Sometimes, it’s best to let your accessories speak for themselves — lucky for this Fashionista, her colorful pairings have a lot to say. The foundation of her look is as simple and classic as they come. This three piece combination works in any climate, season or year and can be redefined depending on the accessories that it’s paired with. That being said, a great accessory can also be redefined, depending on how it’s styled.

I was first drawn to this Fashionista by her brightly colored bib necklace. Upon closer inspection, I learned that the necklace is beautifully detailed and plays on color, texture and proportion. Then, my eyes were really treated to a color party when I got up close and personal with this pair of two-toned patent leather wingtip oxfords.

Most would agree that a classic oxford shoe instantly pulls an outfit together and adds a certain charm that no other flat can really achieve. The marigold colored tips and heels against the bone leather of the shoe’s base made for a bright and happy springtime color combination. The real charm of the shoe, however, comes with the cobalt blue ribbon woven through as laces. I guess I haven’t really considered switching up my shoelaces since I was in the third grade and wanted to jazz up my light-up Sketchers. This pair reintroduced me to the concept, and thankfully so. Can you imagine all of the combinations and ensembles a single pair of oxford lace-ups could work with given the right laces?

Take a trip to your local fabric or craft store and see what colors, prints and styles of ribbon catch your eye. Then lay them out against your lace-friendly shoes and discover all of the possibilities that ensue. This pair in particular would look fabulous and perfectly on trend with a pair of neon pink laces. In fact, they remind me of a pair of Cole Haan wingtips with neon details that I've been eyeing for quite some time. Worn with a basic outfit like this one or even with a pleated mini skirt and button-up blouse, the shoes would steal the show and make you the most charmingly dressed gal around.

Well, what are you waiting for, Fashionistas? Get to weaving and discover which trends you can pick up on with your laces. Your shoe collection will multiply accordingly.


Although black usually steals the show when it comes to monotone dressing, this Fashionista shows us that the color grey is putting up a fight. Her grey wool pea coat is boxy but looks great against her petite frame. She wears it over a simple black and white striped top, an item every Fashionista needs to own. It never ceases to amaze me how often my own horizontally striped black and white shirt comes in handy. Whether worn under basic pieces like these or paired with bright colored denim or prints, the stripes can pull any outfit together and give it a classic touch.

These grey skinny jeans look great with the black and white striped top and match the shade of the coat almost perfectly. Who say’s matching is out? The streamlined color combination elongates this Fashionista’s frame, which flatters while giving off an “I’m too cool to care” vibe. In New York, this is often the exact vibe we go for.

With her look, this Fashionista is giving an early nod to the runways of fall 2012’s fashion week. Designers like Vera Wang and Stella McCartney showcased all grey looks in their ready-to-wear shows that make the in-between color a true contender for the season’s spotlight. This gal didn’t wait until the fall semester to embrace the trend; instead she chose to make grey on grey work for a chilly New York spring day. Her early bird attitude is inspiring to say the least.

Combine different shades of grey from your closet to mimic this look and get your own head start on fall 2012 trends. Pair grey basics with black accessories like leather booties and plastic-rimmed glasses like these for a real minimalist look. Don’t be afraid to let grey speak for itself because if this Fashionista has anything to say about it, gray is the new black.



STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: You’re Hot Then You’re Cold

You’re yes then you’re no. Let’s face it, people, New York weather in March is utterly unpredictable. We’ve seen temperatures creep into the 70s and dip into the 40s all within the standard workweek. While many try to ponder the scientific causes and global warming theories, some Fashionistas struggle with more short-term dilemmas: what in the world am I going to wear?

This Fashionista has the answer. When you can’t feel the chill of the air through your high-rise apartment window and trust the weather channel forecast about as much as you trust Page Six, your only option is to layer. Layering is the foolproof solution to unpredictable climates. It gives you the comfort of added insulation if you find it necessary but also offers the freedom to untie a scarf, unzip a jacket or pull off a sweater if need be.

