STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Blast from the Past

One of the delightful aspects of fashion is that past trends are recycled and brought back with refreshed lines and cuts for a modern twist. It’s nice to know that era-inspired clothing will always be recycled creating the opportunity to combine authentic vintage items with these new revamped pieces for a style that’s truly your own. My style advice of the week is to try emulating a vintage look for a refreshing look, much like the featured Fashionista has done today.

This Fashionista is wearing an A-line cobalt-blue dress with a tied dress shirt over top. Recently there’s been a revival of 1950s style accessories and her accessories transform the look into an ensemble inspired from the past. The pill box cap is appropriate for the era and is adorable with tulle floating off the top. She’s wearing a classic set of pearls and almond toed pumps where the red around the ankle is a refreshing pop of color.

To recreate this look for yourself, try this dress from American Apparel. The flowing chiffon skirt is a great throwback to the shape of an A-line skirt but with a modern appeal. To go over top, try this sheer oversized button down shirt tied up to form a crop top. For shoes, you've got to do these pumps from Steve Madden in black. For a great pillbox hat, I suggest looking at Etsy. They have a wonderful selection of vintage finds that are easy to purchase online. Of course though, I’m always an advocate for thrift shops to find authentic, one-of-a-kind vintage styles. These stores tend to require a lot of hunting through but most often will result in a treasure find. Try going to Buffalo Exchange for a fabulous, authentic pillbox hat.


Sometimes it’s easy to find ourselves in the habit of wearing safe and simple outfits knowing it won’t draw attention for any bad reasons but at the same time doesn’t draw much praise either. With all of our inner Fashoionistas crying out for attention, the easiest remedy to fulfill these undying needs is with an unexpected, high contrast ensemble. My style advice of this week is to mix a simple light colored top with contrasting colors for an extra pop.

I spotted this Fashionista shopping at a local mall and her outfit caught my eye immediately. The mix of her sweet and delicate white tunic and the black leggings and black leather boots is so intriguing. The color combinations, though essentially a basic black and white, create extra interest much like the ever-so-popular color blocking that’s huge right now. The white and black are so bold that it breaks up the body and is a sure fire attention grabber. I also love that fact that her tunic, despite the color, seems sheer and fresh attributing to even more contrast against the dark colored tights and boots.

To recreate this Fashionista’s look for yourself, try stopping at Forever 21. Currently they have a huge collection of light airy peasant-style tops that are revamped to fit with the '70s revival trend that’s been present recently. I particularly love this floral crochet tunic in cream. Match with your basic pair of black tights and these awesome black leather boots to finish your look.


Even though it’s still spring, the weather says otherwise. It’s feeling much more like summer around here. During this time of year, most of us tend to avoid running errands until the evening when the sun isn’t glaring down on us. However, in the right clothing, moving about during mid day isn’t so bad and quite doable. The type of clothing that you’re wearing makes a huge difference in terms of comfort. I strongly suggest not wearing dark colors during warmer days, these fabrics absorb heat. Instead, do a light color; whites, pinks and tans are all good options, these colors will reflect sunlight and help keep you from overheating. Also, utilizing lightweight fabrics is another solution to keeping cool. Sheer fabrics allow your skin to breathe and let breeze flow through. My style advice of the week though is to invest in an item that is a combination of both of these elements- light in color and sheer in weight.

This Fashionista wears a great example of a cooling ensemble all while being fashionable at the same time. I especially love her sheer top- it’s a light salmon color with a white print throughout. The loose sleeves and overall fit allow for her skin to breathe on a hot day. She’s paired this top with a stone colored safari short and large buckle sandals. Her satchel is an awesome accessory and stays true to the color palate with some extra interest in the chocolate brown detailing.

To recreate this Fashionsita’s look for yourself, try this blush-colored sheer shirt. Match with these cream shorts and these platform sandals. Finish your summer friendly look with this canvas satchel.


We’ve seen maxi dresses in abundance last fall and winter and it seems that they’ve held strong through spring and will be popular as we move into summer. These long, loose fitting garments are known for their extreme comfort and flexibility, not to mention breezy and cooling on warmer days. While seeming like a shapeless object, we’ve realized that they are quite the contrary- hiding flaws and accentuating the best features, such as necklines and the appearance of legs-for-days.

