STYLE ADVICE: Bold and Unique

It is an amazing opportunity for me to introduce to everyone an outfit that I am obsessed with from a phenomenal Fashionista. I had a chance to come back to Minnesota and visit the University of Minnesota after one year and a half moving to the West Coast. It was already March in Twin Cities, but the weather was still pretty chilly there. This late-winter outfit of a “U of M” student totally caught my attention for her glamorous and fashionable outlook.

At first glance, I wouldn’t expect this Fashionista could pull off this glamorous look elegantly like the way she did on a school day. Her edgy, yet fancy coat absolutely draws people’s attention to her outfit. It’s a black button-down jacket which has soft feather/fur attached on both sleeves and its bottom half part. Rocking this jacket lets her look just like a celebrity going to school because of its glam and attraction.

In addition, what she rocks on her feet totally amazes me. She wears a pair of black leather ankle boots with delicately designed mini studs. She revealed that they were her favorite Wendy booties in black from Gray City. There is one element that pops her entire outfit off, which is her leopard-print crossbody purse. The vibrant color of her faux fur bag lets it become a statement piece of this look. This Fashionista believes her beautiful purse, which she got from Milly, is very easy to go with almost every outfit look. Furthermore, one final piece that helps to put this entire look together is her chic and exquisite snake ring that she got from a fashion boutique in Texas. This unique ring expresses her special and personal taste through this look.

This is one of the looks that really caught my attention because of its strong impression and uniqueness. I can’t describe how much I loved her style, because I just couldn’t stop adoring her outfit. There is one thing that I have learned from this Fashionista is being fearless in selecting a school outfit. Don’t be afraid that people might stare at you; you might not know the fact that they’re staring because they’re admiring your bold and unique fashion taste.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Leopard, Navy, and White

Getting to visit New York several times in the past two months, I am blessed to have the opportunity to see New York City’s amazing street style. I notice that people in New York mainly prefer wearing black and dark-colored outfits. I enjoyed my time learning new things and checking out fascinating fashion exhibitions at the Fashion Institute of Technology. I also have met and talked to a few students on campus. However, this Fashionista’s outfit caught my attention with all the details in her look.

It is obviously a very dark outfit from head to toe, which is very “New York” by the way! What caught my attention was how she manages to put on small pieces here and there in order to pop off her whole dark-colored outfit. This Fashionista wears a long cotton sweater dress in rose beige color. Then, she covers herself up by a long navy coat hopefully to beat that harsh New York weather in early February. Her thick scarf and velvet cap in navy help too! I love that she manages to keep her entire outfit in one color and then pops the look off by adding a pair of white sneakers. Hence, her white Adidas becomes one of the statement pieces of this look. The Adidas logos behind the shoes are also designed in navy which put the whole look together. From there, this Fashionista amazed me even more by putting on her leopard patterned socks which are little details but really draw people’s attention to her chic and cute outfit. The second statement piece of this outfit is her multi-colored backpack that she got from Rebecca Minkoff. It gives a very interesting touch to the entire outfit which makes it impossible to stop admiring her stylish appearance.

From this Fashionista’s look, I learned that if I pay enough attention to little details, I can pull off a supposedly simple and plain outfit. Be brave to challenge yourself and experience little items in your closet, you will be surprised of how significantly you could freshen up some of your old and boring looks. These tips not only draw people’s attention to your outfit, but also let them see how creative you are!


Getting a chance to attend fashion seminars in New York City for the first time is an amazing experience for me. With this opportunity, I get to learn to identify major New York designers and retailers, and their contribution to the fashion industry nationally and internationally. Furthermore, I get to see amazing street style outfits from people all around New York City. Indeed, I am impressed by an outfit of a Fashionista from my group. This 26-year-old fashion merchandising major amazes me by her exquisite and very New York style.

It was raining constantly for a few days the week after New Years Day. With a typical New York black umbrella, this Fashionista doesn’t mind decking out in her favorite pieces of clothing. She covers herself up with a basic pair of jeans and gray, knitted turtleneck. These pieces would keep her warm through the unpleasant weather of New York winter. She tops it off with a giant, faux fur coat in a blush color from Marshall’s to glam up the entire look.  I could spot her from far away because of her glamorous coat. It truly makes her look significantly stand out in the crowd. She chooses to match all her accessories such as gloves, crossbody purse, and ankle boots in black to complete the look. However, the black, leather ankle boots might not be the best option for the New York rainy weather. Other than that, her outfit truly impresses me.

I adore how she manages to pull off the huge, shag coat in a very elegant and subtle way. She attempts to make the look neither extravagant nor flamboyant. This Fashionista manages to top the entire outfit off with her glamorous coat very delicately by wearing simple pieces of clothing inside. That’s how I amaze her smart choices. Her style really inspires me in the fact that winter outfits don’t have to be boring. In fact, winter is even a good occasion to deck out in your favorite pieces of clothing. Just remember to choose wisely, because your choices matter!


Fall and winter are my favorite seasons. Other than loving hot chocolate and wrapping myself up in a knitted scarf, I very much enjoy layering my outfits for fall and winter seasons. My love for fashion began three years ago when noticed I got compliments a lot on my outfits for chilly seasons.

December weather is perfect for decking out in all my favorite winter outfits. My favorite style is wearing a basic colored outfit and pumping it up with a vibrant accent color. My pivotal colors are basically black, grey, and white. I mix and match my basic black leggings with almost every top I have. I would go for a simple gray shirt with cut-out details on the back. It’s very easy to mix and match everything with basic colors, so I believe the more basic pieces you own, the better. I am wearing a pair of black ankle boots to elongate the look of my legs.

If there is only one thing you should know about my style, it would be I love faux fur jackets and shaggy coats. Faux fur could glam up any outfit constantly! I have a huge collection of faux fur and shaggy coats, but here is one of my favorites. This faux fur coat in dark gray or ash grey would put the look together. I add a pop of color to complete this look. I love it very much how my lime green tote from Michael Kors complements this outfit. It puts everything together and also makes it look like you put time and effort into your outfit. This outfit would look perfect for almost any occasion, from a casual day out or a fancy dinner.


STYLE GURU BIO: Jaimie Peyton

Hey Fashionistas/os! My name is Jaimie Peyton, and this is my first semester as a Style Guru for CollegeFashionista! I am a junior majoring in journalism with a specialization in public relations, and I’m minoring in fashion merchandising at California State University-Long Beach.

I started to love fashion a few years ago when I get compliments mostly on my winter outfit ideas. For me, fashion is not all about trendiness. You don’t necessarily have to own or wear newest or hottest pieces of fashion items to be considered fashionable. In my opinion, fashion is more about defining your style and expressing your feelings. As long as you’re comfortable and confident about what you’re wearing, you’re a Fashionista/o.

My style is more casual and comfy. I don’t really follow trends. I mix and match pieces of clothing that I think would perfectly work out, and I am confident in what I am wearing. As long as you feel confident about your outfit, you will feel more comfortable and happy about yourself. In this outfit, I paired a light gray pair of leggings with a blue crop top. To make a statement for this simple outfit, I put on a black choker with dark bronze lace and silver leaf details. I also mixed and match silver accessories such as my silver watch from Marc by Marc Jacobs and a silver bracelet. Since I love a simple outfit, I don’t go big on accessories. Finally, I wore my favorite black heels to complete the look.

Thank you for taking your time checking out my bio. I am really looking forward to this amazing semester!