When stuck in a winter wonderland, we’re dependent on layers to keep us warm and cozy. Previous Fashionistas on campus were constantly owning the streets with their fabulous finds and outfit choices. Some threw on their versatile military jacket and vintage sweaters, while some reached for their jean jacket and scarves. For the Fashionistos, it’s just as simple to be fashion-forward while staying warm. You can’t go wrong with the classic button-down and sweater combination like this Fashionisto had.

Name: Ryan Prusko

Major: Biology

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What’s your go-to outfits for class?

Ryan Prusko: My go-to outfits are Nike’s Dri-Fit shirts and sweatpants. When you’re always busy, you never know when you’re going to have to workout after class!

CF: Which would you choose, comfortable or fashionable?

RP: Comfortable, why would you wear clothes that aren’t comfortable in the first place? You shouldn’t make yourself miserable, but there’s always a comfortable way to make your look more fashionable.

CF: What’s one piece of clothing you need the most for this brutal winter weather?

RP: A ski mask and some gloves — basically anything Ed Hardy. Just kidding, I would have to say my sturdy pair of Vibram boots. They’re a good pair that’ll keep your feet warm.

How To: This Fashionisto wore a heavy duty, black Cole Haan winter coat with fur lining. He casually layered a gray, V-neck sweater over a light-colored, plaid button-down from Banana Republic. Most importantly, to keep warm he threw on a simple black hat and his sturdy, brown snow boots. Gentleman, this is your classic winter look that works for any kind of occasion during the cold weather.


Living in the Midwest calls for sudden weather changes and the difficult decision of knowing exactly what’s appropriate to wear. I’ve lived in the Midwest for my whole life and I’m still not adjusted to this weather. It’s common for the weather to have sunshine one minute then be raining and cold the next. Most of the time, I’m tempted to sport my classic black leggings but I’ve started to branch out the definition of “comfy-chic.” Either, it’s jeggings or slouchy sweatpants — I try to switch up the look and take risks. I spotted this adorable Fashionista brightening up the moody Milwaukee weather, and perfectly defining “comfy-chic.” She slipped on her rain boots of choice, purple Hunter Boots, and threw on a military jacket with adorable patch detailing. Not to mention, she had a delicate, trendy, vintage sweater that’s adorable and from her trendy grandma! See what this Fashionista’s fashion inspiration is all about!

Name: Lauren (Lo) Holman

Major: Public Relations

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing on this rainy day?

Lauren Holman: The coat is from Topshop, the sweater is vintage, I got it from my Nana’s closet. Pants that are light denim jeggings are from Express. Boots are Hunter Boots’ original tall in Aubergine. Lipstick is Diva, red matte lipstick (always fun to add color on a drab day).

CF: Which celebrity’s closet would you raid? 

LH: Wow, I am kinda stumped on that one. I really only pay attention to celebrity’s style during award season. I do love Kerry Washington and Jennifer Lawrence’s style on the red carpet, but if we are considering this from a more casual perspective, I find a lot of my inspiration from photographs and my Nana’s closet. I love everything about vintage and unique clothing, she is kinda an idol in my eyes so I guess that she would be more of my celebrity. 

CF: Where do you find yourself shopping when you’re trying to find something trendy?

LH: Topshop is my absolute go to. I also love Urban Outfitters as well.

CF: What’s one piece of fashion advice you’d give your fellow Golden Eagles? 

LH: The best thrift stores are that located in your grand’s closets. About half of my closet is vintage and came from both my Papa’s, Nana’s and great-grandmother’s wardrobe. There are pieces and accessories that are incredibly unique, yet still trendy and are in impeccable shape. 

How To: If you’re stuck with non-cooperative weather like Milwaukee, Wisconsin this Fashionista sure knows how to take on the weather with style. The best thing about having a military jacket is that it’s a very versatile piece and finding one isn’t difficult. Speaking of versatile, you can’t go wrong with your classic, colorful Hunter Boots. This Fashionista threw on her adorable, purple Hunter Boots that complemented her green military jacket perfectly. If you’re looking for a more sturdy boot. The Sperry Top-Sider Alpine Boot is more ideal when the slush starts to appear. Don’t be afraid to take over your grandparent’s closet — vintage finds are the best finds. They’re inexpensive and you’ll be surprised how much style your grandparents had. This Fashionista had everything right from the dark red lip color to the boot — she took on Milwaukee’s weather like a pro and looked fabulous while doing it!


