CLASS OF 2015: Jasmine

It has been such a pleasure representing Hampton University as a Style Guru for six consecutive semesters since my sophomore year. I look back on the moment when I had received the news of earning the title as a Style Guru and I recall being immensely ecstatic. Now, I find it hard to believe that my time with CollegeFashionista has come to an end.

I loved being a part of CollegeFashionista and highlighting the many fashions at my university. Interning for CollegeFashionista has developed my insight on fashion as well as my personal style for writing. It has certainly become an ideal platform for exposing my writing and photography. Also during my tenure as a style guru, I’ve earned an amazing opportunity to have a featured article on The Huffington Post Online in the spring of 2014.

As for my time at HU, these have been the fastest four year of my life. My Hampton University tenure has been filled with a lifetime of fun, as well as life lessons. The friends that I’ve gained will certainly be the people that I’ll call on as life unravels itself. I will continuously wear my imaginary badge as a Hamptonian, proudly and fearlessly throughout my life experiences. My family were the individuals who had a hand in raising me, but it was Hampton University who’ve molded me.

I’d be remiss if I did not acknowledge the organizations who’d shaped my Hampton experience. Thank you to the University Choir for making me apart of the soprano section for the first time in my life, The Greer Dawson Wilson Student Leadership Program for allowing me to be a co facilitator and coordinator for the Black Heritage Extravaganza and fashion shows, The Hampton Script for pushing me as a journalist, and Q.U.E.E.N for permitting me to shed light in the lives of young girls.

If it weren’t for these opportunities, my undergraduate career would have lacked a sense of family. I can count the amount of times I’ve felt homesick on one hand because of them. A special shout out goes to The Hampton Script for calling me for a position that I hadn’t even applied for, but a position that I grew to appreciate. To be an editor for an award winning HBCU newspaper is an absolute honor and I don’t take it lightly, by any means.

All of these experiences and lessons are bound to play a part in my matriculation at Philadelphia University for their M.S Global Fashion Program beginning, this fall. I plan on gaining the experiences and opportunities that I will need as a fashion journalist and business owner. This is not a farewell, CollegeFashionista. This is just a see you later. Be on the look out for this Style Guru’s name in the near future. Thank you to everyone who has supported me throughout my CollegeFashionista journey. I look forward to your continued support in the rest of my endeavors.


Fashion tends to repeats itself with its timeless trends. It’s our duty as Fashionistas to recognize this notion and divulge ourselves in staple pieces. There have been numerous occasions that I’ve taken clothes from my mother’s wardrobe because her 10 year-old top came back into trend. Throughout the duration of this academic year, I have noticed the mass amount of floppy hats worn each season. I was convinced that this look would eventually die out once it got warmer, but I couldn’t have been more naïve.

This style of hat is flexible throughout the year because of the many fabrics that it comes in. For warmer months, you can find them in lighter materials. For the cooler months, they come in thicker materials. Also, after researching the origin of this particular hat, I’ve realized that it has traveled from generations before us. Fashion has certainly repeated itself and it appears that it’s here to stay.

I ran into one Fashionista who looked divine as she sported her floppy hat. She paired this accessory with a simple knit grey dress, black leather jacket and sandals. Her ensemble was perfect for a mid 60-degree day with a slight overcast. Her hat truly elevated her overall look, creating a classic ensemble that could be worn for years to come.

How To: Are you looking to divulge in the floppy hat trend, but don’t know what to wear with it? The hat is best styled with a simple ensemble such as this Fashionista’s. Purchase a solid colored knit dress from your favorite retailer and throw on a pair of your favorite sandals. Within minutes, you will acquire a chic and classic look.


The semester is trickling down and students can’t be more anxious to bid their farewells for summer vacation. As the weather gets warmer, some may find it difficult to stay motivated in school. Despite the difficulty to remain focused, the warm weather is making it quite easy for Fashionistas to be fashionable

The denim jacket on denim jeans look has become a casual go-to for many Fashionistas around campus during this transitional period. It’s ideal for any school day because it’s edgy enough that Rihanna would wear it and modest enough that your mother could wear it. The jacket is also great for when the wind picks up while you’re walking around campus. If you happen to get too warm, you can simply remove the jacket.

This look is also basic enough to accessorize anyway you desire. You can either dress the look up with heels or dress it down with sneakers. You could even sport the look like this Fashionista. She paired her denim on denim look with a pair of ankle boots, silver earrings and chain necklace. Class time is all about focusing in on what’s in front of you. Don’t be distracted by an ensemble that you regret wearing. Get ready for those final exams with denim on denim! It will be less stress on your ensemble and more time for you to focus on acing those exams!

One Simple Change: Are you looking to change your denim on denim look for a night out on the town? Just replace your flats with heels. You will transform from edgy and modest to edgy and chic in a heartbeat.


