5 Summer Skin Care Must-Haves

I recently arrived back to Atlanta from a summer beach trip to Miami. On my vacation, I decided to try out some new skin care products, and I fell in love with every single one. These products helped me beat the summer heat and leave my vacation breakout-free with a fresh glowing tan. Every Fashionista should try out these products on a summer trip to the beach, or just a day by the pool!

1—Oil absorbing sheets. After spending a couple of hours under the sun, I like to use my favorite oil absorbing sheets to eliminate any excess moisture and oil on my face. This prevents the chance of my pores getting clogged and potentially leading to breakouts. These blotting sheets are amazing because they do not remove any pre-existing makeup on my face. They also work for all skin types

2—After sun lotion. Long days in the heat increase my chance of sunburn, so at the end of the day, I apply after sun lotion to treat any potential sun burns. This lightweight lotion contains aloe vera, shea butter, and cocoa butter all of which rehydrate and refresh my skin. A major plus for this product is how quickly and effectively it absorbs into my skin. After application, my skin is smooth and left with a fresh lime colada scent.

3—Covergirl foundation. My foundation of choice for the summer is the Covergirl Vitalist healthy Elixir. It is ideal for most sun exposure because its formula includes SPF 20. This lightweight foundation is oil free and eliminates the appearance of oily skin. Oil free foundations are a perfect match for skin that already produces excess oil and moisture. Even after a long day in the heat, this foundation lasts all day without the need to reapply. I love this foundation because it applies smooth and leaves my skin with the perfect summer glow!

4—Whipped sunscreenThe new Coppertone whipped sunscreen is a dream come true for beach lovers. This sheer sunscreen is rich and creamy and applies like butter. I love this sunscreen because it does not leave an oily sheen on my skin after application. You can hardly notice that I used almost half the bottle. The best perk is that its water resistant for 80 minutes. It’s time to say goodbye to reapplying after a dip in the pool!

5—Charcoal face maskEveryone loves to unwind at the end of the day with a great face mask. My current favorite is the Biore charcoal mask. After hours under the sun, I can tell that my face attracted different dirt and oils throughout the day. I use this mask to eliminate any pore-clogging dirt and oil. The natural charcoal in the formula cleans out any impurities in my skin and leaves my face feeling clean and refreshed.

What are some of your favorite summer skin care products? Let me know in the comments below.

3 Ways to Stand out in White Jeans

We all have that one friend that reminds us never to wear white after Labor Day. Luckily, white jean season is among us! Every summer I invest in about two to three pairs of white jeans. A great pair of white jeans is essential to my wardrobe because year after year, the trend never seems to go out of style. White jeans can be dressed up for a Sunday brunch or dressed down for a day at the ballpark. However, I have figured out how every Fashionista can stand out in a pair of white jeans from her closet.

1—Denim topDenim tops are most certainly in style this year and are especially popular for summer holiday parties. They can also be worn to a casual event with leggings or dressed up for a fancy night out on the town. Denim tops come in all different styles and look amazing on every body shape! A denim button-down pairs great with white jeans. Any shade of denim will complement white jeans perfectly.

2—Glam shoes. This summer I ditched all of my basic tan sandals and decided to try something new. When I first laid eyes on this pair of white espadrilles it was most definitely love at first sight. I love how simple they are, yet the gold heel and fiber sole give me the chance to stand out. Espadrilles have become my go-to shoes this summer because they are stylish and comfortable. Any pair of shoes with gold embellishments or a unique sole will give you a great look with your white jeans!

3—Jewelry. My love for bracelet stacks has grown tremendously when I realized how much they can transform an outfit. Beaded bracelet stacks are versatile because you can throw them on with your swimsuit at the beach or pair them with your favorite watch. My second favorite jewelry trend this summer is bar necklaces. Bar necklaces are perfect for Fashionistas like me who enjoy simple jewelry but also want to make a statement. My gold bar necklace is embroidered with my Greek letters and has become my go-to necklace this summer. The jewelry I styled with this look is simple yet gives more life to my favorite pair of white jeans.

How do you stand out in your favorite pair of white jeans? Show us on social media! Don’t forget to tag @Cfashionista.