As we’re all putting on our “big girl/boy pants” and starting to look for internships and jobs, it’s important that we have pieces in our closet that are perfect for last minute interviews. I found this Fashionista looking interview-ready in a simple black blazer over a chic red dress. With the weather becoming chillier everyday, she thought it was essential to slip on classic black tights. To make sure she was comfortable, but still interview-appropriate, she pulled out her dressy, patent leather, black flats. Her overall, tailored look had her looking adorable and ready to take on anything coming her way!

Name: Marguerite Biagi

Major: Political Science and International Affairs

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Marguerite Biagi: A red dress from Francesca’s, a black blazer from Forever21 and Steve Madden black, patent leather flats.

CF: What’s one fashion trend you try to stay away from?

MB: Leather pants, is that still a thing?

CF: What fashion icon inspires you the most?

MB: Blake Lively. Oh my gosh, she rocks!

How to: When getting ready for an interview it’s essential to keep it comfortable, appropriate and business-chic. Everyone’s business-chic is different; some consists of a chiffon shirt tucked in a wool pencil skirt. On the other hand, some decide on a pair of cropped trousers, a classic button-down and a form-fitting blazer. No matter what you choose, it’s important to feel comfortable and be yourself!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and everywhere we go there’s big puffy coats, boots and scarves. Sometimes we fear that we’d look too bulky, but thanks to this Fashionista, you can still look fashionable while staying warm. Knowing how to layer is important when it comes to cold weather. It’ll definitely save you from getting frost bitten! I spotted this Fashionista on campus looking adorable with her multi-layer ensemble while keeping warm in this freezing weather!

Name: Jaime Rehm

Major: Finance International Business and Spanish

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Jamie Rehm: Boots are from ALDO, jeggings are Levi and my sweater and button-down are from Gap!

CF: What is our favorite fall trend?

JR: My favorite fall trend this season is layers, infinity scarves and dark fall colors!

CF: Who is your fashion inspiration these days?

JR: I always loved Lauren Conrad since middle school…not ashamed!

How To: This Fashionista was spot on for a simple, yet fashionable outfit for a day of classes. If you’re looking to switch it up for a night out try swapping out the jeggings for your favorite pair of cropped skinny jeans. Easily add some black add-ons like a side clutch or some fun statement jewelry. This Fashionista killed two birds with one stone by looking adorable with her sweater and button-down while keeping warm in this brutal weather!


If I had to narrow my fall wardrobe down to three pieces that are the most important for a chilly fall day, it would be my black J Brand jeans, vintage-inspired pashmina scarf and my Jimmy Choo biker boots. Though it’d be tough to pass up my favorite BB Dakota jacket, the boots and scarf go a long way. I spotted this adorable Fashionista in the perfect go-to fall uniform. She wore classic black leggings (that go with anything and everything), and a collared shirt-sweater combo with a classic black, trench-like coat. Her “#OOTD” was polished with a rocker-inspired scarf and simple brown boots. She kept everything simple, yet fashion-forward and colorful.

Name: Marlo Marisie

Major: Broadcast Communications

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing today?

Marlo Marisie: Today I’m wearing a simple white button-down from Express under a bright, teal XXII crewneck sweater along with an H&M skull scarf, Victoria’s Secret leggings and Nordstrom riding boots.

CF: What’s one trend you adore?

MM: I love the oversized sweater look! Regardless of whether the sweater is a little boxy or more slouchy, it’s flattering on all figures! Oversized sweaters are not only super comfy, but they make your bottom half look a lot skinnier. Pair one with leggings or jeans, boots, an infinity scarf and jewelry and you’ll be the cutest and comfiest girl on campus! 

CF: What’s one trend you try to stay away from?

MM: This might not be a trend, but it’s a look: sweats. You will only find me wearing sweatpants and a frumpy sweatshirt in my house. People always question why I dress up or dress fashionably all the time and my answer is always, “I never know who I’m going to meet!” It could be a future employer, your future husband or your favorite singer…we live in the city, so the possibilities are endless! 

How To: If you’re buzzing about this adorable Fashionista’s outfit, it’s simple. Finding the perfect pair of brown boots, black leggings or colorful sweater is a simple feat, especially when new fall pieces are constantly arriving in stores. To dress it up, try switching out the brown boots for fun, closed toe pumps. Add a top knot and a fun lipstick color to spice things up, yet keep things girly. In the end, this Fashionista was spot on, she continued to look cute despite fall’s dreary weather.


As the temperature is beginning to drop, we’re switching our summer wardrobe straight over to winter pieces. While the morning frost is appearing and snow is on its way, it’s inevitable that we already need our scarves, puffy coats and vests. We cannot live without that extra puffy layer and a good pair of boots, especially if we’re stuck in early morning classes. It’s important to find the perfect pair of boots that will keep up with your fashion sense and the cold weather. I spotted this Fashionista wearing a classic white puffy vest over a casual legging, boot and scarf combo. Her simple black boots with a hint of gold were what made her outfit. Here’s a breakdown of this Fashionista’s fashion taste!

