STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Bundle Up Buttercup!

Looks like Mother Nature is a little upset, because the weather has been super unpredictable lately. One minute we have warm sunshine, and the next minute we get chilly rain. To combat Mother Nature, we must always be prepared. The breezy days shouldn't restrict our fashionable apparel. Bundling up with stylish layers, anyone can manage a sophisticated and chic look, even during the chill days. I was so excited to spot a Fashionista on her way to class who did just that! 

The Fashionista is wearing Charlie Skinny Jeans in the dark wash from Lucky Brand Jeans. Skinny jeans are a major essential during the fall/winter seasons. It's adorable with some flats or tucked inside a pair of boots, so check out the many selections from Lucky Brand Jeans. The Fashionista is wearing an H&M sweater, and while doing some personal online shopping, I found so many fabulous looks! The sweaters from H&M are definitely worth a quick look, so enjoy! 

Check out the Fashionista's boot, aren't you totally in love? If you're searching for the perfect bootie look, you are about to find it! has many booties to choose from so the cute booties does not end here! also has a huge selection of adorable booties to choose from!

So go ahead, there's a lot of online shopping to do! just remember to always bundle up with style!


I can't speak for everyone else, but I am so excited and relieved that midterms are finally over! With Halloween, just around the corner, we have at least one thing to look forward to after these brutal midterm exams. However, I am just looking forward to all the trendy fashion I have been spotting all over campus. As I have said before, fall is my favorite season, especially regarding fashion. I love seeing all the sweaters, boots, scarfs and more! One super trend that I see around campus is the popular fedora and I totally understand because it looks great on everyone!

The Fashionisto I spotted on campus was sporting a fedora hat from Zara, which is personally one of my favorite stores to shop. It is a great look, the only suggestion I would make is to keep it simple when sporting a fedora. The Fashionisto is also wearing a pullover collared sweater from Ralph Lauren in maroon. As I stated earlier, I am totally obsessed with sweaters, it just makes it that much more official that fall is really here!

Khakis are an absolutely essential when it comes to a man's wardrobe. It's great for work, going out on the date or just a casual look. It is a great transitional clothing item, and this Fashionisto's khaki pant's are from H&M. 

I have a serious obsession with watches, I always say that you can always tell a lot of about a person just by looking at their watch. This Fashionisto is wearing a vintage gold Casio watch that screams stylish and chic.

Are you falling in love with the fashion trends yet? If not, check out these items and I promise you'll have a different opinion sooner or later!


Hi there Fashionista/o's, can you believe it? We're already halfway through our semester! The fashion styles on campus were absolutely fabulous during the beginning of this fall semester, and the styles are only getting more fierce. With the cold weather rushing near, people start to wear more and more layers to keep warm. I spotted a Fashionista who layers on style with more style!

The Fashionista is wearing a long cardigan from Forever 21, however—while browsing—I managed to discover a similar drapey cardigan vest from Urban Outfitters. It is a great fall/winter color, and it will look amazingly chic on anyone. If you are  currently loving the whole leather obsession, definitely check out a faux leather vest by Silence & Noise.

The Fashionista is also wearing a plain white long sleeve to perfectly complement the whole ensemble! I am a huge fan of simple T-shirts and long sleeves, they both go with just about anything. The simplicity is wonderful to dress up or down with a couple of accessories, it's just way too easy. I would definitely recommend checking out Express or American Apparel for chic yet simple items.

So finally, where did the Fashionista purchase her fabulous shoes? The Fashionista is wearing an adorable pair of brown boots from Urban Outfitters to perfectly finish off her stylish look. It is a daring look, but definitely go for it! It is a look that is trending all over campuses.

There is still half a semester left, and so far I am absolutely digging the fashion on campus!



Hi there Fashionista's/O's! Can you believe it? It is already the month of October and there are so many things I am looking forward to. October means haunted houses, apple and pumpkin picking, halloween decorations, candy corn and the list can go on and on. Another list that can go on and on is my fall seasonal wardrobe. I have officially packed all my summer favorites away and have finally unpacked all my fall/winter classics. 

Today, the Fashionisto is starting off with his very treasured snapback representing his favorite team the Denver Nuggets. It is probably safe to say that many Fashionistos would agree with me when I say a hat/snapback is one of the more favored every day accessory among the male clan. Although, I might not agree with the Fashionisto's choice of team (Miami Heat Woohoo!), I do agree with his stylish fashion statements. 

The Fashionisto is wearing a T-shirt from H&M. The Fashionisto states that he prefers shopping at H&M for basic T-shirts, he appreciates simplicity and lives by the saying, less is more. I totally agree with the Fashionisto, H&M is that perfect clothing store for the most basic T-shirts that are perfect to either dress up with fancy accessories or just keep it simple with a simple scarf. The Fashionisto pairs his basic T-shirt with a bootcut jeans from American Eagle. The denim wash is not too dark or light, so pairing it with just about anything shouldn't be a problem!

