose blouse, dainty necklace, scarf tied around the ankle, and woven flats. The options are limitless.

This specific look is paired with two simple bracelets that don’t take way from the dress. The small dark green bag is the perfect size for walking around downtown; just big enough to hold the necessary items. The simple and comfortable look is also paired with a basic gray top that can go with just about anything. Lastly, this look is paired with a pair of sunglasses just to keep the sun out of her eyes while also looking amazing.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Simple Saturday

On the weekends, sometimes it’s nice to wake up and start the day with something to put you in a good mood. For me, that’s going to the farmers’ market. This was the first of the season, so I figured I had to go.

It’s just starting to get a little warmer, with the spring season around the corner, so it was the perfect opportunity to wear my slouchy cardigan that can fit over pretty much anything. It’s perfect for the transitioning seasons, keeping me warm, but also leaving room for a bit of wind to cool me off. A cardigan is such a nice staple to have, as you can wear it over a simple dress, basic T-shirt, or anything else, really. It was the complementary addition to my plain black tube top, which is also the perfect staple for any season.

It can be worn so many different ways, but here, I paired it with my favorite jeans that I picked up from a thrift store. They are such a classic denim piece, that I decided to cut them and let them fray a little in the wash, to give off that “worn in” look. They are extremely comfortable and easy to move around in with the looser fit. I like to add neck scarves to simple looks like these; I feel like they pull the look together, by adding something a bit more colorful and interesting. This is another piece I picked up at a thrift store, and have worn more times that I can count.

I love the endless possibilities of clothing. The thought of someone wearing a garment and styling it certain ways, before you come across the same piece, and decide to style it your own way, is insanely cool; it adds so much character to the item.

WHAT TO WEAR: Pretty Comfy, Overall

There is always that one person who walks into class and looks good. It distracts you as you think to yourself, how is it possible that they have the time in the morning to get ready? Don’t they get uncomfortable throughout the day? The truth is, you can throw items together in a short amount of time and still look good while being comfortable throughout the day.

In this look, this Fashionista is wearing overalls which are easy to throw on over anything, whether it be a sweater, T-shirt, flannel, or crop top, as shown in this picture. The overalls count as a two in one; you don’t have to worry about finding bottoms that are comfortable and match. This simple look is pretty, paired with simple everyday dainty necklaces like the ones pictured. They add to the look and are easy to wear with any outfit. These white sneakers are comfortable enough to walk around throughout the campus and work well with many different outfits. In the changing weather, it is easy to throw on an oversize denim jacket. It is perfect because it makes the look more casual, while being light but thick enough to block cold wind. Looking good has never been so easy.

Along with the dainty necklaces, it’s nice to pair them with some simple bracelets, rings, and/or watches. She has a nice pair of reading glasses that go with any look as well as a neutral hair band that can be worn with any outfit, as well. Her watch adds interest as the gold goes with the dainty gold necklaces hanging around her neck.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Buttons On Buttons

Sometimes putting together a simple outfit can be stressful. You don’t want to try too hard, but you still want to look cute. Often, I struggle with what feels comfortable and what looks cute. Simple details can add character to an outfit and take the simplicity to the next level we are aiming for. It can add something for the eye to look at.

In this outfit, we have the simple details of buttons along the jacket and the blouse itself. The buttons on the blouse add tiny bits of detail to the very simple, loosely fitting shirt. These buttons allow you to style the shirt many different ways such as very structured, if you button every button and maybe tuck it in. It can look a bit more casual if you unbutton one or two from the top. And it can have a completely different summery more casual look if you unbutton a few from the bottom and tie the excess fabric. You really can’t go wrong with a button-up blouse such as this cotton one.

As well as being on the shirt, we also have the buttons incorporated throughout the bomber jacket. A bomber jacket is simple and easy to throw on when you’re walking a short distance to class. The buttons at the very top are perfect additions to the jacket. They can be left untouched, as a visual piece, or they can be buttoned together for warmth.

These two simple pieces are paired with everyday reading glasses, a little twist on the Vans classic shoe and a pair of leggings for comfort. Looking good is even easier than it seems.

STYLE ADVICE: Mixing Denim

Sometimes we are faced with the stress of trying to match. Denim is a trend that can be mixed however you want. Light goes with dark, dark with dark, light with light, white with black, or any other combination. In this specific look we have a charcoal color denim bottom with a light denim jacket.

To pull a look together it is nice to add accessories. This outfit, specifically, is more accessory based. There is a simple top in order to cause the accessories and denim to pop. A belt and some glasses are some options you may have laying around. The black belt in this outfit goes well with the style of this look and the season. In the warmer weather, some may opt for a brown belt. Right now western style belts are in, as we have shown. The glasses are more of a fashion accessory than they are necessary to block the sun. Lately, I have been seeing glasses with lighter, more transparent lenses. This allows us to be able to see the face and eyes while they are on, just adding to the look.

Something that I found interesting and inspiring about this look is the headband that was put together. The headpiece used is a thin scarf that can be tied many different ways on the head, as we see here. There are an excess of ways to tie a scarf, such as around the neck, on the head, around a purse strap, on the ankle or wrist and many others. Something this simple can be so versatile.

Simple looks like this can easily be paired with Converse. It makes the look more casual and adds comfort as well. It is always fun to add a funky pair of socks too.

Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my post. I hope you all are having a great start to the New Year! See you next month!

STYLE GURU BIO: Hanna Benoski

Hi! I’m Hanna. I’m currently a sophomore at the University of Missouri—Columbia. I study textile and apparel management and am working to get a business minor. Fashion and art have always intrigued me and I am constantly looking for ways to incorporate both into my everyday life.

I consider fashion a form of artwork and as I study it in school, I am continuously wanting more inspiration, new ideas, and motivation. This is where I turn to Instagram accounts, YouTube channels, personal blogs as well as many other forms of inspiration. Gathering new ideas is so exhilarating. Walking into a mall is a constant mind game; how many outfits can I make out of this one piece? How can I make this different than how one would imaging wearing it? Creativity takes over the mind.

As for this specific outfit, I tried to keep it simple yet versatile. In order to create an outfit like this you don’t need the exact pieces. Use it as a form of inspiration and grab what is around you. That’s what it is all about anyway. Here, I am wearing a pair of denim jeans and a jacket that I picked up from the thrift store and cut myself. When I’m there I tend to look for staple pieces that I can use many different ways. I paired them with a tight olive green high neck top. This simple top was easy to pair with layered accessories, such as the neck scarf I grabbed from the thrift store and necklace from my good friend. I wore some simple black booties that go with everything and paired it with my favorite sunglasses.

I hope you guys enjoyed my first post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Can’t wait to continue writing more. Make sure to follow me on my links to see more about my everyday life!