Look sharp, Live smart – a mantra of GQ magazine and way of life for the classiest of Fashionistos. Take GQ’s Style Guy Glenn O'Brien’s advice, “It's better to be overdressed than underdressed. People will assume you are going to or coming from something better.” Perhaps Mad Men’s style icon Don Draper knew best when he consistently slipped in and out of the office overtly polished from head to toe. It’s been said, we unmindfully take people in suits more seriously. Business attire dress code is proof.

When it comes to campus attire a suit may not be feasible, but a business casual outfit is. Perfect example: Fashionisto William D’Urso. I spotted D’Urso coming from his internship at the Arizona Republic and, biased to say as a fellow classmate, his consistent refined taste deserved recognition.

Name: William D’Urso

Year: Senior

Major: Journalism

College Fashionista: Does the media (TV, magazine, movies, online blogs) influence your style? What does?

William D’Urso: The media doesn't really impact my style in an overt way, but subconsciously what I read and watch might impact the fashion choices I make. What really impacts my style is the weather. On the east coast, I wear sport coats more often because it's cool enough there. Here, I try to avoid button down shirts and wear loafers. When I'm not at work, I usually wear shorts and open toe shoes.

CF: How does dressing for your internship prepare you for work? Does it have an affect?

WD: Dressing nicely for my work definitely has an impact on how I'm perceived. I think the way one dresses conveys a certain attitude. I want to be taken seriously and I think by dressing professionally I can make the first step toward achieving that goal.

CF: Being from the east coast, what differences have you noticed in fashion here in the west coast?

WD: The biggest difference for me is to wear lightweight fabrics and avoid socks. I've noticed that a lot of people here wear lighter tones because the weather is almost always nice. Darker, heavier fabrics like tweed and corduroy seem to be less common, and with the heat I can see why.

How To: If dressing sharp sets you up for success, why not follow D’Urso’s outlook on professional attire and achieve your desired perception as a professional?
For a similar look, try a slim-fitted stripe dress shirt like this lilac colored shirt from Banana Republic. You’ll want to match the top with a pair of classic-fitting tan colored chinos, like this style from Ralph Lauren. Add some noticeable color with a webbing scout belt from J.Crew in jamestown clay red. Your perfect pair of brown loafers or moccasins will finish the look. Zappos has a copious selection of styles. I recommend a pair of Calvin Klein medium brown and tan leather moccasins.


On the laziest of school days, when a T-shirt and sweatpants are calling my name, I retaliate by putting on a dress and most comfortable pair of high-heels. From one outfit to the next, I’m feeling energized and ready to conquer the day. Although I can’t fully give credit to my clothes for getting me through the toughest days, I can preach their ability to boost my confidence.

When I interviewed Fashionista Louanna Faine her confidence and unique personality flowed from the minute I approached her to her final words of advice. Her chic outfit spoke volumes but Faine stressed the importance of standing out and being an individual in your attire.

Name: Louanna Faine

Year: Senior

Major: Journalism

College Fashionista: How would you describe your style?

Louanna Faine: Outspoken and different. I make my clothes personal- I can find something at Ross or wherever and make it my own by the way I put it together.

CF: Who or what inspires your sense of style?

LF: I’m from New York and walking down the streets you see so much individuality that inspires you. But no one is trying to look like anyone- we’re all individuals with our own sense of style, that separates us.

CF: What’s your fashion advice for fellow ASU Fashionista/os?

LF: You have to feel comfortable and you have to be confident. You never know who you’re going to meet so you have to be dressed confidently all the time. Be original and step out of the box.

How To: There’s no doubt that a few rompers need to be added to your spring and summer wardrobe. Whether it’s an animal print such as Fashionista Faine’s or a solid color design like the one in Style Guru Jacqueline Valle’s TREND post: Welcome to Romper World! I suggest this Lazerade by Veda Perry romper in black and white sold at Urban Outfitters. If you're preparing for a day in the sun, you'll want to accessorize with a large hat such as this crochet floppy straw hat in bali blue sold at Nordstrom.


