If you want to invest in an article of clothing that you will be guaranteed to wear forever, it’s a blazer. Blazers are an essential item for us college students. We work, take classes, have internships and are out and about meeting new people everyday. To look our best and be professional, a college student can never go wrong with a timeless blazer.

This Fashionista took her blazer to a whole new level. She left the classic black one at home and styled her outfit with a light pink one instead. I love the way she wore her pink blazer over a yellow peplum shirt. She toned the rest of her outfit down by wearing a pair of high-waisted black jeans and black wedges. She also kept things simple by sticking with classic gold hoop earrings.

Like I said before, blazers are an essential item for college students. This piece of clothing is a must-have for an internship or job interview and can be worn with pretty much anything. In my opinion, a black blazer looks best with a brightly colored dress and a pair of ankle strap heels.

Today’s Fashionista was getting ready for a class presentation and she picked the perfect outfit for the occasion. Her black high-waisted pants were so fitting and her addition of a pink blazer made her outfit even more professional. This Fashionista kept things cute and simple by only wearing gold hoops, but if you want to add more color you can never go wrong with a bubble necklace. You can also go beyond the classic blazer and get a cropped one. They are suitable for the times when you want to look professional but they are even better for going out on the town with friends.


If there is one thing to invest in this summer, it’s tiered lace shorts. I have noticed lace shorts around campus and in the stores around town. What’s great about these shorts is that they are sold in every color imaginable. Although colored lace shorts are pretty adorable, this Fashionista caught my eye with a classic off white pair. Her outfit was so feminine and ladylike. She did an amazing job taking white lace shorts and adding her own style and twist into her outfit.

This Fashionista wore her tiered lace shorts with a white tank top, an acid-wash denim vest and gray booties. She added a pop of color to her outfit with red dangling earrings and kept things simple with a ring and a bracelet. Everything about her outfit was so bright and gave off a great vibe for the summertime. This Fashionista’s choice of clothing and accessories is great for class because it’s cute and still extremely comfortable.

I love that you can dress up these shorts by wearing a bold colored shirt and a pair of wedges or heels. You can also keep things simple by wearing them with booties like this Fashionista did. Or you can opt for a pair of printed sandals. Since these shorts have a lot of texture and detail, it is best to stick to a top that doesn’t have hemline details like fringe or beading. A simple top, such as a crop top, look best with lace shorts. Since you’re keeping your top out of the spotlight, you can always add your own flavor to your outfit by the accessories you choose. These shorts look great with dangling earrings like this Fashionista chose, but turban head wraps look amazing as well.


The first thing that pops into mind when I think of headbands is “pain.” I think we can all agree that the headbands we used to wear were too hard and hurt our heads after two minutes of having one on. This year, my mind has changed about headbands as I have begun to see more and more girls wearing them. But more specifically, I have seen them wearing turban head wraps. It is definitely a more comfortable and stylish accessory for your hair than the old metal headbands that we are all afraid of.

Turban head wraps have become one of my favorite accessories this summer. What I love about them is that they can change the entire style of an outfit. These headbands are so versatile and can be worn with any type of garment. They can also be found in every color and print imaginable.

This Fashionista stuck to the basics. She wore a solid royal blue tank top and a pair of high-waisted denim shorts. She added a skinny brown belt, embellished sandals and a bright orange satchel to top it all off. This Fashionista turned a basic outfit into one with character by simply adding a patterned head wrap. She did a fabulous job matching all of the colors from her hair accessory with each piece in the her look (especially with the orange satchel).

A basic outfit paired with a turban style headband is perfect for class. If you want to change it up for an evening event, such as an outdoor concert or a party with friends, a maxi dress works wonderfully with the headband and will give you a bohemian look. This hair accessory can also spice up your normal white swimsuit this summer. Just add a multicolored head wrap and a couple pieces of arm candy!

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: The Best Overall Trend

Believe it or not, but overalls are officially back in style. This is a trend that people absolutely love or  hate. I definitely love this trend though and can’t wait to get myself a pair overalls. I spotted this Fashionista in her overalls on a hot summer day in L.A. Her outfit is my ideal weekend style.