To keep yourself prepared until Mother Nature decides to finally make up her mind, use this outfit as styling inspiration. A basic pair of denim jeans is a favorite all year round and paired with a denim shirt, it’s a favorite of the moment. On top of the shirt lies a very prep school-inspired sweater vest with adorable brown leather buttons, a second sweater with thin fur trimmed lapels and finally a classic boyfriend blazer. This Fashionista accessorizes her look with a brown leather belt, a fun circle and stripe printed scarf, a pair of retro sunglasses and a fabulous pair of lace-up booties.

This look is classic and structured and has a true preppy vibe that I’m all about this season. Combine your blacks, browns and blues and start piecing together your wardrobe staples to see what you can mix and match to keep warm or cool. As long as you stay in the same color family and stick to a streamlined theme for your look, your layering skills may just get you way farther than through the windstorms and sunshine. You may just end up on CollegeFashionista.


Any cold weather Fashionista will tell you that an oversized chunky knit sweater is an absolute must-have item. The perfect sweater is one that fits just loosely enough and is so soft and cozy that it comforts you like a childhood blanket. This Fashionista pairs her black and white woven cable-knit sweater with an even chunkier infinity scarf. It's the perfect combination for warm and cozy style.

When you over sleep and are late for class or have thrown your entire wardrobe on the floor searching for something to wear, a chunky sweater like this one will always be your trusty solution. You can pair it with dark wash jeans like this Fashionista has or with colored denim for a brighter look. With just two pieces, you’ll feel put together, comfortable and totally on trend. Look for sweaters that are slightly oversized for a true broken in feel. Make sure that the wool or other fabric is soft (no one likes an itchy sweater) and find a classic print that you won't get tired of. Fair isle prints are at the top of my favorite list this season, followed closely by grandpa sweaters with suede elbow patches — they’re just so charming!

The style of your sweater should dictate how the rest of your outfit will feel. The rolled up sleeves and one-size-too-big fit of this sweater give the ensemble a real down-home, cozy vibe. The earth tone theme continues with grey wool socks under tan leather lace up boots and a thick knit infinity scarf. This Fashionista shakes up her look with a floral printed brown and cream leather bag and an oversized gold watch. The combination of the bag, sweater and scarf feels so simple and easy, I love how the cognac leather looks against the black, white and cream mixture on top.

If you haven’t already, get your hands on a comfy chunky knit while the wind is still blowing and the air is still chilly, Fashionistas. I am so inspired by this look, I can’t wait to curl up with my own go-to knit and relish in the coziness. Feel free to follow suit.


Today’s world of fashion has embraced a particular style, which, in the past, has been considered far from popular. Geek chic is a term used to describe the influx of professional athletes sporting bow ties and countless stylish beauties donning black-rimmed glasses with questionable prescription levels.  It’s as if the tables have turned and grandpa sweaters are the new varsity jackets. This Fashionista was spotted making her way through campus showing us just how trendy a nerd can be.

Her black pleated mini skirt and button-down combination screams classic schoolgirl. The deep denim shirt brings the look up to date and adds a touch of western influence when placed under her printed brown vest. My favorite part of the outfit, and perhaps the geekiest element, is the black cotton bow tie that fastens the collar of the shirt and ties the whole look together — pun intended.

There’s something that is just so charming about a bow tie. It is both classic and on trend and adds instant sophistication to any outfit. This Fashionista finishes off her look with a pair of classic gold-rimmed shades and a comfortable pair of moccasins.

Discover your inner nerd, Fashionistas, and capture this modern schoolgirl look for yourselves. If you want to stick to tradition, get yourself a black bow tie. Pair it with a white blouse, black bubble skirt, and a bold red lip — hello, bombshell! If you’re willing to have fun with color and print, change it up and see how many fun and interesting combinations you can create. Polka-dots and bold stripes is my personal favorite combination of the moment as are muted florals against creamy pastels.

You’ll be surprised at how quickly a simple clip of a tie (or succession of complicated loops and pulls, for those more advanced bow tiers) can transform an outfit from basic to fashion-forward. Geek has never looked so chic.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Relaxed, Retro Rocker

In cities like New York, some of the most worn and loved pieces in our wardrobes come not from Bloomingdale’s or 5th Avenue flagship stores, but rather tiny, overstocked thrift stores that feature heaps of mismatched garments. Thrift stores are almost always a hit or miss venture; however, when you do score that hit, you hit big. This Fashionista’s thrift store rummaging abilities have earned her some of her favorite items, like this classic KISS concert T-shirt, which she uses as the focal point for a relaxed, rocker-chic look on campus.