In a recent trip to Express with a fellow Fashionisto I learned a few things about men’s fashion. I was curious as to whether Fashionistos had similar shopping strategies when it comes to hitting the racks. Do they focus on color? Are they all about design and patterns? What it comes down to is the occasion and typically they’ll buy familiar pieces in a new style. In that sense, we’re not so different when it comes to shopping. Around campus Fashionistos have been dressed in professional attire as summer draws near. For many that means landing a summer internship. I spotted Fashionisto Chris Ogino wearing a clean button-up with a pair of brown chinos and a classic messenger bag. A simple choice of brown pants rather than black pants made Ogino stand out among the walking candidates. Here’s what he had to day.

Name: Chris Ogino

Year: Senior

Major: Journalism and Film & Media Screenwriting

College Fashionista: How would you describe the outfit you’re wearing?

Chris Ogino: I like to call it “biz-cas,” short for business casual.

CF: What movie would you reference for outfit ideas?

CO: Ocean’s Eleven.

CF: What clothing store would you suggest to fellow ASU Fashionistos?

CO: Buffalo Exchange

How To: For a business casual look, begin with a classic button-up in a color that's suited best for you. Black and white is an excellent default, but going with an alternative blue or red will make you stand out. As Express suggests, "Take a clean, less is more approach to fashion-forward style with a smooth French placket and no pockets." This cotton shirt in splash blue is essential for the spring season. A pair of chambray pants in brown from American Apparel will carry out the fresh look. Add a basic leather belt, like this navy and gold design, also from American Apperal. For a messenger bag similar to Olgino's, Jack Spade has the slickest designs in leather and nylon. Slip into a pair of penny loafers like this pair of brown Anchor's and your look is complete.    


There are numerous style options when it comes to spring accessories. Combine an oversized floppy hat, round Carmel colored sunglasses, fringe-dangling earrings, and gold bangle bracelets and you’re suddenly lost in the 70’s dressed in the perfect bohemian look. Other trending styles have been filling the pages of our beloved site, such as “the new romantics”, a combination of classy and sweetheart pieces. At ASU bright colored items are especially fashionable. Neon sunglasses here, pastel jewels there, and floral items everywhere. Fashionista Emmi Brytowski landed a spotlight with her classic springtime look. As I roamed the downtown campus, I spotted Brytowski’s sky blue scarf and brink pink cardigan. Among the droves of classmates dressed in a T-shirt and shorts, Brytowski sparkled like a gem in the southern sun. Standing out is what Fashionista/os do best, right?

Name: Emmi Brytowski

Year: Freshman

Major: Graphic Design

College Fashionista: How would you describe your style?

Emmi Brytowski: Indie

CF: How or where do you get ideas for outfits?

EB: Sort of like “window shopping” but on people- I look at what others are wearing to get ideas, I call it “people shopping.”

CF: What’s the process of dressing for school like for you?

EB: I base outfits off the weather and my mood. I don’t try on a million things in the morning, I know ahead of time what I’ll wear and then from there [weather and mood].

CF: Current favorite place to shop (for spring)?

EB: Forever 21 and thrift stores

How To: Accessories should be renewed with the season. Spring and summer are the best seasons to go wild with color. Try adding a colorful layer to your outfit with a springtime scarf, inspired by our featured Fashionista Brytowski. Wave, sequined, tasseled, or woven, Forever 21 has got you covered with a design-of-your-choice scarf. I recommend the blue and burgundy smocked wave scarf to add over the neckline of a strapless knit maxi dress.


His staple is a black leather jacket, working pair of skinny jeans, and when spotted outside school grounds he’ll most likely be rocking a pair of bold sunglasses. Before meeting Fashionisto Jorge Salazar, I admired his edgy style from a distance. He often mixes soft, preppy pieces like a white and blue plaid button-down with something rugged like brown combat boots. Where Fashionisto Salazar draws inspiration for his consistently fresh outfits had been of interest so I caught up with him one sunny afternoon to learn more about the boy behind the cute clothes.

Name: Jorge Salazar

Year: Senior

Major: Print Journalism

College Fashionista: Describe your style.

Jorge Salazar: I like to keep it clean. If you’re clean you look fresh. I also like to mix and match kooky patterns.