When it comes to men's shoes and watches, I am absolutely obsessed! It's a strange obsession of mine, but I love shopping for men's accessories. It's definitely a trait of mine that my male friends appreciate about me when it comes to shopping. The Fashionisto is wearing one of my favorites, Creative Recreation The Cesario Lo Sneaker in Navy. Also rocking another favorite of mine, G-Shock in clean black. 

So if you haven't unpacked your fall/winter favorites, hurry up! I'll be on the lookout on campus!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Boys Just Want To Have Fun Too!

I am overly estatic this week, especially because fall has finally arrived. That means bring out all your sweaters, hoodies, leggings, and all the other fun fall favorites! I'm starting to see the oversized sweaters and scarves around campus, however the ladies of Philadelphia aren't the only ones making an impression, the men are making a fashion statement as well! I spotted a Fashionisto who couldn't wait to break out his fall favorites!

The Fashionisto is wearing an absolute essential during the fall season, a fleece sweatshirt from Express. Express for Men have many different styles of sweatshirts and hoodies, but this particular button-up hoodie stood out to me especially because of its simplicity and flexibility to wear for any occasion desired. The Fashionisto is also wearig a graphic T-shirt from Express. Graphic tees from Express appear to be a favorite amongst the men and I can most definitely see why! According to the Fashionisto, Express for Men is one of his favorite stores to shop and their t-shirts are stylish and affordable all at the same time. Check out their collection of simple T-shirt, there are a lot to choose from!

Another fall favorite of mine are denim jeans, which are basically timeless items and everyone should have a favorite pair. This Fashionisto is wearing his all time favorite pair of denim jeans, Lincoln Jeans in phase 4 in a dark wash from Guess. If you are looking for a low rise and slim fit look, these pair of jeans are perfect for you! The dark wash is especially appropriate for the fall season.

So for all the ladies and gentlemen, bring out all your fall favorites and hit us with your best shot!

Style Guru Bio: Hannah Ryan

Greetings Fashionistas and Fashionistos! My name is Hannah Ryan, and I am your senior Style Guru from Temple University. I cannot believe it has been a year already, It's been an amazing and very stylish expierence for me! Sadly, this is the last Style Guru Bio post for me before graduation, and I just wanted to say it has been an unforgettable journey for me and also thank you!

So onto better news, here's a little something about me! Obviously, I love fashion and everything about it! However, there is one thing that I love more than fashion, and that is style. Attending a university in Philadelphia and growing up in New York City, I can safely say that I have almost seen it all. I have seen women and men walking down 5th Ave in New York City that looked like they just walked off a fierce runway. I have also seen some of the most unique ensembles in Philadelphia that were super stylish and fabulous. During this whole experience, all the different styles have made me come to appreciate individual style, especially my own individual style.

My style is totally unique to me and it's constantly changing. There is nothing wrong with changing one's style, but I absolutely adore vintage items and anything that appears timeless. One piece of style advice from me that will never change is, raiding your mother's closet is the most rewarding and cheapest shopping spree one can ever receive!

Moving on, I am ending my last semester with the column I started with, “Style Advice Of the Week” on Mondays! Again, thank you for the wonderful year and I cannot wait for all the fall fashion! Welcome back to school everyone!



Someone once told me that the first thing that people usually notice about a person is their hair, and I can totally understand why! People invest a lot of time and money on hair probably because it can dramatically change one's appearance, meaning a simple hair cut or a drastic color change can completely change one's look. Currently my hair style is the popular trend that is called ombrè. It's a fun, flirty look that works for anyone, but most definitely looks great on longer hair so that you can see the change of colors. I am obsessed with the trend, and I spotted a Fashionista who shares the same opinion!

Thos Fashionista embraced the ombrè look, but prefers the look to be more subtle than drastic, and that is okay; people have different preferences. Personally I cannot dye my own hair, but if you are daring and skilled enough to do it yourself, here are some tips: I would most definitely reccommend keeping the top of your hair closer to your natural hair color so that it is minor upkeep, and then gradually going lighter towards your ends. 

This Fashionista also said that she loves playing around with makeup; who doesn't right? Like this Fashionista, I really prefer the natural look. She uses Revlon ColorStay foundation for a light comfortable wear and the best part is that once you apply this foundation, it stays on for 24 hours. It can be found in any major drug store and it is very affordable! She also believes that the secret of having a fresh natural look even with makeup on is primer. This Fashionista uses Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer to keep her fresh look on all day no matter what. Urban Decay has a great line of primers, but the one primer that stands out to me is their pore perfecting primer, it is perfect for your whole face and provides a flawless finished look.  

