WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

With summer ending, many students are heading back home from their summer adventures to prepare for the next year of school. However, here at College Park, things are different. Although school starts in a few short weeks, students here continue working hard. Having a fashionable wardrobe that is appropriate for your internship can present its fair share of challenges. This week, I ran into a Fashionisto wearing an outfit that was simple and stylish.

Let’s start with his top. This Fashionisto wore a denim shirt from H&M. Because denim goes with just about everything, this garment is great for keeping your wardrobe fresh. For bottoms, this Fashionisto chose simple khakis. Another piece that can complement anything! Since they are standard dress for the office, khakis are perfect for internships. For shoes, this Fashionisto decided on a pair of Clarks. Wearing comfortable and supportive shoes like these at an administrative internship helps a lot. Dress shoes become uncomfortable after the first few hours of working, so wearing shoes like these will help you to avoid having sore feet at the end of the work day. To finish his look, this Fashionisto wore an array of accessories: a watch, glasses and a simple black duffel bag. All in black, these accessories pull his outfit together, making him look even more professional and ready for his day.

For an internship, this Fashionisto demonstrated a stellar example of style. To accomplish this look, combine a trend with classic pieces when you’re preparing for work.

One Simple Change: To make this outfit ready for a brunch with friends, switch out the khakis for some shorts, like these from Banana Republic. Wearing bright colors is a must during the summer.

WHAT TO WEAR: Presentation

As the summer term comes to an end, I’ve noticed some increase of activity on campus. When I visit, I see a lot of students dressed up and I can only imagine what they’re doing and where they’re going. Interviews? Internships? Nope, it’s got to be those end-of-the-semester presentations. That’s right, even summer students have to endure these nightmares. Sometimes, it can be hard to know how to “dress for success” when preparing to present. Luckily, this week I ran into a Fashionista wearing the a perfectly appropriate outfit for this frequent presentation dilemma.

For this ensemble, we’re going to start from the bottom (like Drake) and check out this Fashionista’s shoes. She picked flats to complement her outfit. The best thing about these flats is the fact that they are professional and cute, but comfortable enough to stand in front of a group. The dress is next. This Fashionista chose one that is short and sweet, much like what your presentation should be. It is trendy, but conservative, and therefore, appropriate. On top of her dress, this Fashionista chose to wear a chunky sweater that she grabbed from the local thrift shop. It adds dimension, color and character to the outfit, all great things for a polished appearance. Finally, her spiked headband, like this one from ASOS, provides that necessary edge to finish off the look.

My final advice for presentation preparation is to relax. As long as you make solid style choices like this week’s Fashionista, you will definitely rock it.

One Simple Change: To make this outfit great for an interview, trade out this Fashionista’s sweater for a structured blazer, like this one from Zara. When getting ready for interviews, finding the balance between being confident and fashionable is the key.

WHAT TO WEAR: Interview

One advantage to attending a large state school, like University of Maryland, is the fact that all of the countless departments on campus hire students to work for them. If you are lucky enough to get a job on campus, you are expected to act and dress professionally. In fact, the pressure is on because you’re competing with, in Maryland’s case, hundreds of other students that are vying for the same job. With that in mind, the perfect outfit is necessary for an interview. But how do you show off your style and look professional at the same time? It’s easier than you think.

This Fashionista’s main outfit piece was her dress, which looks a bit like this one by Haryln from Revolve Clothing. The conservative cut of the dress she chose makes this outfit great for the office, but the fun floral pattern makes it fun for her to wear while working. The pink cardigan also works for the professional dress code. She wore simple flats that add a pop of color to her professional ensemble. Finally, she added a small touch of her personality to the outfit with her gold Hello Kitty necklace. All in all, her interview outfit represents the perfect balance between professional and stylish.

One Simple Change: To make this outfit appropriate for a girl’s night out, take off the cardigan, and switch out the flats for some heels. These one by Jeffrey Campbell will allow you to dance all night looking and feeling your best.

WHAT TO WEAR: School Spirit

Usually the first thought after “Terp Gear” is Under Armour. Now, I’m not bashing the brand (after all, it was created by a Maryland alumnus), but I will say that it is quite refreshing when I see Maryland pride fashioned in an alternative way. And this week, to my great enjoyment, I ran into a Fashionista doing just that! She showed her school spirit by being truly fashion-forward.