CF: Who’s your style inspiration?

JS: Marc Jacobs. I also look to Japanese street style and Nylon magazine from other countries like Korea and Mexico for inspiration.

CF: What are your three favorite items?

JS: My leather jacket, sunglasses, and skinny jeans.

How To: For a look like Salazar’s begin with a quarter-sleeve button down like this navy plaid shirt from American Eagle Outfitters. Next find a pair of dark denim skinny jeans. I’ve heard wonderful things from other Fashionistos about J.Crew’s vintage slim-fit jeans. For shoes, try a pair of leather chukka boots similar to J.Crew’s Sperry Top-Sider boots in dark wood. Or follow Salazar’s lead and be edgy in a pair of rugged combat boots like these black Urban Renewal boots available at Urban Outfitters.


There’s been an overlying trend of tank tops and shorts around campus lately. While I’ve spotted numerous two-piece, basic outfits as students compensate their outfit for the warm weather, my undeniable love for layers remains. My theory is: you can only take off so much clothing while commuting around campus in the heat, but when it comes to sitting in chilly lecture halls for three hours, having that one extra layer to easily put on/take off will save you. Fashionista Rebecca Wheeler’s outfit serves as a noteworthy example of how to layer on campus for spring and summer heat. Wheeler’s coral blazer instantly caught my eye and made her stand out. That’s what being a Fashionista/o is all about, right?

Name: Rebecca Wheeler

Year: Sophomore

Major: English Literature

College Fashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Rebecca Wheeler: Fun, like my personality.

CF: Where do you turn for fashion advice?

RW: Vogue and Elle Magazine.

CF: Which television show’s wardrobe would you like to steal?

RW: Gossip Girl.

How To: Ladies and gentlemen, dress up or dress down with a one-piece blazer, jacket, or cardigan this spring. It’s the perfect element for a business casual or preppy collegiate look. Always faithful and affordable, Forever 21 has an amazing selection of spring and summer friendly blazers. Try mixing up patterns. Solid, stripes, or denim– with styles like these, “jacket required” will be your new motto.


En route to the light rail, I spotted Fashionista Thuy Phan. Even from a far distance her layered outfit was eye-catching. As I drew nearer, Phan’s outfit was even more beautiful. Up close the layers still appeared synced and even closer, details looked well crafted. One of the first things Fashionista Phan shared with me was her love for black clothing. She soon began telling me the seasons in which she purchased the pieces and it became obvious – this girl adores fashion. I took the opportunity to understand Phan’s style and her inspirations.

Name: Thuy Phan

Year: Senior

Major: Biochemistry

College Fashionista: How would you describe your style?

Thuy Phan: Eccentric, mysterious, "black".

CF: From who or where do you draw inspiration?

TP: Italian fashion, emergence of fashion design in Nordic countries, Japanese street fashion and Chanel catwalks.

CF: Who’s your fashion icon?

TP: Coco Chanel.

How To: Drawing inspiration from legendary icons like Chanel will only serve your fashion taste justice if you follow their beliefs. Chanel once said, “The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you.” Phan’s favorite combinations are black and grey. To create a similar look to Phan’s, layering in dark shades will be key. First begin with a basic modern tee in grey. Top it with a light black cashmere sweater. Above those two layers add a chunky sweater in either all black, grey or mixed. Phan’s choice of skirt added volume and a good subtle offset to the outfit. This painstroke print woven skirt from Forever 21 is recommended. Beneath the skirt add a pair of black denim jeggins. Phan’s edgy knee-high boots finish the look. For a similar pair, try DSW’s online store. The selection of tall boots won’t leave you disappointed. Whether it’s spring or summer, layering in creative, weather-friendly ways is possible.


This week I set out to find an ASU Fashionisto. My mission was to find Pedro Silva, a journalism student whose style I'd notice many time while walking around campus. After several attempts of stalking him down, missing him on one occasion as he exited Starbucks, I successful completed my mission when I spotted Silva to no surprise dressed fashionably at the Downtown Phoenix campus pep rally. Silva shared with me his favorite shopping sites and how fashion blogs influence his style.

