TREND: Go Out in Style

Studying for finals may be boring and tedious, but your mental drive to cram in last-minute material should be the only thing that is lacking. Bustling libraries filled with students dressed head to toe in mismatching sweat suits, hair in disarray and an unflattering frown define this time of the year – and I encourage Fashionistas to welcome comfort this week without losing their exceptional style!

I love this Fashionista’s overall look – it screams natural and laid back chic with an eclectic, edgy vibe. She donned a light bluish-gray loose tee over a light gray lacy tank, loose-fitting black leggings and calf-height copper-toned, buckled boots. There is nothing restrictive or stuffy about her ensemble, and although is it simple, her chose of accessories make it shine with personality. I love her bundled deep gray sweater-scarf paired with a dark teal beanie and cyan-colored sunglasses – keep shades visible as an accesory by simply cinching them onto your tee when indoors.

Although I spotted this Fashionista merely days ago and since Columbus has blown full force into winter – flurries and all – I still love her eclectic, easy-going attire that can certainly be converted into a more weather-appropriate ensemble.

Hint: Pair a funky-patterned oversized boyfriend cardigan with similarly fitting leggings and tuck them into high sweater socks peeking out of your coziest boots. If you decide to stick to neutrals, have fun with colored accessories this week and go out in style!

TREND: Metallic Shine

With November at our backs, we Columbus residents are embracing – whether we like it or not – the plummeting temperatures and harsh winds of winter. Assuming that the sudden bursts of 70 degree sunshine are behind us, I expect to see the majority of students as I did today – shaking from head to toe and briskly walking from one building to the next with their unhappy expressions matching the less-than-appreciated weather.

One way to make your outerwear stand out from the crowd is with a metallic-like shine, which is an unexpected tone and color palette compared to the everyday black and brown wool pea coats of our peers. I spotted this Fashionista exiting Starbucks and found myself immediately attracted to her gray, slightly-metallic version of the trend. She donned a lightweight, double –breasted and knee-length coat over her a black long-sleeved tee, dark-wash denim and knee-high black boots. It brings a simplistic, yet unique sense of style and shade of gray to a basic ensemble that is perfect for a day out-and-about on campus. She is both comfortable and fashionable, and I love the adjustable belt that this Fashionista decided to instead wrap around the waist with a knot to create an enviable waistline – it shows that an already perfect piece has the potential to beyond impress with a little creativity.

Hint: Although metallic garments are a great addition, you shouldn’t rock more than one in a single outfit – you don’t want to look like a disco ball! Try a similar jacket with jeggings and ankle boots (or here is an extremely metallic one in gold), a shiny scarf or gloves with your basic, go-to coat or even wear a pair of silver, opaque tights beneath a solid-colored dress.

TREND: Show Off Your Socks

Think not of the days when the presence of thick, knitted socks sticking out of your shoes was known as a frumpy, fashion faux pas – a variety of visible leg-wear is now a must-have in every Fashionista’s closet.

Aside from solid leggings, patterned tights and sheer stockings, Fashionistas can transform an everyday look to a chic ensemble with their socks – already a necessity. I caught these two Fashionistas on High St. and loved that both rocked the trend in two very different ways – showing the versatility of combinations that can be used.

I absolutely love the outfit on the left. Every piece impressed me from head to toe, including a gray, weather-appropriate hat; knee-length, utilitarian black coat with pocket detailing and a cinched waist; a golden yellow and black tribal-patterned, light-weight scarf; a tan leather shoulder bag; and black tights paired with calf-height black buckled boots. She chose to pull up knee-high, printed socks reminiscent of a cheetah print –an eye-catching statement piece.

The outfit on the right creates a basic silhouette, and I love that she plays with the different shades of the overall gray tone. Pairing a light gray pea coat belted at the waist with a horizontally-striped navy and blue sweater underneath and dark gray leggings, her outfit screams casual comfort. What could be a simple look is instantly fashionable with the addition of revealed light gray sweater-socks peeking out of her ankle-height, black studded boots.

Hint: If you are new to the trend, check out a subtle transition with basic, solid-colored socks. If you are looking to wow the crowds, slip into a knee-high, vibrantly-printed pair for comfort, warmth and style!

TREND: Motorcycle Boots

There is one thing that has been walking all over the fashion scene, dominating runways and classrooms alike: motorcycle boots. Typically, those Fashionistas keeping up with the latest trend rock the ankle-height, folded-down black military-style version, but little have I seen of a different take on the look.