As us seniors approach the end of our undergraduate careers, we’re looking forward to the day that we get to wear our cap and gown. In the meantime, the fashionable seniors will just wear our stylish caps to hold us over. A lot of the time, baseball caps are worn over bad haircuts and not as a fashion statement. Think outside of your worn down little league hat that you still throw on for the raining days. Let’s go above and beyond. Explore the many baseball cap styles that designers and retailers have to offer. Top your ensemble off with a fab cap.

Although it’s getting to be well into spring, leather accessories are still appropriate when worn properly. On a warm and sunny afternoon, I caught up with one Fashionista who stylishly paired her leather cap with her ensemble. She wore a gray crop top, black high waist pants and black pumps. From the neck down, her ensemble could be considered as girly and chic. With her hat, her overlook immediately became sportier.

Stylish caps are always great for topping off a fashion-forward look. If you’re looking to also be trendy, invest in a leather baseball cap. They can be worn throughout the year and can be easily paired with just about anything in your wardrobe.

How To: Are you looking for a way to make your girly look sportier?  Sport a form fitting crop top and jeans with your favorite pair of black pumps. To top it all off, throw on a black leather cap. Stylish and sporty has never been so easy.


Finally! The season we’ve all been waiting for. It’s that time of the year where the days have grown longer, the birds are chirping and Fashionistas are blooming just as fast as the flowers. Spring is full of color and revitalization. Why not join in on the festivities? Pass up those dull colors in your wardrobe and pack them away for next winter. For spring 2015, get creative and match Mother Nature with a floral frenzy.

Most might say that going floral is cliche for this time of the year, but others may label the popular print as timeless. There’s nothing like celebrating the warm weather with bright colors to represent your joyous mood. If you agree, look to this Fashionista when attempting your floral ensemble. She sported a floral print dress with a leather jacket, leather knee-high boots and a leather bag.

The Fashionista sported minimal accessories including her Dolce & Gabbana eyeglasses and her silver necklace. Although it’s spring, the weather isn’t at its warmest quite yet. For this reason, she wore her jacket and boots to accommodate for the slightly nippy weather. Her ensemble is also perfect for any occasion because it’s dressy yet comfortable with her selection in footwear.

No matter the forecast, remind yourself that it is still spring. Therefore, it is always appropriate to sport the floral and colorful look. Take these last bit of chilly days as a transitional period and warm up to your springtime ensembles.

What is your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK?: “Florals are great for spring, but not all florals are meant to be worn. By choosing contrasting colors you won’t look like a vase of flowers walking around, but rather a cute and sassy girl that rocks floral well!”

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fleeting To Flats

When dressing up for a special occasion, most Fashionistas flee to their high heels all to be painfully stylish. I agree that in many ways, to be frequently fashionable one must sacrifice. However, one mustn’t frequently sacrifice to be fashionable. In that case, I say rid the heels when you know that it’ll be a long day on your feet. What sense does it make for your toes to endure so much pressure for the sake of a shoe?

Now, I’m not saying throw out your heels. They are definitely needed for a time and place, but often times, flats will do just fine. As I promote love for flats, many of you are probably envisioning your grandmother’s shoes that she wears on a night out to bingo, but those aren’t it. There are many different styles and colors for flats that are both stylish and youthful that will go perfectly with just about anything in your closet.

This Fashionista sported a simple yet chic business casual ensemble with her cream blouse, black slacks, blush pink trench coat and black flats with a gold embellishment. Her flats were worn perfectly to complete the overall look. Her shoes complemented her clean and classy style with their neutral color and leather material. Her flats don’t necessarily act as a stand out piece, but more so as the perfect addition to a solid ensemble.

How To: Not too confident with fleeing to flats? Try going about adopting this exact look by sporting black slacks and a cream blouse. Pick up a pair of fabulous flats from your favorite retailers and add them to your ensemble. It may take some getting used to, so try it more than once. You’re bound to fall in love with being both comfortable and classy, in no time.

STYLE GURU STYLE: Tackling the Tomboy

Admiring looks from a runway fashion show has always been a part of the selection process when adding to my wardrobe. Though I love the many girly and flirty looks that appear in these collections, it was the tomboy filled Stella Ishii fall 2015 show that caught my attention. I could not help but fall in love with these looks due to its effortlessly stylish ensembles. I am a huge advocate for outfits that appear effortless and that’s exactly what this collection embodies.

Although there were many looks that I could have seen myself sporting, I gained even more inspiration for sporting baggy clothes and Vans sneakers. From this influence, I was able to combine a baggy shirt  with slim-fit pants, Vans sneakers and a baseball cap. Even the colors that I’d chosen were a representation of Stella’s monochromatic looks.