Name: Pedro Silva

Year: Sophomore

Major: Journalism

College Fashionista: How would you describe your style?

Pedro Silva: Modern, preppy, very relaxed. I don’t like trendy things; I like basics. If we look at the season’s runway shows we see basic colors- colors that will last a long time.

CF: Where do you draw inspiration for outfits?

PS: I read fashion blogs like Unabashedly Prep and I keep up with magazines like GQ and Details.

CF: What stores do you frequently shop?

PS: Last Chance, J.Crew, Gap, Nordstrom Rack

How To: Silva’s look is indeed basic. His choice in solid colors creates a head-to-toe clean look that’s admirably minimal. For a modern preppy look similar to Silva’s, pair a long sleeve button-down like this aqua lightweight button-down shirt in pinpoint stripe from J. Crew with a pair of lightweight chino club shorts. Finish your look with a pair of Carnaby Lacoste kicks and your modern prep look is complete.


A mix of urban west and modern chic is how I would describe Fashionista Arynn Infante. There’s no limit as to where she’ll place her next clothing investment. She keeps an open eye for unique pieces and creates outfits that are inspired from Urban Outfitters but when worn they’re truly her own. To know more about Infante’s fashion inspiration I asked her my three all-time favorite fashion questions.

Name: Arynn Infante

Year: Junior

Major: Criminology and Criminal Justice (minor in Philosophy)

College Fashionista: Where do you get ideas for outfits?

Arynn Infante: Urban Outfitters catalog and online store

CF: What movie of all-time has the best outfits?

AI: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

CF: Which celebrity would you like to share closets with?

AI: Mary Kate Olsen

How To: When Infante answered Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, an image of Ferris’s partner in crime Sloane Peterson came to mind. If you recall the 1986 classic, Peterson’s infamous outfit was an oversized white fringe leather jacket, a purple tee tucked into high-waist oversized shorts with a hanging belt, and of course- classic white tall slouchy boots. While Infante’s pictured look isn’t a total 80’s look, from this we learn classic boots live through the decades. To get your feet into some western chic boots like Infante’s, Steve Madden’s Candence boots are ideal. They’ll go perfect with a loose dress such as this Kimchi Blue strapless from Urban Outfitters. Add a vest or cardigan for layering along with a few accessories like this assorted beads and rhinestones necklace from Forever 21.


A much-anticipated Spring Break has arrived. It’s time to break away from your everyday routine, change up your typical outfits and celebrate the fact that you’ve made it through the first half of the semester. A weeks worth of music festivals, picnics in the park or a trip to the closest beach are some of the best places to show off your fresh outfits. Fashionista Cassie Strauss is certainly spring break ready. Although her spring break destination is somewhere with cooler weather, we can takes notes from her pictured outfit. It's exactly what I think of when spring break fashion comes to mind.

Name: Cassie Strauss

Year: Freshman

Major: Journalism and Political Science

College Fashionista: How would you describe your personal style?

Cassie Strauss: I wear a lot of dresses, especially when it's scorching here in Arizona. I try to avoid buying clothing made in China and gravitate toward vintage stores because they are oh-so-much-more interesting. Mall shopping terrifies me. On lazy days I resort to high-waisted shorts and my Birkenstocks.

College Fashionista: What do you plan on wearing over spring break? Are you traveling? How will that influence your wardrobe?

CS: I'll be in New York City, so I have my velvet leggings and lots of layers to keep me cozy. I also have to travel with carry-on baggage, so I'll bring mostly leggings and interchangeable outfits.

College Fashionista: What's currently on your must-have list?

CS: I'm on the hunt for tan flats. My friend has some that I'm so jealous of. I also can never, ever have enough simple dresses.

How To: Strauss’s ensemble is a look inspired from the 70s that's especially hot this season. To make it your own, pair a solid colored tube such as this sunset knit tube top from Free People with a pair of denim high-waisted shorts from Delia's. Once you’ve got your aviator shades in hand, you’ll be set for a stylish time strolling the streets of your chosen spring break getaway. For more flair, try adding a large floppy hat, such as this Staring at Stars canvas floppy hat from Urban Outfitters.