When I saw this Fashionista, I was instantly impressed by her choice of shoe. I love her slightly-higher-than-the-ankle, brown and copper two-toned boots. The lace-up detail and overall rustic appearance add to the military feel of the pair, which she informed me she found on sale at DSW in New York. The color was a fresh and interesting take on the up and coming trend.

Upon opening her black, double-breasted pea coat, I found that the color of her boots also created a mix-and-match palette with the rest of her ensemble. Her gray, wrap-around chunky knit sweater – cinched at the waist with a wide black belt – and matching metallic-gray leggings created a cozy, winter-like outfit – practical, perfectly chic and most importantly, Thanksgiving-appropriate. She also paired her sweater with a longer, draping white tee underneath – a great way to keep your leggings from being worn as pants – and a wrapped up black knitted scarf – can’t forget to accessorize!

Hint: Ready to join the motorcycle trend? There are plenty of ways to look edgy and biker-chic. Try a similar pair of boots, throw on a cropped leather jacket, (this one has a winter feel) or pair faux-leather pants with your shoe of choice. Remember, a different color than black will definitely make a statement!

TREND: Take It to the Street

With the sudden sweep of cold air over Columbus, students have immediately fallen into the trap seen year after year: nearly every girl on campus treks to class in her go-to, staple outfit of a Northface jacket, UGGS and Victoria’s Secret PINK sweats. While all of these pieces have a time and a place, this sea of conformity doesn’t exactly showcase the fashion-forward trends of the season – making it easy to spot those who choose otherwise.

I saw this Fashionista from across the Oval rocking a perfectly effortless version of street-wear, which exemplifies the casual style of urban-chic clothing. I love her double-breasted, red and black plaid version of a peacoat with a black hooded and buttoned sweatshirt peeking out from the collar. The wrap-around style of the coat also accentuates her figure, bringing a sense of femininity to a somewhat masculine-inspired outfit.
The rugged style of her ripped, medium grayish-wash skinny jeans, (a much-loved trend) and her matching gray Converses complete the edgy, rocker-vibe of her entire look. The addition of a tan-colored, over-the-shoulder messenger bag is a practical and fashionable touch that embodies the laid-back, street-wear mentality.

Hint: Next time you are searching for simplicity and comfort, find ease by taking your look to the street to stand out in the crowd of look-a-likes. Street-wear is best worn with masculine-inspired pieces, so try swapping the peacoat for a men’s blazer, an oversized vintage sweater or a flannel button-down for an unforgettable combination.

TREND: Channel “Top Gun”

An oversized, olive green utilitarian jacket paired with aviator sunglasses is not only laid back and effortless, but to me, the epitome of casual-chic. I may be partial to this look because of my infatuation with Tom Cruise circa 1980s and all that is the classic film, Top Gun, but with the recent military trend sweeping the fashion scene – it’s safe to say this style has successfully reappeared.

I immediately spotted this Fashionista from behind, noticing her black cloth drawstring backpack with a deep purple and blue Aztec-like print, dark skinny jeans and that famous jacket. Once she turned around, however, the outfit exceeded all of my expectations.

Unsurprisingly, I noticed those shades first, followed by a loose, button-down flannel of red, white and light blue – the perfect complement to an already unisex top. The use of these menswear-inspired pieces are fashion-forward, eye-catching and most importantly, comfortable. The button-up outerwear also had large pockets and drawstring detailing – similar to an anorak – making it both practical and fashionable.

To top it all off, she rocked a pair of cream-colored, lace-up ankle boots with fringe – I am a huge fan of the bohemian look, and these tied in her artistic and indie-looking bag. Her combination of styles ultimately created one of my favorite looks with subtle grunge, feminine and masculine aspects and of course the military style of fall.

Hint: Looking for other ways to wear the trend? Try out another pair of my personal favorites – skinny, olive-colored cargo pants. These are perfect for an everyday look with boots or even a night out with a pair of nude-colored pumps.

TREND: Try on a Trench

As it reaches the end of October, we are starting to see that it is too cold to simply throw on a scarf when heading out the door, but not quite chilly enough to unpack that goose-down, winter pea coat we have tucked away in our closets. While stuck in limbo, try on a weather-appropriate, mini-trench coat for comfort, warmth and a chic style.

As this year’s fashion-savvy designers have shown, autumn is all about crèmes, caramels and browns as the new black. I loved this Fashionista’s crème-colored, belted version of the trend, because it pairs great with just about any color. She chose to style it with a loose, black wrap-around scarf and over-the-knee black boots with a slight heel – perfect for looking and feeling flirty without breaking your neck going to and from class. One of my favorite things about her double-breasted, buttoned mini-trench is the fit – it is flattering on almost every body type. The belt cinches at the waist perfectly to accentuate one’s figure, and the length and cut show off the Fashionista’s bottom half – allowing those classic boots to take center stage.