The star of this Fashionista’s outfit is obviously her cherry-red, floral maxi dress. This dress in particular was a great find, there’s a great feminine appeal with the thin straps and mini-pleating in the bodice and skirt. This dress also seems to be made of a light and airy fabric that flows with the wind- a benefit when looking for a dress that will flatter your shape. What I especially love about the dress is the daisy print on the dress; it makes a statement without overpowering the look and adds great charm. This Fashionista also accessorized smartly with a leather cross-body bag and silver jewelry. Moving down to her feet, she’s chosen a rugged lace-up boot in a cognac color. These shoes are an unexpected element and furthermore enhance the dress with juxtaposition in textiles.

Thrift stores are the destination for finding one-of-a-kind items and this Fashionista’s dress further supports that theory. Her dress is actually a Goodwill find and a lucky one at that. For those of us who don’t want to rummage through racks of clothes, I’ve found these dresses to be similar in style; the Wild City Life Dress and the Marbled Marvel Dress– both from ModCloth.


There’s no question that nautical themes have been on trend recently, however what do you do with these pieces when you’re tired of looking like a modern day sailor? Good news: these items are flexible and you can incorporate them into your everyday wardrobe by matching them singularly with classic basic items, just as this featured Fashionista did.

This Fashionista looks fabulous in an oversized striped shirt, an item that would match well with any pair of nautical-esque red shorts. As seen on this Fashionista though, she’s smartly matched her striped top with a pair of indigo denim skinny jeans and a gorgeous camel bag. Her straw fedora and gold sandals are great items that will translate well from spring to summer. Lastly, her large gold watch adds shine as the only item of jewelry in her look. This look has easily moved away from a sea-faring vibe and into a casual spring ensemble.

To recreate this Fashionista’s look, try this black and white striped top from Urban Outfitters. Match it with these dark wash denim skinnies from Forever 21 and this straw fedora. Try finishing your casual look with this similar satchel. If you do fancy a nautical theme for the day, take the same shirt mentioned above and match with these red scalloped shorts and these adorable red and white striped flats with a lace-up detail. Accessorize with this whale necklace to finish your ensemble. And, Voila! There you have it: stripes, two ways.


A trend that’s been becoming more popular around men’s style recently is shorter shorts. Showing off your unclad knees is the latest style in popular spring-wear for men and frankly add a lot of character to the usual pair of shorts. Also, this style of shorts are utilitarian in nature as they will help keep you cool as temperatures rise. Essentially, they are the perfect addition to any guy's wardrobe as we move into summer.

This Fashionisto sports a great pair of knee baring shorts- awesome in both style and for battling the Arizona heat. He’s matched them with a nautical-themed striped top, breezy button down and simple white canvas sneakers. His accessories accentuate the look without overdoing it. His wayfarer sunglasses, gray hat, gold watch, leather belt and masculine carry-all pouch are wonderful in style and absolutely necessary to this look.

Though I admit I rarely shop in the men’s department, I do take note when seeing great men’s clothing in stores. H&M has a fabulous selection for men as does Urban Outfitters. I particularly love these shorts from Urban Outfitters as they are reminiscient of the featured Fashionisto’s pair. You can also find a carry-all pouch similar to his at American Apparel.

To translate this look for us ladies- we can incorporate the style into a more feminine look with this striped tank top tucked into these high-waisted linen shorts. Layer with this relaxed boyfriend shirt from Forever 21 and your favorite pair of TOMS.


Nothing quite says sweet like an adorable hair bow. I remember having loads of them when I was little, but with today’s trends it’s nice to know you can still incorporate these hair accessories into your current wardrobe without looking too young or juvenile.

This featured Fashionista has smartly paired an oversized red bow with her look. The accessory draws focus to her face while acting as a finishing piece that completes her entire outfit. When I first saw her, I was so excited about her bow; I had yet to look at the rest of her ensemble which turned out to be equally as fun and youthful. Her sweater dress has a rose printed pattern in a velour fabric and scrunched sleeves. After speaking with her for a moment, I learned that she had acquired the dress at Goodwill and fashioned the dress into her own style by cutting off the turtleneck. Great idea! She matched the dress with a pair of leggings and black Peter Pan booties.

