6 Tips to Help You Nail a Phone Interview

Phone interviewers may seem easier, but there are actually hidden tricks that will make you stand out. From start to finish, these are the six moves you can make to nail your phone interview!

1—The companyResearching the company shows you actually care about the position. Go to the company’s website and write down their mission, vision, and anything you think is noteworthy. Since you will be on the phone, you can take notes for any questions and give the answers to them throughout the Interview.

2—The interviewerFind out information about the interviewer. The easiest starting place is LinkedIn. I would search the name and the company to see who shows up. If the position title does not match, try a general Google search to find the proper spelling of your interviewer’s name. Once you find him or her, write down the degree they earned and anything interesting about their work history. I discovered that one of my former interviewers switched from theater to sales, while another former interviewer was in fashion with a brief stint in the oil and gas industry. If you find any current accolades, commend them for their success!

3—Your outfitGo over your notes and fix anything that could trip you up during the interview, then find a business professional outfit that makes you feel confident. Although the interviewer will never see you, dressing up will place your brain into a professional mentality.

4—Stand upAs soon as your phone rings, stand up and smile. Standing will help you sound better over the phone. The smiling will help you sound more cheerful when you say “Hello [Name], how are you today?” Keep standing throughout the interview in order to keep a proper and confident posture. 

5—Your questionsMake sure you ask the questions you wrote down earlier. Did you want to congratulate the company on a new move, acquisition, or award? At the end of your interview, ask the interviewer if he/she thinks you are a good fit for the team, company, or position. This will give your interviewer the chance to mention any concerns or say you would be a great fit!

6—Thank youAfter your interview has ended, send a thank you through email or mail. Mention that you enjoyed learning more about the position and that you look forward to hearing from him/her. If you didn’t ask in the interview, ask now about when you should hear back regarding the position. End it with a simple thank you or sincerely along with your professional email signature.

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The Top 5 Trends for the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is a time for celebrating America’s independence with BBQs, fireworks, and the best of red, white, and blue fashion. While it’s tempting to throw on a white T-shirt, jeans, and red shoes, I have gathered some of today’s top trends to amp up your Fourth of July wardrobe! Each of these styles will easily take you from a BBQ bash to a fireworks show.

  1. Bodysuits. Bodysuits are the best addition to your wardrobe. You can wear them to every event. Keep things simple with a red bodysuit, or go a little more patriotic. Pair it with some cute shorts, and it’s time for the family BBQ. Right before you go out, toss on a jean jacket and some Vans for a night to remember.
  2. Slip DressLight and airy slip dresses are perfect for fireworks shows. Pair it over a neutral top and some cute sneakers. The silky sheen will light up with every firework in the sky, transforming you into your own show! Sneakers will also make the walk back so much easier.
  3. Matching Top and BottomBuy them together or style them yourself—a matching top and bottom pair will make you look pulled together with minimal effort. This look is great for those of you slaving away making deviled eggs and potato salad before the BBQ. This is your time to shine! Whether you’re wearing red, white, or blue, pair your matching look with cute wedges to steal the show.
  4. The New DenimDenim is a classic for the Fourth of July, but you can amp up your game with new styles. Frayed denim jeans will look cute with a faded flag tank and sneakers, or take it a step further and try a frayed denim skirt. You can pair it with mules and a white T-shirt for an update to the classic look.
  5. SwimsuitWhether you’re by the beach or at your neighbor’s pool party, this look allows you to transition from eating to swimming and back again. Pair your bikini top with a button-down denim shirt and shorts for a playful look. 

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