It’s those chilly gloomy days in La Jolla that make you not want to get out of bed at all. However our Fashionista this week has a completely different mindset. I found this Fashionista running errands and grocery shopping at Trader Joes in the morning. Her outfit says nothing about the cloudy over casted weather. She looks stylish and warm for a lazy Sunday despite the gloom. What I love most about her outfit are the simple details. The newly discovered Melie Bianco bag is what I would consider the perfect messenger bag. Its pattern matches with pretty much everything. It is vintage and one of those bags that’s worth splurging on especially for the upcoming holidays.

Another item to note are her boots. When it comes to boots, I search for the ones that look a little rundown. The rugged look and feel of leather boots is an essential item for winter weather. To top it off, leg warmers underneath are as cute as they are practical. The worst feeling is to have to suffer through the day with cold toes especially when it’s freezing outside. This way you can stay fashionable and warm at the same time. Who knew you could have both?

If you are looking for a handbag for winter I would definitely recommend checking out Melie Bianco. The bags are classy and one of a kind pieces. Some of my favorites are the Kate, Juliet, Susan and Gianna bag. As for the boots, similar ones can be found at Madewell. What really does it for me with these boots is the wraparound buckle detail and The Dayrider Boot has all of that and more. It is simple but adds so much to a causal everyday look. Last but not least, lets not forget how lovely scarves are during this time of year. Urban Outfitters knows exactly what I mean when it comes to layering on the patterns and colors.

For this Christmas, why not give the gift of style? Let these tips guide you along the way. Happy Holidays!


The pairing of floral and lace is undeniably lovely and some can call it a match made in fashion heaven. The two are both subtle accents on this Fashionista and gives a whole new meaning to causal wear. I am drawn immediately to the comfort and femininity in the way everything looks. The lacey crop top works hand-in-hand with the high-waisted skirt. It shows just the right amount of skin without looking too overexposed. This Fashionista uses the oversized cardigan to top off the outfit. The look of lace contrasts beautifully with the knitted fabric of the cardigan.

When I see an outfit like this, all arrows point to Brandy Melville. I can thank the brand for making fashion look and feel so comfortable. The skirt on this Fashionista is called the Kylie Floral Skirt, which can make any outfit look boho chic. And like I have mentioned many times before, I am obsessed with The Knits collection at Brandy Melville. They understand the true definition of the perfect cuddle sweater. All the clothes are wearable on a daily bases and even comfortable enough to sleep in.  All in all, it has all the qualities that I look for when shopping for everyday clothes. 

Another brand I’ve grown to love is Kimchi Blue. The Kimchi Blue Scalloped Lace Bralette is sold at Urban Outfitters and looks similar to the one on this Fashionista. It is flattering and flirty just like many of its other items. And who can forget NASTY GAL when it comes to accessories? The Totally Studded Bag is an eye-catcher and works to give the outfit a little edge. It’s the season to be naughty or nice, I say why not be a little bit of both?

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Perfect Pilgrimage

Our Fashionisto this week pays perfect tribute to the end of November as we start prepping for the holiday season. Lately it seems that hats and beanies are the ideal accessories for this winter. They are practical as they are fashionable. Personally, I like to throw on a hat or a beanie when my hair doesn’t seem to be cooperating with me. But for this Fashionisto, the fedora makes the outfit instead of hiding a bad hair day.

This week I want to focus on the simple accessories. The magnifying glass necklace, belt and felt oxfords are all just minor accents that tie the whole outfit together. In addition to these details, I love how the cardigan adds definition. The button-up collarless shirt is perfect for layering and the knitted cardigan does just that. There are so many fabrics working together in this outfit that it’s fun just observing from a distance. When everything flows seamlessly, this is when you know you have something worth keeping.

Although Black Friday sales are over, H&M offers sales all year round so it’s never the wrong time to snatch accessories like this. There is a refined feel about H&M style that makes it unlike any other store in its price range. However if quality matters to you more than price, Banana Republic knows all about looking stylish and sophisticated during wintertime. Not to mention they have a huge selection of sweaters, coats and cardigans for the coming holiday season. Whoever said that accessories are only for women obviously did not get to see this Fashionisto.


There is something about a cardigan on a guy that really impresses me. And I’m sure I speak for all girls that it is definitely a much needed addition to any guys’ closet. Cardigans are comfy and look effortlessly classy when worn right. This week I found this Fashionisto on Library Walk where UCSD’s infamous Geisel Library is located. Casual never looked so good especially on this Fashionisto. The patterns and colors all blend perfectly with the rest of the outfit. Nothing looks out of place.

What I like most about this week’s outfit is that the colors and brown leather accessories all remind me of autumn. The look works perfectly with the season and the details don’t go unnoticed. The belt and the bracelets add earthy tones to the outfit. My favorite item this season is having a staple belt that you can wear with anything. It’s useful to have especially when you want to liven up your outfit and of course it comes in handy for its actual purpose as well. This Fashionisto has the right idea and an eye for taking simple pieces of clothing and making a stylish outfit.