When I spoke with this Fashionista about her school spirited outfit, she said she wanted to create an ensemble appropriate for her summer internship without losing her sense of style. Her trendy pants first caught my eye. Snagged from American Apparel, these striped pants feature two of the four Maryland colors: black and white! She then paired her bottoms with classic tennis shoes by ALDO and an intricate blouse that she received as a gift. Choosing the color black for those pieces established the balance necessary to pull off such loud patterns. Her Maryland flag sunglasses are the last and most vital component to her spirited outfit. She picked them up while shopping around the downtown College Park area. This Fashionista said she loves wearing them because they are unique and practical for the sunny summer.

The most important aspect of mixing school spirit and fashion is to keep it modest. Remain true to your own style while incorporating subtle hints of school spirit. Whether that is accomplished by a Maryland T-shirt or simply the school colors is up to you.

One Simple Change: To make this outfit perfect for a fancy date night, switch this Fashionista’s pants with a circle skirt, like this lace one by Nanette Lepore. Sticking with black for an outfit gives the sophistication for an evening with your significant other.

WHAT TO WEAR: Internship

Being a student intern in a professionals environment can be tough. Figuring out what to wear in that environment can be a hard adjustment as well. It is absolutely essential to make sure that you are complying with the dress code, while still remaining true to your personal style. This week, here at Maryland, I spotted a Fashionista wearing an outfit that was appropriate for both her workplace and unique taste.

This Fashionista’s outfit is made of professional garments with a flair of style, which is perfect for a successful day at the office. The first important piece of her outfit is her skirt. Much like this lime one from Topshop, her skirt adds a bit of character to her look without overstepping any boundaries. Her top, although sleeveless, reinforces the professional vibe due to its structured shape and classic stripes. This Fashionista’s shoes are certainly trendy, but they are also fit for the office. A similar pair can be found by kate spade. This Fashionista finished off her ensemble with cute sunglasses, much like these from Forever 21.

Overall, this Fashionista demonstrates that dressing for your internship does not have to be a bore. To dress for success, express your own fashion preferences while being mindful of workplace restrictions.

One Simple Change: To build an outfit for the first time you meet your significant other’s parents, trade this Fashionista’s sleeveless blouse for a more elegant one, like this option by Calvin Klein. By wearing a more sophisticated top that is still comfortable, you are guaranteed to look chic and feel fresh!

WHAT TO WEAR: Rainy Days

This week at College Park, I’ve been scoping out how Maryland Fashionistas/os handle their style in rainy weather. Recently, the city has fell victim to numerous thunderstorms. Paired with the heat wave, the weather is almost impossible to dress for. In spite of all the rainy drama, I was able to catch a Fashionista wearing an outfit that works well in the dreary conditions, but still gives enough breathing room for the warm temperatures.

The most important part of this Fashionista’s outfit is her accessories. Her rain boots are a wise style choice. You don’t want to ruin your sandals by walking around campus in the rain. This Fashionista’s simple and elegant jewelry pieces are also great for the weather as they are not heavy. Her clothing choices prepare her for the crazy weather as well. Wearing a tank like this one from H&M and shorts these from Zara is a solid style option. Personality pieces are also brilliant for muggy weather as they add an extra element of fun to your outfit. This Fashionista chose to add rainbow socks like these from Hot Topic. With all of these weather-smart style choices, this Fashionista prepared herself for any fiascos that she would face.

The best way to dress for less-than-ideal weather conditions is to incorporate weather-appropriate accessories to your unique look.

One Simple Change: To make this outfit appropriate for a casual date night, trade this Fashionista’s rain boots and socks with flats, and switch out her shorts for slacks like these from Anthropologie. You’ll be able to have fun, look presentable and be comfortable all night long.


Heat brings out the best and worst of the summer. The sweltering waves that come through College Park have been brutal, to say the least. The weather creates an especially difficult experience for those trying to get in exercise. So what’s the best defense to ditching a workout in the hot weather? Having a super cute outfit to wear while doing it! And this week, I bumped into a Fashionista doing just that.

This Fashionista made the smartest style choice by choosing pieces suitable for everyday wear. Her top, made in a polo cut, allows her to look professional, while also wicking away sweat. Her shorts by Under Armour add another dimension to her look, functionality. Finally, her sneakers by Nike give her that extra bit of support to get through her arduous workout. This Fashionista completed her ensemble with accessories that help her fight off the day’s heat. Her leopard print sunglasses by Liz Claiborne protect her eyes and face and her Longchamp handbag serves its purpose by carrying both books and workout gear, keeping up with this Fashionista’s college lifestyle.

Although fitting in gym time during this beautiful season can be hard, try to focus on the rewarding feeling of a cool shower after a hot workout to stay motivated. Plus, it helps you keep that beach body all summer long.