Name: Lindsey Livacich

Major: Marketing and Information Technology

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Lindsey Livacich: A vest by Eddie Bauer, Zara leggings, a Frenchi from Nordstrom blouse, Isaac Mizrahi riding boots and a scarf from a small boutique in Roma. 

CF: Who’s your fashion inspiration these days? 

LL:  My fashion inspiration would have to be Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada! In the working world I need to be appropriate, but keep my own style. Classic pieces with a bold accessory!

CF: What’s one piece from your closet that you cannot live without?

LL: Well as of right now, I could not live without my navy blue pencil skirt from Banana Republic. It’s the perfect staple in my professional wardrobe, and I wear it nearly every week because it is so versatile! I love it more than my black skirt because navy blue gives you a different edge among all the black pencil skirts in the corporate office.

How To: If you want to find the perfect puffy vest or coat like this Fashionista, you’ll have a ton of luck at J.Crew. Finding the perfect pair of boots isn’t hard, when you’re looking, it’s important to look for a pair that’s durable enough for cold weather. A pair that can keep up with your lifestyle and keep your feet warm throughout the chilly days of fall and winter is what you want. These days, I’ve found that Steve Madden has every different style for Fashionistas who are looking for the perfect trendy boot. Even though this outfit was simple, it’s an essential outfit for every Fashionista who wants to stay fashionable and warm during a day of classes!


Going through my fall wardrobe, I’ve noticed my closet is filled mostly with the colors gray, black and tan. Though this is true for most Fashionista/os, there’s nothing wrong with this! You can never go wrong with the color black, it’s definitely the most flattering for any shape or size. Either it’s a little black dress or an oversized boyfriend sweater, black is timeless and will forever be the go-to color of the year. Gray complements everything and anything, no matter what the event may be. Whenever I want to have color in my outfit, but nothing too overwhelming, gray is the perfect go-to shade that can be paired with any color. Tan is another color that can be paired with so much. I must confess, I may have an unlimited amount of tan shoes, of course in all different styles. You can never go wrong with too many pairs of shoes, especially tan ones. I spotted this gorgeous Fashionista wearing three of my favorite colors of fashion and looking adorable as ever for a casual day of class during midterm week.

Name: Taylor Gall
Major: English/Secondary Education
Year: Sophomore
CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?
Taylor Gall: I’m wearing Gap side-zip skinnies, a collared, black Blue Rain shirt from Francesca’s and a pair of Sperry Top-Siders. 
CF: What  are looking toward this season for fashion inspiration?
TG: This fall, I’m really excited for velvet pieces to come back. I’m not looking to go velvet-crazy, but I think it’s cool to have one key piece that’s velvet.  
CF: What’s your go-to look for a casual day of classes?
TG: I’m always in my Birkenstocks. As cliche as it is, I think that a pair of Birks and socks looks rad. I also love a comfy pair of skinny jeans and a flannel, especially now that it’s getting colder. 

How To: If you’re wondering what to wear on a casual class day to look as cute as this Fashionista, it’s simple. Urban Outfitters is a store that has many variations of a black shirt. Whether it’s a black button-down or a funky crop top, Urban Outfitters has it. Finding the perfect pair of skinny jeans is essential for the fall season. This Fashionista found a neutral pair that was versatile and perfect for any type of outfit. It’s important to find that one pair of skinny jeans that make you feel the most comfortable and confident. One place I always love looking is Gap, they tend to have the most comfortable jeans. When you feel comfortable and feel great wearing them, you look great. This Fashionista’s outfit was simplistic, yet modern-chic. She kept things comfortable and easy-going with the timeless black shirt and perfect fit pair of gray skinny jeans.


Sweaters are one of my definite go-to pieces every fall. They’re easy to wear for any type of event. Whether it’s a night out with the girls or a regular day of classes, sweaters have the perfect versatility for any given occasion. I mean, who doesn’t love wearing a comfortable, cozy top? In the midst of midterms, our days seem shorter, but our to-do list grows longer. The hectic schedule doesn’t stop this Fashionista from throwing on her adorable sweater-skirt combination for a day of class. This southern bell’s sweater look couldn’t have been more fashionable!

Name: Anna Muzika

Major: Corporate Communications

Year: Junior

CollegeFashionista: How would you describe your style?

Anna Muzika: Southern style meets cold weather.

CF: What are you wearing?