I have to admit I am a fan of Cotton On when it comes to comfort and casual wear. A cardigan like this can be pretty jaw-dropping cheap compared to other brand names. However if you’re looking for something a little nicer, the Z Zegna Colorblocked Wool Cardigan is definitely an upgrade. Whether the weather permits it or not, cardigans always seem to come in handy and are reliable in any situation. Now wouldn’t it be nice if all guys had the same qualities as a cardigan?


At last flannel days are here. ‘Tis the season for utilizing that flannel shirt that’s been sitting in your closet for a while. There really is no such thing as a best way to wear flannel. It is just one of those prints that work with everything. For example, our Fashionista this week rocks a flannel shirt with a hooded leather jacket. The print gives the outfit a little flare and in my opinion hoodies work amazingly well with collared shirts. Throw on a beanie and some faded denim jeans and you have yourself a perfect outfit for those lazy chilly days.

Another option which involves even less effort is an oversized flannel shirt that you can wear with leggings and leg warmers. The look is relaxed and cozy which is perfect for this time of year especially as colder beach winds have set into UCSD. This kind of look is laidback so a messy bun fits the look just like how this Fashionista wears her hair. For an outfit like this, the less effort is better. Flannels aren’t meant to be overdressed. That’s why it is the epitome of autumn hues, hot pumpkin spice lattes and all other fall favorites.

No other stores appreciate flannel as much as American Eagle, Hollister, Abercrombie etc. They have built their brand off of the “all American button-down shirt and denim jeans” look. However some of my other favorites are Nordstrom BP and Gap. The Burberry Brit Check Print Flannel Top is my definition of a perfect fall flannel shirt. Like the description, it is dark and sophisticated which is how I would describe my style for the season. Another store to checkout is Madewell that has blown me away with its collection for fall. The colors, knits and prints makes me wish I lived somewhere that snowed so I could wear faux fur and coats without looking completely ridiculous. But for now I shall settle for flannel and see where winter takes me. This Fashionista knows what I mean.


This week I’m bringing the funk to this crazy wild-card outfit. This UCSD student was at an on campus event when I spotted her with her friends. What I like about the look is that although there are so many things going on, nothing takes away from the other. Fashion is all about experimenting and that is definitely what this Fashionista does. Half the fun is just playing with your wardrobe and seeing what works and what surprisingly could work.

The average leather jacket has nothing on this Fashionista and her faux-fur leather jacket. The fur detail is an added bonus and contrasts so well with the leather sleeves. And what’s a leather jacket without spikes? Well this Fashionista rocks full spikes on her loafers. It’s enough to balance the attitude and flare of the jacket as well as the other minor accessory details. The red lips ring along with the spiked bracelets all help spice up the outfit and give it the right kind of edge. It’s the kind of outfit that demands attention and it pays off because I can’t enough of it.

When I first saw this outfit, I immediately thought of NASTY GAL. The brand is all about being funky fresh and it does not disappoint when offering unique styles with different textures and fabric. What’s even better is that there is a whole collection dedicated to faux-fur and other Anorak jackets called Outer Limits. The collection is an urban jungle of bold patterns, fabrics and other details. The Hellraiser Loafer is essentially identical to the one on this Fashionista. Like the description, this outfit raises some serious hell and eyebrows but that’s half the fun of fashion anyways.


I have an undying love for knitted cardigans, especially this time of the year. That’s why when I spotted this Fashionista I made it a mission to get a picture of her outfit. I must say that leather elbow patches on sweaters and cardigans add just the right touch to anything you put together. They’ve become my go-to sweater for this season, especially when you want to drape something over your outfit before you leave for class. Not only are they practical, they have become so fashionable within the course of this year. That’s why when you’re on a run to get coffee or a pumpkin spice latte it’s just nice to cozy up to colder temperatures with something knitted.

Layering is all about mixing and matching patterns and that’s exactly what this Fashionista does. The checkered button-up tucked into the solid gray shorts really works with the whole outfit. I personally love it when cardigans are big and baggy, especially when they’re worn with high-waist shorts. The idea is to have a balance between what’s figure flattering and what’s loose. And funky tights are perfect for this season when worn underneath shorts. Throw on some chic oxfords before you head out the door and you’re good to go.

One of my favorite places to go to get knits is Brandy Melville. Their fabrics are super soft and practically feel like blankets against your skin. Each knitted sweater or cardigan has a unique name and I must admit Voltaire and Elaina have become my favorites out of the bunch. Both are knitted and oversized to perfection similar to the one on this Fashionista. Free People also create masterpieces through their clothing and the sweaters there are no exception. The Speckled Rib Trim Cardigan and Always a Deer Cardigan left an impression the last time I was browsing through fashion websites. The fabric looks heavy and drapes which are both characteristics I look for during fall. We’ve a few months of chilly weather and although it may seem fleeting especially in San Diego, I appreciate the opportunity to breathe new life into my closet so I say drape away!