She did a great job keeping her overalls trendy by wearing a white crop top underneath, which is also good for humid summer weather. I also love her brown booties, which are very on-trend this year. To give her outfit a soft, feminine look, she added a pair of blue and white ruffled socks. The jewelry was my favorite aspect of her outfit. I truly think it gave her look some personality and made it all come together without looking too overdone. She mixed and matched different colored jewelry and made her blue watch a statement piece.

Denim overalls look great with brown booties like today’s Fashionista has done, but they would also look good with a pair of ankle-strap sandals. I love the way that this Fashionista wore her crop top. If you have a bold style, I would recommend wearing your overalls with a striped or floral crop top to give your outfit some more character. If you want a more relaxed look, just put on a plain white top, slide on a watch and you’re done. If you want to go all out with this outfit, I would add a kerchief headband and a couple of layered necklaces. Whether you want to go for the more relaxed look or a bolder look, they both are great outfits for the summertime. This type of look is perfect for outdoor concerts, class, or to run last minute errands in.


I have never been much of an accessories fan, but I have recently fallen in love with statement necklaces. Bubble necklaces in particular are trending and have been seen more and more in the fashion world. This Fashionista stuck out to me because of her pearly white bubble necklace. I love the way she wore it against her royal blue dress because it made the accessory stand out even more. Since her necklace is so bold, she kept the rest of her accessories simple with a few pearl bracelets and a pair of silver sandals.

This Fashionista got her bubble necklace off Etsy. She mentioned that they have a ton of styles and colors, so there is a wide selection to choose from. You can also find these necklaces at Target or J.Crew.

Bubble necklaces are perfect for dressing up an outfit because they are so bold and make a huge statement. You could easily dress up a pair of jeans and a simple oversized top by putting on a bubble necklace. This Fashionista went for a dressier look, which is the perfect outfit for class presentations or if you are planning to go out for dinner. Since royal blue is a huge fashion color this year, I would recommend wearing a simple dress in this color. Create some visual contrast with a different colored bubble necklace, like what this Fashionista did. This accessory is a great way to add some color blocking to your outfit and reflect your summer style.


A-line skirts are one of the most versatile trends this summer. They are great for college aged Fashionistas who want a garment that is cute for class and flirty for a night out on the town. A-line skirts can be purchased in so many different colors, patterns and styles and set the perfect mood for any occasion.

This Fashionista caught my eye with her pink A-line skirt. I absolutely love the way she styles her whole outfit, which has such a sweet and girly look. Along with her high-waisted skirt, this Fashionista is wearing a simple black tank top and a pair of black sandals to match her top. The black tank top and sandals are a great contrast to her light pink skirt. My favorite part about this Fashionista’s outfit is her headband and black watch. As you can see in the photos, the skirt has a textured pattern along the hemline, which gives it great character. To keep the texture and pattern of the skirt going, she matched the skirt with her floral headband. Her black watch helps give her a polished look to finish off this outfit.

High-waisted A-line skirts are on trend this summer and they come in so many different styles. One of my ultimate favorites are pleated A-line skirts, specifically made out of satin to give it more flow and comfort, such as this one from H&M. If you want a more structured look with a broader A-line and a stronger flare, try this faux leather skirt.

Both the structured skirt and non-structured flowy skirt look great with a tucked in tank top or with a crop top. Ankle strap heels, which are also trending this year, look perfect with these skirts for a night out with friends. Flats or ornamented sandals are a great option when finding a comfortable look for class.


Skinny green cargo pants are on trend this year, which is a huge contrast to the floral prints and bright colors that we have been seeing all summer. I have been looking for the perfect pair of army green cargo pants myself, so when I saw this Fashionista I had to get her photo and learn more about her style.

Her pants are such a great choice for school attire and her casual style is perfect for class. I love that she kept it simple with an oversized white tank top and cardigan. What really stood out to me was how she paired a gold statement necklace with her gold strap sandals. It gives the whole look a pop and they are a great contrast to her green cargo pants.

Celebrities such as Rihanna, Gwen Stefani and Victoria Beckham have all been spotted wearing army green cargo pants. I think it’s great to see how they have styled them with jewelry and different shoes. Here is a look of how various celebrities have mixed and matched different accessories with their pants.

H&M is a great place to find green cargo pants and I have noticed that they carry them almost every season. Like today’s Fashionista has done, I would recommend wearing them with a white tank top or T-shirt. These pants can be worn with so many different accessories, such as a lightweight scarf and floral wedges, which would give your look a summer feel. Since army green is a darker color, it can be hard to make the pants look great for summertime. That’s why it is so important to mix in bright accents or florals into your outfit.

STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Fashionably Comfortable

Palazzo pants are one of my favorite trends happening this year. They’re not only one of the most comfortable things in the world but they’re also fashionable and can be worn just about anywhere you go. They’re something that every Fashionista should have for the summer. These pants are perfect for class and you can wear them all day long without feeling the need to rip them off as soon as you get home. Not only have I seen these pants worn around school but I’ve seen them at the beach as well because they are the perfect cover up due to their lightweight material.

This Fashionista paired her palazzo pants with a spaghetti strap tank top and a pair of strappy heels. I love how she dressed up her look with a hippie band and two different necklaces at different lengths. She also added two beaded bracelets to keep the boho look going.

Believe it or not, but this Fashionista got her palazzo pants from PacSun. You can also find similar pants from MINKPINK. My favorite palazzo pants are patterned, similar to what this Fashionista is wearing, because it gives them a trendier look for summer. I am also beginning to love the chiffon palazzo pants like this pair from Free People. When the chiffon gets layered over the pant lining underneath there is a lot more volume and it looks dressier.

Palazzo pants can be worn with wedges or heels like this Fashionista has done, but if you want to keep it comfortable, I would recommend strappy sandals. She also decided to wear a longer top and keep it untucked. Since many palazzo pants are high-waisted, it looks great to tuck in your shirt. They also look great when paired with a crop top or a bralet top. Topshop has hundreds of cropped tops and bralets that would look perfect for palazzo pants. If there is a lot of detail and pattern on your pants, make sure to wear a solid shirt so that it doesn’t get too distracting.


STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK: Chambray For Everyone

Chambray has been a huge trend this year and more and more people are starting to catch onto it. Whether you are old or young, a Fashionisto or a Fashionista, anyone can wear chambray. Chambray jackets are great to wear for class or just to lounge around in with friends and they can be worn with just about anything.

This Fashionista caught my eye in class when I saw her wearing her chambray top. I love the way she paired it with her off-white sequined top and her army green jeans. She also did a great job adding a little more style to her outfit with her brown wedge booties.

My favorite place to find the perfect chambray top for great quality has to be Madewell. That was the number one item sold while I worked there and you can find the classic light-wash chambray here. Denim blocking is also really popular this season and it will continue to grow next year, so if you want to be more bold with your chambray top, I would suggest buying this two-tone top.

What I love the most about chambray is that it can be worn with anything. You can wear it with your summer dress and it’s perfect for cool summer nights. It also looks great with denim jeans or a pair of shorts. My favorite look is pairing a chambray top with a maxi skirt and a white tank top. A skirt like this one from Urban Outfitters would look great with one of the chambray tops from Madewell. All you need to do is finish it off with a bold statement necklace, a head wrap and a pair of sandals for the perfect summer look.

I’m really excited for next year’s trend with chambray. I bet that we are going to see a lot more chambray with leather sleeves or pockets, as well as different colored or patterned cuffs. This trend will be sticking with us for awhile longer, so keep an eye out and hopefully you will find yourself the perfect chambray top.


If there’s one trend I’ve been seeing a lot of, it is definitely stripes. I have seen so many students around campus wearing stripes ranging from their pants to their backpacks. I knew I wanted to get a photo of a student sporting this trend, so when I saw this Fashionista in her striped skirt I knew it would be the perfect opportunity.

Today’s Fashionista went all out with this trend and mixed her black and white striped maxi skirt with a black tank top embellished with the word “Pope” in cheetah print letters. She also wore white Converse All-Stars, which gave her outfit a sporty look.

Stripes are a trend that anyone can wear and can be found at almost any store. You can find this Fashionista’s exact skirt for only $16.30. You can also add a little twist to your striped skirt by buying a high-waisted one with an asymmetrical hemline, like this Design Charrette Skirt from ModCloth. You also don’t have to only stick to black and white stripes. If you want to add a little color, it will brighten the mood for summer. This red and white striped dress from LuLu’s is perfect for a graduation party and can be worn over and over again because strapless dresses will never go out of style. For those of you with a bolder style, try these striped overalls or these vertical striped skinny jeans to elongate your legs. Any of these items would look great with some with wedges like this pair from River Island or some bright flats from H&M to add a pop of color.