Though I’m usually not the face painting, guitar-smashing type of fan, I’d be willing to listen to a KISS track or two simply after checking out this cool T-shirt. The print is colorful but muted and the black-rimmed crewneck collar gives it an authentic retro feel. I can imagine how many cycle spins this KISS face has taking around the washing machine and how comfortable and broken in it must be. T-shirts like that never go out of style and I thoroughly believe that every girl needs a good old retro T-shirt in her collection. Whether concert memorabilia like this one, or fan gear types with your favorite team’s old school emblem, there’s a shirt for everyone.

When sporting a retro T-shirt, you should play up the style and mood of the shirt itself when putting together the rest of your outfit. This Fashionista captures the essence of KISS’s rock and roll sound with distressed black jeans and a pair of leather biker boots. On top of the T-shirt she layers a denim shirt from Buffalo Exchange. This shirt definitely has that worn element with faded pocket square marks and a loose, menswear fit. It's a perfect topper to a thrifted T-shirt — who knew sharing could be so chic?

An oversized camel sweater tops the look off alongside a pair of Clubmaster shades and natural chestnut waves. I really fell in love with everything about this look. It feels so easy and relaxed and yet so put-together all at the same time. This Fashionista has truly got the retro rocker look down to a science. Use her look as inspiration if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a cool concert T-shirt like this one during your next thrift store raid. Keep the rest of your outfit relatively simple and let the shirt shine in all of its retro, broken in glory. Happy thrifting!


Every modern girl pines for the timelessness and beauty of fashion’s most coveted icons. The Audrey Hepburn’s, Grace Kelly’s, and Jackie Kennedys of the world all shared in common a certain element of class that girls have been trying to emulate for ages. This Fashionista channels these leading ladies with her simply stated New York street style.

Nothing says 1960’s sweetheart like a pair of pearl earrings and a quilted black leather Chanel bag. Though these pieces are accents, they are bold enough to structure an entire outfit around, like this Fashionista has done. The white sheer polka dot blouse is definitely a wardrobe staple. The necktie detail is very on trend and gives the top an extra boost of old-school style. She wears it with a rich evergreen colored skirt and a wool camel topcoat with minimal structure and maximum style. The simplicity of the jacket gives it a very retro feel and versatility. The jacket would look just as chic over trousers or dark denim jeans. It’s a great investment piece that is unlikely to ever go out of style.

This Fashionista keeps her look current by adding a pair of textured argyle tights and black patent leather oxford wedges to her ensemble. From head to toe, this look is streamlined, purposeful, and classic. No one piece outshines the other and they all work together to create a quite regal looking outfit. To imitate this timeless feel, pair staple pieces like this polka dot blouse with a camel coat and a bold colored bottom. Play with texture when it comes to all black accessories and, if you can, add a touch of pearl and anything Chanel-inspired.  Allow yourself to time travel back to the days of Breakfast at Tiffany’s through an ensemble that exudes timeless class.



STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Southwest Meets Northeast

On a gray and gloomy day in New York City, this Fashionista brings the heat of the southwest to her street style. What first caught my eye was her pair of ankle-length tan leather boots with Navajo inspired needlepoint fabric. The Navajo trend has taken the world of fashion by tumbleweed storm. Whether knitted into sweaters or printed onto maxi skirts, the Navajo trend is everywhere and we like it that way. If you’re lucky enough to have mile-long gams like this Fashionista, take full advantage of this low shaft boot style and experiment with a Navajo print. You can wear the boots over skinnies, with patterned tights or under wide leg trousers for a hint of ‘70s flair.

The burgundy colored jeans that this Fashionista wears under her boots are deep and sultry. Note how the extra length of her brown leather braided skinny belt is folded into itself. This styling trick is used by everyone from Olivia Palermo to Blake Lively and it adds a little something extra to an outfit in just a few seconds. Try it by taking the extra part of the belt that’s left over after you fasten it and tuck it behind the length of the belt that’s fit around your waist. The longer the extra leather, the more you can fold. It’s a great way to tie up loose ends.