Lately there has been a gloom setting over La Jolla, covering UCSD with a blanket of clouds and chilly winds. That’s why it is all the more reason to bundle up fashionably while staying warm. Our Fashionisto this week dresses comfortably in this gradual transition to colder temperatures. The simplistic look of his outfit fits the mood on campus as midterms set in for the fall quarter. Study lounges are mostly filled with students getting work done over hot cups of coffee set on tables here and there. This Fashionisto’s outfit fits the part of a studious college student. The sweater and denim match-up is perfect during this time of the school year.

Despite looking like a Levis model himself, this Fashionisto is dressed modestly. With a sweater from H&M and 1969 Standard Fit denim jeans from Gap, this is an outfit that doesn’t require an arm or leg. The jeans were on sale for under $30 with a price that was originally marked close to $100. This just proves that it is very possible to dress fashionably and affordably. The two might seem impossible together sometimes but this Fashionisto shatters that stereotype. He shows that it is all about dressing practical rather than costly.

Another store that markets their brand off of classic comfort is Banana Republic.  The Landen Chucka Boot from Banana Republic is seen on this Fashionisto. The boot is rugged and goes really well with the rest of the outfit. Colors like beige dresses down any outfit but you can still count on it to make any outfit look classy. More importantly outfits like this reflect so much about the person wearing it. Our Fashionisto looks like the perfect A student if I do say so myself.


Come fall it’s time to get creative. Layers are my personal favorite when it comes to dressing for colder temperatures but I still like to wear shorts even though the weather doesn’t agree with me. Our Fashionista this week knows exactly what I mean when it comes to rocking shorts during fall. The flowery print on the denim is chic and just lovely when paired with a simple T-shirt. But what I want to focus on are the sheer leggings. Not only are they slimming, it is perfect to throw on with any outfit. It’s the best way to cheat the system and show some leg this time of the year!

It comes to no surprise that the fallback choice of clothes for most UCSD students are sweaters and sweats, that’s why it is just uplifting to see Fashionistas like this dressed fashionably for a school day. Putting together an outfit like this takes no time at all. It is simple but not lazy. Denim floral printed shorts like this can be bought at Topshop and sheer leggings can pretty much be bought at any clothing stores for a reasonable price. And like I’ve said before over and over again, combat boots are just the go-to item of the year. It is rare that it doesn’t match with anything. Especially black boots, like the one on this Fashionista, can match pretty much with anything you throw at it. Urban Outiftters has a range of boot selections that are similar to the on this Fashionista and a little leather here and there never hurt anyone. A matter of fact, they act as bold statement pieces. For example the cute leather purse is just another stylish addition to the whole look.

So have fun with your outfit next time you feel like it is just a “T-shirt” kind of day. This Fashionista proves that something simple doesn’t necessarily have to be plain.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Uniqlo Twist On Fashion

You know you’ve done something right when your outfit makes others do a double-take. This is exactly what happened when I walked pass this Fashionisto. Although I was rushing to class, I just had to stop to capture his outfit despite being late. To my surprise almost everything he was wearing was made in Japan, which is one of the leading countries when it comes to forward fashion. Having been an English teacher in Japan for more than a year, the country definitely has had an influence on his personal style and taste. Most of his outfit is Uniqlo, a brand he describes as a “Japanese H&M.”

It is always fun discovering new brands and our Fashionisto this week has been a breath of fresh air when it comes to unfamiliar brands. His shirt is from Nano Universe which is also a Japanese clothing company and the pants are Uniqlo Cropped Chinos. As a Fashionisto, some of the pieces have been altered to fit better; for example the length of the shirt. Fashion is all about creating style so that it compliments your body and this Fashionisto does this perfectly. The faded cross-shoulder bag is 100 percent hand-made with an interesting pattern on the inside of the flap. The stitching on the bag is unique and adds character to the whole outfit. As for other accessories, the glasses are Amherst Classic Specs and the boots are Clarks Desert Boots in Beeswax Leather. As you can tell, there is no denying that this Fashionisto is stylish from head-toe.

However, not all of us get to experience firsthand the gutsiness of Japanese fashion so there are similar alternatives when it comes to getting this look. Like this Fashionisto pointed out, H&M and Karmaloop are both places that have large selections of flannel shirts and pants that have the same stylish urban feel. An over-the-shoulder book bag can also be found at ASOS along with other accessories for men. So guys out there, bring a pen and paper next time you run into a Fashionisto like this. It could be the perfect opportunity to take down some notes.