To recreate this Fashionista’s look, try picking up a bow from American Apparel. They offer a wide variety of colors and fabrics to choose from. While we most likely won’t be able to find the featured Fashionista’s exact dress, try looking online at Nasty Gal’s vintage selection. They tend to have a gorgeous selection of vintage goodies year round.

Hint: If you’re a little bit adventurous, try making your own bow to wear. Using fabric scraps from old clothes or remnants from a local fabric store, follow this tutorial for a one of a kind accessory.


The romper- it’s the hybrid form of a shirt and a pair of shorts. This unique item of clothing is great for those on-the-go type of days. Easy to move in, they combine the flirty-ness of a dress with the playfulness of a pair of shorts. Rompers have become incredibly popular lately and are awesome pieces to add to your spring wardrobe as they are generally lightweight and come in a variety of prints and colors. Also, they are just plain adorable!

This Fashionista is wearing a fabulous romper. It has a v-neckline with large white buttons down the front. The floral print coincides with the spring weather. This particular piece has pleated shorts that add volume and give the effect of a dress rather than a romper. She’s matched her romper with an oatmeal-colored cardigan, skinny woven belt, cognac sandals and a cream-colored satchel. Her haircut finishes off her look nicely as it is chic and simple and it balances the busy print on the romper.

There are a multitude of stores that are carrying a wide variety of rompers these days. To re-create this Fashionista’s look, I suggest trying one of these: the Lucca Couture romper in blue or the Ecote embroidered romper in coral, both from Urban Outfitters. I suggest accessorizing this look as this Fashionista did with a skinny belt and woven sandals.

Hint: For those of us who have longer hair, but still want a chic hairstyle to match with your printed romper, try doing a single French braid to complete your ensemble.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Skinny on Accessories

Pairing your outfit with the right accessories is a true science. There’s always a constant struggle between what is too much and what is too simple when it comes to accessorizing. None of us want to be a plain Jane, but at the same time we don’t want to be a crazy Cathy either. Finding a harmonious balance is the key to achieving a fashionable look when incorporating accessories.

This Fashionista wears accessories very well. She’s started with a basic striped tank top and jeans, and layered a lace vest over top. She’s then added to her ensemble by accessorizing with a straw fedora and hobo shoulder bag, both of which are extremely on trend with the latest developments in fashion. To be more specific though, this featured Fashionista is wearing one of my personal favorite accessories that has become very popular in recent months: the skinny belt. My advice of the week is to try incorporating one of these fabulous waist cinchers into your wardrobe. These belts can be worn with a wide array of products, including tops (as this Fashionista did), dresses, skirts and shorts. They add a lovely shape to the body while creating interest and texture in an outfit.

To recreate this Fashionista’s look, try starting with a simple top and pant. For accessories, try adding this straw fedora from Urban Outfitters and oversized hobo from Forever 21. To complete the ensemble, you’ll definitely need a skinny belt. Try one of these belts from Urban Outfitters.

Hint: Try wearing two skinny belts instead of one for some extra interest and detail around the waist.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Denim Days are Not Over

Denim on denim, or just denim in general, has made an extremely popular comeback in the past few months. Different washes and cuts among the reintroduction of the denim jacket have created many modern and fashion-forward advances in outerwear. These items are incredibly utilitarian as well in that they last for a long time and move through changing seasons well, qualifying these pieces as an absolute essential to any Fashionista's wardrobe.

On an unusually dreary day in Tempe, I spotted this Fashionista wearing a unique denim jacket. It had the cut of a bomber, but appeared to be made out of denim. With a closer look, I saw it was actually a soft jersey-type material that looks like jean. This is possibly one of the coolest jackets that I’ve seen in a while. The zipper detail adds interest and the piping adds structure to the soft fabric. The color of the jacket is vibrant and pops against her all-black ensemble. Her sleek boots and pulled back hair also contribute to a calm, cool vibe and finish off the look nicely.

Finding a similar jacket to the featured Fashionista’s may be difficult, but I recommend wearing denim items on top in contrast to your staple pair of Levi jeans. Try this cropped jean jacket from Nasty Gal or this striped denim jacket from Forever 21. Moving into spring, a vest might be more comfortable. Try this cut-off denim vest from Urban Outfitters or this hooded denim vest from Forever 21.