Many women believe that to be attractive and stylish, us Fashionistas must show skin and wear tight clothing. Stella proved to us that that’s simply not the case. Sometimes more is less as opposed to less being more. Going for this look required confidence and some rebellion because not everyone is bold enough to pull this off!

Most women would never go for tackling the tomboy look, but it takes a true Fashionista to take chances. My favorite part of my look was not only was it fashionable, it was comfortable. For this spring, take a break from clingy clothes and tackle the tomboy look. You’d be surprised how much fun it is to wear loose fitting clothing. Once you start, you may not want to stop!

Get My Look: 1. Loose fitted top. 2. Slim-fit jeans. 3. Baseball cap. 4. Vans sneakers.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Fish Net Stockings

Winter is gradually taking its exit while spring moves into our closets. Though winter has been brutal with its fluctuating weather and random snow storms, warm weather is indeed around the corner. During this transitional period, many Fashionistas wonder how to remain weather appropriate with their outfit selections. The solution would be to mix spunky spring like accessories with your winter wardrobe. There are very few ways for this look to go right, but you can’t go wrong if you follow in the footsteps of this Fashionista.

She sported a collared shirt and plaid skirt underneath her warm pink pea coat. The fabric of her coat was perfect for staying warm, but the color was festive for the approaching spring months. I immediately thought that her look was ideal for this transitional time of the year, but I thought even more so when I noticed her stockings. Fishnet stockings are always perfect for spicing up a chic look. While most Fashionistas improperly wear them, she sported them the right way. Her ensemble had a slight contrast between the classy pea coat and edgy stockings, but worked well together. The fishnet stockings are especially great for the warmer winter days when you dare to show some leg. Get spicy for spring 2015 in a pair of your favorite fishnet stockings!

How To: When attempting to adopt this Fashionista’s look, go for a chic schoolgirl ensemble and accessorize with your fishnet stockings. They look best when you’re making a contrast. Fishnet stockings with an edgy top and edgy bottom tends to look too grunge. Keep it classy and sassy with your fishnet stockings.

ALL IN THE DETAILS: Captivating and Quilted

Accessories are the necessities of an ensemble. Without them, your outfit is simply not complete. As the winter slowly comes to an end, I have observed the many trending accessories that have taken place on campus. There has been an uproar of fashionable essentials such as scarves and hats accompanying winter apparel, but it’s the bags that’s been grabbing my attention. There are so many styles of school bags that’s acquired by a Fashionista, but there’s nothing like the simplicity of a leather bag. Particularly black leather bags have the gift of going with absolutely anything. They come with short straps, longs straps and even double strapped.

As I stood inside of the student center, there was one Fashionista that caught my eye with her leather bag. Her entire ensemble was incredibly chic as she sported her sweater dress, black peacoat and leather boots. Her choice in bag is what ultimately finished her look off. The bag was not your typical leather bag. It had a quilted pattern along with a long strap and gold embellishments. Her leather bag went perfectly with her leather over-the-knee boots and the buttons on her pea coat. This look is absolutely ideal for attempting to be fashionable during the winter months. Captivating and chic is the key for winter 2015!.

How To: To adopt this look, sport a monochromatic ensemble such as a one hued dress under a neutral colored peacoat. Grab a quilted leather bag from your favorite retailer (if you don’t already own one) and complete your classy wintertime look.


There has been quite a few innovative trends that have set foot on campus, but as a Style Guru, I have learned that a lot of these looks tend to die out with a quickness. Fashion is all about history repeating itself. Of course, there are trends that surface, but most will fall by the wayside and never return. Instead of going for what’s hot now, it’s the timeless looks that should flood your wardrobe. The main trend that comes to mind and seems to always find a way of resurfacing is the plaid fad.

The plaid pattern can be found on a plethora of clothing items and even in your grandmother’s wardrobe.That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Plaid has the gift of being versatile in which it can be worn by all ages and at any time of the year. Judging from its history in fashion, there’s no doubt that plaid will always be around. If you don’t have anything with this pattern in your closet, what are you waiting for? This Fashionista didn’t waste any time implementing the classic look in her winter wardrobe. She sported a black turtle neck, a black leather jacket and green plaid pants. She tastefully accessorized with her booties and black fringe bag.

I particularly enjoyed the way she styled her pants as the main focal point of the ensemble. Her pants were slightly embellished with silver zippers on the front pockets, which added a hint of edginess.The best way to wear plaid is just like this Fashionista. Choose one plaid item to revolve your look around. Keep the pattern to a minimum. You don’t want to get off looking like Cher from Clueless. As if!

What’s your STYLE ADVICE OF THE WEEK? ” If you’re trying to achieve this look, be sure to show the pants in full. Wear a shirt that will complement your shape. Rock a heel that makes a bold statement.”