Hint: Not a fan of the neutral shades? Try wearing a trench in another shade – reds, oranges, greens and yellows are best for the season. Another way to throw in a pop of color is with the scarf or boots – remember, accessories are what really make the outfit!

TREND: Mix and Match

The most trendsetting Fashionistas in today’s fashion scene are those that are willing to take the risk of mixing and matching just about everything – prints, styles, colors – you name it. The former faux-pas of decades past are no more – in fact, it is almost frowned upon to take the safe route in pairing together your ensemble.

When I saw this Fashionista, I was instantly impressed by her ability to combine a feminine-casual top half with an exotic and rustic bottom, all the while dressing in a wide variety of colors and textures. She donned a dark blue, floral and flirty top tucked into a mid-length denim skirt and bright, cyan-colored belt. The top, covered in a red and green print of flowers, tied in the red color of her eclectically-patterned shoulder bag, and she threw on a casual, everyday navy sweatshirt for comfort.

The mix of trends didn’t stop there, as she wore a similar, semi-sheer look on her legs as her tank – except this time, she rocked a pair of gray and black, leopard-printed tights. She topped it all off by slipping into a pair of calf-length, tan heeled boots with an outdoorsy feel. Her decision to take risks in her look definitely paid off, and she ended up scoring major points in the ever-popular, current mix-and-match scene of style.

Hint: Looking for a way to step outside the box? Try wearing a striped top, floral-printed skirt, sheer tights and platform oxfords – it might sound a little mixed up, but hey – that is the go-to look right now!

TREND: Go for the Gold

It really is true – accessories can make an outfit. The next time you are running out the door to class without throwing on that printed scarf or bold fedora, consider the difference it could make to your already cute, yet simple attire.

A couple of accessories that are essential to the everyday look of a college student – or anyone for that matter- are sunglasses and shoes, so why not have fun with them? Instead of sticking to your worn-in, neutral ankle boots and Top Gun-esque aviator glasses, pump up the glam of your look by swapping them for the fun, eye-catching versions of your trusty sidekicks.

This Fashionista looked flirty and fun in her multi-colored romper layered over weather-appropriate black tights, but her outfit wouldn’t be nearly as unique without her use of eccentric accessories. I immediately noticed the metallic-gold, bow-tie flats against her seemingly black silhouette – an unexpected hue to the typical black flat or boot. She donned gold, dangling earrings up top, which tied the shoes in nicely, and the two created a color pallet accepting of a brown leather, slouchy shoulder bag with gold accents.

With a pop of color on her feet, I expected to look up and see those aviators or large, black square frames, but once again, this Fashionista surprised me. She rocked a pair of bright purple-rimmed shades – showing her big personality and confident style. I love that she wasn’t afraid to take risks, and she pulled it off with success from head to toe!

Hint: If you are looking to score some colorful shades, check out the selection at Urban Outfitters on 14th Ave. and High St. They always have great eclectic pieces to make your outfit a winner!

TREND: Fall Into Opaque

With autumn weather quickly approaching, it’s time to pack away the worn-in denim mini-shorts, strapless tops and t-strap sandals of summer. One piece of summer-appropriate clothing that transitions great into fall is the flirty, patterned mini – all that you need is a pair of opaque tights to complete the look without baring those legs to the October air!

This Fashionista immediately caught my eye, looking effortlessly chic in her skirt-and-tights combo. I love that she pairs her white and black patterned bottoms with slightly torn, black opaque tights and matching black lace-up, oxford-like flats. The worn look of her leg-wear gives off a vintage feel, easily making comfort and style the dynamic duo. As if that isn’t enough, her mustard-colored chunky knit sweater shines with her hair and skin color, and definitely unexpectedly pops out from her darker bottom half. Colors like mustard, olive and burnt orange mirror the falling leaves of the season and shine against neutral basics. I love her mix of feminine pieces with a looser, heavy sweater – yet another go-to for autumn. Old-fashioned cardigans also can pair well and add a preppy vibe.

Opaque tights are perfect under skirts and longer cut-off denim alike, and are best paired with flats, ankle boots or oxfords. Combining all of these allows you to step out in nearly every major fashion-trend of the season.

Hint: Looking to play up the mix of unisex fashion? Pair a floral skirt, opaque tights and military-inspired black leather boots for the perfect juxtaposition of styles!