AM: Skirt is from Foreign Exchange, shirt is from Fiore Boutique and shoes are from Cowboy Connection.

CF: What’s one fall trend you’re most excited about?

AM: I love any excuse to wear boots, and I stepped out of my comfort zone by buying my first “beanie.” I’m pretty pumped to try it out! 

CF: What’s one thing that makes your style unique?

AM: I like to jump around with different looks — one day I’ll be in cowboy boots and a dress, then the next in skinny jeans and combat boots. I like to keep people guessing, including myself!

How To: This Fashionista wore a lightweight, neutral-colored sweater that was perfect for the indecisive week of fall/summer weather. Shops like Urban Outfitters and Topshop have an unlimited amount of sweaters similar to this Fashionista’s. She kept it girly with a dark olive green, cotton A-line skirt and booties that were to die for. Overall, this southern doll pulled off the perfect sweater weather outfit.


Whenever you’re rushing to class, it’s difficult to figure out what to wear. Looking at all the colleges around the U.S., the easiest outfit for any Fashionista involves comfortable leggings. Now that it’s officially October everyone will be turning to their classic leggings, even those leather ones too! Leggings are never a bad thing, they’re probably one of the best things ever invented for a college student.

I spotted this Fashionista on campus rocking her leggings with a lightweight, loose sweater and an animal printed scarf. She managed a laid-back look with her black leggings and created a fun twist with the animal print.

Name: Caroline Phillips

Major: Spanish and Advertising with a Marketing minor

Year: Senior

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Carrie Phillips: I am wearing my classic black go-to leggings by Isda & Co. Simply the best! I’m also wearing kate spade earrings, a classic knit top by Joie, a leopard scarf from a thrift shop in Dallas called Buffalo Exchange and sandals by Sam Edelman. My “comfy” look.

CF: Which prints do you find yourself wearing most of the time?

CP: I’m not wildly into patterns, but when I do sport a patterned look, I usually go for lace or animal print. I love subtle snake skin in a shoe, belt or purse. It’s easy to overdo animal print, so if I do choose to wear a bold print, I usually tone down the rest of my look. For example, I love a killer stripe blouse with simply a red lip and no other accessories.

CF: How would you describe your style?

CP: Euro-glam. I love lace up booties, oversized sweaters, Converse shoes and worn  leather — all of which are inspired by European looks, but I do love to glam it up with a flashy accessory or something else unexpected. 

CF: What’s your go-to style when you’re running late for class?

CP: This is it! When I am late, I spring for simplicity. Leggings, a basic cable knit sweater or knit top can instantly transform you! It’s quick and easy. I also think makeup is key. If you are in leggings and a basic shirt but have a gorgeous lip hue—you’re effortlessly chic! 

How to: In order to play up the leggings look like this Fashionista, you need the right accessories to complement your outfit. For another cute legging look, try pairing them with a military jacket over a boyfriend T-shirt or a oversized scarf over a chambray button-down. This Fashionista accessorized her classic black leggings adorably and appropriately to create the perfect effortlessly chic look.


When it comes to the fall season, every wardrobe should consist of layering. Whether it’s wearing a chambray button-down underneath a sweater dress, or a baggy sweater paired with jewelry and a scarf — layering is essential. With the cold weather, layering will save you from freezing, while leaving you more fashion-forward than ever before. Fashion consultant, Miroslava Duma and Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine are two style icons who take full advantage of layering. These fabulous Fashionistas use layering to the best of their ability, but it’s the matter of continuing to look polished and very put together. I spotted this Fashionista taking full advantage of layering. She was looking fashion-forward and wore the most appropriate outfit for the fall weather.

Name: Maire Carmody

Major: Business Administration

Year: 2016

CollegeFashionista: What are you wearing?

Maire Carmody: Gap denim jacket, Billabong black skinny denim, Steve Madden booties, Pashmina scarf, Marc by Marc Jacobs accessories, black brim hat.

CF: How would you describe your style?

MC: Comfy, oversized, boho.

CF: Where do you find yourself shopping most of the time?

MC: Free People, Aritzia, Expressions Boutique and H&M.

CF: Which fall trend are you most anxious about?

MC: Statement outerwear, leather and boots!

How To: Sometimes layering can lead you to look too bulky or sloppy. To accomplish layering without looking sloppy, pair the top layers with more form-fitting bottoms. This fall is the calling for leather leggings and cargo pants, so finding the perfect pair of bottoms shouldn’t be too hard. Add a touch of femininity in the same way this Fashionista did by throwing on a belt, hat or piece of statement jewelry. To compete this look add a pop of color and you’ll look just as fabulous as this Fashionista!