With her jeans and belt combo, this Fashionista layers an olive green cargo jacket over a denim shirt and sheer printed blouse. The mixture of army-inspired utility and the femininity of the blouse is unexpected but works together nicely. Draw color inspiration from this ensemble by combining forest greens with the maroons and cool blues of the southwest. Add a loose-knit circle scarf in neutral tones to balance out the look and keep warm.

Though this look may make us feel like we’re strolling through dusty roads under the hot desert sun, the chill of the New York winds quickly brings us back down to reality. Fight off the gloom by using this Fashionista’s Navajo-esque ensemble as inspiration until we can really feel the heat for ourselves.

CollegeFashionista X Nine West Advertorial: Sneaker Spotting Working On A Project

Spotted: Working on a project for a marketing class at FIT 

How did you style your Nine West sneakers?

Jacyln Sayegh: I paired my Nine West sneakers with black skinny pants, a denim shirt, a wrist full of bracelets and cuffs. The PS LUVME sneaker has a chunky playful wedge that is full of purple and pink hues. As a big fan of ombré this shoe gave off an ombré effect with the positioning of the colors. As a shoe lover I wanted to leave my focus on my feet and keep my look rather relaxed. As the weather begins to warm up (if it ever does) I plan on styling my sneakers with a floral skirt or cut off denim shorts. 

What is your favorite part of wearing sneakers around FIT's campus? 

JS: I love wearing my Nine West sneakers around campus because they're so comfortable but still have a stylish feel. It's often hard to find a pair of fashionable, cute shoes that will get you from building to building without an ache or pain. These wedges keep me going through my day with an added boost of height and a great pop of color. Usually, I wouldn't think of wearing heels to class because I do a lot of walking around the city and through campus. These sneaker wedges are so comfortable, though, I can wear them all day long. Today's shoot I was working on a project for class and had a presentation. These shoes were appropriate for my trek around campus as well as standing in front of my class and presenting.

Thanks for Nine West, I walk through the halls of FIT more fashionable and comfortable then ever. 

Simply tweet at the hash tag #9WStreetStyle for a chance to win a pair of Nine West sneakers.


On any given day around Manhattan, ladies travel the streets in everything from six inch designer stilettos and shift dresses to rubber Crocs and yoga pants. Ever wonder how to find a happy medium between such formal dressing and pajama-like comfort? This Fashionista does it so perfectly that she should trademark her look as a guide to New York City’s casual chic.

Her ensemble involves a mix of basic pieces that every stylish girl owns (see basic white button-up, leather jacket, skinny jeans), each with a trendy and unique feature that catapults this look from ordinary to, well, extraordinary. The most classic of them all, the white button-up shirt. It’s flattering enough to wear without having to tuck it in, like this Fashionista has done, because it slims the hips and allows some breathing room and movement. The skinny jeans under the white top are right on trend amongst the plethora of colored jeans out this season. The deep raspberry shade is bright but still subtle enough to remain appropriate for winter.

This Fashionista layers a leather motorcycle jacket over her white button-up for an interesting contrast in structure. The jacket has an oversized fold-over shoulder detail that creates a unique outline and the perfect foundation to layer a leopard print scarf. Animal prints are a great way to add a little bit of pizzazz to an otherwise solid colored look. For those of us who choose not to wear an all-over leopard print, a scarf like this one is a fashionable way to incorporate the trend without being too bold.

Finally, we get to this Fashionista’s pair of crystal-studded smoking loafers. The appeal of the shoe lies first in its versatility and comfort. Every girl appreciates a pair of flats that are both stylish and easy to wear. This pair can be dressed up or down and promises to take you through busy streets and subway stations without an ache or pain. This Fashionista wore hers on a day filled with classes and interning — if they can get her through that workload, they can get her through anything.

Fashionistas, the next time you are raking through your closets trying to find an outfit suited for a busy day, try to incorporate tips from this fashionable look. Mix a flattering white blouse with colored skinny jeans and a structured leather jacket. Add fun accessories, like a pair of smoking flats and a printed scarf, to jazz up your look. Then get ready for some strong cases of outfit envy as others take notice of your version of New York casual chic.