One Simple Change: To change this into an outfit appropriate for the beach, switch out this Fashionista’s workout top and shorts for a swimsuit, like this vintage-inspired one by Wildfox. The unique look of this bathing suit will create an eye-catching look that you’ll be excited to wear even on days when you’re feeling less inclined to wear a bikini.

WHAT TO WEAR: Weekend Wear

It’s Saturday. Naturally, you decide to relax on the couch for a while after a crazy night of fun. And who would blame you? Those absolutely necessary weekends are reserved for recouping for the upcoming week. But, what if your precious day of relaxation gets interrupted, and that interruption calls for a decent outfit? What is a Fashionista/o to wear?

This week I spotted a Fashionista sporting an outfit that is chic enough to wear at an array of weekend gatherings, but comfy enough to keep up with the relaxed vibe of Saturday and Sunday. How did she do it? By combining go-to convenience wear with more stylish pieces.

Let’s begin with her shorts. That’s right, they’re shorts! Also known as culottes, her shorts outwardly maintain the dressy look of a skirt, but provide valuable comfort so this Fashionista can be at ease as she socializes. Check out this cute pair made by ASOS. Other pieces in her ensemble that allow her to be comfortable are her shoes and her cardigan. Her simple shoes, like these from Topshop, exude a simple elegance that is great for a multitude of events. Likewise, her cardigan establishes a serene balance through its neutral color. You can find a cardigan like this at Roxy.

When putting together weekend wear, it is as essential to be trendy as it is to be comfortable. Once you find that equilibrium, you’ll be able to breeze through the weekends effortlessly and in style.

One Simple Change: To make this outfit perfect for a brunch with your friends, trade out those culottes from some structured high-waisted trousers, like these from BCBGMAXAZARIA. Wearing trousers is a great way to show off trendy prints, but still remain polished with a classic silhouette.

WHAT TO WEAR: Meeting With A Professor

In the summer, the hot weather creates quite the dilemma for stylish students on campus. Figuring out a way to be classy, but stay cool can be a huge challenge. Earlier this week, I ran into this Fashionista wearing an outfit tackled the heat, while staying on trend. Her outfit was also appropriate for meetings with professors, which is exactly where she was headed.

Her ensemble exemplifies a balance between tasteful clothing and professionalism. Although her pants have a fun, bold print, the structured fit and texture makes them suitable for academia. Printed bottoms are popular in any color this season. ASOS offers an entire section dedicated to the fad. Check out these ombré patterned beauties. Her graphic T-shirt adds a bit of edginess to her outfit, allowing her personal fashion sense to shine through, even in a professional environment. For T-shirts that are suitable for meetings, but do not sacrifice style, search through the racks of J.Crew to find great options, like this. This Fashionista finished off her look with adorable bow flip flops, like these by kate spade.

As demonstrated by this Fashionista, dressing professionally does not mean relinquishing all of your favorite styles. You should always express yourself through your clothing, whether at the beach or in a meeting.

One Simple Change: To dress for a shopping spree, switch out the printed pants for a simple maxi skirt, like this one from American Apparel. Combined with a graphic T-shirt, the skirt adds an elegant aesthetic to the outfit and is still practical for the hectic shopping environment.


This week in Maryland, I spotted a Fashionista near the UMD Circle sporting one of the season’s most popular street style trends, custom denim. Whether dressed up or down, distressed or embellished, all Fashionistas/os must have statement denim in their summer fashion arsenal.

Finding the perfect custom denims can be a struggle, but if you have a keen eye for finding treasures in the racks, try visiting a store that offers unique pieces, like these found at Hot Topic. If you are one who enjoys creating fashion magic with your own hands, try making your own custom denim by watching one of the thousands of DIY tutorials on Youtube. Both ways are great alternatives to get a personalized pair of jeans.

For hanging out and studying on campus, this Maryland Fashionista combined a pair of distressed denim jeans with a floral top from Garage (GRG) and a pair of flip flops. By coupling the distressed jeans with the more feminine top, she gave some edge to her outfit, allowing her personal style to stand out. For accessories, this Fashionista chose classic pieces to complement her look. Sunglasses, like these from Urban Outfitters, a matching black leather belt and a conch shell necklace serve as add-ons that pull her look together.

One Simple Change: To make this outfit great for attending a UMD sports event, keep on the University of Maryland flip flops that this Fashionista wore, and switch out her top for this Maryland T-shirt by adidas. The combination of the edginess of the distressed jeans and the vintage look of the T-shirt lets this outfit stand out in the sea of Terp gear at campus sporting events.