Whether your hair is ombrè or not, just have fun with your styles and if your looking for a drastic change for your hair, definitely check out the popular trend!

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Healthy Long Hair, Don’t Care!

I always had long hair pretty much my whole life. My mother would suggest a drastic change and swore up and down that I would look adorable with short hair, I never took her suggestion. However, I tried out other fun stylish hair cuts and colors, but I always just thought that long hair was always more fun with long hair. Hair care is extremely important! Maintaining long beautiful luscious hair takes a lot of patience and consistency. 

I spotted a Fashionista who understood the beauty of hair care. The Fashionista uses the popular CHI Ceramic Hairstyling Iron to straighten her hiar, but before all that she makes sure she is prepared with the hair products that protect your hair. The stylish Fashionista uses Tresemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Spray that is perfect for all hair types and textures. Meanwhile, it is still protecting your hair from the harsh heat of your hair tools. 

When the straightening is all done, this Fashionista uses Aussie Volume Hair Spray to give her hair just the extra lift. Also providing your hair with some moisture is an absolute must. This Fashionista gives her hair extra protection by using Aussie's Hair Insurance. It's a leave in condition that guards your hair and provides a beautiful shine for your luscious hair.

While browsing around, I discovered that CHI hair products are actually worth their asking price. Different people have different preferences to what kind of hairstyling products they are more comfortable with. CHI products provide a wide variety of tools with different styles, designs and purposes. Check out their list of products here!

So having beautiful long luscious hair comes with a price, but that price is worth paying for especially with these amazing and affordable products.

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Neon and Floral Galore!

My favorite season definitely has to be summer, and I'm sure most would agree. There's the beach, pool parties, no homework, and the best part is that there are so many clothing options! The two summer favorites we're exploring today are colorful neons and fun floral patterns. Bright neon colors and floral patterns are everywhere, and I must say that the two are a perfect pairing. Nothing quite says “summer” without a splash of color and floral prints!

I spotted a Fashionista who embraced the two summer favorites wonderfully. The Fashionista is wearing a coral neon skirt from H&M, and the adorable floral printed wedges are from Old Navy. The wedges are actually scarf wedges that you can tie to your own preference. It's a great fun look, and the floral prints make it that much more fashionable!

The Fashionista is stylishly rocking the popular trendy hair-do, ombre. In the photo, the Fashionista has straight hair, but she informed me that she prefers natural waves during the summer to bring out her subtle ombre highlights. Her perfect straight look was styled by one of her favorite products, bumble and bumble prep spray. It is used before blow drying your hair to protect your hair and enhance your natural hair. After blow drying, the Fashionista flat irons her hair only to finish it off with the popular macadamian nut oil that gives your hair a great polished look. 

The natural look is a great look during the summer time. As my mother would say, “less is more”, and during the summer time I think it is completely appropriate. The Fashionista is wearing Physicians Formula light bronzer for a shimmering summer bronze, but it's a subtle look. She wears a neutral color eyeshadow from Bare Essentials, which only enhances the natural look. I truly believe that eyeliners and mascaras are super important when it comes to one's makeup kit. The eyeliner on the Fashionista is from Maybelline and the mascara is Benefit's popular “They're Real” mascara. The Benefit “They're Real” mascara is well-praised for it's natural look. The mascara doesn't make your eyelashes clumpy, instead it just gives your real lashes a natural sweet look. If you can't take my word for it, check out the reviews!

Make this summer a bright one with neon colors and fun/flirty floral patterns. Make this summer a fashionable one!

ALL ABOUT BEAUTY: Blonde Beach Waves

So it's been a year since I've been with CollegeFashionista and it has been fabulous. I know most of you are familiar with my STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK column, but I thought I could mix it up a bit and start writing for a completely different aspect of fashion, which is beauty. Beauty products and styling tips are just as important as any style advice.

However, this will be a learning experience for me as well, so let's enjoy this journey together! Summer has finally arrived, and with that said the one look that comes back every summer is the stylish beach waves look. I spotted this Fashionista with the most perfect beach waves. I asked this Fashionista if she spent her time down the shore recently, and she responded that her perfect beach wave curls were successfully perfected with Conair's curling wand. Conair hair products are both reliable and affordable which is a great pairing relationship!

This Fashionista also said that products are super important to how her chic beach waves stay intact throughout the day. She is a huge believer of Aussie hair products, and for this particular hairstyle. She uses Aussie Sprunch for a flexible hold for that beach look. You don't always need to go to the beach for that perfect beach wave look. This Fashionista Is walking proof that all you need is a good curling iron and reliable hair products for the beach wave look!